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  2. Be careful - that beautiful o-toro wasn't the same quality this time around (it was great, but the texture was all wrong), despite its appearance. I'll explain later.
  3. Capitol Hill twitter is abuzz: Tortilla Coast is closing permanently. I can't find the tweet again that gave the effective date. I think it's July 19th. (It's all been secondhand but from multiple sources.) This is the announcement from Union Pub, which operates in Tortilla Coast's original space on the Senate side:
  4. I love the beaches too. The North part is definitely more crowded than the South, but still much, much less crowded than the Eastern Shore. Some of the food is terrible but some is pretty good. Duck Cottage is a wonderful coffee shop/bookstore. And, you’re at the beach. The beach is good.
  5. The beaches were awesome. You can literally stop by the side of the road and walk over a sand dune to have a pristine stretch of beach all to yourself. I can't think of another place I've been in the US where that's possible.
  6. Yesterday
  7. This is the best state by state breakout of daily new cases I've seen. It's what comes up if you google 'coronavirus map'.
  8. For me, personally, I would no sooner go to Duck (or Kitty Hawk, or Nags Head) than I would Germantown. I do remember a place called the Weeping Radish Brewery up in the northern part that I enjoyed, but that was only for a quick visit. If I remember correctly, there's a very long (10-20 miles) stretch of protected land, with virtually no commerce - something like a government-controlled reserve - that essentially separates the Northern Outer Banks from the Southern Outer Banks. And then there was Brew-Thru.
  9. I did a double-take when I saw the $51 crab cakes - my guess is that restaurants are forced to raise prices to compensate for decreased business. I just got back from BlackSalt market, and will report on this week's bounty later on.
  10. Not DC area, obviously, but this seemed like maybe the thread for this (?): https://blockclubchicago.org/2020/07/08/alinea-made-a-coronavirus-themed-dish-its-not-going-over-well/ I didn't have a visceral negative reaction but it appears many people have. Acknowledging the reason everything is so weird doesn't seem horrible on its face, but repeatedly try to defend it against angry pandemic sufferers seems like a lost cause. ETA: The one comment about it by Kokonas makes me think that Grant Achatz must be the one who came up with it, and he's high risk, so you'd think that would be a mitigating factor in evaluating the canape. ETA2: Achatz is the person who designed it. More here. It doesn't mention him being high risk, though, so maybe he's not considered high risk now.
  11. Yesterday: Lentil sausage soup Leftover tofu, brown rice, broccoli, and corn Shirataki noodles The soup was in the freezer, the last bit of a batch I made last month. Today was leftover brown rice to go with a casserole I made from aging mushrooms and leftover broccoli and salmon. I needed to use up the remainder of a quart of milk so made a cream sauce and combined with the other ingredients. I sauteed the mushrooms with some chopped onion and garlic before I started the sauce. I also mixed in some homemade bread crumbs and added more of them and some grated Parmesan to the top about 5 minutes before the end of the oven time. If there hadn't been salmon involved, I probably would have gone more cheesy, but this was pretty balanced. The casserole was quite good, an odd choice for a steamy July lunch, but that's the way it goes. I won't have the oven on again today!
  12. We've been doing carryout about once a week, for the past 3 months. No delivery and 99% is in the Woodbridge area. We want to support the local restaurants, but we also like variety, so we don't have a favorite restaurant that we hit constantly. Having said that, these have been our experiences so far: The Shakin' Crab (Manassas) Yum, easy online ordering and safe easy pick-up. They had a plexi shield and sliding tray below it that they put your bag into and, sort of like some banks have. We did the Special #1 and cajun fries. Astoria Pizza Restaurant (Woodbridge) We’d seen good reviews and we thought it was OK but not worth the drive from our house. Arepas Capitol USA (Woodbridge) Been twice, like it. Easy to order over the phone and counter right near the door for pick-up. We’ve tried a couple of the sandwiches and the appetizer sampler platter. Kabob G (Woodbridge) Easy online ordering, with fields for notes like NO CILANTRO. Got the food as ordered and it was very good. Dok Khao Thai Eatery (Woodbridge) Not sure if it was because of Mother’s Day weekend, but this place was a madhouse in terms of them trying to keep track of the status of orders and the kitchen. It took 40 min to get the confirmation email and then my husband waited at the restaurant for over an hour to get our order. The food was good but e probably won't go back. Skrimp Shack (Dumfries) We have been a few times pre-COVID and happy to see they were doing well. Easy online ordering and curbside pick-up. Wok & Pho (Woodbridge) Easy online ordering but the Thai curry was not very spicy to according to my husband. I got the Thai basil fried rice, which I’d had pre-COVID, and enjoyed as much as I previously had. Almita's Mexican Restaurant (Woodbridge) Not easy to order over phone, but the food was good. I think they’ve improved their ordering system since then. Dixie Bones (Woodbridge) We went here in early April. Easy online ordering, well packaged with instructions. Crosby's Crabs (Woodbridge) The ordering/pick-up table was outside but I saw a distinct lack of face masks. The shrimp and crabs were good, but I don’t think we’ll go back. KikiRiki (Woodbridge) This is a Peruvian restaurant that we’d been to pre-COVID. Good spacing inside, but some customers had issues following/understanding the traffic flow. But it was not overly crowded and We enjoyed the food. We had a whole chicken and tripe soup, which covered us for 2 meals. Taste of Tandoor (Woodbridge) This was another restaurant that we’d been to pre-COVID and happy to see they were doing well. Jangko Japanese Restaurant (Woodbridge) Phone ordering. We liked the Korean Spicy Chirashi & Yakisoba which we ordered with sushi, and it made 2 meals for us.
  13. Looking at menu and prices it appears prices have definitely increased. Crab cakes - $51, Addie's Mussels - $20 (pretty sue I had these just before the pandemic and I think they were $14, less at happy hour).
