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  2. Yeah. Hence, go Astros. After a LONG ALCS, with every game going to extras please. Exhaust them!
  3. Chicken cacciatore* with cauliflower rice. *no one told them about the mushrooms, which were therefore consumed without complaint.
  4. Yeah, I know. I'm torn between I don't want to deal with the Astros rotation and I don't want to deal with Yankees fans. MLB controls the tickets for these games, and you know that means a lot of them are going to go to NY fans. The ticket guy I've been dealing with said that MLB releases blocks back to the teams to sell.
  5. Didn't feel this was worth a thread yet, so thought I'd park it here for now. I'm less interested in these companies for their culinary attractions, more for their business plans.
  6. No. Then there would be Yankees fans at the park. That would be bad.
  7. Great stat that Don and the other seamheads will appreciate. The Nats held St Louis, a solid offensive team, to a .130 batting average, which is about what an average-hitting pitcher hits. For comparison, when the Orioles swept the Dodgers in the WS in 1966, in a pitching-dominated era, the Dodgers hit .142.
  8. Great for you as a true blue fan. Simply a killer exciting exhilarating evening. All these years. Then all these years of playoff losses. So exciting to know the stands were rocking. So much like old RFK. Extra exciting. Hope you get to the Series and witness Nats' wins. BTW: Winning four straight against ST Louis was out of a dream.
  9. Unless you go to the World Series (and I hope you do, and *even* if you do), this was probably the "best" baseball game you'll ever see in your life, in terms of importance and satisfaction - I mean, you were *there* when the Nats won the pennant! Curious, who else was there? I don't want you making this claim ten-years from now, so speak up and get on-record! I was at the 1969 All-Star game - that's the best I can do. (It was 50-years ago - I was 7-years old!)
  10. That was nuts again last night. I was a couple sections over from where I was for the wild card. Monday night I was in the seats behind Soto, where I prefer to sit. The thing that struck me last night is that the concrete was rocking the way it did at RFK. That was an interesting kind of nostalgia (except I didn't have concern that parts of the stadium would fall apart, the way I did at RFK.) It was just stunning to be there, like did this actually happen? I was texting friends at various points, including one I used to go to games with who moved back to the PNW a couple years ago and another who was going to use my extra ticket if there was a Wednesday game. The whole thing was surreal. It was also great for Ted Lerner to get this on his 94th birthday, and their longest serving usher (from day 1) turned 82 at midnight.
  11. Ask and ye shall receive. I know that Houston is supposed to be the better team, but for the Nats' very first World Series, doesn't playing the "New York Yankees" have a nice ring to it? I mean, you think 'Houston Astros,' you think Jeff Bagwell, Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, maybe Nolan Ryan; you think 'New York Yankees,' you think Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle. People know those names in, like, Burkina Faso.
  12. KABOOM!!!!!! bring on dem Yankees or Astro's or whomever the sissy American league gets to play vs the NATS
  13. I've been here probably 5-10 times in my life (including on my 30th birthday) - it has ranged from "very good and extremely pleasant" to "disturbingly mediocre and extremely pleasant" - in particular, I remember one time when a dish with beets (not uncommon in Alsace) came with canned beets that tasted like they were Aunt Millie's: They were perfectly circular, had that sweet marinade, and were so mushy that there was no resistance when cutting them with a fork. Still, I've had some really nice fish dishes here, and their soufflés have been good (if I recall) without exception - it's worth ordering them. I've been meaning to get back there this year - thanks for the reminder. That said, wasn't this ranked #1 by the readers of Washingtonian for something like 20-consecutive years? The internet is destructive just as often as it is useful, but this is one situation where it has been useful.
  14. That's where I went. I picked the place because they have a great variety of pristine seafood displayed in cases all around the bar.
  15. Over the last 5 or so days, we have managed to eat in the following: 1. My Fucking Restaurant: don’t be put off by the name. The chef/owner worked at a lot of restaurants until he could open his own a, thus the name. One of the absolute best restaurants we’ve dined. Small on the outside and buried away in Calle Nou la Rambla and only open Thursday to Sunday and only for dinner. Food is fresh every day and very well done. We had toast with cheese rubbed with tomato, Iberico ham, burrata with iberico ham, and shrimp with potato. 2. The La Boqueria Bar: in the heart of La Boqueria market. Great and very friendly service. We liked it so much that we took some people we met on a tour to dinner there. The squid ink croquette, the king prawns, the razor clams all amazing. BOQUERIA MARKET, Stall 218-223 & 282-287, Aisle 9. 3. Agua: we celebrated our anniversary here. We were very happy we did more to come including pix.
  16. Thank you. Even though my friend's wife has some health issues, she was only 67 which these days seems still young. I look forward to hearing about the day and hopefully seeing some photographs of Bao buns.
  17. My wife and I have been enjoying meals at Chez Francois several times a year for the last 10 or 15 years. I have never understood the horrible reviews it sometimes gets. There are occasional dishes that are not up to their usual standards, but as a whole I have always enjoyed my meals there. I think one reason I like it is the same reason some people hate it: It’s the same old thing. No new dishes, no brand new menus, just the same old wonderfully prepared classic French dishes. We had lunch there yesterday. I had onion soup, a simple salad, Rainbow Trout Filet (with toasted almonds, and lemon brown butter) and hazelnut cake for desert. Their onion soup is still first rate, prepared as it should be prepared. The trout dish was delicious. Here is a photo of the trout dish (sorry for the photo’s poor quality): For those of you who have never been to Chez Francois, I urge you to forget the reviews you see in places like the Post and try it for yourself.
  18. ....and the Pennsylvania Avenue location - after being purchased by Landry's Inc. This steak chain is closing two D.C.-area restaurants By Rebecca Cooper – Digital Editor, Washington Business Journal
  19. Nice sweep. All the pre-season expectations that folks thought were going unmet are coming forth when it counts. They are a strong force for the upcoming World Series. I can only hope that my Yankees start hitting these Houston pitchers.
  20. That sounds about right - the broth wasn't thick at all; the flavors just reminded me of Ma Po Tofu; I didn't even think about Dan Dan Noodles, but you're correct - this must have been paying homage to that. By the way, we needed to have a Fried Chicken Plate ($12) for the Nats game last night - having gotten an order of dark meat (3 pieces) and white meat (1 huge piece), I would recommend the white meat, as the deepest breast meat is still moist and flavorful - the breading is fantastic; just make sure it doesn't co-mingle with the sweet pickles and white bread (which, perversely, work well - I guess it's like a picnic). This is really good fried chicken, and even though the menu says "Nashville Hot," they toned it down for their customers - I would call it "slightly zesty" at most.
  21. Tantanmen is the Japanese transliteration of Dan Dan Mein or Dan Dan Noodles. Should not have a thickened sauce while Ma Po tofu does. Both have similar ingredients: bean sauce, chile oil, vinegar, soy, Sichuan peppercorn, and pickled vegetable.
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