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  2. Given the difficulty and effort going shopping these days, I am really being diligent about using things before they go bad and eating leftovers in a timely fashion no matter how good that tri tip thawing and marinating in the fridge is looking. SO I went into today's dinner thinking about a simple pasta using the left over water buffalo short rib sauce. We got spinach in our spring valley box this week so I decided to saute that with a lot of garlic. Then I noticed the hand dipped Calabro ricotta and thought spinach & ricotta sounded good on a pasta. Then it struck me that the leftover soup would be great as well. I cut into the ricotta to find that depsite it beig in code, it was the slightest bit fizzy. Not fizzy enough to toss but I put it in a pan and cooked it with some cream. It broke into a cottage cheese like consistency which I added some spice rub, salt, pepper, san-j tamari and pomodoro doppio {Italian tomato concentrate sold in toothpaste tubes. This tasted fantastic so I decided to make a pasticcio inspired casserole. I cooked some really good penne until just barely close to al dente. Mixed it with the meat sauce and the soup which after reheating was more like a veggie stew. This covered the base of the baking dish. On top went a mix of the spinach, the ricotta, indulgent amount of Gruyere and herbs. Topping that was more Gruyere and Parm. Into the oven at 400 for 30 minutes and it was bubbly and delicious smelling. While waiting for the pasticcio to bake, we enjoyed a Caesar with chopped romaine and more of the creamy Caesar I made a few days ago. The paticcio was tremendous. Quite decadent as well. The cheese on top was that perfect edge of melted and brown to almost burnt at the edges. The pasta finished cooking to a toothy niceness in the combined sauces so it was so full of flavor you really couldn't tell where the pasta ended and where the sauce began. Did I mention the melted and on edge of burnt cheese? We enjoyed a spiced rum daiquiri, blended with fresh squeezed lime, Cotton & Reed dry spiced rum & simple sirup blended in the Blend-Tec with ice. Freaking great. When asked if she wanted her daiquiri blended or rocks or up, she answered "Strong." She is in emergency response so her days are stressful and who was I to disagree. With dinner we had a glass each of Jorche Primitivo. There is a saying Fat, Dumb and Happy. Put drunk in there somewhere and we will cop to it describing us tonight. And being drunk with the people in charge of the COVID-19 response, well it is fitting. Now we have 6 normal-sized servings of leftovers based on leftovers. Or I tell myself it is 6 servings. It may be a side dish tomorrow with the aforementioned steak and dinner or lunch the following day.
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  4. Tonight's drink. I'll call it a version of a Screwdriver.
  5. The Farm at Sunnyside is doing some good looking box that they deliver through No.1 Sons in DC. Go to the No.1 Sons website for order info. Casey is good people and one of the better farmers in the area.
  6. Any current CSA recommendations, particularly for delivery into DC? Ideally looking for a mixture of produce (including fruit) with dairy and meat. Farmbus looks pretty good (though you have to go to Eastern Market to pick it up each week). What else are people doing (or looking into)?
  7. After reading the above post by @Mark Dedrick, we ordered Grazie Grazie for lunch today via DoorDash. That 8+1 indeed hits our love for an Italian Hoagie that hasn't been replaced since losing Taylor Gourmet. We also got a Lil C's salad that hit the spot because we really wanted a nice crisp salad, but it wasn't anything better than what we could have made at home.
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  9. Last week I got a case of random wines selected (and delivered) by Ace Beverage. Have enjoyed them all so far. Tonight's is a red Burgundy that I've already consumed way more than intended...delicious. Giraudon Bourgogne Chitry imported by Wine Traditions.
  10. Getting ready to open a bottle of Linden Vineyards Wabi Sabi. First time they ever made it - basically it sounds like they threw together some leftover lots of wines and it ended up tasting good (that's a technical term there), so they released it. Viognier, Vidal Blanc and Semillon blend.
