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  2. I have been buying from JJ McDonnell in Elkridge. I have a Restaurant Depot membership but they have also opened it to the public. Anyone can go in and get a one day pass now.
  3. Who’s Jewish? If Rob Rubba is Jewish, then I sincerely apologize. If not, then what are u talking about?
  4. Browning comes from baking. I’m wondering why it’s yellow? Trying to learn here, not just being an ignorant douche. Nothing in a traditional bialy recipe indicates it should be yellow.
  5. Today I pulled a jar of pesto out of the freezer. There's no date on it, so I don't know when I made it. It smelled great when it had thawed enough that I could scoop some out. I added a thin layer of oil and refroze the jar. It was perfect for the chicken pasta dish I had in mind. I chopped the remaining white meat from the roasted chicken into chunks and warmed it while I boiled water for some cavatappi. I added some extra grated Parmesan after I mixed the pasta, pesto, and chicken together. The pesto really held up. We had buttered lemony asparagus (juice and zest) as a side and split a buttermilk biscuit leftover from the fried chicken sandwich meal a couple nights ago. We also split what was was left of some salad in the fridge (iceberg, radishes, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper), plus some sliced avocado.
  6. (This is a work in progress, started on 12/25/15 - it will take a few months years decades to get things sorted out.) Discussion What Are You Eating... For Breakfast (The Early-Morning, Polyphonic Food Blog) // From your Food Care Package from Home // Comfort Dishes, Guilty Pleasures, and Old Favorites // That Is Compulsive // That Requires Confession to a Priest // For Dessert, Right Now! //For Dinner (The Polyphonic Food Blog) // To Use Fall's Bounty // When It's Hot Out // When Stranded on a Desert Island, // Cooking For Your Kids // For Lunch (The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog) // At the Movies // Never (What Won't You Try?) // What? Parmesan Rinds? // At your Dinner Parties // When You Are Sick // Instead of Having Sex // When It's A Snow Day // That is Strange // To Use Summer's Bounty // That is Leftover from ThanksgivingActive Cooking: What Are You Baking?, What Are You Simmering?,Where Did You Learn to Cook?, How Does a Newbie Start Cooking?, To Whom Do You Owe Your Greatest Culinary Debt? // dr.com Cookbook Cooking Club // Why Do You Enjoy Cooking?, Cool Stuff You Make, Things You Make that You Hate but Others Love, Things You Won't Cook Because They Make the House Smell Awful, Things You Love to Cook Because They Make the House Smell Wonderful, Holiday Dishes You Wish Would Go Away, Recipe Dealbreakers, Kitch and Classics, Umami-est Thing You Make, My Smoked Turducken, Most Intimidating Person You've Cooked For, Foods our Great-Grandparents Would Recognize, Improvisational Cooking, Utensil Mise-en-place?, Losing Your Appetite, Cooking with PMS, Cooking Under the Influence,Debate/Opinion/Definitions: American Kurobuta Pork, Anchovies in a Caesar Salad?, Artisinal Cheese, Asian Snack Food Smackdown, Best Common Breakfast Cereals, Best Fat for Frying, Best (?) Frozen Pizza, Bruschetta // Calotte // Cheese for Mac and Cheese, Cheese for Omelettes // Chicken: Boneless or Boned, Butchered or Cleaved? // Chicken: Does Price Reflect Quality? // Chow Fun, Cooked vs. Uncooked Country Ham // Cooking Well vs. Ability to Enjoy Restaurants // Couscous, Craisins vs. Cranberries, Difference in Taste between Kosher, Halal and Organic Meats, Dim Sum, Dry-Aged Beef, Dry-Brining a Turkey?, Durum vs. Semolina // Halloween // Good Microwave Popcorn?, How Much Should a Host Cater to Guests' Dietary Restrictions?, Farm-Raised Game, Favorite Food Gifts, Favorite Cheese-Of-The-Month Clubs, Favorite Cheeses, Favorite Part of the Fish?, Favorite Varieties of Fruits and Veggies, Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes, Favorite