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  2. Pines reopened this past Sunday in the old Portobellos spot on North Pollard Stret off Langston Boulevard in Arlington. I went on Tuesday evening and believe that the place needs more time to become worth visiting. A lot of the food seemed to be overaged and not fresh and not really heated enough. The place was also cold and many diners wore their coats throughout their meals. I guess the moral of this story I’d wait awhile until a place gets most of the kinks out.
  3. Driving home from a Doctor's appointment in Fairfax VA, I passed the old Thai By Thai location which now had a sign up that said Yanzi Noodles. I jotted the name down and Googled it when I got home. Saw that Tim Carman had raved about their location in Maryland. When I went to the website, it stated the following; "Important Notice After close to three years with our friends in Rockville and living with and continuing to battle this awful pandemic. We regret to announce that our lease in Rockville NY Mart has ended and we will be closing September 28. But all is not lost, we are excited to announce that very soon we will be opening a brand new location more spacious and better able to serve our customers. Please stay tuned for more updates. The new location is: 10955 Fairfax Blvd,Suite 108 Fairfax VA 22030" No idea if its actually open yet or when that will be.
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  5. I'm back to forgetting to keep track of menus. I was not feeling too motivated for a big Thanksgiving meal for two of us so went with small and it mostly* came out well. The main part of the meal was two NYT recipes, one for Roast Turkey Breast with Fig-Olive Tapenade and the other One-Pan Orzo with Spinach and Feta. It made for a Mediterranean-type feel to the meal. Both dishes were excellent, minus my lack of facility at pounding the turkey breast thinly and evenly enough. I finally got it rolled and tied okay, and the sliced pieces looked the way they should, but the whole package could have been a little prettier. Instead of bread, I made Pillsbury crescent rolls. (I was feeling nostalgic and asked my husband buy some of these at Costco when they were on sale this month. In fact they made a great ham and cheese sandwich tray bake for an easy dinner. But Costco...so there were five or six tubes of the dough in the box and a use-by date of January. Another ham and cheese bake is in our future.) *The weird failure was a roasted half of a butternut squash. It seemed to be cooking when I checked and poked it and was in the oven what should have been a long enough time, but at serving, only a little of it was fully cooked. It reminded me of the occasional baking potato that never gets soft no matter how long it bakes. Will try again to get it to complete. The spiced nuts I made to go in the cavity of the squash were delicious, however.
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  7. So this is a bit of a free association- but a great sound board to just drop in and share, vent etc. Agh- why are the insides of my dishwashing gloves wet when I am trying to clean silver at 6 am!! Why does my non-cooking daughter fight with me about making mac and cheese when I warn her the sauce is going to break and I cannot help her when I am doing everything else- go easier! Plus, I need my kitchen! Cook it any other darn time. Let loose kids!!! Woes of the Bathroom. Do not put disposable hand drying things in the bathroom- NO NO. Someone will try to flush it. That would be from the chapter on Self Defense in Entertaining. Never let drunk people try to dry crystal!! No husband it is not cold enough. Don't you dare try to light a fire in the fireplace and smoke out the house. "Why are you eating dinner with a dessert fork!?!" Agh- find, shine and clean up more desert forks, glare at clean unused dinner fork. Animals!
  8. Tonight I made pie for tomorrow. It is cherry. The juice all ran down behind the crust, and I think it is welded into the pie plate now. I am not sure what to do. Make another pie? Don't really have time for that - would have to be a very simple pie. Make something else? Chip it out of the plate when we serve it? I hate it when this happens. I also made pate for tomorrow. That seems perfect.
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  10. I got it at Barrel Thief in Richmond, however I've been able to find the Foretal Moulin-a-Vent before at Arrowine in Arlington, so may be worth a call over there assuming its closer. Upon drinking more of it on Thursday, the Foretal was MUCH preferred to the Manoir Du Carra. If Arrow doesn't have it, BT may ship, but their site looks out of date so suggest calling.
