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  2. From the freezer Mushroom enchiladas with tomatillo salsa. Hops Out Sun's Out IPA from Solace Old Overholt.
  3. Jawad was a bartender at Citronelle for years, and has been a member here for a long time. Here are some pictures from Bon Vivant's website:
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  5. With apologies to Dean, Axios again..... A clinic in Nebraska is also testing an existing drug on on someone evacuated from the Diamond Princess.
  6. Friends and I have talked about doing this, but have never actually managed it- let us know how you all do it, and how it turns out.
  7. 1. Dean & Kay 4. Eric & Steve 5. Pras 6. Hashim Hathaway 7. Annie Morse 8. Lisa Lefferts 9. Darkstar965
  8. Italy and South Korea both report 10 deaths each. Outside China, there are now 2,790 cases in 37 countries, and 44 deaths," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said The latest global tally includes dozens of new cases in South Korea, Italy and Iran. Each of those countries has confirmed at least 10 deaths so far from COVID-19, a mark that surpasses the death toll reported in many Chinese provinces. Good thing we have this locked down virtually airtight.
  9. I'm more concerned about my stock portfolio than the lives of other people. Some of us are just wired differently.
  10. Baby arugula, radicchio, blueberry salad; red wine - honey vinaigrette Whole wheat sourdough miche; seasoned olive oil (thyme, rosemary, coarse sea salt, coarsely ground black peppercorns, finely ground red peppercorns) Mardi Gras Pasta The salad combination was really good. The bread was from Le Pain Quotidien and was just a little bit too dense and too sour. It was okay--it's bread, after all--but not my favorite. I bought a quarter size and that's still fairly big so there's still quite a bit left.
  11. And secretary of HHS touting the junta's line rather than backing up the CDC's warnings. This is winning?
  12. It would be better if each person picks a dish and bring the ingredients. Everyone then cook and eat at the meeting. Maybe not feasible depending on Kitchen size and dishes.
  13. And POTUS is more worried about the virus affecting the stock market and his re-election chances than the health of hundreds of millions of people.
  14. Sorry, no experience with this kind of bookclub but it sounds interesting. How are you structuring yours? Does everyone cook one recipe from the book and bring it to bookclub?
  15. The Koji experiments that wound up with too much water are history. One developed mold and the other smelled funky. I put up a batch tonight using my usual method with 40% of the koji rice weight as salt, water to cover. While I had koji rice out, I ground a little to use for koji rice marinated pork loin. They are thin so 2 or 3 days of sitting is all they will need.
  16. Marinated some chicken tenders is fish sauce, grilled yaki niku style served w/wasabi & ponzu Store bought Japanese eggplant pickles Rice Sun's out Hop's out IPA from Solace. Trail mix.
  17. If that is directed here, I can't begin to tell you the joy of being able to cook what I want.
  18. [Ohhhhh, I didn't even see that until just now, (The **CENSORED** thing was meant to be a joke, btw - I forgot all about it.)]
  19. All your meals sound delicious! Tonight was a chicken salad with chickpeas, bell pepper, radish, carrot, feta and green goddess dressing. I have made recently: Brunswick stew, ribeye and salad, turkey meatloaf with roasted potatoes and broccoli.
  20. I just thought it funny that elements in Iran are blaming the US, and elements in the US are blaming..... Particularly so in light of Dean recently responding to your thread on War Criminals vs. American Heroes.... BBC showing video of Iran's deputy health minister apparently sweating profusely. He, and at least one parliamentarian later claimed to have tested positive, but cynics say it's a scam to lure the public into a false sense of security. They say the minister will disappear for a few days, then return saying no big deal.
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  22. I feel like I completely get this ratio due to my extensive experience playing Plaque, Inc. on my iPad.
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