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  2. Eric, I find this post offensive and dangerously close to, if not actually, antisemetic. If you don't want to be thought an antisemite, maybe think about what you post. Jews making Jewish traditional dishes in a new country they had to flee to to get out from under antisemitism cannot possibly be called cultural appropriation.
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  4. Don, Thank you for taking the time in explaining the roots of a bialy and mentioning Kossars. A favorite New York Jewish Deli of ours in New York especially for super tasty and fun bialys I read the the bagels vs rolls with holes post. And found it informative and educational. little background: we use organic high gluten bread flour our bagels our hand rolled proofed for almost 24 hours as they should be boiled and baked. Same dough and process sans the boil are used on our bialy. I am a New Jersey native who grew up eating bagels my entire life as well as living and working in NYC for many years.
  5. Excellent! I made cocktail round 2: a mix of sherry, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Very refreshing. This will be a great late afternoon cocktail during summer time patio season.
  6. Bialy is short for Białystoker kuchen ("cake from Białystok" in English), named after the town Białystok ("White Slope" in English), originally settled in the 1200s, which was itself named after the Biała Rzeka, ("White River" in English). Bialy does not have jack-diddly to do with the color of Rob Rubba's baked goods. Even Kossar's own video about making bialys says, "... Place them in the oven for about ten minutes. Remove them golden brown ..." Please stop here.
  7. Hi @DonRocks: Would you be so kind to add "Chef" in front of Rob Rubba and add "Chef Deb Rubba" so the tagline reads: "Weekend Pop-Up by Chef Rob Rubba and Chef Deb Rubba inside of Estadio, Logan Circle". Thanks so much in advance.
  8. I’be never seen a brown/yellow bialy in my life. That bialy is for gentiles. It’s a round bread. ‘Bialy” means white in Polish. I don’t care for cultural appropriation. Those aren’t bagels either. My alternate universe life as a Jew says its sacrilegious to bake round bread and call it a bagel. It may be insanely out of this world mind-blowingly delicious but it ain’t a bagel. --- Bagels versus 'Rolls with Holes' - darkstar965
  9. We are not drinking these yet, but we have an abundance of strawberries and so... Strawberry Tequila. 3 blends. Aleppo Pepper w/cloves is rich. Guajilllo Chili is stronger, it was fiery yesterday and by today it mellowed. The last is chili arbol and it is HOT. I even added a vanilla bean to mellow it. It will make great Bloody Marias when we have homemade tomato juice. The strawberries macerated in the spirits for about 4 days. The berries are almost completely white and the strawberry flavor has almost completely been infused to the spirit. But if you bite into ne of the berries, there is a stron bitter component to it which is not infused into the spirit. Pimm's. 4 quarts strawberries, limes, blood orange, lemon, grapefruit & lemon grass, indian cukes, fresh ginger, hard spices. We will have about 2 liters of each of two blends, one is with Bombay sapphire and the other will be with Seagrams. High end and lowbrow both. I will do a heat and cool infusion measure which will force the essential oils into the pimms. When these are done, we will pour 2 oz over ice, add maybe 1/2 oz gin, 1 oz lemon and top with fginger brew. Andrew's K & B or Blenheim's ginger beer. I have a good source for Key limes, so I am thinking of a Key lime rum or tequila or both. Coming up will be raspberry, blackberry and black raspberry spirits. For these, I use a half pint or pint per liter of spirit. I think I will make one gin, one rum and a brandy. Next winter, I will be making a buddha's hand gin for Buddha's backhand's, which sis a corpse reviver with a buddha's hand infused gin.
  10. We hit up a local Peruvian restaurant for lunch yesterday and had the leftovers today. I had Cau Cau and the last of the salad while my husband enjoyed the chicken and rice.
  11. Tonight was grilled steaks. I pulled them out of the freezer a couple days ago and after they came up to room temperature this evening, I seasoned with some Worcestershire sauce and Penzeys Northwoods Fire seasoning. We had a couple of parsnips in the fridge, so I made oven roasted parsnips. Those got olive oil with turmeric, cumin, paprika, cayenne and black pepper before going in the oven. Those roasted while the steaks cooked. Once those were done, it was a delicious meal.
  12. We got some stray peas in our markt haul today. I cooked them on a couple of romaine leaves with some mint leaves and a bit of water. I added a couple of tablespoons of garlic scape butter. The peas weer no that sweet to begin with, but it was good. 3 pint baskets of shelling peas is not a lot of peas! Then some steamed octopus in ponzu w/wasabi and Indian cukes from Good Fortune. THey look like persian cukes but not as perfectly formed. They have more flavor. Last, fluke w/ponzu and wasabi. The fluke was outstanding but whoever fileted them did a poor job on the fin meat which is the best part. Rice. More Onikoroshi Strawberry Sorbet. Spot is feeling pooky and is not eating with gusto. We are watching with concern. He is drinking his water and pooping, so there is that. He might just be out of sorts. He got kicked out of the bedroom a couple of times this weekend. He might be pissed off. We told him Kay and I were playing poker and cats don't play poker. He proved me wrong when he filled an inside straight later on.