  11. My husband is a chocolate milk (and milk in general but especially chocolate) fiend, and I'm planning to sign up for regular chocolate milk delivery from SMC as part of my Christmas presents to him. They have a Moo Membership where you pay $100 for a year and get free delivery (amongst other perks, I think), but they only sell it in December and June. We recently bought a quart of their chocolate milk at Moo Thru and it was delicious. Also, gingerbread ice cream sounds sooooo good. My ice cream maker is still on my counter because I was thinking of finding a recipe and trying to make it myself.
  12. Yep, that sounds like exactly our dinner last friday night. I got the tasting menu and I will add that the wine pairing was actually a good deal: the pours were generous, the wines were delightfully obscure, and the sommeliers were lively and informative. Warning: The following is a first-world comment. I will add that while 2941 is a delightful restaurant, it is not in the same class as IALW. 2941's plating is quite nice and the food is quite flavorful, but when I compare the pics to those from our IALW meal, the difference is clear. Of course, you pay an s-ton more at IALW. But it's for a 3-michelin-star experience. Still, I highly recommend 2941 for a special occasion that won't break the bank (as much). NB: There's no valet parking at this time, so bring a coat if it's cold!
  13. We were there for a celebration event this summer. Service and ambiance were excellent. We had the Chef's Tasting Menu, which was 5 courses with a selection of 2 options per course. Food ranged from beautifully plated and uniquely balanced (a yellowtail tartare with peach, Rosé foam, and crispy lotus root) to a little more by the numbers. Overall I would say most dishes were above average with only a few standouts, but paired with the ambiance it was still a wonderful experience and exactly what we were looking for. The dining room was fairly busy on a weeknight evening.
  14. My sister arrived last night too late for a proper dinner. Instead i made curried chicken salad and a Thai-inspired salad with shrimp and smashed cucumbers (lime, ponzu, fish sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, chilis, cilantro).
  15. We get occasional deliveries from South Mountain. They used to come to the Columbia Heights farm market, and we miss them there very much. Delivery is NOT as convenient, as they have a different, more limited list of items for delivery. But there are some things... Ice cream! Now that they have bought Trickling Springs and added their ice cream recipes, they have added a few of my favorites, including gingerbread. So good. And we did manage to get a pint of that in the delivery a few weeks ago. I hope that some day they come back to the market.
  16. Ran up here last Friday night, as the Obsidian Castle was on, and we needed to drink some on draft, and get a six for home. Beer as good as ever, and the service remains stellar. I can't wait until they allow seating at the bar again, but no other complaints. And I understand it, I just miss the bar.
  17. Quarry House again last Friday. And again, heading out to Silver Branch to drink, but wanted better food. So, burgers etc. at Quarry House, along with some good beer (happy hour, so nice prices too). And whisky for the whisky girl. Really, the service, the beer list, and the whisky list are great. And for bar food, it's very very good.
  18. Working on eating down the freezer, so that there is room for Thanksgiving stuff! So lots of repeats. Also, running around like crazy people, so making lots of simple dinners. Boring.
  19. So, dinner at the bar here on 11/10. Birthday celebration. (Following a funeral for a friend. Ping pong birthday!) Service as perfect as ever. Started with cocktails. He had a wolfhound, El Guion for me. Apps were Oeuf en Meurette for me and La Ratte potato confit for him. Then the chicken (naturally). And the delicious delicious delicious parker house rolls. The wine was a Tortochot Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles (don't remember the vintage) on the recommendation of the sommelier. (We always go for the advice when we are there. So many wines, so little knowledge on our part. We are never disappointed.) Split a roasted white chocolate ganache tart for dessert. Well, I ate most of it. He was pretty full. Delicious dessert wine to go with it, but can't remember what. Again, on their recommendation. It was not a Sauterne, but done in that style. So good. Anyhow, I would eat a LOT of those desserts too. This place remains amazing. (I want to go here for Christmas eve. Planning to call tomorrow, but I think it is already sold out. Was waiting to see if our dinner companions were in for dining inside. Oh well. Next year.)
