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  2. Lettuce arrived overnight. And so... salad. And BLTs! Later, ice cream. Working on making space in the tiny fridge/freezer.
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  4. Mark Peel - Influential California cuisine pioneer, co-founder La Brea Bakery and Campanile. NY Times Obit LA Times Appreciation I had an unremarkable meal at Campanile a year or two before it closed. But I'm 99.9% sure that Nancy Silverton has dining with friends at a large table nearby.
  5. Well, two out of three ain't bad 😁
  6. I'm also on the search for a good basket or grill fish plate. Wife has been getting tired of salmon dishes. Picked up the Sur La Table Cast Iron Fish Pan last weekend but haven't used it yet. Instead broiled some Hake in the toaster oven which turned up pretty good.
  7. FYI- This place is still open. They are mostly doing carry out, but have 4 or 5 tables on the main level for in-person dining. I had to ask for the extra one-page menu to get the congee selections and other "weird" items like pig skin and turnips, pig's knuckle, and marinated pig's intestine.
  8. We’re a local food business with a fiercely devoted following. We have earned this with years of hands-on hard work and honest hospitality. We get up early and do the work of making and selling flavorful heritage foods. We do this directly to our community at farmers markets and via home delivery. Seeking a baker with unwavering high standards and relentless work ethic. You are proud of being effective no matter what challenges arise. Quality, organization, and cleanliness are core to your work. You’re likely of a counter-cultural bent, but not one of apathy or laziness. You communicate openly
  9. DIShGo is probably the only living person who has experienced three such important things in person: * Aug 9, 1974: She was at the White House when Nixon's helicopter flew away for his final departure as U.S. President. * Jul 5, 1980: She was at the Wimbledon Final between Borg and McEnroe - the one with THE tiebreaker. * Aug, 12, 1982: She went out with DonRocks for his 21st birthday.
  10. At the game on Sunday, back in our own seats. Our other 2 did not go, so we filled one seat with another friend, and had one empty seat. Had the semi-usual "Excuse me, you are in our seats." "No, these are ours." "No, this is 308." "Oh, sorry. Which way is 309?" exchange with folks when we arrived. Dudes, we have had these seats for 10+ years. We know where we sit. Beer - stella. Plain, fine. Dogs. I like them less every time. This time they were hot though! Still, total salt bombs, and NO ONIONS yet again. Brought in water. Next time, I will go back to bringing in food. Luckily, I
  11. So, tonight. Chicken with herbs and lemon - simple, and tasty. Also, some bread. No salad. Why? So, Saturday night we came home from a wonderful dinner. Went to the fridge to get a drink. The fridge was a bit warm. It had been making click noises... I should have realized. So it appears that the fridge is dead (again.) Luckily for us, last time it died, we got a small (not dorm sized, but not full sized) fridge for the basement. So, up and down the stairs we go carrying as much of the food as we could stuff into the downstairs fridge. Luckily, only had to trash about 20% of fridge content
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  13. Saturday night, a return to the bar at Kinship. Trying to make up for 2 missed anniversary dinners, several missed birthday dinners, and a planned Christmas Eve dinner. And as ever, so very tasty! We started with drinks, a "split tail" for him and a Mai Tai for me. Then he had soft shell crab appetizer while I had ricotta dumplings with poached asparagus and artichokes. For dinner we had the "For the Table" ribeye (usually his roasted chicken obsession means that we end up with the chicken. I am okay with that!) and a bottle of Piedrasassi, Rim Rock, Arroyo Grande Valley (I love sommelier
  14. I would be really happy to eat at your house.
  15. Our last few meals have been disappointing, both in quality/taste of food and service. Regarding the food, we've just felt that the flavors have been off, and that the food has been bland overall (with a couple exceptions). Regarding service, they've been consistently and significantly late in terms of when they've said the food would be ready, and they keep forgetting items we've ordered. Last night, they forgot to give us rice! We've also not received full entrees, pancakes for the duck, and other miscellaneous items. I can't prove this has all coincided with their glowing article in the Pos
  16. Wednesday: Baguette and butter Salad Spicy chicken and peach skillet Leftover portobello stuffed with buttermilk mashed potatoes English peas Thursday: Baguette slices Instant Pot chicken thighs with red wine sauce, leftover peas, and couscous Friday: Spinach salad with mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, and cherries; balsamic vinaigrette Grinder (baguette; beef, pork, onions, peppers, tomato sauce; provolone) Last night: Hamburgers on whole wheat sesame buns with tomato and sautéed mushrooms; cheddar or blue cheese Air fryer sweet potato fries Banana cream pie
  17. After 3 nights in Orlando, we drove to Savannah. On the way, we hit Timwah for dim sum in Jacksonville. The dim sum was decent and thankfully not really out of the way. In Savannah, we checked out the JW Marriott Plant Riverside, a new swanky hotel with a museum of natural history-like lobby. We stayed at the Embassy Suite and ate at Husk. The peel and eat shrimps were served deveined, but not shelled and served on ice. The white BBQ sauce and old bay seasoning were served on the side just in case the kids couldn't handle the spiciness (probably not necessary). The kids loved them a
  18. Izakaya re-opened after going into hibernation during the height of the COVID pandemic so we stopped by because we missed it so. Apparently a lot of people made reservations for the Izakaya thinking they could get ramen and then cancelled when they found out the second floor wasn't serving ramen, so we were able to walk in and get seated right away a little after 8pm. Fortunately, by the time we left the bar had filled up and more people had stopped by for dinner. The menu is more limited than pre-pandmic days, of course, but the food is still really good. We ordered our favorites: Rocky
  19. After collecting our car in Sanford, we drove to Winter Garden for brunch. First meal was at Orlando Meats. It's a butcher/restaurant, which I saw on one of Andrew Zimmern's shows. We had some pretty awesome country fried steak, something I can't get in the DC area. It wasn't made from cubed steak though. After visiting Leu Gardens (a nice little garden), we went to the Ritz for Knife and Spoon, where valet parking is complimentary. Knife and Spoon is a spin-off of John Tesar's Knife in Dallas. Its claim to fame is the 240 days aged steak. They also offer angus and wagyu (akaushi).
  20. We booked a family room, which span the width of the train. It was pretty roomy and comfortable enough. We were located downstairs while most the people had rooms upstairs, so we had 3 bathrooms and a shower to ourselves for the most part. The food was mediocre at best, but we were allowed to bring a cooler and drinks onboard. The next day, unloading the cars can take 20 minutes to 90 minutes. We did not pay for priority unloading and was unfortunate enough to be one of the last cars unloaded. The wifi was pretty nonexistent even though I have Verizon.
  21. Some pretty harsh comments about this place in the preceding posts. No, it's not fine dining, but I've definitely had worse BBQ. I've also had better. With a house full of 20 coming over for a Father's Day-eve celebration, including 8 children, I decided I wasn't going to cook. With about 48 hours to order some catering, and knowing that the Mission BBQ catering kitchen was only a mile away, I went for it. The meal for 20 people came to just about $20 a head all in. With the added benefit of not having to cook anything, and just tossing the plates and utensils in the trash afterwards
  22. Looking to find a good basket to grill whole fish on outdoor grill. Reviews all seem to be negative . Any suggestions?
  23. "Portrait of Antonio Navagero" (1565) by Giovanni Battista Moroni
  24. I'm interested, but a bit intimidated. I would try to go!
  25. Went for dinner again last night - 4 of us, sat inside this time. Drank a lot of cider, tried the Rose Gin and Tonic, ate a bunch of different food. Made reservations to go at least one more time before they have to close. Really, it is so sad. But the food is still good, and the cider is still good.
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