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    Definitely a place that deserves more love when it's on. The lobster purses are excellent, but I thought the showstealer was an eggplant puree served with a few dishes, rich, smoky, and sweet, and according to our waiter prepared fresh by Chef Yannick over several hours each day. Most entrees combined a perfect classically cooked protein with an interesting and visually stunning accompaniment, such as lamb saddle with a mini mushroom and zucchini cake, or seared scallions and turbot with pea coulis and morels. Wonderful elevated French bistro fare in a quaint Bethesda townhome; the second story dining room, complete with decorative kitchen, felt like we were guests at a dinner party.
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    I figured I'd come out of hibernation for a quick post. This is the best new restaurant in DC. If you enjoyed Massimo's time at Tosca as much as I did, go here this week, try to elbow your way into a spot at the crowded bar and enjoy a fantastic plate of prosciutto, some Grilled Calamari, Massimo's signature Pappardelle with rabbit ragu, the best Seafood Risotto I have had outside of the Amalfi Coast, and the very homey Pork Ribs with broccoli rabe, a fantastically simple dish you will have you wondering why more restaurants don't cook food like this anymore. I've been here 3 times already and haven't spent more than $120 for the 2 of us despite eating and drinking way too much each time. All of this and the staff is great, very friendly and accommodating, which is unfortunately not as common as I'd like in this city. Go.
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    Grover and I were the first to snag dinner at Chef Will Artley's pop-up at Bastille. He's there July 19 to 29 while waiting for his new restaurant to be completed. To say that the five course for $55 dinner we had was amazing does not even begin to describe how well the flavors balanced and complemented each other. The menu: Smoked crab cake with root slaw and remoulade (this might be the best slaw I've ever eaten. I could be totally happy just eating five courses of it alone); BLT Gnocchi with Sweet Corn; Agnoloti with Ham Hock Broth and Popcorn; Sea Bass with Succotash and Horseradish, and for dessert, Banana Trifle with Caramel and Candied Pecans. Dinner was excellent, the service was impeccable, and the entire experience was a steal at $55 per person. I had the wine pairings which added $35 to the total but the pours are generous, they paired well (with one exception which I believe was corrected after we finished dinner) and timely. Highly recommended before Chef Wili decamps to Scott's Restaurant, Bar & Cask Club, which will take over the former Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter.
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    Currently Ray's is carrying deluxe hamburgers. Big juicy well made burgers; Hell Burger kinds of deluxe burgers. They are on the menu with the full assortment of steaks, plus the non steak seafood dishes. So any family or any group can go and not only get great steaks, but if you wish there are less expensive alternatives, but oh what an alternative--clearly one of the meatiest, juciest, most flavorful burgers in the area. I had one late last night. There are about 4 alternatives on the menu roughly priced in the $10-14 range. I had what I believe is called the Umagi--delicious. I hadn't realized it before but if you are in Arlington or closer areas of Northern VA and you crave those types of burgers, you have this wonderful source at Ray's in Clarendon.
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    Really like 4 sisters. It's my go-to pho place when I can't muster the energy for Eden Center. Child-friendly too. Bahn mi today was super fantastic. Cruncy, yummy. The 5 year old reports that the broth is fatty; really yummy and fatty. So there's that.
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    I just meandered into TNR. They took over an adjacent vacant space and finished a renovation about one month ago. They are now renovating the original space, which will mean an expanded sit down restaurant. I've tended to either take out or eat a late dinner there at times and our office brings in lunch takeouts. It remains a local favorite of mine with decent food/not spectacular, excellent prices, nice service and an overall rating of great value. The new space is clean modern and includes a bar. I guess they are looking for expanded sit down service. Chatted with the staff a bit: I don't think they are making radical changes with the menu. One favorite more original less non Americanized dish is the ginger shrimp casserole. It has maintained its quality for a number of years. Below is one quick view of the new space.
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    "TROPICAL AMBROSIA tapioca – mango – meringue – passion fruit" --------- The current iteration of this involves tapioca pearls, passionfruit pastry cream, coconut, pieces of mango and maybe pineapple? with a touch of blue basil oil, all topped with a meringue cap; it sounded like a case of Way Too Much Happening In This Dish but was the most brilliant dessert I've had in a restaurant in ages, and it wasn't precious. The rest of the meal was excellent, too, but I'd go again just for this. Admittedly I am a fool for passionfruit (and mango, and coconut), so this was right up my alley, but then again I know a well-executed dessert when I taste one.
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    Pan fried tofu, stir fried vegetables, mushrooms, peanuts, cilantro, mint, lime. Jasmine rice.
