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  2. I don’t tend to watch and rewatch and study either film or TV series and have only rewatched bits and pieces of The Sopranos even as I loved it. In that it was filmed over many locales in Jersey there might be only about a dozen sets (pure guess) with which I was significantly familiar and close to where I grew up. The nature of the characters and their language was something with which I was quite familiar. It wouldn’t surprise if kids from my town became members of the mob. I tend to say that my nose punched out a small number of Italian fists growing up as their noses punched out my fists on occasion. Those were more often than not my friends fists and noses. The language and attitudes were very familiar. Possibly one day I’ll rewatch the bulk of it. Not now though. I will say though that after watching show #1 season 1 my stomach got a tight knot and I felt like kids with whom I grew up were part of Tony’s gang and were apt to greet me with a “high Dave” then blow me away with a bullet to the head. It was close to home in many ways.
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  4. funkyfood

    U Street Dining

    how is the food at Archipelago? the menu looks interesting
  5. Mark Dedrick

    U Street Dining

    My go-tos before shows at Lincoln Theater or U Street Music Hall tend to be Seki or Archipelago. Ranging slightly further afield, other pre-show favorites for us at 930 Club, DC9 and Black Cat include Hazel, Haikan, Kyirisan, Bar Pilar, Lupo Verde and Doi Moi.
  6. I grew up in Rhode Island, and, even though I didn't recognize many of the places in "The Sopranos" (other than the DRIVE SAFELY gas tank just outside of NYC), I recognized a lot of the culture. The other day my daughter came home from preschool saying "capisce" (as in "cah-peesh"), which caused me and some of my friends to discuss the Italian-American Italian we grew up hearing, including moozarell, pro-shoot, and GABAGOOL (which in Rhode Island was more like "cap-uh-coal").
  7. TWEEEEEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Judge Don sez: Lack of communication. kieplangdu didn't read your second (obviously light-hearted) post that said "We were very hungry" before replying. Hence, wrote a more aggressive post than we're used to seeing here. This is a classic case of misunderstanding, and not knowing each other. (I don't care much for Pho 88 Falls Church either, but yes, the reply was blunt enough where it stood out ... but if you read the words, there's nothing in there that's personal; kieplangdu just detests the restaurant.) Tell ya what I'm gonna do ... merge kieplangdu's posts into one, and only leave the information that pertains directly to Pho 88. Now carry on and give each other a hug.] REPLAY THE DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. kieplangdu

    Hoa Vien Quan

    H20 is dark and small. Hoa Vien Quan is bright and shiny. You just mix up.
  9. Ericandblueboy

    Video Door Bells

    It's sitting on my kitchen counter. I don't know when I'll actually install it.
  10. Ericandblueboy

    Hoa Vien Quan

    I think Hoa Vien Quan moved into the H2O space (or maybe I was completed disoriented). Not sure why I never noticed Hoa Vien Quan before today.
  11. lion

    Video Door Bells

    How has the Ring 2 been Eric? Just started installing some smart switches in the house looking to get some monitoring equipment as the next step.
  12. kieplangdu

    Hoa Vien Quan

    Hoa Vien Quan has been around for at least 5 years . Hoa Vien Quan is next to H20 cafe. It's a restaurant while H2O is a coffee shop.
  13. jondagle

    Independent Coffee Houses: The New Map

    Map Updates: Sad to say 202 Donuts & Coffee and their sibling restaurants all closed last month, according to Eater. And Habit is also closed in April 2016. https://dc.eater.com/2018/8/13/17683426/202-donuts-roche-brothers-closing-bethesda https://www.popville.com/2016/04/habit-cafe-closed-in-mount-pleasant-april-3rd/ @porcupine Are you still updating the map? I'd be happy to help out. PS: I see 202 closing was posted in separate thread....
  14. In preparation for their move to the former Drift space in Shaw, Mason Dixie had a pop-up at Flight Wine Bar on Saturday. @MichaelBDC and I went with a couple of friends and found it a bit underwhelming. Opinions on the chicken ranged from underseasoned (me) to not crispy enough (friends) to not good (@MichaelBDC). The sides (collard greens, coleslaw, and mac and cheese) were good, but we all felt we could make those at home with the same or better outcome. The best part was the biscuits, but as mentioned in this thread, those could be found in the freezer aisle at Giant or Glen's Garden Market.
  15. "Houston Restaurants Have a Hard Time Restricting Cell Phone Use" by Diane Cowen on chron.com
  16. My experience here left me scratching my head. Rock hard cantaloupe, tomato avocado app perfect for sharing if you are a party of one, bland osso buco. Service was great but the food was meh.
  17. Ericandblueboy

