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  2. I've been using a Scotch-Brite pad with Bon Ami on my All-Clad when required; I've had the pans for over 20 years. Absolutely no damage to them whatsoever. I expect that they will last the rest of my life. Sundae, you might be pleasantly surprised by the quality of browning; I wouldn't worry about burning. It happens sometimes, of course, but a good overnight soak followed by the above treatment has always worked.
  3. If you operate a restaurant(s) or a local business(es) I would suggest this survey is a “must read” for “best practices” to getting best and most productive visibility in google search. 2018 Local search ranking factors . It is a compilation of the perspectives of those who spend their time in this area and study search optimization efforts and results. (For transparency I’ve been a participant in this annual survey for all but this year and one other year). (It’s probably better this year without me but in reading summary statements it does highlight some of what I’ve been seeing). Much of what is suggested is not at all technical or that complicated or difficult to do
  4. Mark Slater

    Large Group Lunch (80 people)

    Joe's Seafood and Prime Steaks is large enough. Woodward Table, also. Bobby Van's is right there also.
  5. Thank you for the rec, but I was looking for local places throughout the DMV. This looks amazing though.
  6. John Dean, WH lawyer during Nixon’s presidency, involved in the Watergate coverup, became a witness for the prosecution, pleaded guilty to one count and had reduced jail time b/c of that is a “commentator” on today’s situation. With the latest news he just said Nixon wouldn’t go as far as Trump Of course Woodward and Bernstein are newsworthy these days. Thanks to Trump it’s Watergate reunion time.
  7. If distance is not a concern, I recommend Stiftskeller St. Peter in Salzburg. I can attest that it was full on Christmas-y 10 days ago and you can't beat the atmospherics. The food and service was pretty decent too.
  8. A little follow-up.... Raising a final toast to Rose, the Clyde’s customer who charmed and mystified, by John Kelly, November 20, 2018, on washingtonpostcom.
  9. We use ours every day. A little butter or oil prevents major sticking. If you don't leave it out all night and wash it before you go to bed you should not have a problem. Never had a mess a Scotch-Brite sponge couldn't handle. I don't recall ever having to use Brillo or SOS on this (not sure that would be good for the pan).
  10. DaveO

    Large Group Lunch (80 people)

    Maybe not the right locations but The Occidental, Oval Room, and Carmine’s can all accommodate a party of 100
  11. So I'm lazy and pretty much have always cooked with at least some non-stick assistance in my pots and pans. I'm getting skeeved out by our burn rate through cheap non-stick pans, though, and am thinking of going big and getting the All-Clad 12-inch stainless frying pan, but am worried about learning to cooking on stainless (the sticking!!). Any tips, tricks, testimonials, or literature I should check out before taking the leap? Should I do it? What say ye?
  12. curiouskitkatt

    Large Group Lunch (80 people)

    A couple questions? Date? Budget?
  13. olivelady

    Large Group Lunch (80 people)

    Can you recommend a Farragut West/Farragut North/McPherson Square/Dupont Circle area restaurant that could accommodate 80 to 100 people for a large group lunch? My guess is that a buyout would be needed for a group of this size. Thoughts?
  14. JeffC

    Myrtle Beach, SC

    A brief update...it's been four years since I posted here. --Here's one for Tweaked. There's a good Peruvian chicken place in Calabash. Mmm...Que Rico is excellent. The flavor reminds me of El Pollo Rico in metro DC--the owner is from Peru and knows the El Pollo Rico people well. His wife makes very good empanadas and the sides are pretty standard for a Peruvian chicken joint. My wife likes it so much that she insists we make the 30-milw round trip at least once a week. ---There is finally a very good pho place. The Saigon Cafe in Myrtle Beach has the best pho in town, as well as other soups and Vietnamese dishes. The broth is very, very good. They also have pho ga, make with a very good chicken broth. There are a couple other pho houses in the area, but this one is the best. ---La Rinconcito Salvadoreno in the Windy Hill section of North Myrtle Beach has very good pupusas, as well as a large menu of other Salvadoran dishes. I stick with the pupusas. ---La Poblanita in Myrtle Beach continues to set the standard for Mexican food.
  15. Without even opening the article, I know this to be true.
  16. Pat

    What Are You Baking?

    I baked Melissa Clark's Sticky Cranberry Gingerbread this afternoon to take to Thanksgiving. The comments on the recipe on the NY Times site are all over the place. It calls for an enormous amount of sugar, which a lot of people balked at. I went with the people who tried to balance that out by using 12 oz. of cranberries instead of 8 oz., as called for in the recipe. I also cut the sugar back a bit, but I added some crystallized ginger, which, of course, upped the sugar content again. I had some difficulties making this (mostly my fault), so i decided to cut the cooled gingerbread into squares so I could decide if it was okay to take. It was actually pretty good. There were plenty of people who loved the recipe, but most people seemed to have customized it. Since their Cooking section has now gone to a paywall* (which I feel stupid for paying to jump over), I'm not sure who can see this link to the recipe. *This is a separate paywall from paying for the main site.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Why we can’t agree on gun control by Jen Zamzoe The problem isn’t a lack of information. It’s how we are predisposed to interpret it.
  19. From November 18, 2018, I picked up take away from Cagla Onal-Urel's Green Almond Pantry at Palisades Farmers Market to make my own "Little Little in the Middle". I presented the Red Lentil Köftesi with Pomegranate and Satsuma to be wrapped with hydroponic Red Butter Lettuce. The Romanesco Cauliflower salad is served over Smoky Eggplant spread. The Roasted Rainbow Carrots are served over Fava Bean spread. 100% plant-based deliciousness has never tasted so good.
  20. curiouskitkatt

    Food Halls

    Looks that there will be a boom of food halls in NOVA. Urbanspace is coming to the DMV! This one filling in some recently vacated space in Tysons Galleria. I have already reached out to them, & will report back my findings.
  21. Bob Wells


    Thanks for the tip on Firehook. We live near the well-camouflaged mother ship on Flint Lee Road in Chantilly and I go there fairly often but have never tried the bagels. BTW, if you are out there, Chennai Express on Lee Road across from Target/Costco should be a must-try.
  22. KeithA


    I like Timber bagels, and Bethesda bagels. Bullfrog are good too. I haven't been to Call Your Mother yet and in the past Georgetown Bagelry was good but its been a few years. I also grew up on and really liked Bagel City in Rockville but its been a few years and they have some awful yelp reviews now so it may be hit or miss. I do like the smaller size bagels at Bagel City. Baked by Yael bagels across from the zoo are ok but my wife is not a fan and the flavors are limited. Breadfurst bagels are overcooked often and are not soft on the inside as a bagel should be. I once tried Pumpernickel bagels in Chevy Chase DC and thought they were awful. I recently got some plain bagels for the kids at Firehook and I don't know why but they were sourdough with a distinct sourness which of course turned off the kiddos.
  23. After 40 years, J. Paul's in Georgetown is closing at the end of the year according to WTOP. More HERE!
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