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Matt Rockwell (1997-), Clarinetist Currently Studying at Indiana University

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I wanted to invite anyone who happens to be in the area to my son's clarinet recital in Bloomington, IN on Feb 27, 2017.

"Matt Plays Things #1"

The Program:

Francaix: Theme and Variations
Schumann: Fantasiestücke
Bernstein: Sonata
Rossini: Introduction Theme and Variations

For those not in the area, this may be podcasted - I'll update the thread if I find out anything. 

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This year, "Matt Plays Things #2 - Electric Boogaloo" will be live-streamed on Facebook for anyone who wants to see how "my young dining companion" has turned into such a wonderful musician. It will be live-streamed at 10 PM (EST) tonight, Sunday, Apr 15, 2018, here:

Matt Plays Things #2 - Electric Boogaloo

I hope you all can see it - there are three pieces, the second of which is quite popular in the standard repertoire: Brahms Clarinet Sonata #1 in F-Minor (Opus 120), although the other two pieces are really wonderful also: The program:

Michele Mangani: Verdiana
Johannes Brahms: Sonata no. 1 Opus 120
Scott McAlister: Bling Bling

One thing I like about Matt is that, despite his traditional, classical training - and his absolutely driven desire to be the best he can be, practicing probably 3-4 hours a day - he doesn't take himself too seriously - he takes his *craft* VERY seriously, but his two loves in music are - ready for this? - classical, and hip-hop. 

You'll really like this performance - I hope you all get a chance to see it. Maybe one day, you can say, "I saw Matt Rockwell 'when' ...."

Here is the "official" announcement of the event.

There are some high-risk moments tonight. One thing I've always tried to teach Matt is that *nobody cares, or remembers* "squeaky notes" or "missed notes" the next day, but *everybody* remembers poor musicianship for many years. It's always best to play from the deepest recesses of your heart, to let your viscera and perspiration show, with all their glorious flaws, and to be an artist: If you miss a note, who the hell cares? Nobody cares. Put your guts into everything you play, and people will remember the smell of your blood, long after the performance is over. 

Matt Rockwell is a great musician, and I'm proud to be his father. 

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Here is the live video (it starts at about the 11:15 mark) - make sure the volume on the bottom-right is on (yes, the camera is strangely reversed):

(If this doesn't work, you can find it here on Facebook.)

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I played the clarinet years ago in a number of organized school bands, beginning in junior high, then high school, and finishing at The University of Texas. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recall thinking that it was a great way to meet girls.

At any rate, it was never the sexiest instrument in the band, marching band, orchestra, etc., and while it's not easy to play, it's extremely difficult to play extremely well. Your son did an amazing job!

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