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Dylan's Oyster Cellar - Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant in Hampden

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There should be a thread for Dylan's, which should be regarded as the best (or a top 3) restaurant in Hampden. Spotlight here is on oysters, naturally, but easy to say that the remainder of the menu often steals the show. Bar program is high-quality too, with an emphasis on whiskies (the main bartender is a serious whiskey nerd).

Highlights over several visits have included:

- Coddies - basically giant cod croquettes; these are must haves
- Fish sandwich - rotating selection of delicious fried fish on sesame bun with added hots.
- Ramp toast - a seriously loaded-up roasted ramp and ricotta (I think? this was in the spring) toast.

They occasionally have a burger special, which is supposed to be fantastic, and there is a rumored off-menu item called a "Smasher," which is essentially a coddie with the fish sandwich bun and accouterments.

Sidewalk eatin' is great here too with an fun view of the busy intersection of Chestnut Ave. and 36th St. (aka "the Avenue").

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Hey so are their cocktails good or are they focusing on highlighting just the whiskies? Just want to know how to focus that order when my wife and I get up there.

How big is it (I assume not the cavernous spectacle that is the Oyster Bar in Gran Central Station in NYC)?

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Cocktails are very good and not all are whiskey-focused, and they usually have a daily special cocktail. 

The space is cozy because it occupies an old corner store. I’d peg it at about the size of Southern Efficiency on 7th St. in Shaw. 

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