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Californios - Chef Val M. Cantu's Michelin-One-Star Mexican Tasting Menu in the Mission - with Sommelier Charlotte Randolph

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Went to Californios this week for the fourth or fifth time, and it once again blew me away.  The food is right up there with the best tasting menus in Mexico City, imo, maybe ranking just-under Pujol in my book.  It would not surprise me at all to see this get a second star in the next couple years.

Tickets are shockingly easy to come by for cooking of this caliber.  Food+tax+service comes to $204/person (at least for the tickets I bought this time) but the wine list is really fun so you'll probably end up spending more.  Thankfully, the ticketing system ensures that past-you pays for the food up-front and actually-eating-the-dinner-you only has to pay for booze. 

You should go.

I didn't take photos but this person did: 

"Mexico + California - The Inventive, Engaging, Stunning Food at Californios [Review + Pics]" on foodtalkcentral.com

3115 22nd Street (22nd & South Van Ness)

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We have a dinner there next month. Looking forward to it.

Our prepaid tix were $230 per person. B and I are light drinkers so that price doesn't include wine pairings. It'll be one glass for me and none for B (good thing too, since B is the designated driver). Alcohol makes me sleepy; one glass of anything is my limit.

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