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On 8/25/2016 at 8:07 AM, Keithstg said:

Some quick updates from several recent trips to Boston:

First, No. 9 Park. Went for two visits, once for the tasting menu, once for the a la carte menu. In short, No. 9 continues to be my favorite restaurant in Boston. Intimate feel, staff who really "get it" and are very interested in the food and wine being served. Highlights from my visits were corn agnolotti and a really fantastic halibut dish, the details of which I've lost to time. Wine highlights were a Puffeney Poulsard, Paolo Bea Sagrantino, and a Monthelie for the a la carte dinner, producer forgotten. If you find yourself in Boston you could do much worse than booking a celebratory meal here.

Hard to believe how much time has elapsed on this thread. I'm part of the problem, since I've been to Boston a half dozen times this year and haven't gotten around to posting until now.

And only now to reiterate that the above remains true. Dinner at the bar at No.9 Park was different, yet familiar. Same great wine list, same excellent, personal service and fabulous conversation - different pasta preparations and Halibut preps (this one with a riot of morels) but still delicious and worth the time.

No. 9 is employing a coravin now and is offering several premium wines by the glass as well. Highlights of those were an '11 Allemand Cornas and a '12 Daguenaeu Sliex by the glass.

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