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  2. Mushroom Swiss burgers on onion rolls Corn on the Cob Green beans Leftover broccolini
  3. The Group of Six (G6) existed from 1975-1976, and included France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdon, and the United States. The Group of Seven (G7) first existed from 1976-1997, and added Canada. The Group of Eight (G8) existed from 1997-2014, and added (then kicked out) Russia. The Group of Seven (G7) has existed again since 2014.
  4. His specialty is "Escolar Pableaux" followed closely by "Triggerfish Pableaux," aka <nevermind>. He learned to make them on a Cruise - one day I'll stop drinking.
  5. Nope. I have tickets for Monday & Wednesday, so of course they scheduled her first round match for Tuesday. And, just to piss me off even more, they schedule Felix to play Denis in the first round - on Tuesday, of course.
  6. Yesterday
  7. If you don't attend this event, then you're missing out on one of the finest Lebanese food fests in the DC area. The KN family will be present.
  8. That definitely sucks, Certainly one of the finest sommeliers around and one hell of a fine friend as well. Nothing but the best coming your way, Mark.
  9. Dupont regional cuisine? I wonder what is Dupont Fish and Chips, or Pasta Dupont? And who finished second in the vote for DC's best happy hour?
  10. Yes, but I suspect DC itself is becoming more of a Zurich, Switzerland - a high-rent, banking-type city without a lot of charismatic little restaurants; many regional restaurants have popped up in the suburbs over the years, and many have failed due to lack of population density.
  11. Steamed clams Baguette Corn on the cob Leftover broccolini French fries
  12. Last week
  13. Just placed an order for them for delivery to me in DC, and it went through fine.
  14. Arsenal v. Liverpool is the most exciting match-up this weekend. Both have won their first two matches (and are the only 2 teams to have won their first 2 matches). A draw?
  15. I especially hate tipping cab drivers. I don't understand why we have to tip them if they're not handling your luggage. I would probably never use Lyft because they're the dopes that introduced tipping into ride hailing. Now I feel obligated to tip my Uber driver.
  16. This (the articles) is what we've needed for a long, long time - there has always been something that I've hated about tipping, and this helps verbalize my instinct. The whole custom *sucks*.
  17. I use to think I traveled a lot for work until I saw this exchange....
  18. 1838 nights since I started tracking my travel in Jan 2009... I started travelling Jan 2001 so have another 8 years before that, I just didn't bother tracking it. Really, I didn't start tracking until I showed up at the wrong hotel a couple times I don't really -need- to track anymore with the advent of services like TripIt, but I like it for analytics purposes and to make sure stays show up on my account (I usually have 1-2 a year that don't show up). I wouldn't mind trying out some other chains, but my work has rates setup with the big business chains, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and Intercontinental. Tough to get comparable rates without a corporate rate at somewhere like a Four Seasons.
  19. Every place I've worked in the last few years, when the waiters cash out at the POS , their numbers are entered into a spread sheet that distributes percentages to bartenders, busboys, runners plus the credit card carrying charges are deducted also. This seems to be standard these days. s
  20. Never??? That is horrific. Assuming you were paid $2.13/hr. that equates to $85.20/40 hr week: about $4500/yr for a full time job. That blows a living wage to shame. The employer(s?) were taking your "wages" to supplement their income, all the while, while benefiting from a law/ruling, that allowed them to pay you way less than an acceptable wage. They were making money off of the "wages" customers were paying you. NEVER is horrific. At the bartending school we encourage grads to leave employers who take their wages. If we hear of employers doing that, (after a few such notices) we stop promoting their jobs to our grads. We consider it abusive of staff. There is no doubt tipping is a less than great way to earn money. The example above is the pits. I know it occurs. I suppose it would be difficult to learn how often it occurs. OTOH, low wages keep dining costs lower. That encourages more dining. People who work in the FOH have total wages that seriously are all over the spectrum. We are very familiar with surprisingly low wages and we are also familiar with a few examples where FOH staff makes what a member of Congress earns (and works about 1,,000 times harder.). The last example is the very rare exception to the rule.
  21. I agree with Don, this is a classic post. It's not about Cheesecake Factory versus fine dining, it's about corporate indifference and mediocre quality versus good food served with care and conviction. A meal at Cheesecake Factory and a meal at Corduroy or Bub and Pop's or District Commons might not be too far apart in price, but the quality of the meal is so much better. And so it is with Adele's.
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