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  2. Hi everyone. I'm Steven, just discovered this site and figured I had to sign up! I love great food and great drink, no matter what the price point or location. I can't cook to save my life, so I leave that in the hands of great chefs. You guys look like you have a wonderful community here. I look forward to being a part of it!
  3. I'll be in with my wife for a date night tonight and am already looking forward to some tasty softshells (and wine, always wine).
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  5. King Street Blues was a LONG time coming though... But I agree a lot of closures of restaurants, there is a lot of new stuff opening and moving around though (Chop Shop, Urbano, the German place I haven't tried yet, Misha's moved to King, etc). My personal theory is that if you think about it 2009-2010 the rents likely were very low as that was major recession, I can see a lot of rent negotiations during recession years being quite difficult to hammer out.
  6. I wonder if they are putting their stuff up for auction like they did before... they have some super cute bistro chairs and stuff.
  7. you know, as i think about it, there's enough on those quick lunch options they would eat: patatas bravas/croquetas pollo/gambas or pollo al ajillo/helados.
  8. jaleo would work for dinner but their shorter lunch menu is harder for our boys--we'd have to pull a lot of stuff out of any sandwich they got. those $20 quick lunch sets do look tempting though...
  9. https://dc.eater.com/2019/7/17/20697735/px-speakeasy-bar-closing-alexandria-old-town I think they changed focus to the Wharf (can't blame them, it's new and hot). The Armstrong's also still have Hummingbird which wasn't mentioned here, as I am not sure it was part of EGFG. I think the rise of boutique cocktails everywhere probably took a hit on PX as being special, and people want new and different, so I can't blame him for not renewing the rent, when he has a giant space to manage.
  10. Mr. BLB and I went last night. The salmon collar and blue crab eggs were the winners of the night, along with the grilled broccoli. The Swiss chard was too salty and they removed it from the bill. For mains we had the pork porterhouse and the flatiron. Both were prepared well. I think we would happily go back and do more appetizers and sides and skip the mains though. We walked around union market because we arrived early. It’s such an interesting collection of options. And even after the worst of the storm was over, it took us forever to get home to upper MoCo
  11. Fair enough. I think they'd really like Bantam King--no reservations, but usually no (or short) wait. And close to the mall. Fried chicken for those who don't want ramen.
  12. seki doesn't do reservations for groups of 4. and i'm not chancing a wait with the kids after a long day of museuming.
  13. alas, we are only there from aug 12-16 (leaving the morning of the 16th). currently: daikaya izakaya on night 1, laos in town on night 2. will figure out nights 3 and 4 soon, or maybe just night 4: it may well be the case that we will order enough food at laos in town to bring it back to our hotel for night 3 (our room has a kitchenette).
  14. I'd skip Daikaya Izakaya. Much better to go to Daikaya (or Bantam King--great for kids) for ramen. (Be prepared for a wait at the former.) Or if you're looking for a great izakaya, go to Seki.
  15. If you are in DC on July 21 & 22, 2019, Doi Moi is hosting a Taste of Sri Lanka pop-up. Reservations are recommended. You can preview the à la carte menu on the Doi Moi website.
  16. Pre- paid dining credit account at Thamee. Bonuses offered up until 7-21-19. Not living in the area, I do not see the upside of signing onto this, but I could possibly see the value of this both for the business to build capital, and to encourage diners to dine here more often. Could this lead other restaurants starting "house accounts"?
  17. I saw you three at the bar. The Softshells this year are pretty amazing and so far they are keeping in fairly good supply {literally only 2 times when I have tried to order have hey been out of stock} While most folk think of them as a spring item, crab molt 6 or 7 times a season. So far this year, no signs of lethargy or leathery skins in the softies {for me, much more lethargy}
  18. I would second Cuban Corner. My sandwiches have always been good there and I just like going there, it is a comfortable place for me. I enjoy a lot of their dishes.
  19. Alternatives for you if you are seeking to have Lao Food, Lao in Town, or Hanumanh. The latter is ran by the same team as Thip Khao. Or call TK directly to see what’s up?
  20. alas, it appears that thip khao may be closed the entire week that we are in dc! at least all those dates are struck through on their reservation system. just my luck!
  21. I just left Felix a little while ago. I came to town for work, and had time to kill before flying back home on Delta in the morning (LAX to DCA non-stop! I suspect that’s the longest flight from DCA and would love to be proven wrong). Anyway, this place is really great. Thank you for the suggestion. I had a classic Negroni, an order of the pizza bianca, the rigatoni all’amatriciana, and a glass of white wine. I sat at the bar, since it was just me and I didn’t have reservations. I had a great meal. The Negroni was made with the Cocchi’s sweet vermouth (vermouth di Torino). It was very good. The wine was by the glass and very good - I can’t recall the name, but I know I picked it and would have no one but me to blame if I hated it. I really enjoyed some of the pizza bianca during my meal and more once I got back to my hotel. The flavor is unbelievable. I like oregano, but I don’t know that I have ever tasted oregano that tastes like this did. The sea salt and olive oil are also great. I enjoyed the rigatoni, as well, but the pizza was out of this world. This place, however, may be . . . Huh . . . Expensive? For a cocktail, pizza, wine, pasta, tax and tip, I spent $91. I’m not necessarily complaining, but I didn’t see prices on their online menus. Is $26 a lot for a plate of amatriciana? Maybe? Is if for what many places would call a half serving? I think so? The service was, however, amazing. The head bartender did not waste a movement, was exceptionally hospitable, and was exceptionally polite. I could not believe how efficient she was with tea service, coffee service, the bar, the service bar, and — even — serving dinners to fools like me at that bar. So, if money were no object and price not a factor, I would love this place. But, once you consider that the restaurant sorta makes it hard for its potential customers to assess its cost compared with its value, you leave feeling like: “O.K. great food, that I enjoyed, but did I just spend time $91 on four things?” I’m writing this before my expense report has been rejected, because I do think the place was great. But if someone says “No” to my reimbursement, and that means it was “my” money I spent: yikes. The value proposition feels WAAAAY off for a simple, but delicious, Italian trattoria (in my humble opinion). TL; DR: I might have gotten more utility eating at the LAX In N Out burger nine times than eating at Felix once. YMMV.
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