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  2. I loved those popovers at Patricia Murphy's, although I think the one I visited more often was on Long Island - Manhassat maybe.
  3. Brazil already is a classic, just not a masterpiece1. Jack Mathews 1987 making-of book The Battle of Brazil provides more than enough background and venom for Universal's then-chief Sidney Sheinberg over what happened to the film. 1 this reasonably describes most of Gilliam's oeuvre - even the much-loved Time Bandits - IMHO save for his film adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which to begin with is rich in the currency of his tribe, but also enjoys two phenomenal performances from its leads
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  5. The bottom of the article includes a passing reference to its impetus. In case you missed the recent news, from February until June (2019), the Rijksmueum is holding an unprecedented exhibition All The Rembrandts, in which all 22 paintings and 60 drawings in their collection will be on display. Somewhat belying the name, only the best 300 of their 1300-odd prints will be included, but that could hardly be considered a disappointment.
  6. The first recollection of a really "nice" restaurant I can remember from youth was a spot in White Plains, NY called Patricia Murphy's. It was a large building, huge dining room with a lavishly landscaped and lit garden behind it. This was when White Plains was somewhat rural. It was only for special occasions and holidays. The signature was the waitresses circulating with enormous baskets of fresh pop-overs. There was a branch in Manhattan for many years, as well.
  7. Growing up we didn't do much fine dining, but I remember one restaurant which was the "birthday place" and I remember always ordering the creme de menthe Grasshopper sundae for dessert.
  8. This 1974 episode of the "Dinah!" show just popped into my head, and I found a picture of it - Dinah Shore pronounced the name "Nav-ra-ti-lo-va" veeerrry carefully, reading it from the teleprompter. Martina was only 18, and hadn't lost her baby fat yet!
  9. Trade deadline is Monday the 25th, and the Caps put Devante Smith-Pelly on waivers to free up cap space. No one claimed him (he's not had a good year) and so we keep him in the org and move him down to Hershey. In the meantime, we picked up Hagelin for some draft picks from the LA Kings, where he has not had a good year, but they play a different system and he doesn't seem to have found his groove there. He's a speedy player, good experience, and should be a good fit for the 3rd or 4th line, plus has 2 Stanley Cups from his tenure with the Penguins. Looks like a good trade on paper at least. My guess is that Burakovsky is still on the trading block as well. He's got talent but can't seem to reach break-out velocity with this team. Rumors are swirling but nothing has solidified yet.
  10. "How Do You Preserve History on the Moon?" by Nell Greenfield-Boyce on npr.org
  11. Always pleasant to sit at the bar with Andrew. Food was a bit mixed with an overly oily eggplant parmigiana and an overcooked pork dish. I went with pastas-lobster and the duck lasagna both just fine but more lobster in the pasta would have been nice. Andrew adjusted the bill after our comments on the pork. A fun evening as usual.
  12. For me the first memory I have of something special was brunch with my grandparents at Normandie Farm in Potomac. I'm not really sure how old I was, but I certainly do have a foggy memory, which includes their famous popovers.
  13. We have stayed here a couple times with Max (our dog), once for the grand prix, once for a wedding, and another time to see friends, they have been very nice, and arranged travel for him to and from doggy daycare when needed (one time we found out the daycare wasn't running their shuttle, and we had already left Max with the front desk person, so they took him over in the limo, hahahahhahha). They have been very generous and given us a large corner room that he just adores (I think they wanted to keep us at the far end of the hall not to disturb anyone if he barked). We like the location as not too far to get to or from anything, not necessarily walking distance for where we were going, except the Grand Prix, but easy to drive to different locations, as well.
  14. Scrapple with real maple syrup is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  15. I love this description of scrapple by KN: Oh that makes me laugh. My personal idea of fine dining with scrapple would be, when nobody was looking I would take the plate of scrapple and use my fork to drop it under the table (preferably into a pre set container). Then I'd put the plate back on the table and exclaim that it was the best scrapple I had ever had. If someone offered seconds I'd have to politely decline as the initial delectable meal was remarkably filling. Sincerely, Life long scrapple hater.
