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  3. I realize that I'm in the minority in thinking that these moves can improve the beer landscape. I was at Devil's Backbone Outpost in Lexington recently and had a very nice cocoa beer and barley wine. Revolutionary? No. Innovative? Maybe. But I had a nice meal and a few good beers in a facility that was providing jobs and rewarding brewing quality. It was owned by Budweiser. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dogfish long ago passed the threshold of being a small brewer, with 175,000 keg production. Sam Adams is also a behemoth. Both make some good beers, though I personally find both flagship brews to be middling. But its hard to argue that neither has earned their place in craft brewing for advancing the industry. So we can celebrate an industry to martyr brewers (an admittedly desirable land for martyrdom) who produce a quality product but realize low financial gains. Or we can celebrate an industry that rewards innovation and success in niche categories, mixed with financially successful, mass-market product lines, to raise all ships. (this post written while drinking a Dogfish Dragons and YumYums in Collaboration with Flaming Lips - a "Pale Ale brewed with dragonfruit and yumberry, passion fruit, pear and black carrot juices" - Bud Light it is not)
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  5. Monday: London broil Mashed potato casserole Tuesday: Lamb loin chips Rice pilaf Roasted zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes Tonight: Trader Joe's phyllo ring with cheeses, topped with bacon, mushrooms, and spinach Leftover lamb chop Leftover roasted vegetables
  6. Yep, a couple months ago, I was perusing the ice cream selection at the Giant in Falls Church, when I saw the 4 or 5 flavors they have in pints of Big Gay Ice Cream. I've tried the "Dorothy" and "Birfday Cak" flavors, and they're delish. The Cucinelli family might have a problem with it, but who cares?
  7. Roasted onions, red & yellow peppers with whipped feta (olive oil, lemon, mint, dill)
  8. Report: Facelift Planned for RTC’s Common Areas by Fatimah Wasseem RestonNow Over the next 18 months, the company plans to spend up to $5 million to upgrade some of the areas, the Washington Business Journal reported today (Wednesday).
  9. Was up very quickly for a retirement party but went to the new BAR IN OAKLAND, MD!!!! Sipside. Craziness, it was very neat on the inside with warm woods, music posters and cool decor. They have a few spirits, cocktails, wine and beer. No bargains, and the wine list is well- they have wine and it's a bar that is open- what more do you want. They had music playing while we were there and the music was good. No real food served, but they provide bar snacks. It was a happening place when I was up on Friday, and it was nice to see some people out in Oakland in the evening. I also had lunch at the Casselman Cafe in Deep Creek. I just got the salad bar, which is very fresh and soup. I went for the ham and bean as I thought the crab was bland last time. Mom got the crab, this time the crab was great, the ham and bean was bland. They had homemade rolls on the salad bar, which was nice. This isn't like a Wegman's variety salad bar, but I think it is a pretty decent selection, and it's one of the few places in GC to just get a salad that isn't just iceberg with tomato and cheese. I was going to get a sandwich- why we went here- but then I changed my mind.
  10. Last night was kale and leaf lettuce salad, with homemade tahini dressing, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and leftover ribs and chicken from dinner. Oh and a few pickled okra.
  11. I had the soft shell sandwich at Ebbitt yesterday and the crab was surprisingly large with a light, crisp cornmeal batter - one of the better soft shell's I've had in awhile. We may be getting to the point where the size is getting more reasonable - others I saw were similar size.
  12. One pan meal: salmon and chick peas. I had some spicy olives from the salad bar, so I chopped up a few of those and mixed them with the chickpeas. I seasoned everything with lots of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, and Greek seasoning. It was a surprisingly tasty meal. The spicy olives and chick peas were delicious. That’s going to enter into the rotation, for sure.