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    Earlier this month I installed a Nest. You need a hardwired doorbell to install. The hardest part of the installation was figuring out which circuit the doorbell was connected to. Once you figure that out, there is a guided setup which asks you how the wires are connected in your chime. Then it tells you exactly which wires to hook to which on the adapter they give you. Next you install the doorbell button at the door, then turn on. I was done in less than 30 minutes. The picture quality is really amazing. It will also connect to a google home, but it rings on the house bell also. One neat feature is that it will learn the people that come to your house often and begin identifying them by name. I live in a three story townhouse, you enter on the ground floor, but the main living space is one level up. So, for us, we can know who is at the door without having to run downstairs. You can also talk through the setup to tell someone you are on your way to the door. I was spying on my wife and daughter the other day when they were waiting for the carpool to camp. I startled them when I told my wife to sit up straight! The nest setup also is always recording, but there is a small fee to be able to access the recordings. 30 days is free, not sure if I will pay for a subscription. It's also nice to know when a package is delivered. It is pretty worthwhile for my setup.
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    Thanks for that steer, Shaho, on the eggplant puree! Just as you described! We were there for lunch today and I had it with my escargots fricassée appetizer and my wife had it with her salmon main course. I think we both liked the Lemon Torte and Blueberries in Jam the best in the end! Delightful! Chef Yannick was there watering his flowers at the front of the bistro. Friendly service. When we were ready to order from the dessert menu the waiter asked "One of each?" That's my style! "Peut être à la droit?" (the after dinner drinks)
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    I"m probably oversharing here but here goes. I went to the University of New Orleans. Many women were paying for UNO by working at strip clubs and they tried to recruit me about once a semester. One my friends from Pizza Hut became a cocktail waitress at one of them and was telling me about how much more lucrative it was compared to Pizza Hut. I asked her what it was like and if they had room for one more cocktail waitress. She stopped, looked me in the eye and said "Nola, you would never survive. You'd hit a man in your first hour". ..so I worked at Pizza Hut for 5 years for under $5 an hour.
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    My wife and I cancelled our reservation at Ellē last night in order to try something new (RIP, Jonathan Gold). We'd never been to Nostos, hadn't even heard of it, but had an excellent dinner last night. The fava bean condiment was dull, but the taramosalata and roast eggplant made up for it. For specials we had the feta saganaki, but brilliantly served with watermelon cubes, all cut the same and stacked in a brick—salty sweet summer perfection—and then ate up a perfectly cooked dorade. We were early, but it was full by the time we left at 7, on a Monday night.
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    Cafe Tatti is a charming and quaint French Bistro located in a shopping center near Balducci's in McLean. I called around 2:30pm for a 6:30pm reservation on Monday night, and had no problem securing a table (not that I thought I would). When we arrived, we were seated at a two-top by the front window, a prime location, and the manager explained to me that they have a regular named Phillip, this is his table, and they weren't sure if the table was for him or not so they reserved it, and are glad to see it taken by another Phil. It was a nice, funny story (for which I'm not doing any justice) and a good introduction to the restaurant. Again, the restaurant is charming and quaint, with tiled archways, ceramics on the walls, other various artwork including many versions of a rooster which is the restaurants icon (of sorts), tablecloths and candles on the tables, formally attired wait staff. It describes itself as a French Bistro, but it has quite a few "Mediterranean" components to it as well. The staff, from top to bottom, provided excellent service throughout the meal (e.g. thoughtful suggestions, multiple unsolicited water refills, bread refills, checks on quality and taste, etc.). Prior to receiving our check, the manager came over with two (unasked for) shots of Amaretto (iirc), noting that on such a dreary day/evening (it had been raining all day and all night), a small digestif is the only response. It was very nice. Service started off with a small baguette, served warm, and was quite good. We ordered two glasses of the house Bordeaux, and were rewarded with hefty pours. For an appetizer, we had the Mussels Provencale, which was listed as a special that evening. We expected a pot of mussels that we'd have to work through, but instead were given a plate of mussels served open-faced (if you will) with the Provencale sauce added on top. I rather liked this presentation (much less fuss!), and the tomato sauce (tomatoes, chopped onion, garlic, among other ingredients) was very tasty. It wasn't ideal for bread-dipping, but we found a way. It was an ample portion split among two people. Entrees come with a Caesar salad (here, and example of the Mediterranean influence), amply and tastily dressed, topped by fresh ground pepper (if desired). For mains, we both got the Filet Au Poivre, which came with a side of roasted carrots and potatoes (these aren't mixed together). The steak was a large portion (the online menu says 7oz, which is probably accurate), and the gravy was delicious (with plenty for bread-dipping!). I didn't leave a bite. We got a slice of coconut cake and a slice of chocolate cake to go, and they were the only misses. I don't think these were made in-house, which is probably why. The cost was very reasonable, even considering we ordered wines by the glass (cheaper by the half liter or bottle), and both got the most expensive menu item. We look forward to retuning.