  16. Last night was turkey tamales with tomatillo salsa and avocado. The previous night was roast pork with baby zucchinis in butter.
  17. What the Greeks and many of my Middle Eastern cronies tend to do is add beef broth, garlic, and lemon to the roasted potatoes.
  18. This "sort of qualifies" (without very specific memories). When I was very young my parents included the kids for some celebratory fancy dinner. We dressed up. The restaurant was some distance from the house and was in an attractive setting and seemed very fancy inside. I believe other extended family or possibly friends of my parents were at the meal. What entirely stands out was that the meal included intermezzo, something so foreign and exotic to my experience. A sorbet served mid meal. How utterly fascinating and completely foreign to anything I had ever had at a dinner. A palate cleanser. Imagine that for some young little shmuck who liked hot dogs, hamburgers, Italian and Chinese American food. Ha ha. It really stood out. It was decades and decades before I had intermezzo at dinner again. But it sat in the back of my head for decades wondering where and how one experiences that.
  19. The Air Force landed me in the DC area in 1980, and my first fine dining experience here was Vincenzo's -- the Italian seafood restaurant in Adams Morgan. Maybe a notch below but quite excellent was New Orleans Emporium in Adams Morgan. Growing up in Lancaster, PA, fine dining was scrapple WITH ketchup....but Haydn Zug's in East Petersburg was as good as it got.
  20. Good to know! I've been salivating over that lobster french toast since its inception. Maybe I can finally cross it off the list!
  21. On second thought, I might try to sneak into Little Serow around 9PM. Kinship seems like an odd choice for a solo diner.
  22. Oh yes, I think I reviewed Spitony's somewhere on here. We got take out and ate it at the tables beside the place- they even give you paper plates and etc. Apparently eating outside is popular with little league and soccer teams, etc. I thought the pizza was quite good. Not slap your mamma good or anything, but we thought it was better than Lost Dog and the Italian Store. Neither is a drive miles out of your way to eat at stop, no, but they might be some of the better stops in the evening along the Rt 29 drive. On BRS- I was quite impressed by the fried oysters, good fried oysters aren't as common as I'd like. But no the food isn't special, but I will say I have to plenty of places just like this on the bay in Maryland and been less impressed, as well, so there is that. I like a good fried shrimp basket every now and then, and I despise frying food at home, so if one is in the neighborhood there are certainly worse places to stop. BTW, I didn't get the spiced shrimp, but they looked good too.
  23. Shrimp tacos with chipotle crema, salsa, cilantro lime slaw and guac along with roasted kalettes from Twin Springs Farm.
  24. I always look forward to this time of year when the announcements will be made as to who will make the cut for semifinals, and I anticipate who may move onto the next round to be awarded a final nomination to be announce best of in May. Any predictions ?
  25. Location and Rates - Website - B&O American Brasserie I stayed at the Hotel Monaco a couple nights ago (and stopped into B&O) - it was $136, booked on the hotel's website using the AAA rate (AAA and AARP consistently give deep discounts). The hotel is very nice, with a second-floor lobby that's full of splendor, and a coffee station that's set up in the mornings. No complaints at all about the hotel, except that our room (1118) smelled of marijuana in a big way - whoever stayed there on Sunday or Monday night had a smoking fiesta. Note: Do not make the mistake (as I did last year) of staying in the Hotel Indigo, and thinking it's a Kimpton property; it isn't, and it's a clear step down from this. (It is, however, an IHG hotel, but that's not a guarantee of quality - these are independently operated hotels.) If you want to park on the street, it's $2.75 an hour beginning at 8 AM (park on E. Fayette St, immediately to the northeast of Hotel Monaco, about one block away). The problem is that they don't use ParkMobile, so you need to physically be at the meter at 8 AM to get a ticket to put on your dash - not sure how much valet parking costs, but the underground public lot in the area is $26 for overnight parking.
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