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  2. Ferris Bueller

    Christmas Events around Washington, DC

    Very cool Christmas/Holiday train exhibit (great for kids and adults) at the US Botanical Gardens. There are concerts on select Tuesdays and Thursdays and admission is free. The place is warm, protected from the elements and there are plant-based US landmarks recreated sprinkled throughout the center hall. Lines can be long to get in, but if you have not done this it is really cool. The National Christmas tree and events around the US State and Territory trees are also pretty neat to do if you have not.
  3. DonRocks

    Chicago, IL

    "The Party Is Over" by John Kessler on chicagomag.com
  4. Press Release , James Beard Foundation Seeking candidate for Director of Impact & Women’s Program
  5. Here are scenes and some info from the ribbon cutting yesterday. "Del Frisco's Grille Ribbon Cutting" by Amaris Pollock on phillygrub.blog
  6. DonRocks

    The Trite Food List

    Sorry to switch from cuisine to basketball, but the use of "big" as a noun is endlessly trite. "Michael Wang Hauls In Weekly Honors after Offensive Explosions against Miami, La Salle" by Sam Mitchell on thedp.com "Wang didn’t just light up the scoreboard in an incredibly efficient manner; the forward proved to Quakers’ fans that, given the opportunity, he can be so much more than a pure-scoring big." Oh, Lord this is annoying.
  7. Grano Emporio closed on June 30, 2018. Grano Pasta Bar in Hampden remains open. I haven't been to the original Grano Pasta Bar, but for a time there was a second location in Federal Hill, which was pretty good if not spectacular. You chose a sauce and pasta shape, and the chefs heated the pre-made sauce and tossed with pasta in front of you. Good flavors, but the portions sizes were somewhat small for the price, and the tiny space made it unappealing for anything but the occasional takeout order. Glad that the original location still seems to be going strong.
  8. DonRocks


    I just this minute walked in the door from having tahini at Chloe. 😲
  9. DaveO


    Israeli tahini recall
  10. New Yorkers call it "The Garden"
  11. Yesterday
  12. dracisk

    Christmas Events around Washington, DC

    Thanks! I was thinking about an hour, which is a good amount of time for us. We were thinking to get there around 5pm -- does that seem wise? Any parking tips? There are some pointers on the event's website.
  13. Rieux

    Christmas Events around Washington, DC

    It’s awesome. And crowded. Make a reservation for dinner somewhere (Woodberry Kitchen?) for after. It will take you about an hour to see the street.
  14. Not cheap, but very reasonable, is the Pub menu at Keen's (in my opinion, the best steakhouse in NYC). Only 3 blocks from Penn Station, its a great bar/pub to hang out at & it (I think) still has free pickled eggs if you ask. Perfect Olde New York. http://www.keens.com/OurMenus/Pub/
  15. StarStraf

    New Year's Eve 2018 Dining and Events

    we are doing the NYE party at Captain Gregory's again this year - I like the small venue (under 25 people) at a place I feel comfortable with good booze and an easy uber ride home
  16. StarStraf

    Christmas Events around Washington, DC

    we went to Sippin Santa at archipelago
  17. DonRocks

    Vacation Ideas

    There's less of it to see!
  18. Bug or Bird Bingo. Gorgeous, fun and holds up well and the kids & adults can enjoy together.
  19. Sundae in the Park