  13. Chicken noodle, rice, and vegetable soup plus breakfast burritos (potato, roasted red pepper, black beans, asparagus, scrambled eggs) The chicken soup had both noodles and rice because I added leftover rice pilaf that had vermicelli noodles already mixed in. Two for one. In addition to some chunks of chicken, the soup had broccoli, carrots, and roasted parsnips. The stock/broth for the soup came from the carcass of the chicken I roasted several days ago.
  14. My Sunday morning joy from SCRAPPY's Bagel Bar popup: B.C.T. is my favorite bagel sandwich elevated by Deb Rubba's Bacon Jam made with Nate Anda's Bacon from Red Apron, Cream Cheese and Heirloom Tomato from Root & Marrow Farm on a SCRAPPY's Smoked Salt Bagel. Insanely delicious beyond words. SCRAPPY's Pizza Bagel is my favorite bagel. Tomato sauce is perfection along with the chew on the bagel and provolone cheese. Just a dream!
  15. Made strawberry tequila sorbet. The texture is quite soft. I love it, Kay thinks it will melt too fast. She needs to eat faster! Spot would be willing to teach her. Used about a quart of grotto made strawberry syrup, 1-1/2 cups tequila, 1 cup water, black pepper, aleppo pepper. I let the syrup infuse for a couple of hours. I\d say sorbetti are still a work in progress.
  16. Croissants from Atwater on the way home from Westover Market. Spinach & feta, ham and cheese. I think Atwater does savory croissants better than any of the bakeries at the Farmer's markets we frequent.
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  18. We got two recipes from her today. I made the one for me, will make my wife’s tomorrow probably. But I loved, loved loved mine. Complex but straightforward to put together. The complexity came from adding cinnamon smoke to my glass ahead of time which I never would have thought of. The cocktail combined mezcal, amaro, sweet vermouth and sherry and I would order this over and over again in a bar. She nailed it.
  19. Never leave Red Truck without at least one package of their granola (if you like your granola on the fruity side; it's loaded with fruit). My freaking dog has eating not one but two of them. The pimento cheese is another favorite.
  20. Saturday's pickup from Green Almond Pantry: Beautiful Whole Seasonal Tart w/ Local Eggs, Goat Cheese & Seasonal Vegetables of Asparagus and Leeks in Homemade Flaky Tart Shell. Delicious selection of heavenly salads (Spicy Cabbage, Roasted Mini Peppers, Beets, Smokey Eggplant, and Braised Cranberry Bean) plated on hummus + crostini from this week's Chef To-Go. I finished plating with sprinkles of Cagla's Farro and Walnut Salad. And beautiful Micro Herbs and Greens included in my "Best of the Season" home delivery from The Chef's Garden.
  21. Tuna with homemade mayo & sakura soy. triscuits & feta and blue. Thai banana. Bali Blue Moon coffee. Spot had, you will never guess! Pizza and cat chow. His meowing for the pizza, which started an hour before pizza time, woke the neighbors.
  22. Hmm. Well, I have peppers. Thanks for the suggestion! Last night was salad, fried chicken and biscuit sandwiches, and steamed broccoli. I won't even begin to tell the story of how many different ways I messed up the chicken and biscuits recipe, but they still turned out wonderfully. Unbelievable.
  23. Lentil soup with Indian flavors, that I defrosted from the stash in the freezer. I topped it with grated Parmesan, which was an odd but great combination.
  24. Mul Naeng Myun: Korean bone broth, homemade water kimchi & juice, Asian snow pear, buckwheat noodles Cheese & crackers: Shepherd's Manor Maryland feta and Bailey Hazen Blue on triscuit Spot has pizza. For no more than 5 minutes before he puked. The poor guy spent almost the rest of the night except to go finish his pizza. He woke up at 5am loudly asking me to watch him eat his cat chow. He posted a review to Meow: "Why can't they follow me from the poopateria to where I eat. 2 claws for cleanliness and small portion size. The service is friendly but slow. They do not offer seconds, thirds, or fourths! Maybe change that to 1 claw."
  25. I thought you all would be interested in re-reading this post from nearly 15-years ago.
  26. Sad to learn this, I remember being taken to Hard Times in Alexandria for the first time sometime in the 80's by my then in-laws. I always got the Cincinnati style. Last year I bought a bottle of the chili vinegar from Fred, and it got left behind when I moved to CT in November.
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  28. Tonight was more of a wild fruit punch. I had some plum wine in the fridge, along with some cherry juice and OJ. I had an 11 oz. can of lychee that I put in the blender along with the juices and wine. We also added some Grog from Old House Vineyards for some more citrus flavor. Added a couple of ice cubes just to chill it and blended it all up. Poured it into our glasses and topped it off with some seltzer as it was a little sweet. Once I did that, it was perfect.
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