  14. First, there are literally no rental properties available in July or August from Corolla to Ocracoke. None! I thought I wasn't using the search function properly on a couple sites because I kept coming up empty so I called, and the woman told me that because people can't go to Europe or Disney, they are driving to the beach instead and everything is booked. Second, as someone mentioned, I don't think there are any luxe hotels. Maybe some nice B&Bs? But your best bet is to rent a place (this fall or next year). Some of the beach houses are VERY tricked out with pools, hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, elevators, etc. You can go from a shotgun shack to a place that's $20K a week. Unfortunately, I haven't found many small places that are really nice. I don't really look for them, but in a bunch of casual searches it seems that the 2 and 3 bedroom places are all 20/30/40 years old while the newer places are all 6/8/10 bedroom places with a corresponding price tag. And as far as dining out goes, the best restaurant is your own kitchen, unless you really love fried...…….everything! That's a bit of an exaggeration, as there are some decent places here an there, but when I go, we very rarely dine out. And when we do go "out" it's usually just to pick up a pizza. On the flip side, the fresh seafood is plentiful and cheap. For me, the appeal of the place is that there's nothing to do but go to the beach and cook and eat and drink and soak up the natural vibe. But I always stay way down in Avon or Buxton where there is almost literally nothing to do besides laying on the beach. Up in Nags Head/Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills, it's like any(resort)town USA. All sorts of tourist traps and movies and mini golf and bars, etc. I avoid it like the plague.
  15. Since Tuesday, we have been working on food from the freezer. We often make extra and freeze. That's good now. I had knee surgery on Tuesday. and now the husband is stuck doing everything for the next few week. So, rum and black bean chicken with coconut rice from the freezer last night. Chicken chili over fritos the night before. And salad with everything. That doesn't need to be frozen!
  16. Wow, been a while. This was renamed to Campbell's Custard, but the custard has remained consistently delicious. The new URL is: http://campbellscustard.com/ In addition, we've been a few times this summer and I've felt very comfortable with the employees' masking and how they are handling payment and food handling.
  17. It was salad and sandwich night yesterday. My husband found fresh wild salmon at Costco, so I broiled all ~2 lbs. of it for use in various things. It went on top of a salad last night: baby arugula, tomato, red onion, cucumber, capers, lemon juice, and mustard vinaigrette. We also had more leftover potato salad and cold cut hoagies (ham, turkey, swiss, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers).
  18. Last week
  19. Huge difference between southern outer banks and northern outer banks. Very different experiences. Not making judgments - just the truth.
  20. We've gone to Boar's Head Resort in Charlottesville and Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown. In retrospect, I would feel safer renting a place out and bring my own pillows.
  21. The problem is we don't know who's staffing the kitchen. Chinese joints in my normal rotation are hit and miss these days as a result.
  22. End of staycation = eating out. Eating out + pandemic = eating outdoors Outdoors + summer in DC = hot & muggy Hot & muggy outdoors requires shade + refreshing food All that led us to Nina May last night (Wed 7/8/20). Nina May has plenty of outdoor seating, with ground floor tables and covered rooftop tables. We sat on the covered rooftop and a large oscillating fan kept us from burning up. To start, we ordered 2 Little Neck Clams with Wild Watercress (shaved radishes, herb butter, chard tomatoes) and Spring Onion Focaccia (with pickled pickled ramps and whipped ricotta). So each clam order came with 1 slice of foccacia. So we really didn't need a separate order of focaccia, but we didn't know just from reading the menu. The clams were fabulous even if a little on the salty side, especially with the herbs. They's gone in 60 seconds. The focaccia themselves were okay - I wouldn't order them again by themselves. Next we had 2 salads from their vegetables selection. Maryland Cherry Salad with Fresh Arugula (toasted almonds, marinated cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette) and Bob’s Grilled Romaine Lettuce with Shaved Parmesan (cured egg yolk, herb focaccia croutons, anchovy vinaigrette). I really liked the former, was ambivalent about the latter. I never thought cherries would go well with arugula, but the vinaigrette balanced both out. The grilled romaine had that charred taste which was not my favorite. To make sure we leave stuffed and happy, we finished with Prosciutto Wrapped Rabbit Porchetta (rabbit sausage, fava bean salad, mustard vinaigrette) and Ramp and Ricotta Agnolotti with Spring Lamb (fava beans, forest mushrooms, crispy shallots). Both were excellent. The rabbit being rabbit looked a bit dry but had great flavor. The agnolotti were al dente. Both were served with lots of delicious veggies so we probably could've just skipped the salads. We'll know better next time. Even the kids didn't want dessert after that pig-out. P.S. I don't want to get sick but I still want to eat some great food. Eating outdoors is my compromise. I can heartily recommend St. Anselm, Albi, Cranes and Nina May.
  23. Regulations do have the force of law. Law Dictionary One difficulty with converting to statute, is that opponents would look for a sunset clause, and it would be a brave/foolish person who'd commit to a date certain at this point. Raising the price of violating the regs might be an easier way to go, but the violators have already been shut down, which is a significant fine.
  24. I have had nothing but mediocre to terrible delivery experiences. Maybe I order the wrong things from the wrong places. New Big Wong was disappointing. Pork chops were gristly and tough. Joe's Seafood, looked like the driver had shaken the box, they pack bread and butter packets on top of hot food so that it melts and is VERY EXPENSIVE. Joe's fried chicken has been recommended to me, but I haven't done it yet. Il Canale in Georgetown has decent pizza if you keep it simple and desserts. City Lights of China has fairly consistent food but has had the most delivery problems- lateness, cancelled orders. Miss Saigon in Georgetown can't seem to make up their minds what they are doing.
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