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  2. It's one of those minimalist pasta sauces. You do need great scallops to pull it off. I don't think chicken could be subbed, but maybe try it and see. For tonight, we're having Shakshuka Everyday Palestinian salad Both are from "Zaitoun". You should buy this cookbook.
  3. Matzoh brei this morning was a hit. Tomorrow is Easter brunch at friends’; they’re handling the eggs and a ham casserole, and champagne, and we are bringing green bean salad and fruit salad. BTW, when my kids eat brunch, the rest of the day’s meals are an effing disaster. Holy crap.
  4. Just to add to the "what do you buy at Costco" part of this thread...there are two of us + one pup, and we have a good amount of storage space: - nuts (as mentioned above, great deals, have to freeze or refrigerate most of the bag, we got a full-size standup freezer years ago for free through Freecycle and that's been one of our best finds, ever; - packages of feta; - coffee for during the week when we just want caffeine (they have big bags of Peet's on sale regularly, and bags of Mayorga and not-completely-overroasted Starbucks); - household goods when on sale, like big boxes of tissues; also, Kirkland TP and paper towels; - dental chews for the pupper, which are basically candy and I should probably search for something else; - ground beef, prime-cut meat; - frozen shrimp, though who knows where they come from; - prescriptions for the pupper. Well-priced and if you're just picking up the prescription(s), you only need to stop there, you don't need to go through the war zone of the registers. Given that Pentagon City is my closest store, that's a huge bonus.
  5. Wapo found it. It's such a terrible location for most people but hopefully the students are supporting it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide/restaurants/this-new-fast-casual-shop-serves-the-gratifying-chinese-wrap-that-beats-anything-from-chipotle/2019/04/15/2d46b29e-5bea-11e9-842d-7d3ed7eb3957_story.html?utm_term=.8898c9630ea9
  6. Went to the Capitol Hill location last Sunday for their kitchen counter. The food is on par with P.F. Chang (i.e., nothing authentic or delicious, but edible). One thing not on the menu is their version of Peking duck, which was served with 1 slice of meat attached to the skin and way too much other filling. The rest of the meat and skin was wasted by being dumped into a fried rice. Why would anyone waste Peking duck skin by stir frying it with rice and thus making it soggy? The 9 treasures (another off menu item) include the tiny pancakes and the mustard sauce as 2 items? The fillings were neither exciting nor tasty. The kitchen was staffed with 3 hardworking line-cooks, with one working the fryer, one working the stove tops, and one on the wok station. They worked independently and no one was supervising. Had I known this was the set-up in advance, I wouldn't have bothered to eat there. There's no reason to go to a fast-casual outlet for a tasting menu.
  7. Another one bites the dust - Good Silver is gone, replaced by something from new owners called "The Queen's English."
  8. it seems that this place has closed. (Looking for a place to eat it VA, which is a foreign country to me....)
  9. We were at the bar last night one last time. This will really cramp our style. Where to go now that is walkable, with decent food, good beer, and Nats on tv? I don't know. And oh how we shall miss our bartenders.
  10. I am hopeful that the Graham family retains Clyde's local charm. There are a few thousand employees of the Clyde's Group, and they have families. There are also many of them who have been there for life, because they are well-cared-for, including medical benefits. I love how you can go into any Clyde's and order off the menu, and if they have the ingredients, they'll make whatever you ask for. I love how the twice-a-day raw bar happy hour at every Clyde's is the best deal in town, especially if you love oysters. I love how the Oyster Riot is now a major food event in the DC area. I love how seriously they take their decor, including the lighting, and I really love the attention to detail, like the silver-plated screws on the nautical dock cleats at Mark Center. I love the commissioned paintings, like the massive Babe Ruth mural inside the front door at Gallery Place. If the Graham family continues this local treasure along the same lines, it will be a good thing.
  11. Pat


    The vendor outside at the southern end of Eastern Market has ramps today. I forget the name of the farm, but it's the gentleman who cultivates mushrooms.
  12. This feels a little ghoulish, but just about everything from Kapnos Taverna in Arlington is being auctioned off here: https://rasmus.com/auction/348147/inspect-monday-kapnos-taverna-restaurant-online-auction-arlington-va/?https%3A%2F%2Frasmus.com%2Fauction%2F348147%2Finspect-monday-kapnos-taverna-restaurant-online-auction-arlington-va%2F&fbclid=IwAR1CsKVM2OjjzuSAaUwq3QCV4Nrs7MHLsIJP0VqvSVGN2dxgCIVRwkcZogk. So if you need a giant pizza oven, or several sconces, they're here! On another note, seeing all of the equipment and organizational items, as a restaurant consumer, not someone in the business, makes me realize to a small extent just how much goes into opening and running a restaurant.
  13. hello all--especially those who i may have crossed paths with on egullet a lifetime ago. i'm glad to make suggestions for twin cities area dining for anyone traveling here. and i'm probably going to be in dc in the late summer with my family and will doubtless hit you all up for recommendations before then.
  14. Grilled cheese on rye and tomato soup last night. The tomato soup featured meatballs from the freezer, a recipe idea I found on a blog some time ago. Same recipe calls for a cup of coconut milk in the soup. I used low-fat.
  15. The Graham family (as in former majority owners of Washington Post) are in negotiations to purchase the restaurant chain which has evidently been for sale for some period following John Laytham’s passing
  16. Son is suspended. They do wipe Yellow cards unless you’re already suspended.
  17. COYS! I think they wipe out all card accumulation heading to the semis.
  18. This place - good though it may be - is kind of a NOVA Xerox'ed version of Howlin' Rays in LA: http://www.howlinrays.com/menu/
  19. Last week
  20. Anyone remember Mongo Jones from eGullet? "Eating Out in the Twin Cities and Environs" on myannoyingopinions.com
  21. We went to the CAPS practice today, and it was pretty busy. The DSP jerseys were on sale again, which was interesting to see. Hopefully they can get back in the groove at home and end this in 6 games. They were working Holtby really hard. Nic Dowd kindly stayed after practice and signed every, single person's stuff, and posed for numerous pictures; VERY cool of him as he was there for probably 30 minutes after practice ended.
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