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  2. The thing is, though, "Tell Him" is a good song, and "Wishin and Hopin" is bad, but it isn't that bad; it would be so easy to find older music that's out-of-place with current society that it almost needs another topic, and if this was *really* to be explored properly (minstrel, etc.), I'm not even sure I want us to go there. "Wives and Lovers" has these qualities, but the song itself is just awful as well.
  3. I remember that one! And then there's
  4. Oh my, that didn't age well. For a more palatable example of the same thing, there's "Tell Him" by The Exciters (which is actually a very pleasant, catchy song, but not necessarily one you'd want to play at the NOW Christmas party). This is about as good a time as any to add: I've been thinking lately about some of the humor I wrote here 14-years ago. I've been sensitive to race a lot longer than gender when it comes to jokes, and a couple of posts I made in the mid-naughties (that's the first decade of this century) would be things that I'd be crucified for today, and wouldn't even think of writing. I'm well-aware of this, and have made a decision to leave things be as a sign of the times; ironically, the post that would come across as "The Worst" was satire *against* the contemporary state of discrimination (and, in fact, the people I wrote about unanimously thought it was hilarious at the time), but most people wouldn't see it that way today. Well, anyway, I just wanted to say that I've thought about this a lot, and do feel guilty.
  5. I’ve heard really good things about Reverie’s burger, still haven’t been.
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  7. Add: 07/25/19 - Mr. Braxton, 3632 Georgia Ave, NW, DC (via DCist) No website yet No thread yet 07/24/19 - HipCityVeg, 1300 Connecticut Ave, NW, DC (via DonRockwell member curiouskitkatt's post) Website No thread yet 07/12/19 - Oak Steakhouse, 901 N. St. Asaph St, Alexandria, VA (via Washingtonian) Website No thread yet 07/12/19 - China Garden, 11333 Woodglen Dr, Rockville, MD (via Washingtonian) Website Thread 07/10/19 - Shilling Canning Company, 360 Water St, SE, DC (via Washingtonian) Website Thread 07/08/19 [approx] - The Garden, 1503 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA (via Washingtonian, Garden Facebook page) Website No thread yet 07/06/19 [approx] - Retrobottega, 2435 18th St, NW, DC (via Washington City Paper) No website found No thread yet 07/04/19 - Sloppy Mama's, 5731 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA (via ArlNow) Website No thread yet 07/02/19 - Capital Crab and Seafood, 5534 Connecticut Ave, NW, DC (via Bethesda Magazine) Website Thread 07/01/19 [date of article reporting opening] - Republic Cantina, 43 N St, NW, DC (via Washingtonian) Website No thread yet 06/28/19 - Dos Mamis, 819 Upshur St, NW, DC (via Washingtonian) Website No thread yet 06/21/19 - Bombay Street Food, 524 8th St, SE, DC (via PoPville) Website Thread 06/20/19 - Street Carts, 1454 P St, NW, DC (via DCist) Website No thread yet 06/19/19 [date of post reporting opening] - Provost, 2129 Rhode Island Ave, NW, DC (via PoPville) No website found No thread yet 06/12/19 - Via Sophia, 1001 14th St, NW, DC (via Washingtonian) Website No thread yet 06/10/19 [date of post reporting opening] - Tsehay, 3630 Georgia Ave, NW, DC (via PoPville) Website No thread yet 06/03/19 - Whiskey & Oyster, 301 John Carlyle St, Alexandria, VA (via DonRockwell member Escoffier's post) Website Thread Late May 2019, MacMillan Whisky Room, 2920 District Ave (Mosaic District), Fairfax, VA (via Arlington Magazine) Website No thread yet 05/30/19 - Duke's Grocery, 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, DC (via Washingtonian) Website Thread 05/29/19 - Prima, 7280 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD (via Bethesda Magazine) Website No thread yet 05/28/19 - Lotus Grill & Bar, 4929 Elm St, Bethesda, MD (via Robert Dyer) Website No thread yet 05/28/19 - Slapfish, 1800 M St, NW, DC (via PoPville) Website Thread
  8. I'll Play! Wives and Lovers by Jack Jones Hey, little girlComb your hair, fix your make-upSoon he will open the doorDon't think becauseThere's a ring on your fingerYou needn't try any moreFor wives should always be lovers, tooRun to his arms the moment he comes home to youI'm warning youDay after dayThere are girls at the officeAnd men will always be menDon't send him offWith your hair still in curlersYou may not see him againFor wives should always be lovers, tooRun to his arms the moment he comes home to youHe's almost hereHey, little girlBetter wear something prettySomething you'd wear to go to the cityAnd dim all the lightsPour the wine, start the musicTime to get ready for loveOh, time to get ready,Time to get readyTime to get readyFor love.
