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José Andrés Caught Up in the Donald Trump Maelstrom

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On 4/7/2017 at 0:30 PM, Ericandblueboy said:

Case settled, terms not disclosed (per Wapo).  Now we'll never know whether a tenant can breach a lease based on the landlord's political views (unless the Zakarian case goes to trial).

I don't believe the case stood on "breach a lease based on the landord's poltical views" at all.   I think Trump's position his comments, his status elevated the situation so far far far far beyond a landlord's political views that it isn't even close.  (btw:  I leased space to tenants that were so dramatically on the right and so dramatically on the left that it in some of the cases it put them to what I would describe as extremes of extremes.).   Issues of politics never arose with regard to the leases..  In some of the cases I had conversations with the respective landlords and they were at opposite ends of the political spectrum than the tenants.   THERE WAS NEVER AN ISSUE about a "landord's political views"   I can't think of a situation that approximates the Trump situation vis a vis a lease.  If you have any...lets flush them out.

I think the issue went way beyond that.  Regardless.  All is moot.  Cases resolved and we don't know anything about a possible court reaction.

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