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  2. Coming to the Misha's space in Old Town: https://alexandrialivingmagazine.com/food-and-dining/jenis-splendid-ice-creams-coming-to-alexandria/
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  4. Sounds like an argument of intentional neglect. No luck in that.
  5. I have a long response. Around 1992-1993 I watched as someone I had known for about 2+ decades died of AIDS. Most of that last year he lived at his brothers home, his brother being my closest friend and lived in this area. I watched as this extremely nice person withered away. His body shrunk his skin turned sallow. He grew weaker and weaker. Immune deficiency. His body could not fight off the bugs and illnesses that would kill all of us without that built in protection. It took somewhat over a year from the time he learned that what had been HIV turned into AIDS. In '92 earlier '93 there was no way to fight AIDS. There was not a cure or a medicine. AIDS hit the American consciousness in the very early 1980's. It was known as a Gay Disease. It was a complete mystery to science. In its earliest days there was immense fear about it. People including medical personnel were afraid to touch people with HIV or AIDS. That fear lasted for a long time. It was widespread. In March of 1989 one of the more caring loving events with regard to the treatment and interactions of people with AIDS occurred--Barbara Bush, then first lady publicly hugged a baby and then an adult with AIDS. That was 1989. Years had passed. The public still had an overwhelming fear connected to this disease. In the earlier 1980's another of my closest friends bagged his MD and became a medical researcher. As an intern or in his residency he had been treating patients with AIDS. He joined a firm that was attacking the AIDS virus and ways to treat it via a method that had fairly recently been developed and perfected. The company was led by the PHD who had perfected this method and was funded by Venture Capitalists which also included corporate monies from various Pharmaceutical and other med oriented businesses. My friend was close with the president and his wife and I dated the founder/Presidents sister. During that period I learned a lot about the scientific community, its efforts to spread information and knowledge and the funding of research. Overwhelmingly the bulk of the money HAD to come from the Feds. The Private world neither had the money to fully fund the science and the effort was very risky. Over modern American history the Feds have funded many projects that ultimately proved valuable, ie Airplanes, Jets, large scale computers, the internet, etc etc etc. The politics of the "80's severely limited the money and hence the research into addressing and searching for cures, medicines and antidotes for AIDS/HIV. There were endless roads to go down. There were researchers available. There wasn't enough funding. Had more money gone into this research earlier, more avenues would have been tested and explored. The likelihood was that the medicines that resulted in "cocktail drugs" that kept HIV from progressing to AIDS MIGHT have been discovered earlier. Possibly a couple of years earlier. A lot of people might have died because of those political considerations. I can never describe the circumstances as connected to luck. Crappy heartless politics contributed to many deaths. Come to think of it this administration hates science. Funding is dropping in a wide variety of areas. Many will die.
  6. Obviously would love to see them play a solid game tonight and put this away to take on the Islanders. They got outplayed on Monday and if they play any sort of game like that it is lights out. The Carolina team is fast and seems driven to make a run to round 2.
  7. On a side note I was interacting with a grad of the bartending school who bartends at Cap One Center for Caps and Wizards games. During the playoffs this year she has been earning roughly twice what she makes at any regular game. Actually great money for an event that isn't that long. I think the employees at Aramark at the Cap Center are rooting as hard as anyone for the Caps to win tonight.
  8. I have a lot of wine to work through here. One thing needed is more affordable French wine. The selection here is literally all over the map. Italy and Greece are strong as is Georgia and most of Eastern Europe plus domestic wine. It's an interesting challenge.
  9. Beginning in June 2019, Books & Brews will meet at Fair Winds Brewing at 7000 Newington Road, Lorton, VA 22079. Still meeting on the 1st Thursdays of the month at 6:30.