Winter Holiday Dishes, Foods That Are Not The Same Anymore, Fried Calamari: with or without lemon?, Fruit or Vegetable?, Guldens vs. Grey Poupon, Hellman's vs. Miracle Whip, Ketchup, Lance Products Smackdown, Locally Produced Aquaculture, Mayo on Fries?, Meatloaf vs. Country Terrine, Mexican vs. Persian vs. Key Limes, Microwaves: Good for Cooking?, Montreal Seasoning // Foods that Should Not Be Paired// Neapolitan Pizza, Origin of The Reuben, Oysters, Pie Better than Cake?, Preferred Whole-Grain Pasta, Pronouncing Gyro, Reusing Cinnamon, Roulade, Galantine, and Balantine: Which is Which? // Shrimp (Tail-On) // Softshell Crab Season, Squid: How Chewy?, Steak Sauce?, Steaks from Costco, Supper Clubs, Sustainable Agriculture, Tater Tots: Awesome or Vile? // Tempering // Texas Toast, The Customer Is Always Right? // Things You Just Don't Like // Tipping in Retail Outlets in Restaurants, (T)Rump Steaks, Turning a Pastime into a Profession, Tuscan Bread, Ultimate Grocery Store? // Welsh Rarebit // What's with All the Foam?, Wrapping Fish and Chips, Zha Jiang NoodlesWorth It?: Angus Angst, Cooking with Acorns, Cooking Chef Stand Mixer + Induction Cooker, Flavor Sprays, Fresh vs. Canned/Bottled, Make or Buy?, Presentation, Specialty IngredientsFood Safety: Best By Dates, Eating Vegetable Leaves and Stems, The Clean Cabinet Project, Debating the Risk of Food Poisoning, Ground Beef, How to Reheat Food Correctly?, Huitlacoche, Keeping Sake for Cooking, Kitchen Mishaps, Moldy Bread, Moldy Cheese, Preserving Unpasteurized Apple Cider, Safe? Grilling, Too Long in the Freezer, Spinach, Tasting Sensitivities vs. Fishy Fish, Undercooked Baked Goods?, Water, Water Filtration Options, Weird Beef, When the Fridge is Dead, When Vinegar Goes South, Yogurt at Room TempGeneral: Worst Food Injuries, Losing Weight, Abundance, Kids in the Kitchen, The One Thing You Want To Eat in a Restaurant, School Lunches, Obtaining Items Not Readily Available to Home Cooks, Grocery Budgets, Grocery Store Pricing Strategies, Bans and Tax on Plastic Grocery Bags, Lack of Local, Independent Food Specialty Stores, How to Be a Locavore, Wretched Excess in the Pantry, What Did You Run Out Of? Wasting Food, Spending $50, The Great Pumpkin Shortage of '09, What to Do with Snow, Entering Food Contests, Regional Delicacies, Smith Island Cake, Speculoos (ice cream, cookies, etc), Alden's Ice Cream, Japanese Rice Candies, Keeping (and Cooking) Kosher, Group Endeavor to Make Sausage/Charcuterie, Carbon Monoxide to Color Meat, Caffeine in Coffee, Keeping Pests Away, Organic? The Bugs Say So!, Weapons-Grade Foods, "Super Yuca", Vietnamese Prepared Foods, Passive-Aggressive Appetizers, Kozy Shack Puddings, Copper Pot Company Jams Xin Xim, Fruit Off a Nondescript Truck, Cheese Prices, Chicken Wing Prices, Online Bargains, Bad Recipes, Making Your Own Cookbook, Gardening for Beginners, Badly Translated RecipesEquipment: Equipment 911 -- Post your "What do I buy?" questions here!Affordable Cookware for Second Kitchen, Big Green Egg, Challenge: Pick Anything From Calphalon, Chest Freezers, Choosing Among Appliance Styles, Cleaning Iron Skillets, Convection Ovens, Cookware for Glass/Ceramic-topped stoves, Dishwasher-Safe Nonstick Cookware, Dishwashers, Food Mills, Gas Ranges, Geeky Kitchen Tools, Glass Teapots, Grills (Charcoal), Grills (Gas), Renting a Grill, Humidity Controlled Refrigerator Crispers, IKEA Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Carts // Kitchen Countertops // Kitchen Remodeling, Knives, Knife Sharpening, Le Creuset and Other Enameled Cast Iron Pots, Minimal Essential Cookware, Ovens, Pot Racks, Reconditioning Cast Iron, Replacing Serveware, Roasting Pans, Sauté Pan: Essential?, Seasoning Cast Iron, Side-Swipe Mixer Blade, Storing Baking Pans in the Oven, Vitamix, Wine Racks Specialty: Bean Pots, Boiled Crab Serving Plate, Chef's Shoes, Chopsticks, Coffee Grinders, Coffee "Idiot Kit", Coffee Makers, Containers