    Hoa Vien Quan

    I stopped going to Eden Center on a daily basis for lunch because the trips were putting too many miles on my leased car (13 miles round trip). Because it's been at least a month since I last went, I walked around to see what's new. I think there are 2 new joints just in Saigon East (the section in btwn the 2 grocery stores). Bay Lo is no more. And in place of H2O is Hoa Vien Quan. Hoa Vien Quan is brightly lit, shiny, and clean. The menu is one laminated page but with a ton of stuff that's not very well organized - several items don't belong under the headings. I tried their cha gio (spring rolls) and banh xeo. Both are excellent, especially because they give you the proper accompaniments. The spring rolls came with 2 pieces of lettuce, basil and pickled carrots. The banh xeo came with 4 pieces of lettuce, lots of herbs, and pickled carrots. I wrapped everything in lettuce and dipped in their fish sauce. I would have to go back to Eden to try more of their food (as I said, big menu).
  18. [If anyone can figure out the final arrangement of restaurants, I'd appreciate being pinged in the future - right now, it's very difficult to get a grasp on what this restaurant group is doing (for our purposes, that is). This could easily end up having multiple threads, or not.]
  19. Finatic

    Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

    My 26 year old son is really into the whole beer thing. He manages a restaurant that specializes in it. He thinks Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA tastes like a combination of rail vodka and paint thinner!
  20. Baked chicken legs Macaroni and cheese with broccoli Leftover roasted cauliflower and squash
  21. astrid


    Thanks for the recs! Will definitely look into them! I am really looking forward to the trip, we haven't had any vacation travel this year except for a weekend in Philly. I could definitely use a break from work.
  22. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night I cooked for my friends using some of the goodies I brought back from my recent trip to Italy. We started with burrata with bruschetta topping from Bologna (add water to a dry mix - really tasty) and roasted red peppers. The burrata was surrounded by crudités and served with crostini. Dinner was roasted mahi mahi with a dill topping, served on artichoke risotto. I used Vialone Nano rice purchased from the Alighieri Winery (Masi) in the Valpolicela region, and homemade chicken stock. It turned out very well. Dessert was pistachio gelato with pistachio nougat (also from Bologna).
  23. Ericandblueboy

    UEFA Champions League, 2018-2019 Season

    Champions League started with a bang. Messi curls in another free kick in the top right corner. It was funny to see a defender crouching behind their wall, presumably to stop Messi from going under the wall. Messi ended with another hat trick, giving him the most hat tricks thus far in the Champions League. Liverpool and PSG was an exciting match, except when Sturridge's right foot rolled over the ball and ended up stomping all over the goalie's junk. Personally I don't know if that was a foul. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/09/psg-liverpool-keeper-alphonse-areola-cleat-groin-video-sturridge-salah-mbappe-champions-league Watch the embedded video...
  24. DonRocks

    The Rolling Stones

    Honestly? I'm just not that into outdoor-stadium concerts (it was at the football field). It was awesome seeing, emphasis on "seeing," Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, but these concerts are only as good as the sound systems, no matter who's on stage. I do remember they had a giant "steel wheel" as the stage backdrop. Dizzy Gillespie at Blues Alley? Now *that* was something! We should start a "Three Concerts You Enjoyed the Most, and Why" thread - a small number like three (or five) really forces you to think and narrow things down.
  25. Pool Boy


    My wife and I really enjoyed this in 2012. And I got to try it again in...hmm, maybe 2015 or so on a work trip? Mmmm http://zumfinsterenstern.at/en/ And then OF COURSE there is http://www.brezl.at - vey pubby and very delicious.
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