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  3. I did a bit of batch cooking the other day. Last night's enchilada skillet will be at least 2 meals. Tonight we ate stew. This will also be at least 2 meals. I do not generally love stew, but this one was good. The boy saw the recipe, and mustard is one of his favorite things, as are mushrooms, and we had a number of the ingredients needing to be used (Carrots, mushrooms, beef in the freezer). So we made it, with a few modifications. (Less beef, extra mushrooms, extra carrots, added some potatoes that were hanging around. Gotta work with what you got.) Pretty tasty actually. Also salad. Als
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  5. Closing on January 24: https://alexandrialivingmagazine.com/food-and-dining/atlantis-restaurant-to-close-alexandria-pandemic/ Nearly a third of the restaurant's lengthy lifespan has passed since the last post in this thread!
  6. Dog Haus Biergarten will open in Downtown Silver Spring, according to web reports confirmed by Laurie Yankowski, regional director, marketing for The Peterson Cos. The restaurant, which specializes in gourmet hot dogs, sausages and burgers, will be located at 933 Ellsworth Dr. in the space formerly occupied by Lebanese Taverna, which moved to 8535 Fenton Street. https://www.sourceofthespring.com/silver-spring/dog-haus-biergarten-to-open-in-downtown-silver-spring/
  7. OK, did I find this recipe here? Can't turn up where it came from on a search. Anyhow, I appreciate whoever shared it. Dinner tonight was salad and "Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Skillet." Quite easy, quite tasty, and used a lot of leftover chicken out of the freezer. And now there are leftovers. Lots of leftovers. (Didn't use the cilantro or jalepenos, as we did not have those. Did top it with leftover scallions.) Dessert will be later. It will be a delicious cookie/cake/tart thing. No blackberries here though, so blueberries from the freezer.
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  9. Well, even though Harden had a bunch of turnovers, he at least made an effort to be a team player yesterday (a triple-double). In an interview, he was praising Kevin Durant through the roof. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving? I don't see how the Lakers can beat them. Steve, you should start a Brooklyn Nets thread.
  10. Tom Sietsema wrote a nice epilogue yesterday: "Johnny's Half Shell Closed during the Pandemic. After 20 Years, it Deserves a Farewell Toast" by Tom Sietsema on washingtonpost.com
  11. Takeout from here tonight. I had assorted tacos, and got a side of beans. The boy had his usual shrimp and chorizo quesadilla. So tasty. I froze us some margaritas. And we had salad. They don't throw in the chips any more. Oh well. Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines. But I cannot eat cilantro. I learned to eat Mexican (which none of us had ever had before) when I was a kid and we spent a few years in Los Angeles. It was so tasty! Cilantro was not so much a thing in Cali-mex. So I am always annoyed by the fact that it is so hard to get Mexican food without cilantro. (There i
  12. It was very tasty. And the interior was fun. We took my Moroccan brother in law there once. He kept scaring away waiters by trying to speak Berber to them. Turns out the place was owned (and staffed) by a Lebanese family, so they didn't so much speak Berber. But he liked it anyhow. Couldn't go very often. They had a fixed menu, and it never changed. The BiL's comment was, "Very good food, but not an everyday menu. More of a party menu. You wouldn't have all this on the same night unless it was a holiday or a party." Had belly dancers. I acquired my love for chicken bastilla there.
  13. Wow, I completely forgot about the Moroccan place. I never made it there.
  14. Last night was sweet potato soup. My husband did all but the blending, so I'd definitely recommend making it the same way again. It was delicious and I could see really enjoying it on a much colder evening as well.
  15. We used to go there for happy hour semi-regularly, and for "fancy" dinners when we were young and broke. (And to the Moroccan place that was right there too. Marrakesh? I wish there was still a Moroccan place around. I LOVE north African food. Anyhow.) Yes, their white pizza was very good. And their house wine was affordable on our broke folks budget. I also used to love the white pizza at Listrani's. The one on MacArthur Blvd. That was good too. And actually, even after Uno got to the point that I didn't enjoy them, I still liked their white pizza. Maybe I have a thing for whit
  16. I would agree with you, although I am more of a fan of the Eastern Mediterranean. For those who haven't seen my write-up on Middle Eastern food, click HERE.
  17. I think I only went to AV once. I remember the white pizza!
  18. Takeout again. Pickup was a lot more efficient than last time. And once again, leftovers will make multiple lunches. Chicken Fatteh for me again, mixed kabob for him again, and garlic hummus for apps. And of course, salad, but that was house made. In discussion with the friends we coordinate takeout with, we determined that their online ordering page is one of the best in town right now. Clean. Easy to use. Allows for scheduling pickup time. Confirms everything, including pickup location, before finalizing. Allows for special requests, which are reviewed and responded to. (On we
  19. I never had either, until we went to AV for the first time. We had heard about the white pizza and wanted to eat it. White pizza for apps. Then mains. And here was this thing I had never heard of and it had chicken liver! I had to have it. So tasty. NYT has a good recipe, as does Lidia.
  20. I am more than mildly excited about the opening of Shababi, a takeout-only "ghost restaurant" operating out of Roro's Modern Lebanese Cuisine at 5655 General Washington Drive, Unit A, in Alexandria. Musakhan is more or less the national dish of Palestine, and when executed well, it is among the best of the world's chicken meals. And I have a feeling to believe it will be executed well, because Marcelle Afram was the former executive chef at Michelin-starred Maydan in DC, and is teamed up with Roro Asmar, who own's Roro's. If you've never had musakhan, it's a real treat for chicken lo
  21. Let me know how this goes. We want an outdoor kitchen and believe we have selected the cabinets and appliances. We are hiring a designer to create specs and then will need a firm to install, build and manage. Though we are leaning towards stainless cabinets there is work as we want a dummy wall built behind them to create a counter top lip and run electric.
  22. I had defrosted some ground beef, and was looking on the Internet for inspiration when I came across a Thai-inspired ground beef stirfry. I made a sauce of soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, chili paste, garlic, ginger, lime, and brown sugar. Browned the ground beef and separately sautéed yellow bell peppers, carrots, onions, and celery. I added the sautéed vegetables to the ground beef along with the sauce, and at the end threw in a whole jalapeño, sliced thin and let that cook together for a bit. Topped with cilantro and served over rice. Success!
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