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  2. Am I the only one who puts espelette on store bought hummus?
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  4. Tuna melt (provolone) on pumpernickel
  5. My favorite comes from the Mediterranean Bakery on Pickett in Alexandria. Fairly certain it's made there and it just has...flavor compared to store-bought varieties.
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  7. I’m sorry to say I’ve totally missed seeing this topic! Hopefully my reply will ensure I see the next class/gathering. 😁 Always wanted to learn to make tamales, but not adventurous enough to do so on my own.
  8. Hoes gotta eat too. Its not an area I frequent often, if all lately, but Attmans Deli is close by , Ida B’s is not in the best of area as well.
  9. The Eleanor will be opening its Downtown Silver Spring location in January: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/business/fuddruckers-closing-eleanor-plans-january-opening/
  10. I thought about it after we got into the car and headed out. If you were closer, I'd say yes, but it's not expensive stuff.
  11. There's a Dizengoff stand WITHIN the Whole Foods by the museums, but I'm not sure if they actually package the stuff and sell on the shelves.
  12. Most people don't realize how bad Moet & Chandon is - it smells of vomit, IMO.
  13. Best fried chicken in Bmore is found on the Block. Just sayin.... The old Block that is 😉
  14. Being of a certain age, when I saw this thread title I thought it would be a guide to eateries on East Baltimore St in Baltimore, where the go-to used to be Polock Johnny's.😂
  15. Frankly I was a bit disappointed they weren't peddling a vending machine filled with Veuve or Dom. I mean c'mon, it's Nieman Marcus. lol.
  16. Every year I look forward to what outrageous gifts are listed in The Book by Neiman Marcus. Moet Chandon Vending Case, at the bargain price of $35,000, is available for purchase to gift that someone special in your life.
  17. I think it really says all grocery store hummus suck. You can do better making it yourself. I've never like any store bought hummus, including Sabra and Cava. My favorite hummus is from Zahav/Dizengoff, which I understand may be available for purchase at a Wholefood in Phlly.
  18. During December, as one of their "Fab Four" of specialty lunches Earl's is featuring a blackened salmon with cajun fries and cole slaw dish/combo; a little more involved than standard Earl's offers. It is delicious and filling. Didn't even try the cole slaw. Earl's Sandwiches--still performing food miracles!!!!
  19. Thanks -- the Brambleberry looks like it's one of the flavors that H-T carries. I will give it a shot!
  20. The Washington Post came up with an article and taste testing on store purchased hummus. Its a topic that grabs my attention. I enjoy hummus and vacillate between making my own and purchasing elsewhere. The scope of the article and many of the comments (I read a fair amount but not all ) suggested the article described the least offensive hummus, with the taste testing "best" being a function of least disagreeable. Not mentioned in the taste testing was Perfect Pita which is available at Whole Foods, and my favorite. Of the comments I read it was mentioned once. Of the eleven brands rated the least favorable was also a favorite for some of the commentators. Ah hummus it appears "the best" is all in the eyes of the beholder.
  21. $245 million--$324 million--ah peanuts. Situated between where Cole and Strasburg will be based I feel just terrible for the soon to be poorly payed Greg Schiano, the recently RE-signed football coach for Rutgers, the NJ State Pen. He was in negotiations with Rutgers to re sign to be the new (returning) football coach. Negotiations broke down and ended. Rutgers fans and supporters (yes Rutgers has those folks) rose in uproar. They wanted Schiano back. They berated the administration. Negotiations restarted. Schiano got "more" of what he desired. He ended up with a "paltry" $32 million for 8 years ($4 million/year) + various other "bennies" and bonuses. How utterly sad and deeply underpaid. Schiano is in the wrong business. During his off hours he could work as a caddy for either Cole or Strasburg and earn the extra bucks to pay for milk, eggs, and butter.
  22. It’s not really risky, as there’s no expectation that he’ll be pitching thru the entire contract. It’s a deferred income scheme that allows a team to pay out salary over an extended period but allows the player to get a new contract for more $$ if, for some reason, he’s still a good pitcher after 5 years.
  23. Now you are talking. Though I have no memory of the type of martini I had there back in the dark ages, that description sounds about right.
  24. I need a tutor, or a class or a damn degree to understand this thread!!!!
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