for Storing Ice Cream, Digital Probe Thermometers, Deep Fryers, Filtered Carbonated Water Systems, Fondue Fuel, High-Volume Coffee Makers (Industrial and Otherwise), Homemade Cold Smoker, Ice Cream Machines, Keeping Track of your Recipes, Key Lime Juicer, Mandolines, Mouli Graters, Raclette Grills, Reheating on a George Foreman Grill Reynold's Handi-Vac Rice Cookers, Pizza Stones // Potatom Plants // Portable Induction Burners, Pressure Cookers, Propane Tanks and Refills, Small Bundt or Kugelhopf Mold, Stick Blenders, Stovetop Smokers, Tagine, Toaster Ovens, Tortilla Presses, Unitaskers, Woks Cuisines: Cultural Differences in Food, Apicius and Roman Cuisine, Regional Italian Cooking, Indian Cuisine, Best Japanese Foods Travel: Cookbook as a Traveling Companion, Cooking Vacations, Field Trip Ideas Misc.: Homemade Pet Food, National Cake Show Requests For Help and Ideas Cooking Help: Cacio e Pepe // Doubling Roast Chicken Recipe // Fig Chutney // Keeping Frites for a Crowd Warm, Keeping Waffles Crisp, Grinding Spices Finely, Pouring Two Soups into One Bowl, Keller's Roast Rack of Pork, Half and Half Curdling, Underdone Cake, Defrosting Puff Pastry, Types of Cheese for Searing, Green Soup, Prepping Cookies in Advance, Chuck Roast (dry roasting?), Broken Forcemeat, Heating Spiral-Sliced Ham, Hard Cider from Scratch? // Reheating Pizza // How Not to Ruin Quiche, Flour Substitutions in Cakes, Parmagiano-Reggiano Rinds // Szechuan Boiled Fish // Tenderizing Already-Cooked Meat, Freezing Fried Rice, Fixing Too-Bitter Soups Menus: Dinner This Week?, Feeding Babies and Toddlers, Non-Refrigerated Lunch Options, Side Dishes, An Italian Menu, Mushroom Side Dishes for Picnic, Side Dishes Away From Home, Food That will Travel 2+ Hours, Cooking for 10 in Cozumel, Mexico, Thanksgiving for Two, Dinner Party Ideas, Cold Office Breakfasts, St. Patrick's Day Menu, Mardi Gras Menu, Bridal Shower/Cocktail Party Menu, Debate-Watching Cocktail Party, Brunch for 60 with Only an Hour to Prep, Food for New Parents, Family Dinners, An All-Day Open House, Food Kids Will Like, High School Sports Concession Stand Special Occasion Cooking: Bridal Shower (15-20 People) // To Ring in the New Year, Chinese New Year, Light Valentines Dinner, Passover, Easter, Memorial Day Cookout, Fourth of July // Thanksgiving // Latkes, Christmas Meal, Dessert at Christmas, Winter Holidays all-inclusive, Holiday Baking, Homemade Holiday Gifts, Food for Baby Specialty Diets: Gluten-Free Living, Gluten-Free Thanksgiving, Clear Liquid Diet, Low Iodine Diet, Heart Healthy Misc.: Home-Based Food Business?, Alternatives to Cough Drops, Identifying Mystery Fruit, Cleaning Pots and Pans, Sterilizing Sponges, Caulk Gun as Pastry Bag Cooking Classes & Tastings DR.com: Cooking Club // Pasta Making & Tomato Sauce Tasting chez mdt, Make your own Mozzarella by cjsadler, Pasta Making Party chez porcupine, Cookbook Reading & Tasting Club General: Cooking Classes in CT // Ethnic Recipes with Backstories // Tapas Cooking Classes, Smithsonian Resident Associate Classes, Personalized Cooking Lessons, Knife Skills Classes, Sur La Table Classes, CulinAerie Cooking Classes, Class Recommendations? 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  7. I am very much out of my depth when it comes to wholesalers such as Profish, especially when it comes to this new "Wholesale to the Public" concept that (I think) has resulted from COVID-19. See also The National Drive-Thru Market thread (that market includes Profish as one of its vendors). Assuming these concepts are new - and I'd never heard of them before - they have the potential to permanently change "the way things are." Sysco, for example, is pivoting to supply grocery stores: Mar 27, 2020 - "Spend $250, Get an Ounce of Caviar: Restaurant Suppliers Get Creative To Survive" by Amelia Lucas on cnbc.com I would really appreciate the thoughts, no matter how detailed or broad, that restaurateurs have about this issue.