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    OK, finally onto food. The Lard Lad donuts in SimpsonsWorld really are as big as a dinner plate and look lovely, but we couldn't imagine eating the whole thing. We mostly wanted to sample the wares of the Wizarding World, so had a couple butterbeers from the dedicated carts. That's in succession, not at the same time. Although it's $7 for basically a cream soda, the artificially sweet/buttery foam is interesting and tasty and cheering and does make you feel like you're trying something different/special. Or maybe the feeling comes from sipping the drink while wandering Hogsmeade. Regardless, we liked it enough to get another later in the day. Also, in case it wasn't clear, butterbeer is non-alcoholic (there has been some debate among my circle). Butterbeer-flavored ice cream, however, is a terrible flop, IMO. It's a (mercifully) small quantity of low-quality (icy, sandy) ice cream with some weak-tea butterscotch flavoring. Skip. If you ask around the park and read reviews, many folks will direct you to the Three Broomsticks in the Wizarding World to eat. While the menu and pictures look like tempting English pub fare in cinematic setting, the wait can be very long (such that there is line-fencing outside the restaurant). We thought to the fried chicken and waffles at Cletus' Chicken Shack, but didn't feel like waiting in that line, either. We decided to bag eating in the park and left briefly to eat on Universal's Citywalk, which is the outdoor mall leading into the park (you have to walk through it to get to the park from the lot). Because the park is small and Citywalk is right outside, it's not really going out of your way to grab something to eat or take a break from Park crowds. I wanted to try LudoBird, which is one of the fast-casual outposts to get Chef Ludo Lefebvre's (of Trois Mec, etc.) fried chicken. I loved the chicken from his (late 😭) Ludobird food truck, and I've tried it from the location at the Staples Center and enjoyed it there as well. Unfortunately, at Citywalk there was no option for fried chicken in whole pieces; just tenders, a chicken sandwich, or popcorn chicken. We tried the tenders and the sandwich, which were both good (crispy, well-seasoned coating, juicy meat) if not exciting. The tenders are actually a much more generous portion than the sandwich (and the large chunks of breast meat are unexpectedly juicy), but the sandwich comes with a gentle slaw (not much mayo, with a hit of something acidic - quite good) and some jar pickle slices. Overall, it's a very slightly more upscale version of a Chick Fil-A sandwich. They have the famous lavender biscuits onsite, though we didn't order any. We enjoyed our meal and feel confident it was at least equal if not better than the food/value to be found in the park, but it wasn't anything I'd seek out on its own merits (unlike the truck, which I missed for years after it stopped circulating). After a long, tiring day, we still didn't want to settle for any of the Citywalk chains, so hit Lum Ka Naad on the way home for Northern Thai food and it was glorious.
  20. Nov 7, 2017 - "National Gallery of Art Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary of Director Earl A. Powell III; 2019 Retirement Announced" on nga.gov Thank you to Rusty Powell, and congratulations to Kaywin Feldman, who comes in Mar, 2019, from the Minneapolis Institute of Art. "National Gallery of Art Picks Kaywin Feldman as Next Director" on artnews.com
  21. The Triple Crown Irish Pub on 7th between 28th and 29th is fine. Haven’t tried many dishes but it is hard to screw up a shepherd’s pie and they don’t. Lot of beer choices, lot of tv’s following sports: Good accessible bathrooms
  22. DaveO

    Traveling Round-Trip, NY <-> DC

    In all seriousness, and I’m sure multiple trip users would agree, use a restroom before you leave. It’s usable on the bus but far from optimal. For a price difference that is ordinarily +$100 to +$150 less than the train/per trip it is well worth it especially for those that travel often It does make Broadway and other features more accessible than I previously thought
  23. dracisk

    Christmas Events around Washington, DC

    I think we're going to do Miracle on 34th Street in Hampden, Baltimore on Saturday as long as the weather is OK. (It's supposed to be much milder but possibly rainy!) My 4-year-old loves houses with holiday lights. We've never been so would appreciate tips from anyone who has!
  24. DonRocks

    Traveling Round-Trip, NY <-> DC

    And it's so much fun using the restroom, too!
  25. TheMatt

    Christmas Events around Washington, DC

    Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights. I did it last year with my family. It was fun...save for the end-of-days rain storm we got caught in. Bull Run Festival of Lights. I'm planning on doing this this year. After last year and the deluge, the idea of Christmas lights you drive through in a nice warm car sounds kind of nice. (That said, I've never been. Anyone out there been and have advice?)
  26. One of the three bears, Joe Flamm. He is the executive chef at Spiaggia in Chicago. Winner of season 15. I really wanted Chef Chris to win. His current location is in Brooklyn, but he has roots in Philly and visits Lancaster County often. It would have been nice to get a little bit of that Top Chef action here in Amish Country.
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