  13. I had a friend from college who used to say, "Geez Manetti." I've never heard anyone else say this before (or since), and I just looked it up - apparently it's "a thing," sort of like "Geez Louise." Jul 1, 2011 - "Twanglish Lesson: Southern Cussemisms" on real-southern.com (see the comment section) Maybe this is limited to South Cackalacky. Apr 15, 2010 - "A Word To Capture the Carolinas" by Elizabeth Jensen on carrborocommons.mj.unc.edu NB - The only term on this website that's forbidden is "pop" for soft drink, so all you folks from Cleveland, please keep it in your pants and/or get a room.
  14. Email the Nats and let them know. I don't use credit for entertainment if possible, and have handled it by purchasing FAR less at the park this year, and last year when it began. Perhaps that explains the faster lines - surely we aren't the only ones.
  15. This is an interesting moment: I just this minute realized that Keith Haring was white - although I haven't thought about this much, I think I always assumed he was black (also, I always assumed he was British). Is this subtle racism? It wasn't malevolent, but it's fascinating to me because I have no clue why. And you know what else? As I'm typing, I think I might have assumed Banksy was black also (I don't think I've ever pondered it until now). Maybe this is all because of Basquiat? Or maybe covert discrimination is so deeply ingrained that it has insidiously flowed into me? Every tagger that I've personally known has been white, so I'm not quite sure why I thought Haring wasn't. Point to ponder, Cool Disco Don PS - If this was truly a surprise, and I'm not convinced Sotheby's didn't know about it, then it's about the best prank I've ever seen:
  16. There are many analyses of "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer," an 1865, single-stanza, free-verse poem by the great Walt Whitman. You can go to the link and read the poem in less than thirty seconds. Most analyses - perhaps every analysis - I've read have described it as rejecting bookish knowledge in favor of life's wisdom, but I disagree with such a banal interpretation. In fact, if this was Whitman's "intent" when he wrote the poem, I disagree with Whitman himself. There are two people in the poem: the writer (speaking in first person) and the lecturer, and I propose that the poem isn't a criticism of the lecturer, but rather a celebration of what went into the lecture. Yes, you can reject all academia, and appreciate the simplicity of nature without the physics behind it, but you can also appreciate physics - not as some boring, obligatory use of calculus, but the actual mathematical definition of the way the universe works - and once you see the actual universe, and link the two together, you'll have a newfound appreciation for the science that attempts to describe it all. The writer, who grew ill at the lecture, had an awakening once he realized what the lecture was about - surely this wasn't the first time he ever looked up at the night sky; his catharsis was a newfound appreciation of the engine that was driving the lecturer.
  17. BUNGALOW ALEHOUSE OFFICIALLY OPENING MAY 29 by Chris Wadsworth, TheBurn The building — located in the Ashburn Crossroads center next to Fuddrucker’s and IHOP — used to be a Bertucci’s Italian restaurant, but the Bungalow team has given the space an extreme makeover. It was gutted and rebuilt — including a brand new bar, a large room filled with pool tables and a new outdoor bar and patio.
  18. Last week
  19. There's a Lidl in Ashburn. The bizarre assortment of clothing and housewares in the midst of cheap food is pretty confusing. Produce can be a bargain. I've been unimpressed with the few bakery items I've tried.
  20. Guess I wasn't the only one to observe. The article says it has been closed since May 9th. Reston Town Center’s Vapiano is Temporarily Closed Again by Fatimah Wasseem RestonNow 'Major Restructuring" At Vapiano Reston Town Center by Dan Taylor, RestonPatch Italian restaurant Vapiano is undergoing a "major restructuring" at Reston Town Center, the company says.
  21. Whenever we go to HHI in two days, Fayetteville is normally my leave in the evening after normal rush hour, and it is as far as I can get before I am too tired to keep driving stop. If you are leaving in the evening you could stop in Richmond for ZZQ and then keep driving until you hit a good place to stop. I've also stopped in Rocky Mount. I think the Rocky Mount hotels are a little nicer. But where I stay totally depends on if we have the pup with us and the fact that on day two I just get tired of being in the car.
  22. Oh, I definitely believe that, but America Eats isn't a chain. I used to take my son to Sweetwater Tavern all the time - it was never great, but it was always "good enough," and very fairly priced - remarkable, considering how much volume they do.
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