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  2. http://somtumdernewyork.com/index.html I had a wonderful and unique meal here a couple days before Thanksgiving. It reminded me of the very early days of Bangkok Golden in Bailey's Crossroads (I haven't been to Thip Khao yet so I can't compare the two). What I mean is, there were a lot of different flavors and presentations that prior to going to Bangkok Golden, I was completely unfamiliar with. Lots of bright acidy flavors alongside of some nice heat. You sit at big, long communal tables and we were seated next to a local pro who was showing the place off to some out of town friends. It was quickly apparent that he was quite familiar with the place and most of the dishes offered. We took his advice on what to order and I honestly don't remember what we got but it was all great. His advice in a nutshell was, "everything is good, but their signature dishes are the ones with the biggest pictures on the menu". (The menu was many pages long and each page had one large picture (covering 1/3 - 1/2 of the page) and a few more small pictures with the descriptions of the dishes, obviously). The menu is presented on their website and it's kind of cool and kind of annoying at the same time. There are photos of each dish with a description, but you have to click on each one individually, which opens up a new page with a full size photo of each dish, so it will probably take you 50 clicks ( and 50 back buttons) to see the entire thing. The reservation process for this place was a bit of a mystery and I couldn't get it to work. On their website when you click the Reservation button, you get a choice to make the reservation through Yelp or through Open Table both via the restaurant's web site. Every time and date I picked on both systems showed there were no available reservations. I even went out a month and tried to make a lunch reservation on a random Tuesday and it still told me there were no reservations, so I'm guessing something is jacked up on their end. I ended up calling them (Apparently, they don't pick up the phone until the restaurant is officially open...…..At 5:59, no answer. At 6:01 someone answered!) and found that they take walk ins and they had room that night. [Another bit of weirdness: their website says they're open from Noon - 11pm, but yelp lists them with lunch hours (12 - 4) and dinner hours (6-10). My experience mimicked yelp's hours not their website.] Sorry this "review" is so light on details of the food. It was all a bit of a blur, but it was a tasty blur! We went to the East Village location, but they also have one in Red Hook Brooklyn. Here's the link to the NYC Michelin Guide: https://guide.michelin.com/us/en/new-york-state/new-york/restaurant/somtum-der
  3. I *just* went in there today after returning from National Harbor (I overheard the cashier say they've been open about three weeks) - it's on the southeast corner of Route 1 and King Street. Today's booty:
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  5. Not much, other than that: *Parasite won the Palme d'Or the year after Shoplifters *Shoplifters is Japanese; Parasite is South Korean, both being subtitled *Parasite starts off so identically to Shoplifters that you might feel one "influenced" the other Because of the above, I feel it's imperative to watch "Shoplifters" before "Parasite." Numerous people are saying "Parasite" is the "Film of the Decade"; I'm saying that "Shoplifters" may be a Top 10 Film of my lifetime. I saw Parasite here, and it was the first of two films I saw there that weekend - hint, hint, hint:
  6. Breakfast today at Sauciety in the Marriott Westin Hotel - its biggest asset is that it overlooks the harbor and the ferris wheel. This was very much of a "typical" mid-upscale hotel breakfast, with not much to remember, good or bad. Corned Beef Hash ($14) with an Extra Egg ($2.50), "potatoes and onions with two [three] cage-free your way [over-easy] with your choice of toast [English muffin]" Thin-Sliced Smoked Salmon and Bagel ($14), "Chesapeake Smoke House Faroe Island Salmon [good and smokey], Beefsteak tomatoes [tasteless], capers, onions, egg [hard-boiled], and cream cheese" Breakfast is served weekdays until 11 AM - service was courteous and efficient - a perfectly fine, uneventful American breakfast.
  7. Last night was the last of some chicken noodle soup from the freezer, chicken breasts baked in pesto and topped with tomato slices and mozzarella, steamed broccoli, and baby sweet potatoes.
  8. Why Moonlight’s Ending Is So Damn Powerful, Preston Thomas for medium.com Getting a head start on what perhaps may lead to a Decade in Review thread. Moonlight still stands as one of the best films I have seen in the last several years. If you have not seen it yet, I encourage you to add it your queue.
  9. Maybe this will get people up to New Haven in order to try the real thing. In that sense, it would be a great success, as it would inspire headquarters to get their best pizzaiolos down to where the greatest demand is.
  10. Thank you so much, sandynva - this is a wonderful perspective from someone who comes across as an Indian-American (are you)?
  11. [I love my job.] Watch "Shoplifters" and chime in if you disagree with me.