  8. Here's The National Drive-Thru Market's website. I know nothing about this, other than the five minutes of research I did to split off this thread, but please be aware that some (all?) of these vendors appear to be large distributors (Metropolitan Meat, Seafood & Poultry Company, for example, appears to be either owned by or affiliated with Sysco). For lack of a better term, I classified this as a "Wholesaler Co-op" in the Shopping and Cooking Index.
  9. Yesterday
  10. We wound up with 4 half gallon mason jars of Pimms. 2 are Bombay Sapphire and 2 are Gordon's. Right now they are being poached at 140 degrees for three hours. The extraction as far as the berries are concerned seems amazing. The citrus in on the bottom. Next up is cooling and then straining. I will infuse mint into the spirit and then add port, red vermouth & triplum triple sec.
  11. Given our Pimm's project, we needed a bunch of gin. The first purchase was a 1.75 liter of Bombay sapphire on sale. This covered the fruit but did not fill the first 2 half gallon mason jars. So back to the VABC for another 1.75 of sapphire and 2 x 1.75's of Gordons. So once home, we finished off the pimms filling and now are heat infusing 4 half galllon jars: 2 Gordon's and 2 Bombay Sapphire {around 140 degrees for 3 hours. Too cool to boil off alcohol or water.} Then we tasted th Gordon's to see what is up with a cheap gin. It was nice! SO I pulled my English style gins off the bar and we tasted them. Gordons {80 proof) Surprisingly good. Classic gin w/pine & juniper notes an the nose, very gin like in a lighter, smooth style in the mouth. Brokers {94 proof} Very good indeed. Big, bold, classic gin. Lots of pine and spice on the nose, almost earthy. My personal favorite of the quartet. Bombay Sapphire {94 proof} More floral/spicy than either of the above, a tad lighter than the Brokers, much fuller than the Gordon's. This is my go to gin for Corpse revivers and variants. Plymouth {82.4 proof} Very different as it was the only non London dry style. Plymouth is its own style. Lighter, much closer to the Gordons befitting their lower proof. But the Plymouth has a delightful floral style and really has a delicacy. I now know that I need a Plymouth Martini when I am looking to refresh and the Brokers when I want to be braced. The Plymouth is for times I need to be treated gently {like after a loud meowing session from Spot!} The gordons is being infused with 3 kinds of Chili's, Arbol, Gaujillo, and Aleppo with black peppercorn, allspice, cinnamon & clove. It is destined for bloody mary's. There is some straight Gordons left, and I will either do a fruit infusion or go for a G & T, with plenty of lime, on a hot day. The Bombay will still be my CR choice, and I will branch out into Bee's Knees.
  12. 3.5 x Vanilla Liquid vanilla is measured in folds. 2x or double fold has twice the vanilla flavor and contributes a little less liquid. We have a really good beanilla 2x which I doubles in the recipe, so as far as liquid vanilla is concerned, this s a 4x vanilla. I used 3 beans instead of 1 for a 3x vanilla expression. Averaging things out, it was a 3.5x vanilla expression. 2 oz of dry spiced rum from cotton & reed added a nice spice undertone.
  13. "The Cat Came Back" is a little silly, but it stays with you.
  14. We had some Restaurant Depot romaine that actually was several weeks old. Thanks to gladd storage bags, damp paper towels and a good fridge, it was still mostly in edible shape. We made a huge salad with an avocado. red onion, goya garbanzos, homemade spicy mustard mayo, garlic & rosemary olive oil, red, balsamico & sherry vinegar. Very filling and quite good from what surely could have gone into the trash. Dessert: a small serving of the strawberry tequila sorbetti. Next time just onc cup tequila instead of the one plus a splash. After than a quality control bit of our 3.5x vanilla. Still a little soft but incredible. Spot came out and complained at the chow in his bowl. In an effort to reduce the puking, we are putting out all his dry food in the AM. A hour before pizza time, we pull any dry food left out. Then he gets his pizza at his reservations time {please finish your pizza in less than 2 hours and fifteen minutes, please do not be more than 15 minutes late or we might give way your pizza; we are trying to get his credit card number to guarantee his reservations but all he does is hold up one claw. Does this have some special cat meaning? Or is his cat express number just 1. And why the middle claw?} 2 hours after pizza time, we give him back his dry food. He gives us a piece of his mind for the rest of the evening. He got a new brand of cat treats and he is willing to stand on his hind legs and gently hold my hand in his paws, claws retracted, in order to take it.
