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  2. Bethesda Magazine is reporting that the raw bar at Black's will be replaced with a fish market a la Black Salt. The article also mentions a Black Salt pop up, for a few days while Black Salt is closed for renovations.
  3. The Applebee’s is closed, and redevelopment will be starting before too long. FWIW there is free parking on weekends/evenings in the Kaiser lot, and the City has agreed to preserve some additional parking during construction for the State/Thompson’s/Clare and Dons. Also, The State is open now for dinner/outdoor free music several nights a week. The set-up is well done and it’s a nice place to find yourself.
  4. I think that the Applebee's is still open, though I have never been. That whole area was rumored to be slated for redevelopment a couple years ago but I think the project might have fallen through as the Todd Hitt fraud situation unfolded. I could be wrong on that last part but I think I recall reading that at some point. Also, we have been getting reliably good carry-out from Thompson Italian on a regular basis for the past several months. Ordering, payment, pickup all super-easy and the food is really good.
  5. If you go early for dinner (at Thompson's Italian?), there's a parking lot right behind there that holds maybe a hundred cars. There used to be an Applebee's near there, but I don't even know if that's still open.
  6. My dear old friend Richard McCooey founded 1789 and The Tombs for the purpose of providing a gathering place for the students and the faculty of Georgetown. He later opened F. Scott's on the same block, and he lived in a townhouse up the street. His vision was to provide the students and faculty a safe place to congregate, and he made sure 1789 was the higher end establishment that the parents would frequent when they came to town to visit their children. He sold his restaurants to the Clyde's Group but remained a designer and decorator. He collected expensive prints -- the basement of hi
  7. Fine Dining Fixture 1789 Reopens Soon in Georgetown With a New Chef, by Tierney Plumb, October 29, 2020, on dc.eater.com.
  8. Last night Salad (gem lettuce, tomato, cucumber, provolone; vinaigrette) Sheet Pan Salmon with Brussels Sprouts Roasted portobellos stuffed with brown rice, Korean rice rolls, bacon, tarragon, pecans, and dried cranberries I had excess pieces of rice rolls I'd cooked for buldak a while back, so I crumbled them up to add into the filling. That rice just blended in with the brown rice. I'm not sure the tarragon really went with this. It didn't not go but could have been omitted. The salmon recipe was designed for one person, so I used twice as much salmon and sprouts as called for.
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  10. Last night: White pizza with cotechino-spiced kabocha squash, arugula & egg; Lamb souvlaki; Fig salad; Sweet potato, orzo & corn Salad; grilled kabocha squash with lime yogurt, hazelnut-garum vinaigrette, scallions, anchovy, nuts and dairy; Sesame ice cream with shortbread & sungold honey; Beeswax ice cream & cashew brittle. All great. The grilled squash was the biggest surprise.
  11. Last night, we did a noodle curry. The last time I went to the Asian market, I I just got a whole stack of all the different pastes and slowly giving a try to the ones that aren't green or red. I took a can of Kaeng Par curry paste and mixed it with coconut milk, tossed in diced chicken, with chopped bok choy and daikon radish. Once the chicken was cooked, tossed in some fresh udon noodles. It was tasty, but definitely cleared the sinuses right up.
  12. You can do that, there is an outdoor table at the bottom of the stairs leading up to Komi for picking up food. Or, when you receive your confirmation, they include a phone number to text upon arrival and they will bring the food to your car. 17th street has become pretty much a 1.5 lane road with lots of outdoor tents lining the streets. But pick up outside of Happy Gyro was easy.
  13. Happy to see they started incorporating meats into their menu! Tried the lamb souvlaki pita and waffle fries last night and both were very good. Excited to try out the pork shoulder pita next time too. For me this has easily been the highlight of quarantine takeout - I just wished they offered a more convenient delivery service than Skip the Line.
  14. We were blown away by takeout from Happy Gyro on Saturday evening. The gyro was great, according to my wife, and my celery root reuben (v 3.0) was outsize and interesting. I understood the reuben-(esque?) overtones, I think, with (perhaps?) braised, corned celery root stepping in as the 'meat'. The sides were similarly fabulous, the corn/orzo/carrot/halloumi salad delicious, as was the gigante beans/spinach dish. Pizza next time, I expect, but we had to start with gyros and that reuben, and are very happy that we did.
  15. Last week
  16. It' not the same, but this one is also really good and uses rice cakes: https://www.tablefortwoblog.com/korean-rice-cakes-with-spicy-turkey-ragu-and-bok-choy/ Now I'm reminded that I haven't had this in far too long.
  17. Maybe I'll make this one the next time and see how it goes. I see she's also got a milder one without cheese that has rice balls. It uses cooked rice instead of the rice rolls the Sifton one does, which seem to be cylinders of sweetened puffed rice.
  18. I didn't have Capsaicin powder, so I skipped that, but did add some cayenne pepper instead. It probably was not as spicy as it could have been, but we both enjoyed it.
  19. I added some leftover brown rice to the Spicy Southwestern Soup from last night for today's lunch. Also on the menu: BLTs, Utz potato chips, grapes, and Costco chocolate chip cookie.
  20. Whoa. That looks hotter than the Sam Sifton recipe I've been making, which is based on the one that's really popular that the blogger alludes to. I tend to find the Sifton one too cheese heavy, so I might like to try to less or no cheese authenticity, but I do think I'd need to be careful not to go full-on with the heat. Last night we had Spicy Southwestern Soup from a dry mix and nachos. I have been craving nachos, and they are one restaurant food that I make as well or better at home. Nachos are one of my comfort foods, and these were satisfying. I didn't fancy them up much: pinto beans
  21. We made tahini noodles for lunch. I prepped them in advance so we could have them cold for a picnic lunch. I think I sliced the sweet potatoes thinner than called for as they were very crisp and on the edge of being burnt. Also not overly sweet, which I was quite happy with. However, the sauce was a bit saltier than I expected, so it may have been a better balance if they had been sweeter. I did like the contrast of textures and the kale went well with the noodles.
  22. We made Cheese Buldak the other night. I've got a lot of gochujang and my husband is not a huge fan of it, but likes this dish. We added in some leftover rice and had it with roasted diced potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash for a delicious and very comforting meal.
  23. Steel head trout from wild Fork foods with a spicy maple mustard glaze. A tacky, 1980’s spinach and artichoke casserole. Still delicious.
  24. Whatever you did, the UK did it too. I think this is about EU tracking rules. Rather than comply, some sites just block international access. Washington Gas is one of many I’ve come across.
  25. Funny - I was driving by today, and bought these exact same two loaves. Junction is both a bakery and a restaurant, and as a bakery - especially for bread - it seems unsurpassed in Northern Virginia. Please go here and try their bread if you haven't yet bought a loaf. As for my takeout sandwich - a Turkey Banh Mi ($14.99) featuring house-roasted turkey breast, pickled daikon radish, pickled carrot, jalapeño, sambal mayo, on a ciabattini roll - everything was quite good, except I'm having a hard time swallowing the "house-roasted turkey breast." This turkey meat came across as standar
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