  10. Yes, Ed is a good guy. I've learnt a lot from him. Mark - what are your plans for CPW&L?
  11. Thanks. Ed Jenks, former sommelier at Vidalia is at Weygandts.
  12. Between Weygandt's and Mark at CPW&L, not bad, not bad at all.
  13. I had a blood transfusion (8 units, meaning 8 random people from New Orleans) when I was very young and before supplies were tested. When tested, I learned I was negative. I feel very, very lucky and did at the time too. Even getting tested at the time was...stigmatized and I was a child.
  14. I could not find a topic for Monterey's Pizza in Alexandria. They just opened a new location about a block away from their old location. They are going to have a patio, they have some inside seating (not huge about 7 tables of various sizes). Beer and wine license coming. We have tried DRP, Lost Dog (our previous favorite), Lena's and Monterey's so far has been our favorite delivery/eat in pizza that we have found so far in the Alexandria/Del Ray area. the crust has nice char, I think the toppings are really good. The staff is really nice, delivery is fast. We have eaten in their new location and while not amazing ambiance wasn't bad, we watched baseball and ate some pizza. I think the sauce is better than Lena's, crust is better than Lost Dog, and I am not sure why exactly, but as a whole I find it better than DRP. Anyway, just my two cents.
  15. Not big wedges but my Costco has the white cheddar Babybels (on sale this cycle!) that aren't very crumbly, if you are looking for a transportable snacking cheese. It is definitely a mild and not a sharp cheddar flavor. I do prefer the originals, which are a kind of Edam cheese, though they don't actually taste extremely different to me. At my Costco the Babybels aren't with the fancier wedge cheeses near the meat anymore, but with the large quantity shredded/string cheese in the yogurt/cold juice section. The moved them when I was pregnant and dependent on Babybels as a low-carb snack, so was really upset that they might have stopped carrying them and super relieved when I found them again. Wanted to mention that I always get the large jars of Better than Bullion @ Costco when they are available because they are a great deal. I haven't seen the big block of yeast in a while, but am keeping an eye out.
  16. He started a bit over 2 months ago!
  17. I got an email from Cleveland Park Wines that said Mark Slater is now with them. Good luck to Mark!
  18. I'm not one to jump on crazes, so I'll just grab a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A and douse it with Texas Pete's....
  19. OMG. I had not thought of that, but that just made my day. I havent booked my stay yet, but now I will plan on being there during Woodstock. SWEET!
  20. Okay, the floor is all yours: How was Arthur Ashe not unlucky?
  21. Well, its almost 300 miles from Brooklyn and I had to look it up to even know that so I'm not going to be very helpful here. But, if you're there on a Wed night, it seems that "Seneca Lake Duck Hunters" http://www.senecalakeduckhunters.net is open to the public and has "wing night". Looks about as quirky as it gets out there. eta: since its pretty darn close to Watkins Glen, I can't help but wonder if you're going to the 50th Woodstock Anniversary concert there (in August).
  22. I will be travelling to Penn Yan, New York and am looking for recommendations for places to see and eat. Thank you in advance! Of course the more quirky, the better.
  23. A little bit of everything: Bibb lettuce, green olives, and radishes; Bolthouse Farms cilantro-avocado dressing Sausage and cheese ravioli casserole Leftover leg of lamb with gravy
  24. I have not had the chance to try Hattie B's but I will say I enjoyed the Horse Inn's Music City Hot Chicken. It was so good, I often order one for now, and later. A Martins sesame seed bun holding together the tastiness of a seriously HOT chicken thigh coated in a breading that has notes of both sweet & spicy, piled high with a creamy cabbage slaw with bits of blue cheese. It has become my favorite on the menu when it is available.
  25. While walking in Crystal City yesterday, I saw that the Good Stuff Eatery had a sign out front for Nashville Hot Chicken, so on a whim I got one. It was unremarkable in every way and barely hot at all. It seemed like a run of the mill chicken breast with some breading and doused in some (not so) hot sauce. If I didn't know Nashville Hot Chicken was a thing, I'd have no idea this sandwich was "special". In spite of all that, it was still better than Chick-fil-a
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