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The Baltimore Orioles (1954-) - American League, East Division - with Manager Buck Showalter

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3 hours ago, DonRocks said:

I understand the general concept of WAR (although not of fWAR - does that mean "field-adjusted?"). It means something like, 'How many wins a player is directly responsible for, in excess of an "average" ballplayer at the same position," is that correct?

No, it's value in excess of a replacement-level player (i.e., someone who's readily available in the minors/free agency).  Average players are not easy (read: impossible) to find off the street and actually quite valuable in the grand scheme of things.  Given the length of a baseball season and the prevalence of injuries, assembling a 40-man roster of as many league-average players or better as possible is of a GM's biggest challenges.

What is WAR?

P.S.  I was at Game 12 of the Orioles 0-21 streak in 1988 for a friend's birthday, a 4-1 loss to the Indians on April 17.

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