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  2. If we ever get to a point where we can have guests over again, we will definitely sequester him in another room. His sister, who is not a problem, will probably have to join him.
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  4. I like their marinara too. And the jar isn't really big, so I don't have to figure out what to do with the rest if I open it and am not making a huge amount of something. Both of those sausage meals sound delicious. Last night I made a meal from The Post, meat-veg-starch, basically, so a complete meal in one tripartite recipe. It's described as "pernil-style pork tenderloin," with mojo potatoes and coconut spinach. I marinated the pork very early in the morning, so it soaked up lime and spices all day. The recipe is supposed to serve 2 - 3, but if we hadn't had a couple of other smal
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  6. New, French-inspired/focused all day restaurant from the Dabney folks. Opening Fall 2021-ish. Washingtonian with the story. The restaurant won’t be your typical bistro with onion soup and escargots (not to say the classics won’t ever make appearances). Rather, Langhorne describes the place as “more similar to a French restaurant you’d find in France than the ones you’d find in America.” It will focus on fresh-from-the-market cooking with simple plates “really, really well-executed.”
  7. We had to make a trip south for family reasons, and ended up in Charleston for two nights. The weather was beautiful, and we ended up having breakfast, lunch and dinner outside most of the time that we were there. This was a nice alternative to take out and eating in our hotel room. Lunch at Butcher & Bee was really great; my grain bowl was nutritious, fresh, and very flavorful, topped with chicken shawarma. The beer list was limited but sufficient, and the cocktail list was well put-together. Dinner was late, so we picked up burgers from Big Gun, very close to our hotel. They we
  8. I’m a little behind on reporting. Last week I brought down different kinds of sausages to grill with the neighbors and so this past week I used the leftovers. Leftover grilled bratwurst went into a pot of lentils with lots of onion, garlic, smoked paprika, thyme and Rosemary. Leftover grilled Italian sausage became a pasta sauce with the addition of leftover grilled peppers and onions. I put raw onion, garlic, and anchovy into the food processor to make a paste, and then cooked down the resulting paste a little bit before adding the leftover peppers and onions. The tomato component w
  9. Lobster ravioli with broccoli rabe, mushrooms, and tomato sauce; grated Parmesan [appetizer] Leftover lamb sirloin, sliced Mashed roasted sweet potatoes; butter, maple syrup, nutmeg, s+p Roasted cremini mushrooms with Northwoods seasoning I premade the sweet potatoes and mushrooms yesterday. They were very nice with the lamb. The pasta appetizer I made while watching the Nats lose. The lobster ravioli (from Costco) should have had a more delicate sauce but I had stuff to use. I only used a small amount of the various components (pasta sauce was made separately). Not sure what I wil
  10. Nice weather, and it's Sunday. So, grill night! He started a little early today, in case of storms. But we have finished eating, and the storms are just arriving, so it wasn't as close as he was afraid of. Pork chops, rubbed with a spice mix. Ramps! Mushrooms. Brussels sprouts. (Note: DO NOT blanch these before grilling no matter what the recipe says. They were inedible.) And corn pudding (I made a MUCH smaller batch than the recipe expects.) Later, apple pie and creme fraiche ice cream. (Bi-Rite creamery recipe.)
  11. Carrot muffin (from Souk) Chicken Yassa (NYT recipe) Punjabi turnips Leftover brown rice, peas, and squash
  12. And it was Mezcalero night again. And as ever, we made the guacamole and the frozen margaritas. Mezcalero made his shrimp and chorizo quesadilla and my mole chicken tacos (NO cilantro please). I look forward to the day we can eat there again, but will miss being able to have my own guacamole. Why won't anyone make it without cilantro for me? I made an apple pie and some creme fraise ice cream this afternoon. Soon we will see how those are.
  13. This is embarrassing, but MrB and I are currently drinking wine out of coffee mugs while watching recordings of Bridgerton because of previously mentioned cat — I’m not going to risk my crystal wine glasses!
