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Izakaya Rintaro, Classic Izakaya at 82 14th Street South of Market

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We've been going to Rintaro for a while now and are considered regulars.

They've been serving lunch for several months.  B and I had put that on our list but for some reason, plans kept going awry....that is, until today.


Japanese fried chicken wings with smokey tare, sansho pepper and wasabi arugula.

There is some really stellar, excellent frying in the kitchen. The chicken was marinated and coated in a crispy, flavorful shell that literally melted in our mouths.


Berkshire pork gyoza, chicken foot jelly.

The "lace" shows you how light the batter is. 


Hand-rolled udon, with two fishes broth, tenkasu (deep-fried flour batter) and hot spring egg.

The covered pot contains togarashi pepper and gomashio (sesame salt).


Kaisen mori-don.

Clockwise from center: chopped California big eye tuna, wild striped bass and kombu-cured halibut over Japanese rice with nori, tamago (egg omelette) and shiso; soy sauce; wasabi leaf pickle, narazuke (traditional pickles from the Nara region of Japan) and senmaizuke (a traditional pickle originally from Kyoto, made from turnips); carrot and daikon radish pickle; Tokyo turnips and scallions in mustard-miso; marinated cucumbers in rice vinegar with black cod; miso soup with shimeji and maitake mushrooms.

Total bill came out to $95 (with 20% tax and tip).

82 14th Street (Folsom Street)
South of Market


Medium article from April 2015

SF Chronicle reviews (for those of you who like Michael Bauer; personally I detest him, but variety is what makes the world go round): Original Review and Follow-Up Review from Last Year

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Rintaro is excellent.  My favorite yakitori in SF.  Go early so you can maximize your chances of the best skewers (thigh oyster, liver, hearts, tail, duck) still being available.  If you are by yourself or with just one other person, I love sitting at the counter so you can watch Koko (sp?) or one of the other yakitori chefs work their magic.

Literally the only thing I don't love about Rintaro is that their beer selection is not good, and they don't have a full liquor license.

Oh, and that the dashimaki tamago is only sometimes on the menu.  If you see it, get it.

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From last night's dinner:


House made tofu with scallion, bonito and daikon radish

Creamy and silken; excellent as always


Salmon sashimi


Chicken thigh and king trumpet mushroom yakitori with lemon and togarashi pepper


Berkshire pork and scallop dumplings coated in mochi rice, with hot mustard, baby bok choy and soy sauce

It was awesome; a Japanese take on lion's head meatballs


Fried anchovies with carrots and spicy vinegar

Someone in the kitchen knows how to fry, and this was no exception


Chilled udon with poached farm egg, nori, heirloom cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumber

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