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  2. Pasta. Let me know when you're going, and I'll examine the current menu. I'd be all over this: CASUNSEI pinched ravioli, braised beef, swiss chard, raisin butter, lemon zest 24 It has been four years, but it was great when I last had it. (Also, I still remember the octopus I had in that meal.)
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  4. I got takeout from the fairly new Brgz hamburger place across from Eastern Market last night. The fries were thin, crispy, and good. The burger I got was okay. The dipping sauce ("spicy ranch") that came along with what I ordered was not good. It was watery thin and tasted more of sour than spicy or ranch. The concept behind the restaurant is that the "toppings" are mixed into the meat, so they are not actually toppings. It put me in mind of the mix-in ice cream places that used to be popular (or maybe still are?). Before embarking on my visit, my tiny poll of two people I know who had eaten there resulted in one person who thought the food was fine but too expensive for what it is and the other absolutely HATED the concept. This is not the place for someone who wants bacon and cheese on top of the burger. I got the signature Buffalo Burger, which included the following: Celery, Carrots, Scallions, Blue Cheese, and Buffalo Seasoning. I swear there were small bits of pickle in this burger. Either than or something in the seasoning quick pickles the celery bits or scallions. I couldn't figure it out because I knew it didn't have pickles listed, but something sure tasted like tiny pieces of pickle. In addition to the 8 signature burgers, they also have a build your own option. All the burgers are $9. I can see this being a good place to go to if some people want vegetarian or non-red meat options. In addition to beef (which I got), they have chicken and impossible burgers. So if you want bacon mixed into your vegetarian burger, it appears you can do that. The concept worked okay for me. I didn't love it and didn't hate it. The only outright bad thing was the dipping sauce. The price could have been lower, but it wasn't obscenely expensive. I'd stop by for the $4 fries again.
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  6. I haven't been. Never saw the need. It is a coffee shop that doesn't open until 9am, which pretty much made me skeptical of the operation. Just wondering if you had any intel that I might be mistaken.
  7. BTW, I have a tip: GO, and don't expect traditional service.
  8. Only once or twice. I don't really get it. Tell us more!!! OTOH, if we are speaking of that neighborhood. try Takeshi Sushi and Ramen. Their spicy pork ramen is incredible!!!!!!
  9. Last night was leftover pot roast and mashed potatoes plus roasted tomatoes and cauliflower and creamed spinach.
  10. I am late to this topic, but it sounds super-I am working tomorrow, but I hope you guys will post after action reports & pictures. Saltenas & arepas would be a great topic to experiment with, & Iโ€™d love to hear what everyone wants to try-
  11. hmm. I saw that article. I work across the street. Go there often. Still go there, even as I don't like their brews...(Commonwealth Joe's) (but it IS across the street). I'll ask but I assume it was a surprise to the staff. They have nice staff now; I wish them well. Ah well, two Starbucks in equal distance. Even better coffee a bit further. Life goes on.
  12. $20 pp AYCE for lunch. A good selection of meats and veggies. As of right now, no booze. I'm not even sure if they're applying for a booze license.
  13. Okay...so the Nats are going to the World Series!!!! (Oh man is that amazing!!!!!!!) The Mystics just won the WNBA championship (best woman's team in the world!!!!!) A new hockey season just started, the Caps are highly rated and they won the Stanley Cup less than two seasons ago!!!!!! (that was celebratory--to the max) The Redskins--(oh yeah, the team that formerly dominated the local landscape and had some of the best (at least one) teams in NFL history) are in midseason and showing us again how an owner can f*ck up everything and even more!!!! Peeee Uuuuuu And the Wizards just made the news. Well who cares??? (okay--I care for about the 40-50th year). Bradley Beal resigned and is off the market for a trade News story Hey don't feel bad for Brad. He is resigning for beaucoup bucks--more than any other athlete in DC (save his teammate John (big bucks) Wall. NBA stars rack up!!!!! Its a good news story in my mind. I like rooting for a team wherein you have local stars that stick around. Brooks and Cal in Baltimore, Art Monk and Ovi in DC, a guy named Mickey Mantle for the Yanks, Stan Musial for St Louis, Tony Gwinn in San Diego, Tim Duncan for the San Antonio Spurs, etc etc. Fandom connects the team and the loyal star. The Wiz/Bullets haven't had a player like that since Wes Unseld who both played then coached and was GM for a long time. They need a good news "guy'. Beal might be the right person. He is not at the star of stars kind of level. But if he plays like he did last year he will be close--and he is a very high quality outside shooter--with a bevy of additional skills. Now this years team looks like it will "stink". I'm guessing lottery level stink. They have a "find" at center. One can hope he will progress and be competitive. They have among the shortest guards in the league; one is decidedly second or third rate and the other, well he achieved stardom and then suffered horrific injuries. Can he return?? Completely unknown. Their forwards are pretty much unknown or career reserves. They have a high draft choice....and who knows if he will be any good. But Brad is sticking. Thanks Brad. Someone to root for.
  14. We have a lot of members in my ticket group, and I try to be a fair and benevolent administrator when it comes to making sure everybody gets their share of post-season baseball. I hedged my bets and chose Game 5 for the NLCS; I sent my wife to Game 4 since she hadn't been to a playoff game at all yet. I don't regret it one bit. They are still playing and that is all that matters. But you'd better believe my ass is going to be in our seats for Games 3, 4 and 5 next week.
  15. hmmmmmm.....wondering about the food and drink over time? Looks like @dcs nailed it. I was there an additional wee bit without commenting. My impression was similar. Spoke with a Rosslyn resident who has a feel for food and beer. He slammed it.
  16. "I believe the Paila Marina is ready." -- Gustavo Fring
  17. And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "It wasn't originally recorded by Frank and Nancy Sinatra."
  18. Yeah, I really wish you hadn't said that, because I don't want to hear it. But, yeah. Comet Ping-Pong. Those drumsticks are free-roaming chickens - they have to be.
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