  14. Gone. Replaced by Amigo Mio, a rather generic looking Tex/Mex joint.
  15. The first time I was on an airplane was 1972. Dad was working for Xerox, and they were transferring him to CA. So we all got on a plane. I was 7, and I was the oldest of 4. And it was paid for by Xerox. And they sent us first class. I have been spoiled ever since. The handouts were not peanuts. They were macadamias. First time I ever had those. (And the last for quite a while too. Expensive!) We all got little wing pins. And big seats. (That was also the first time I remember staying in a hotel. They put us up for a week until our furniture arrived. That was so cool. Except for having to share
  16. This is one of the guiltiest pleasures of parenting. Show them something they won’t be able to afford for years. About ten years ago my family got a 4 person upgrade to business class on our flight back to the US. I actually posted a picture saying this may be the worst thing that ever happened to me as a parent. Well - several upgrades later (BA is liberal with these when you’ve got Gold status) we took a train trip to Venice for Carnival. My 4 year old lost his s!^t in his seat. Once we calmed him down he explained that his seat was broken because it wouldn’t turn into a bed so he could slee
  17. I’ve had the chicken before. I don’t think it’s (炸子鸡) and I don’t recall it being particularly good.
  18. Plus, cleaning it up and wondering if you need shoes in house! It is not elegant, but for casual we use short Bromolio glasses for wine. Naughty kitty!
  19. Yeah, I was wondering about the duck description myself. Hmmmm. I'm interested in trying this twice-cooked chicken that Carman raves about. Wondering if it is the same as my beloved Cantonese fried chicken (炸子鸡).
  20. Salad (romaine, cucumber, radishes, smoked chicken breast, bacon, blue or swiss cheese; ranch) Whole wheat pita and Cava hummus Leftover cream of root vegetable soup Leftover lamb Brown rice with sautéed yellow squash, scallions, and cremini mushrooms and leftover green peas with dill I cooked the rice in the InstantPot, toasting it on saute first, then adding chicken broth and turning on the pressure cooker. I mixed in all of the precooked vegetables after the pressure had released and let it sit on warm for a few minutes before serving.
  21. Zorba takeout tonight. I had a masthia cocktail to start, and he had a gin and tonic. Sadly, there was no retsina tonight. So, from Zorba's - chickpea salad (hummus), eggplant salad (baba ganoush), mixed kebabs, sausage platter, and mini baklava. And it was good.
  22. What are you complaining about Eric? That's a mere 240% increase from earlier in this thread! I'm beginning to think some of these places are pushing the envelop to absurd levels because there are enough suckers and fools out there to support this insanity, present company excluded of course! I mean, I have no problem dropping stupid money on a great meal, but lately things have gotten ridiculous. I was looking at the menu for Jont (sister restaurant to Bresca) the other day and the cheapest wine by the glass is $20! (You can get the entire bottle of that Pinot Noir retail, for
  23. Re: the baseball: I was in the last group that had access to get tickets and my assigned time window coincided with my second vaccine shot. That was a logistical challenge😑. It was an embarrassment of riches to be sure, but I was amazed I was able to get any tickets at all. Tonight was also mostly leftovers but a couple new items from a Trader Joe's run today. First time I've set foot in a grocery store since my last TJ's trip in late October. Time is moving so quickly and so slowly at the same time it's dizzying. Whole wheat pita and Cava hummus Salad (romaine, cucumber, radishes,
  24. We have cats. While we can generally keep them away from glasses while we are around, we had one cat who enjoyed getting into our bedside water. We have sport-style water bottles for the bedroom now. We had a dog-guest for fire pit night last week. He had broken into his person's grocery bag when she turned her back, and ate half a bar of dark chocolate before she could stop him. The vet said it was little enough that he didn't have to come in right away, and gave her instructions on what to watch for. So he had to be watched all night. He was pretty jittery. Also, didn't like fire. He se
  25. Another night, another freezer meal. Tonight, salad (again, not frozen), rosemary bread, and Italian wedding soup. Later, we will finish the chocoflan. We have made a dent in the freezer. Except there's a lot of corn and a lot of cherries. And spring, and spring produce, is almost HERE NOW.
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