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  2. Can someone point us to a good, consistent, reliable graph on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths daily in the United States?
  3. The infinity pool is nice but the disappearing edge is actually quite small, maybe 15-20 feet in width. That's where most of the adults with beverages hung out. So the kids kind of got the pool to themselves. We enjoyed our lunch in the garden of Mecklenburg Inn. Small food menu but we enjoyed the burger, hot dog, grill cheese and cheese fries. In contrast, the food at Bavarian Inn was pretty mediocre. We had the sausage sampler (3 slices of each sausage), fried calamari (super tender but felt greasy and were served lukewarm to almost cold), pate, and wiener schnitzel. The schnitzel was really uninspiring - the breading fell off, the meat wasn't tender, the whole thing felt dry and somewhat flavorless. We stayed in a chalet with a view of the Potomac. The bathroom was updated but the bedroom felt worn. The AC unit was loud, the bedding too thick for the summer. The beds were comfy enough though.
  4. I picked up some barbecued ribs a few days ago that came with a big hunk of cornbread, which did not interest me. I stuck it in the refrigerator and was pondering what to do with it when I realized I had two ancient green chili and corn muffins in the freezer. I also had some leftover stock in a carton in the refrigerator, plus celery, onions, and some bacon ends in the freezer: Shazam. Cornbread dressing. I baked chicken breasts with just butter, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I also steamed broccoli. The cornbread dressing was wonderfully rich and such a lovely treat at this time of year. I felt very smug for using up so many bits from the refrigerator and the freezer.
  5. Tonight's dinner was this: https://bakerbynature.com/honey-glazed-scallops/ over a big ol salad. We used the sauce as the dressing and it was fantastic.
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  7. Thank you. My Aunt was the one who introduced me to the great DMV. She is a fighter, but her body is not. Please keep my family in your thoughts.
  8. Yes, although when we were dining at the restaurant, our server told us we could pick out anything in the seafood cases, and they'd prepare it for dinner in whatever prep we'd like (I'm not *sure* this means sashimi, but why not?) - I'm guessing I cut all that fish in about 15-20 minutes, and my knife skills are terrible. --- Oh, let me make this clear: Those four pieces were exactly how we purchased them. I didn't carve the fish; I sliced the already-carved fish (bought by-the-pound) into sashimi. I bought too much flounder (which was great), and not enough fatty tuna (which was ethereal). The opah was perhaps the second-favorite - it had quite a buttery texture, and wasn't really all that expensive. I once read where maguro is some famous sushi chef's favorite fish; it's not mine, as I find it to be "the filet mignon of sashimi" (silky texture, not much flavor), but this was still a fine example of it. True o-toro (and this Bluefin was more like a good toro) is akin to A5+ Kobe beef - two thickish slices of this would have been $16-20 in an upscale restaurant.
  9. I managed to get use out of the leftover nachos in a couple extra lunches as well. The reheating isn't totally smooth, but it works. Yesterday's lunch was a chicken sandwich with lemon caper sauce, lettuce, and tomato on half a sub roll; blue corn tortilla chips to supplement the last of the leftover nachos; cauliflower - dill salad; sliced tomatoes; and, leftover potato salad. The chicken and caper sauce was the last remaining bit from Little Pearl takeout. Today my husband's lunch was brie brioche toast with dill; leftover chilled cream of broccoli soup; and cauliflower salad. I had the last half of last night's meatball sandwich.
  10. So, did you buy the fish by the pound and carve it yourself? Trying to gauge little effort vs no effort.
  11. We purchased some sushi-grade fish from BlackSalt Seafood Market, and gorged on sashimi the other night. This would have cost $200 in a restaurant; it was less than $60 here (clockwise from top-left Opah, Fatty Bluefin, Ahi Tuna, Flounder - all were impeccable, and as good as you can find anywhere in town). The bluefin was the most costly per pound, and worth every penny and then some - this was one of the best (if not the most varied) sashimi meals I've ever had, and the prep/cleanup was negligible - sort of makes me wonder why anyone would go out for high-end sashimi. Of note: I don't recommend the squeeze-tube wasabi here, and the jarred pickled ginger is mediocre. Try to find these elsewhere, maybe at an Asian market.
  12. Here's to Carl Reiner, one of three comedians who seemed to have an infinite lifespan (along with Mel Brooks and Dick Van Dyke). --- "The Dick van Dyke Show" (DonRocks)
  13. "Poignant Ennio Morricone Street Art Appears in Rome, a Day after the Film Composer's Death" by Maddy Shaw Roberts on classicfm.com
  14. Salad (romaine, orange bell pepper, tomato) Chilled cream of broccoli soup Meatball sandwiches with marinara, mozzarella, provolone, and Parmesan Corn on the cob I've been craving a meatball sandwich. I could only finish half of mine. The broccoli soup is the Claiborne NY Times one. I usually serve it warm but I did it properly chilled this time. My "generous pinch" of cayenne was very generous (a little slip of the hand) but the burst of heat worked really nicely with the cold, creamy soup. Sometimes I think of this soup as a little bland, and I liked this accidental variation.
  15. No, def not provolone, I think Emmental is likely, but it didn't seem to be your generic one is all, it just seemed like a thicker slice of something that was non like grocery store quality.
  16. I don't think I've had this sandwich since 2019 - now you have me wondering if they're using mild Provolone (my palate memory is faintly whispering that you're correct about the tanginess, but it's not like John's Roast Pork tangy (btw, the pork itself at John's Roast Pork is wildly overrated - they tong the slices out of a steam-table bin-thing filled with liquid - between that and the spinach, it can be a soppy day in Waterville)).
  17. I went really far down on the menu and got a Fat Molly pita, that was tasty, but it is a fork and knife kind of pita. But it was tasty.
  18. I made some granola bars because I had a bunch of pecans, but I don't love them. I would like them to be crunchier and I want another spice besides just cinnamon and vanilla, maybe like a graham masala or something??? Ideas? All the crunchy ones had flaxseed meal though in the recipe, and I didn't have any of that. They are fine, but I want them to be better next time.
  19. It was gooier than I thought most swiss cheese was... It definitely wasn't run of your mill sliced swiss, it was gooier and more yellow, with the tang though of swiss.
  20. The past three days lunch has been everything bagels from Bullfrog Bagels, with smoked salmon spread from Cold Country Salmon with either roasted beets or some grape tomatoes from the garden. Or leftover hot dogs. Lunch is kind of a reoccurring theme: leftovers.
  21. It's Swiss cheese, but it works (there's nothing wrong with a good Emmental). Yes, that salty-garlicky pickle is good (*) - I'm glad you liked it! (*) I was infuriated once when I forgot about it, and found it at the bottom of the empty bag after finishing the sandwich.
  22. That Funky Cuban was really good! If they did the pressed bread with a little crunch, oh man! But even without, the pork was really juicy, I liked the pickle, and it seemed to have really high quality cheese? Was that just my imagination? It seemed like really good cheese.
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  24. Just made it because I was in a hurry- julienne sliced fennel, apple, added goat cheese, chopped bacon, and put some balsamic vinaigrette I made on it. In the past I have followed recipes, but it was pretty darn good just like that.
  25. That sounds really good. Is there a recipe or do you just make it?
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