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  2. Well, my first go at it is a limited success. I used a slight modification of the Ben & Jerry's base and I'm very happy with the flavor -- strawberry basil -- but I think I didn't chill the base enough because it only froze around the edges after churning for 25 minutes. The canister got a full 26 hours in the chest freezer, so that was fine. I had about a quart of sliced strawberries that I had macerated with a couple of tablespoons of sugar and a couple of tablespoons of vodka. I pureed most of the berries with all the juices and saved a few berries to add in at the end of the churn. Then I ran the puree through a tamis -- ended up with a bit over 2.5 cups -- and afterwards reduced in the mike by a little over half and used 1/2 cup of the reduction and 1/2 cup of cream to replace the 1 cup of milk in the B&J recipe. Steeped basil stems in the cream and tempered the eggs with the hot basil cream, and strained that. Ended up adding a teaspoon of vanilla and about a tablespoon of lime juice to round the flavors. At any rate, I put the loose mixture into a tupperware and stuck it in the freezer and I'm giving it a good stir about once an hour and it's starting to set up. Fingers crossed that it keeps solidifying.
  3. Headed to Maine in a month, as restrictions on those of us from away have lifted a bit (our selectmen did wait until after property tax payments were due to send a note to the summer population telling us we were unwelcome - I got a good laugh out of that), though we will have to quarantine at our house for 14 days, which seems totally reasonable to me. Planning on heading to Zermatt between Christmas and New Year's this year (using travel credits from cancelled spring break trips)...doubt we will have the whole family on a plane before then. I truly miss travel.
  4. Has anyone purchases reusable face masks for adults and kids? If so, any recommendations?
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  6. I made this lemonade Friday night into yesterday: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/lemoniest-lemonade-recipe Delicious! I thought it would be too tart for the 6-year-old, but she liked it so was unexpected competition with my husband and me. The adults added vodka to ours.
  7. Local butter lettuce, radishes, Campari tomatoes; vinaigrette Hot buttermilk biscuits Pappardelle with mixed mushrooms and duck rillettes Blanched asparagus I got an order from D'Artagnan this week while they were having a sale. Once shipping was paid for, I only saved like $3, but hey, it effectively made shipping free. Mostly I got sausages, but I also bought a pound of trumpet mushrooms and a small container of duck rillettes. About half the trumpets and a pound of creminis I already had went into the pasta. I de-vegetarianized the recipe by adding some of the rillettes (also chicken broth instead of vegetable). Since I didn't want to use all of the rillettes in this, I used a little more half the 7 oz. container. That added an accent to the dish without going overboard. I'm not quite sure why I ordered duck rillettes, but I have been lamenting the passage of Montmartre, where it was something I used to love to order. In more recent years, I think they only had pate and not the rillettes, but that was one of my favorite old indulgences. In any case, the recipe (from Lidia Bastianich via the Post) is excellent...and vegetarian as conceived. The recipe calls for the pasta to be pulled out of the pot with tongs and dropped into the sauce. Once I did that, I tossed a bunch of local asparagus of varying sizes, none super thick, into the boiling water for a few minutes. I nailed the timing. It came out perfectly and was a nice foil to the pasta and mushrooms.
  8. Here’s how Wegmans adjusts to the pandemic. Interesting read from the Wall Street Journal compares Wegmans response to other large retailers.
  9. I look forward to a Tracy O'Grady Green Pig Bistro. I miss Willow so much! I hope she resurrects the Willow flatbread.
  10. Saturday pickup of Chef Choice To-Go bag from Green Almond Pantry: Photo 1: Fava w/ Fresh Herbs; Stuffed Pepper (Arborio Rice, Sweet Onion, Cinnamon, Allspice, Cloves, Salt & Pepper, EVOO, Currants, Pine Nuts); Confit Eggplant w/ Marinated Peppers; and Braised Artichoke Photo 2: Black Eye Pea Salad; Roasted Rainbow Carrots; Braised Cranberry Bean; and Farro & Asparagus Salad Photo 3: Leeks & Rice (I like to enjoy with a tin of Matiz Wild Sardines as a meal. For a splurge, Ortiz Ventresca.) Photo 4: On the Green Almond Pantry Lunch Menu (before COVID-19), Cagla would plate five Market Salads of her choice for her “Little, Little in the Middle” and serve with her house-made bread. For dinner, I plated a little of all 10 salads here in the style of “Little Little in the Middle.” Hummus is plated below the Roasted Rainbow Carrots. Small bag of house-made crackers is also included in the Chef Choice To-Go, but not in photos. Note: I highly recommend you bring the amount of salads you want to eat to room temperature instead of reheating. That is how I became accustomed to taking the time to plate my food and actually enjoy it now.
