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  2. Does anyone still visit Chowhound? I hope they fired the person who killed off Chowhound.
  3. Thank you, Kat! We opened last night at Mount Vernon Marketplace with a smaller menu because that kitchen is super tiny. I am still waiting for some equipment. Grand opening is on May 31st.
  4. [Thank you, dracisk - I'll mark this thread as "rebranded," and any future posts can go in the existing St. Arnold's Mussel Bar thread in the Multiple Locations Dining Guide.]
  5. Dad has a birthday on Tuesday, so we are going to see a movie at Montgomery Mall, then out to dinner afterwards. There are caveats: He wants something he can't get at Riderwood, where he lives. So Korean, Thai, Vietnamese are options he would like, as well as loving bbq beef ribs (which no one has!) But Mom is very picky (low or no fat, will eat seafood but not red meat, and sister has lactose intolerance, as well as no pork or shellfish. And if I can find one thing on the menu I can eat, I'll be happy. (Garlic, Soy, Legumes, all allergies) I contacted Al Ha'esh, and think that may be an option. But I made the mistake of suggesting Kpot BBQ and he really likes that idea. Haven't spoken with them yet to see if I can eat anything but yeah, Korean is one of the most difficult for me to navigate. Oh, and Mom is in a walker so has to be accessible. Any gems I am missing? @DanielK ? I also looked at X'ian but the menu was overwhelming and I don't think that would go over too well. Open to going up to Rio if we can get there pretty quickly. Mom is used to eating around 5ish and the movie won't get out until after 5. TALL order, I know! TIA for any suggestions.
  6. I initially had a viscerally negative reaction to this news, mostly because I've known and loved Dogfish since they were a little brewpub on the Delaware shore, and I don't have a rosy view of Sam Adams (I've never thought any of their flagship beers were anything special, even when the world of craft brewers was small, and frankly stopped caring about them sometime in the previous century). But after reading the details I agree with the above; it's a partnership that will hopefully allow each brand to continue to do what they do best on the operational side while mitigating whatever financial pressures they face in the market.
  7. Sorry, by Fresh Fields I meant Whole Foods - I always forget that they merged and changed names. I have been to 2 locations, the husband has been to another one. P Street and Old Town know what I mean, but don't know when it will be back in stock. Friendship Heights looked at me like I was nuts and had never heard of it.
  8. definitely no microgreens on mine, and i don't think there were any sauces except on one. mine had the cheese and onions. Sauces would've helped a lot, and given them more complex flavor, which was what i was missing.
  9. Mt. Airy's Black Ankle Vineyards, one of Maryland’s best—and best known—wineries is owned and operated by a couple who live in the North Hills of Sligo Creek neighborhood of Silver Spring: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/business/one-marylands-top-wineries-owned-silver-spring-couple/
  10. This place is now a third outpost of St. Arnold's. I ended up there Wednesday night with my husband and 5-year-old. They have great happy hour specials available until 7pm throughout the restaurant (not just at the bar) -- probably the same as other St. Arnold's locations. I enjoyed my St. Arnold's Mussels, which were at a greatly reduced price for happy hour (maybe half price -- I can't remember). My husband enjoyed the beef carbonnade and his happy hour beer (I forget what it was but some kind of lighter beer -- possibly German if they still have some German beers on the menu). I'm not a beer drinker, so I drank a meh happy hour chardonnay (at least it wasn't oaky!). The service was great. It was a beautiful night, so the patio was full, but no one was inside. We ordered my daughter a grilled cheese from the kid's menu, but she kept stealing my mussels.
  11. I want to say I've seen a lemon ricotta at Whole Foods. You might try there.
  12. I find the personal pizza’s to be excellent. When Fireworks first opened in Arlington the toppings were terrific and the pizza was not—the pizza imho was horrible. They fixed that long ago. Now the pizza is good and he toppings might be better— really good. I had a tartuffo off the Arlington menu the other day with lamb sausage. It was excellent. That makes one of (at least) several, possibly the majority that are worthwhile. Excellent alternative.
  13. "The Surprising Truth about Caesar Salad" by L. Sasha Gora on bbc.com
  14. Although I haven't personally experienced it, I'm hearing numerous reports of declines at *both* locations from multiple people whose opinions are quite credible. When this place opened in Georgetown, it was truly revolutionary; now, I'm becoming disheartened by what I hear. Nothing "awful," mind you; just not "the greatest fast-casual restaurant I've ever been to," which is essentially what I said (and meant) when I first tried it. Pictures often (not always, but often) speak volumes - did the tacos look anything like these?