  11. Trying to make a resource here for people, but I can't likely cover it all, so please feel free to add. Not including restaurants unless they are also doing pantry items or clothing stores. Was trying to focus on smaller places Delivery- General Groceries: Instacart, Safeway, Giant, Whole Foods- spots open at 3:30 am I think, Postmates, Cheesetique Beer and Wine: Dept of Beer and Wine, Unwined, also Cheesetique, Planet Wine Household Goods: See General grocery Beauty Products: Fun Stuff: Pet: The Dog Store Pick Up- General Groceries: Harris Teeter Express Lane- orders are approximately one week out at this point. Target, NRG Provisions, Cheesetique, Alexandria Farmer's Market. Beer and Wine: Brut, Grape and Bean, ABC Stores you can call in an order and pick up, Wine Gallery 108 Specialty: Spice and Tea Exchange Household Goods: Mason and Greens, Lowes (although they won't let you online order a lot of goods), Green Street Gardens, Beauty Products: Bellacara, Stylists at North, Salon Dezen, Pet: Old Towne School for Dogs (call in order, curbside pick up), The Dog Park, Fun Stuff: Old Town Books, Hooray for Books, AR Workshop, Kids Create, Red Barn, Penny Post, The Clay Queen, Fibre Space
  12. Yesterday was my daughter's 6th birthday. No friend party this year, so we tried to make her day special even though she was only hanging out with boring ol' Mommy and Daddy (actually, at 6 she still pretty much likes us). We asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner and she said "cheeseburgers!" So my husband smoked some burgers over hickory. I'd been at Giant on Monday and they were completely out of ground beef, but they had ground steak, so we used that. We ate the burgers on potato rolls with melted cheese, pickles, and mustard (ketchup and no pickles for my daughter). I had also bought a bag of frozen French fries at Giant, but I left them in the trunk of the car accidentally, so those went in the trash and my husband cut his own fries and deep fried those (or maybe shallow fried them -- he used a couple inches of oil in our Dutch oven). My husband's grill/smoker is getting quite a workout during all this time at home. He's currently smoking more chicken for tacos and a huge batch of chicken wings.
  13. I've been trying not drink the last of things I will feel a need to replace when they're gone, so I'm alternating between those and "Hmm, didn't know I even had this." The bonus is that finishing up old things clears out space. Last week, a couple consecutive nights was a finger or so of Jack Daniels in a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Since this isn't something I drink, I don't know when I acquired it. The labels had come off. If it was my father's, it dates to the last century 🤷‍♀️. It's history now. I've moved on to a 2 litre bottle of Diet A&W root beer on the floor of the kitchen pantry. It's no longer fizzy, but it tastes like root beer. I periodically go through diet root beer or diet ginger ale phases, but I don't recall when this one was. I'm also making my way through old Via instant coffee. I cannot stand Starbucks coffee, but I like their Via instant coffee. Go figure. This has a lot of caffeine, so I go easy on it. Some days it substitutes for one of my two morning Diet Cokes (conserving). After a long hiatus, I've also gone back to drinking more tea. I have a weird assortment of old tea bags, plus some loose, and earlier in the year I bought some new (because of course I did). I won't run out of tea for a long, long time.
  14. Legent bourbon, neat, is my current poison. Two whiskey legends, Fred Noe from Jim Beam and Shinji Fukuyo from Suntory, collaborated in its creation. Very nice bourbon, better than (in my opinion) Pappy. I'm also playing around with Japanese martinis, using Roku gin and just a drop or two of sake, garnished with a slice of cucumber.
  15. I picked up dinner here last night, chicken kabob with eggplant, and ordered an extra skewer of meat and side of spinach to stretch it all into 2 dinners. Good juicy meat, eggplant was in a mustardy sauce that was a little too strong for the vegetable to shine, the order was done online before I left work and was ready just as I walked in the door. There are two guys working the line, one at each end, so fine on the distancing bit there, but there was a table of 3 older gents huddled together -- I am assuming they were from wherever the home country is of the owner, maybe family members -- having a meal. That gave me some pause.
  16. For lunch I made some brown rice - millet ramen for my husband. I added some rehydrated porcinis and their liquid, dehydrated onion flakes, and the last of the kale. Following Dean's advice, I also splashed in a tiny bit of San-J Tamari, which I had in the refrigerator. It must have been good. He ate a bowl and a half. There's still enough left for his lunch tomorrow. We also had baked sweet potatoes topped with Yellow Indian Woman beans and shredded sharp cheddar. It's the second time I've made this NYT recipe and we really like it. We each had two halves of the potatoes and there are two left for tomorrow.