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    As new cat mom and dads. we are still learning. Kay and I have a dispute. For the last two nights, spot has literally walked over to my head, stomped his paws on the mattress and when I wake up, he turns around and shoves his butt in my face. Kay says it is because he loves me. I maintain he is overly proud of his butthole and wants me to complement him on it.
  12. We had scallops two ways. First round was pan seared, deglazed the pan w/white wine & mounted it with homemade garlic scape butter. Decadent, perfect glazing & browning on the scallops, garlicy punch from the scapes. Second round was grilled on the yaki niku grill w/lemon juice, tamari, wasabi. Even better as the pure flavor of the scallops came thru even more. Profish did well with the scallops. The rest of out pound of scallops is marinating overnight in lime juice, olive oil & red sichuan peppercorns for ceviche with the remianing shrimp. Veggies were grilled spring onion, grilled asparagus. Again, dunked in the scallop butter sauce or in the shoyu, lemon, wassabi combo We had a bag of key limes that needed finishing off: so after squeezing half for the ceviche, the rest went into our daiquiris. Clement Pure Canne rum, Martinique pot still distilled pure cane rum, the key lime juice and rich brown sugar simple, well shaken and double strained. Unreal. Last of the Marco Carpinetti Moro. Last of the 3.5x vanilla gelato. The alcohol {1 TBSP 2x vanilla and 2 Tbsp rum} made the gelato soft and creamy so we had to scoop out small servings, so two were had. Don't side eye me, they were small.Enjoying another oz of the Pure canne Clement. Like drinking rum from an ashtray of all you smoked were perfect cigars.
  13. We got lunch from Buna the other day. Nice coffee house at Georgia and Allison. The husband has been going up there every morning for coffee since the closer coffee places have been closed. Gets him a good walk and a good coffee. Nice place. We didn't go much before, because there were closer convenient good coffee shops. Harrar is still my favorite, but they have been closed. Qualia is closer, but they have been closed. Anyhow, he likes their coffee. I've been getting my Saturday latte there too. And every time we are in there together, we look at the menu and say we should try the food. Friday was his day off. So we got lunch. They have a breakfast menu, a sandwich menu, and some Ethiopian specialities. He had a kitfo sandwich. Said it was delicious and quite spicy. I had vegetable rolls - injera with spinach, split peas, and lentils. Very very good. I would eat those again in a second.
  14. Tonight was arctic char marinated in soy sauce, mirin, grated fresh ginger, and olive oil then grilled. Sides were simple, as usual: buttered cavatelli and steamed fresh haricot vert.
  15. Did Annapolis for crabs. Totally touch free and yum.
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  17. Anappolis for crabs. New York City for broadway shows.
  18. We made a cold soba style dish based on Zaru Soba. I boiled fronzen soba noodles. After pulling the noodles from the water, I cooled tham in running water and served with a dipping sauce of bottled soba noodle sauce, grated daikon, sliced spring onion. salted Indian cukes & asian pear marnited in persimmon vinegar, soy, mirin, rice syrup, fish sauce Frozen dumplings, boiled & served in the soba cooking water flavored w/soy & black vinegar. On some of the Asian street food videos we wach on YouTube, they are served "noodle water" on the side. Taking inspiration from this, I tried it and it was very good.
  19. I have had no less than 9 texts with the owner of the establishment. He took all our information, he reviewed his records, identified the two team members in question, wrote them up and explained that they clearly did not follow his guidlines. He admitted his manager on duty has to leave for a personal issue and that this happened in is absence. He issued us a credit for the full amount of our purchase. He promised us he would redouble his efforts to run his business the right way. he also let us know that he personally talked to the two team members. I don't think I could have expected a better response. I would have done the same although I usually added to the amount of the refund/credit but that was me. He has strengthened out desire to support his business. He got in touch with us within an hour of the second note I sent him on his contact form on his website, about 24 hours after the first notice.
  20. Looked at Chowbus...odd app. They’re offering me a 7:30-9:30 delivery window as the only option. Looks like I’m doing take out instead. Just glad you’re open!
  21. I cubed some marinated tofu and fried it up in a skillet (with the marinade added back in) and served that today with leftover mung bean dal and brown rice from last night. It was good. The tofu was TJ's super firm high protein, which is great because it doesn't hold a lot of liquid. While I like firmer tofu rather than softer, this is just a bit too firm and I find it a little tough. I really like the store brand extra firm tofu from WF, but this suffices when it's what I've got.
  22. We are signed up with UberEats but they are taking so long to load our menus so we can’t start yet. It’s very frustrating. Sorry for the delay. Rockville has delivery through Chowbus. Annandale has delivery through Hungry Panda.
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