  15. Enjoyed an impromptu dinner here (Sterling/Cascades) this evening. Fireworks pizza and garlic knots with a nice milk stout was all we ordered, but service was fast as was food prep too. Decently priced for what it is. Warning - surface parking is limited but I guess there is a free garage at the back of the center. Thursday nites there is some live music on the artificial turf area. This place is small - but outdoor seating was nice too - bar area is decent size compared to size of restaurant.
  16. Here I am again, looking for food that I have bought in the past, but can't find any more. Fresh Fields used to have a baked lemon ricotta. It was lightly sweet, and quite tasty. They no longer have it, and don't know when it will be back. Trader Joe's apparently carries it at Christmas. But I want it now. Bower's doesn't have it. Yes! doesn't have it. Cork is attempting to find it for me. I have not yet been to Wegman's. Need to make time to get to the burbs. Anyone familiar with this and know where I can find it, or how I can make it? I have found it online, but really prefer to purchase locally. Thanks!
  17. Last week
  18. We've made potstickers several times in the past week, as well as another batch of basil eggplant. One night we had fresh spring rolls with marinated chicken, herbs, spinach, cucumber, carrots, vermicelli noodles (the really thin and clear, fun se kind), and hoisin-peanut butter sauce. Finally, I made a double batch of giant shells, one set stuffed with 4 cheese and another stuffed with ground turkey, spinach, and cheese.
  19. The next time you are traveling on York Road either heading south to Timonium, or north to York, I highly recommend making a pit stop at this station. A quaint little coffee shop that serves Mexican food & fair trade, organic coffee. Yeah, you read that right. Best Brisket Tacos I have had to date, and great coffee too! Tacos! off beat, kat
  20. After hearing so many raves about this place here i was really excited to finally try it by getting some carryout last night from the chinatown location. We tried the mushroom, collard, and asparagus tacos, a quesadilla, the green rice, and the black beans with crema. I know it was carryout and it loses something in translation, and that i didn't have the kale-poblano taco which seems to be the most admired one (bought it but was too full to try), but even with those caveats, i was underwhelmed. the tacos i had seemed to be decent corn tortillas stuffed with ample quantities of very simply prepared vegetables. i appreciate the nice vegetable quantities, and the ingredients seemed to be quality ones. but, for example, the collard taco just seemed like fresh collards cooked with a lot of smoked pimenton and put in a tortilla. and the asparagus was just sauteed asparagus with some slivers of preserved lemon. There's nothing wrong with simply prepared vegetables, but they were just fine. I wanted more flavor, more sauces or spices or something. the texture of the green rice was nice, as was the flavor (though i'd have liked this to be stronger too). the one thing we did like was the black beans with crema--a lot of good flavor here, i'd have been happy if i'd recieved these in a taco. The place was nice and inviting and the servers were very friendly. i am in no rush to go back, and if i do it'll be for the black beans.
  21. Sam Adams was my gateway into "craft" beer in college (specifically Sam Summer Ale, which I saved up enough at the beginning each summer to afford a single case of and hoarded from my roommates) so they will always have a soft spot in my heart. Though they're testing that by tweaking the recipe this year. From a pure business perspective - with the incredible industry consolidation, this was a pure survival play. It insulates both brands from a larger acquisition. I've been to both breweries numerous times and while I tend to spend my money in different places - brews from each will always have a place in my rotation if for nothing other than nostalgia purposes.
  22. I realize that I'm in the minority in thinking that these moves can improve the beer landscape. I was at Devil's Backbone Outpost in Lexington recently and had a very nice cocoa beer and barley wine. Revolutionary? No. Innovative? Maybe. But I had a nice meal and a few good beers in a facility that was providing jobs and rewarding brewing quality. It was owned by Budweiser. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dogfish long ago passed the threshold of being a small brewer, with 175,000 keg production. Sam Adams is also a behemoth. Both make some good beers, though I personally find both flagship brews to be middling. But its hard to argue that neither has earned their place in craft brewing for advancing the industry. So we can celebrate an industry to martyr brewers (an admittedly desirable land for martyrdom) who produce a quality product but realize low financial gains. Or we can celebrate an industry that rewards innovation and success in niche categories, mixed with financially successful, mass-market product lines, to raise all ships. (this post written while drinking a Dogfish Dragons and YumYums in Collaboration with Flaming Lips - a "Pale Ale brewed with dragonfruit and yumberry, passion fruit, pear and black carrot juices" - Bud Light it is not)
  23. Monday: London broil Mashed potato casserole Tuesday: Lamb loin chips Rice pilaf Roasted zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes Tonight: Trader Joe's phyllo ring with cheeses, topped with bacon, mushrooms, and spinach Leftover lamb chop Leftover roasted vegetables
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