  20. OK, so this was so cool. I want to go again, but don't have a super-highlevel membership, so I can't get more preview tickets. Will have to wait for it to open. The latest mirror room, lanterns, was just amazing. Everything was great, but I really wanted a LOT more time in that room. (Total aside. The boy has always been very traditional about candy canes. They must be peppermint, and they MUST be red and white. At Giant the other day, there were funfetti candy canes. White, with multicolored polka dots. We looked at each other, said "Obliteration candy canes!" And bought them.)
  21. Where did you find the Foretal? I can't STAND the Nouveau but the boy loves it. And so at Rodman's the other day, I got him 2 - the Domaine Manoir Du Carra and Henri Fesse. He hasn't cracked them yet. He also has some Georges DeBouf, but I don't just dislike that, I find it revolting. Anyhow, he would enjoy another one to try.
  22. Started Thanksgiving meals early this year. My in-laws don't make stuffing or real cranberry sauce - my two holiday favorites - so I made a small amount myself over the weekend and for the last 2 days I've been enjoying stuffing, cranberry sauce, and left over chicken (I'll have to wait for the turkey). So yummy.
  23. Can't figure out how to upload a photo right now but I agree with Bart. The shumai were 3-4 bites each and you could definitely taste the foie. As someone who loves dumplings in all forms, my point was that good shumai are really really good, so adding foie and increasing the size, while interesting, doesn't take it to a whole new level and pleasure that I don't already get from a good shumai.
  24. Feeling optimistic, we booked an apartment for May. Hopefully....
  25. Just a note to say that the Queen's English version of shu mai are pretty big. At least, two or three and maybe even four times the size of the typical version you get at a dim sum place (at least that's my memory of the dish). Each one was like eating a large meatball in terms of the size and weight of the things. Not sure if that makes the $26 price tag more palatable (pun!), but this is a bigger than normal dumpling. Here's a photo, but you can't really judge the size of them without a frame of reference.
  26. I would not spend $26 on 4 shu mais. I went to Vinh Kee this weekend, I think their shu mais are now $6 for 4. I didn't get them either (not because they're not good, I just prefer their shark-finless shark-fin dumplings, 3 for $5). ETA - I guess they tried to justify the cost because of the microscopic amount of foie? Just saw the menu description in Bart's menu photo. Steve and I went to Queen's English earlier this summer - didn't write it up as we didn't think that meal was anything special.
  27. My college aged cousin came to DC for a quick visit and her one request was Asian food because she does not get good Asian food in Chicago. So four of us went to Queen's English and we ordered most of the menu: dry aged steak tartare, diver scallop crudo, lo sui duck drumette, cumin lamb ribs, housemade silken tofu, ong choy, daikon fritters, foie gras shumai, xo mushroom egg noodle. Given we cleaned our plates and couldn't eat another bite, I would say everyone loved the food. Hard to pick a favorite, but I would ahve to go with the daikon fritters which reminded me of a larger version of my favorite dim sum dish. We also loved the cumin lamb ribs and the xo mushroom egg noodle, especially the wok hei of the egg noodle dish. The ong choy was also a great vegetable dish and while our waiter noted (after we asked) that the century egg could be a little divisive, it was enjoyed by all. My cousin noted that she has had more sulphurous tasting century eggs before. The only nit, and it is not a big one, is that @MichaelBDCfelt the shumai, while good, was not all that much better than other, less fancy, shumai he has had. So maybe not worth $26 for four large-ish shumai but this is not an actual complaint because the shumai was still very much enjoyed. Service was great. Water and wine glasses were always filled and our server gave us time to chat and catch up before taking our order. I would go back here in a heartbeat.
  28. Here's a topic in need of a refresh. Harth is now "The Social" and it's a food hall inside Hilton's headquarters in Tyson's Corner. I'll be meeting a friend there for lunch in a few weeks and I'll check it out for the Rockwellian crowd.
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