  15. I'd trap the neighbor and release him far, far away.
  16. Here are my two boys, Crimson and Aengus, same mommy, different daddies. We moved from an overpriced apartment in Falls Church to a house outside New Haven, CT in November 2019. They have a ton more space to run around, and are strictly indoor cats. Lots of catertainment here as we have 3.6 acres, much of which is wooded. They get to watch birds on the feeders, chipmunks on the patio, squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, and maybe even bear and bobcats when I'm asleep (a bear took down the feeder and stole a big block of hot pepper suet a couple of months ago). We're quite happy here. And here's their mommy, Arabesque, or Bess for short, who resides with a friend in the middle of Vermont. This picture of Bess was taken shortly after she caught a quail on the roof of the house:
  17. It was the same growing up in PA. I think the last 4 digits were 1212 for at least one of those but maybe all (?). In addition to the long distance thing, there was a way of calling your own number and getting it to ring. I forget how we did that. Endless entertainment for kids. We used to have a metal "temporarily out of service" sign on top of our kitchen phone (black rotary, wall-mount). My father had brought it home from his business, I think. It was designed to put on top of a broken pay phone until the phone company could come out and fix it. This sign would confuse the hell out of people when they were visiting and wanted to use our phone, even people who been there plenty of times and had never noticed the sign until they went to use the phone. I have the "out of service" sign sitting on a bookshelf in my dining room. Probably still technically the property of the Bell System 🤔.
  18. MsDiPesto


    Aengus (the younger of the half brothers on the right) is usually hungry like the wolf. Crimson (on the left and a bobtail) has a more sensitive tummy and is the main barfer. I have become quite good at cleaning up Katzenbarf.
  19. Hi @DonRocks; My apologies for not having the foresight before I posted. Would you be so kind to move the below posts in this thread to their respective threads. It may be best for folks to start posting about carryout/delivery on the respective restaurant threads instead of here so information is better captured. Just my opinion. Move to Nasime: https://www.donrockwell.com/topic/52722-carryout-and-delivery/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-352025 Move to Scrappy's Bagel Bar: https://www.donrockwell.com/topic/52722-carryout-and-delivery/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-352072 https://www.donrockwell.com/topic/52722-carryout-and-delivery/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-352073 https://www.donrockwell.com/topic/52722-carryout-and-delivery/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-352075 Thanks so much, Deborah
  20. Eric, I find this post offensive and dangerously close to, if not actually, antisemetic. If you don't want to be thought an antisemite, maybe think about what you post. Jews making Jewish traditional dishes in a new country they had to flee to to get out from under antisemitism cannot possibly be called cultural appropriation.
  21. Don, Thank you for taking the time in explaining the roots of a bialy and mentioning Kossars. A favorite New York Jewish Deli of ours in New York especially for super tasty and fun bialys I read the the bagels vs rolls with holes post. And found it informative and educational. little background: we use organic high gluten bread flour our bagels our hand rolled proofed for almost 24 hours as they should be boiled and baked. Same dough and process sans the boil are used on our bialy. I am a New Jersey native who grew up eating bagels my entire life as well as living and working in NYC for many years.
  22. Excellent! I made cocktail round 2: a mix of sherry, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Very refreshing. This will be a great late afternoon cocktail during summer time patio season.
  23. Bialy is short for Białystoker kuchen ("cake from Białystok" in English), named after the town Białystok ("White Slope" in English), originally settled in the 1200s, which was itself named after the Biała Rzeka, ("White River" in English). Bialy does not have anything to do with the color of Rob Rubba's baked goods. Even Kossar's own video about making bialys says, "... Place them in the oven for about ten minutes. Remove them golden brown ..."
  24. Hi @DonRocks: Would you be so kind to add "Chef" in front of Rob Rubba and add "Chef Deb Rubba" so the tagline reads: "Weekend Pop-Up by Chef Rob Rubba and Chef Deb Rubba inside of Estadio, Logan Circle". Thanks so much in advance.
  25. I’be never seen a brown/yellow bialy in my life. That bialy is for gentiles. It’s a round bread. ‘Bialy” means white in Polish. I don’t care for cultural appropriation. Those aren’t bagels either. My alternate universe life as a Jew says its sacrilegious to bake round bread and call it a bagel. It may be insanely out of this world mind-blowingly delicious but it ain’t a bagel. --- Bagels versus 'Rolls with Holes' - darkstar965
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