  17. Half of a Roast Beast sandwich on a slice of Rye/Pumpernickel swirl with Swiss, Iceberg, Cain's Mayo and Dijon.
  18. Does anyone know if the Maryland Woodlands is open? I would love one of their dosas but I called and got no answer. Thanks!
  19. Last weekend we totally stocked up on chicken (thighs and breasts) and then divided into labeled freezer bags the portions we planned to use in various recipes over the next 2 weeks. Last night was Thai chili sauce stir fry, so the chicken breasts came out of the freezer and into the wok. We had this over jasmine rice with some Thai basil leftover from another recipe.
  20. I thought we needed a light-hearted thread to go with the home-cooking threads that are so active right now. I want this to be inclusive, so it can cover the over-abundance of kombucha that isn't being shared, or the lovely loose teas you don't normally get to indulge in at home. If you've got a killer sodastream combination, share it. The lunch thread discussion reminded me of a rum punch recipe that I hadn't made in a while. So, that's what we made to have with dinner last night. Voila! Tea in Frederick, MD makes a fantastic tea called The Frederick Blues which is a loose black tea infused with blueberry juice. It's really delicious and I've got a pot made up to enjoy as I telework.
  21. Salad (romaine, tomatoes, carrot, orange bell pepper, chickpeas, radishes, feta, walnuts); bottled vinaigrette Quinoa, chile-spiced chickpeas, and vegetables (ramp butter, onion, shallot, garlic, orange bell pepper, carrot, celery tomato); topped with steamed broccoli and (from the freezer) homemade turkey sausage patties The quinoa had gotten pushed towards the back of the cabinet. Its best by date was in 2016. I decided to cook some up earlier in the day to see if it was still good. It was. It hung out in the fridge until dinner time and then got reheated and mixed with sauteed veggies and spiced chickpeas. From the freezer, I pulled out some ramp butter I had made back around the time the quinoa expired and used some (along with olive oil) to saute the assorted vegetables. I added some more to the quinoa as it reheated. It still had a sharp pungency to it and lots of little flecks of green. I peeled the stems of maybe a dozen broccoli spears and steamed the intact pieces. They looked pretty arranged over the top of a mound of vegetable quinoa, along with a few small sausage patties (also from the freezer but more recent vintage than the ramp butter).
  22. Pickup only, Wed-Sat evenings. They sell out early (they're probably sold out for this week), so it's best to reserve early in the week. Ugh, I went to pick up my food a couple nights ago, and it was so sad to walk inside - only one young cashier working in a darkish restaurant, and boxes of wine piled on top of the bar.
  23. Our usual farmer's market routine is to cut a big jar of crudite for snacking rom the fridge. This weeks batch, about a gallon jar filled of veggies, included some turnips and carrots that were a little long in the tooth and were not holding up well. The jicama, kohlrabi, celery and radish were all in great shape, but rather than going thru and separating, I took the easy way out and made soup. First, I used about half a cup of garlic cloves, smashed and then lightly chopped, a couple of tablespoons of fresh chopped herbs {thyme, sage & rosemary,} Aleppo pepper, spice rub, salt & pepper. I sauteed all the garlic and half the herbs & seasonings over high heat till on the edge but just short of burnt. Then I added the veggies and let them steam in the clinging water while turning them in the hot oil for 5 minutes. Next I added a #10 can of canned peeled plum tomato and some water plus the remianing herbs & seasonings. I adjusted for umami & salt with San-J Tamari. Simmered for over an hour then served with grated parm. Very filling & hearty. Made enough for three more meals in the fridge, one more frozen plus tonight's dinner. Way better than the crudite would have wound up! Note: San-J Tamari gets reamed on the test shows and in tamari rankings online. But a lot of restaurants have a halg gallon on hand. It is super salty, but it adds umami like crazy. So adding a spalsh adds a lot without making the dish taste of tamari. I use in it salsas, dressings, soups and sauces. I have 2 other Tamari on hand in addition to the San J and they are simply used for different purposes.
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