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    Hubby and I went on Saturday for lunch and were really impressed with the food. We definitely will be back to try other things on the menu. Service was very nice, but a little slow as there was just one waiter, but he was very, very nice and was handling it well! The iced tea was very good, not your normal liptons, and I really enjoyed it. We started with hummus, which I thought was a very good hummus, very smooth. I liked the bread with it, it had a nice pillowy rise to it, I have a hard time getting my flatbreads to have this type of rise, would love to learn how they make this! Hubby had the bakhtiari which he loved, and already ate the leftover of it before I could steal them! I had a bite and I really liked the seasoning in it. I had the Gheymeh Bademjan, which on a day in which it rained- the whole entire day- this was just perfect. I thought it had nice texture to it, with a lot of flavor. I took some of this home too. The entrees are definitely two meals for Hubby and I. We would love to take our parents here, I think they would like this place. Next time I might try a special or something more different, but we loved these dishes. One gentle suggestion- you should think about playing light music at lunch- it seemed pretty busy, but we could here the rhythmic sound of the AC, and the phone was a little loud, but some light music would have covered that up, and just added a bit to the experience. You all might normally do this and may have just forgotten as it did get busy very quickly once we walked in the door.
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    I made the risotto above without the mushrooms as Hubby isn't a mushroom person. I used Charleston Gold Rice as I was trying to use it up. I thought it turned out pretty good. I will try next with the arborio rice I need to use up. Tonight I am making a chickpea curry. This week I am going to make homemade baked beans.
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    Blueberry galette, rosemary crust. Served with crème fraîche.
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    We've eaten there a bunch since I last posted and always been quite happy with our food. The boba tea is good, too.
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    As I type this I wonder why I am doing so. Why do I feel the need to justify my opinion? I had a meal at G&M with my wife, daughter and dad. It was the second time I have visited. The more and more I write and read reviews on this website, I wonder what is it which makes a meal special? I have come to the conclusion, that the food is secondary. What is most important is the company, the time you had, and creating memories. I have had crab cakes at Faidley's. My memory of that was eating it out of a box before we took my mom home From Johns Hopkins after recovering from her whipple procedure (a meal never to forget). I haven't tried the cakes at River Falls though. On this wet evening, we picked my dad up at BWI from a weekend of traveling. It was his first solo trip since my mom passed away in May. He first went to Chicago to see his nephews, then to Sturbridge for my mom's cousin's wedding. We got to talk about what a good time he had. The waitress was very nice and knew how to deal with my dad's sarcasm. While I understand that the purpose of this website is to review restaurants, and the quality of the food, the company was much more important and definitely "clouded my judgment". I thought the cakes were good though. I like the taste, it was full of lump (didn't know they don't use blue crab), and I didn't note much filler. One thing is for sure, a dinner at G&M is different than one at Faidley's in Lexington Market--you don't have to fight off the rats on your way to dinner. So if all of the other elements clouded my judgment on the cakes, I apologize.
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    This is sort of my “walk of shame” in this thread. Here goes. Freezer cold Tanqueray with diet CHEK brand tonic water (Winn Dixie brand) and a big piece of lime. Ice maker (crescents of) ice in a French jelly jar. View of the ocean. Perfect.
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    Steve and I hit San Lorenzo on Friday evening. We had a 6 p.m. reservation and the restaurant was already full when we arrived. We started with some barely roasted calamari and fried squash blossoms. The calamari is notable for 2 reasons - first way too salty, second perfect texture. We did our best to overlook the saltiness because the calamari was wonderfully cooked. The fried squash blossoms were fine. Our pastas included with rabbit ragu pappardelle and a bacalao ravioli. The pappardelle is definitely worth gaining weight for. On the other hand, the ravioli filling really lacked the taste of salt cod. I like my bacalao to slap me around a bit. Also, they did something @Waitman detests - putting bread crumbs on the pasta. Our entrees were the scallops and pork ribs. The pork ribs were somewhat disappointing. They were tender and moist but all I can taste is the char, I failed to detect any herbs. I did enjoy the broccolini. The scallops were fine. The prices were quite reasonable. With tax, tip and booze, it was less than $100 pp.
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    Yes. Its great for the backstory and sets the stage nicely for the series. Its also pretty good. However, be aware that a)there are 2 versions and the one you'll probably see is the revised one (which I think is better anyway) & b)the series has a very different cast of characters than "The Gathering" so don't get too attached to any of the characters. I actually liked Babylon 5 more than the Star Trek series.
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    I've been out of the DR loop for a bit, but I fondly remember the first picnic! Turns out that the stars are aligning on my calendar and I can attend this year. I'll bring a friend (updated the spreadsheet) and will be bringing a pie of some sort, an agua fresca of some sort and a watermelon salad.
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    Last night I used the really good tomato and lettuce I got from the Farmer's Market to make a really stellar BLT. That is just one of my favorite summer sandwiches, I could eat it almost everyday.
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    well, my candied flowers didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but it's still a festive piece of work