  12. I've been friends with Sara Damelio, founder of Skincando, for over a decade, though I haven't seen her in probably almost ten years. And I've been a loyal customer of Skincando "Combat Ready" Balm, which was originally designed with our troops overseas in mind. I recently got an email from the company, advertising a 40%-off discount - with free shipping - so I wrote and ordered two 8-ounce jars. I also quipped, "Please have Sara make a fresh batch." She wrote back, said she'd love a mention on this website, and when I asked her what she'd like me to say, she told me this: "Skincando.com is DC's first organic skincare company started in '09. Now thru 12/10 get 40% off your purchase with code HOLIDAY40." She also told me that going forward, Skincando products will only be on sale up to two-times a year, and they will be no more than 20% off. I'm hardly an expert in skin-care products, but DIShGo is, and she loves it - I would not be writing this if I didn't wholeheartedly believe in the product. I cannot imagine a more-pure skin balm than this is: Sara used to literally drive to Whole Foods, purchase organic fruits, vegetables, and what-not, and make this in her living room - I couldn't believe what it sounded like she was putting herself through. So, you have until December 10th to get 40%-off your order, with free shipping. Just to let you know this is no BS:
  13. I presumed nothing. I posited a potential scenario given the scarcity of the description of the interaction. I never stated it was a compliment. You assumed the interaction can be nothing but an older man hitting on his server. I merely suggest that he could be chiding someone for wearing something perhaps too revealing as a server. If the latter case is correct, the server would also respond with a "nervous laugh." Her client is calling her out, how else would she respond other than by nervous laugh. Even if he was hitting on her, I"m not sure anyone chastising the man would accomplish anything other than create a scene that would disturb even more diners. You're not the social police tasked with imposing your views of propriety on others. I didn't say you're brain dead. You're the one who insinuated that I was brain dead or a zombie. My point is, I can disagree with you without taking a cheap shot. How is it you write something insulting yet you think I'm the one insulting you?
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  15. [I think Bart is correct - nobody here is brain dead - that's for sure - but I do think there's been a bit of tone-deafness and puerile humor which missed the mark, and that the fuzzy line of personal insult was crossed. Maybe we can all agree to agree on this one, and let it die a quiet death?] Peace, Rocks
  16. I saw "Snowpiercer" once when it was first released. Though I had some issues with the technical logistics, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and thought the acting was spectacular. Considering that the director spoke little English, it was an impressive directorial effort. Have not seen, nor plan to see, "Parasite", as I understand that it crosses into typical Korean violent slasher/horror territory, which I do not care for.
  17. We had a really good dinner there a few weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was, and in particular by highly spiced it all was. It's not hotter than most local indian food, but it's like where most chefs would use 1tsp of cumin, this one uses 2, so the flavor of the spices, particularly the cardamom, is distinctly stronger. I was also pleasantly surprised by the price. From the articles and reviews i thought it would be more expensive than it was--our meal was only slightly more expensive than ours at rasika for example.The goat cheese kulcha was so good, i wish we'd gotten another one. the cauliflower dish was great--the texture was perfect (how do they get the stems and core so well cooked without the florets getting mushy?) it was coated with chaat-like spices and served on a very tasty mash of what seemed to be potatoes and cauliflower, with a great green chutney. We also really liked the mushroom pate (how do you make mushrooms that smooth?) though we didn't think the bread it was served on added much. Biryani was great too. even the raitas we had were excellent, though the beet/coconut one was almost like a dessert for me. mint paratha and sundried tomato naan were fine. husband got the lamb kebab, but said that was good, but not special. everything was beautifully plated. While the food was a very pleasant surprise, I'm not sure the decor lives up to the hype. there's nothing wrong with it, but from all the hype i'd expected a bit more. And our server was good initially but then disappeared after the main courses were served--we couldn't flag him down to order more kulcha and getting the check took forever. the food was really great though, I look forward to returning and trying more.
  18. Nothing except the cameltoe and the fact that the guy was uncomfortable. Those details were nowhere in the original posting. Gimme a break. The exact same words, delivered in a different manner and with different body language can convey two totally different messages. I complement people at work on their outfits or hair cuts all the time. I simply say, "You look nice today" or "Your haircut looks great". It's to people I know and am friendly with, and it's obviously nothing more than a complement. I don't look a woman up and down and up again and smack my lips and say "Umm-umm-ummm, you look niiiiceee today. Grrrrrr" It's obvious from the poster's reaction that this was more than a throw away, polite compliment. It's also interesting that you chose to assign the "uncomfortable" emotion to the man from out of the blue, yet you ignored the poster's description of the hostess' "nervous laugh" Classy. I know you play the role of the cranky curmudgeon in here a lot, but calling me brain dead* based on my reading of the situation is pretty ironic when fully 1/3 of your original post is presumption/assumption. You trying to slam me with the opening line of "I didn't presume anything" is rich. You fundamentally changed the story with your presumptive editorializing. * Yes, I know you didn't actually call me brain dead, but the implication was clear. Don - No worries. I think I'm done with this!
  19. I generally think that people saying boorish things are just boors and not usually monsters. However, hitting on waitrons is really icky. They depends on your tip to live, so it's essentially an employer/employee relationship. Unwanted (or even wanted) sexualized remarks play out the same dynamics as a boss making that type of remark to their employee.
  20. Resurrection; a friend in Wilmington NC says the owner and chef are opening a second location in downtown Wilmington.
  21. I hope it's good! I've only been to the Hartford location. Kinda bland. I noticed that at every table people were pouring on the oregano, parmesan, and pepper flakes.
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