  9. Steve and I gave this place another try. We were supposed to meet at 10:30 on Sunday morning. I arrived 5 minutes early, had to put my name down for a table of 2. 10 minutes later, we got a 4 top right next to the hostess stand. Right away, the steamer cart came by and we got some har gow (shrimp dumpling), siu mai (pork dumpling), and spare-ribs in black bean sauce. The har gow was regular sized, made with small whole shrimp - pretty good. The siu mai were also decent. The spare-ribs were bitter from too much garlic, and more gristly than usual. Sip more tea, reject many attempts to shove food onto our table. That's what they do now, they walk by, pick up a plate off the cart as they tell you what it is and start to set it on your table - you have to tell them to bugger off. Much later, the cheung fun wrapped around you-tiao came by. Steve loves the shit so we order some. The fried crullers were no longer crispy, so the dish lacked proper texture. Wait even longer, we got the fried taro dumplings and the salt water dumplings. The taro dumplings were cold and soggy. The salt water dumplings were okay. The place was packed - don't wait in line for the mediocre food. I prefer the low key atmosphere of Vinh Kee to this shambolic purveyor of shite.
  10. I would agree. It is an upscale food hall type place not at all like the food courts that have dominated malls for decades. I have not trie Copa yet but will give it a go. Of note I was there during the spell of hot weather and the large glass doors were wide open to the outdoors and the children’s play area. You could feel the coolness outdoors. An immense amount of air conditioning hitting the outdoors. I hope those tenants make big big big money. If they keep that up the electric bill will set records.
  11. Depending upon when you arrive, it's still worthwhile to visit the old Tsukiji Fish Market especially early morning like 7-8am. Since this is a business trip, your Japanese colleagues may be interested in going out after work. Izakaya Alleys with 30-40 small pubs, bars and speciality restaurants are a great experience. Tabelog is a great resource for deciding on high end restaurants. However local places that don't take credit cards will usually have a higher quality experience. With the short nature of the work trip, just walking around Roppongi or taking a cab to Ginza 6 area will be visually rewarding experience.
  12. Thank you for the suggestions!
  13. I could come up with some definite contenders - I'll start with "Honey" and "Muskrat Love." (Can we just accept all Death Metal as a single song and not go there?)
  14. There seems to have been up to three Ahra Cafes - one in Arlington, one in Tysons, and one in DC - can anyone confirm that they were the same ownership?
  15. I don't know the area super well, but over near the Roppongi station is this really cool beer bar (if that's your thing) called Ant 'n Bee. It's kind of divey, but really unpretentious and friendly. There's a restaurant called Jomon Roppongi that some friends have strongly recommended to me, but sadly I wasn't able to get in because it was really crowded when I stopped by. But it could be worth checking it out to see if the hype is worth it. You'll also be well situated to get to Ginza, Shibuya, etc, so hopefully work won't be too much of a drag and you'll have some free time to explore!
  16. That was great - I couldn't figure out "Ass ruin torino fee" (although I'm still not sure it's 23; it could be 303, 703, 1003, 1203, etc.) and apparently I wasn't the only one. Anyway, it happened to me *again* - this time with Full Kee in Bailey's Crossroads. "Seafood in XO Sauce" turned into "Seafood in Some Sort of White Sauce" (priced about 8-dollars less), and all I got was about 5 disgusting pieces of frozen, rubbery, white-meat squid, and 2-3 crummy little frozen, soggy scallops - the rest was rice, broccoli, carrots, and the worst baby corn I've ever eaten. 75% of the dish went straight down the disposal - this was the type of food that you eat just until the point where you're no longer starving, and then stop. This was the worst food I'd ever had from Full Kee (which is saying something, because the place is wildly inconsistent), and on top of that, the tilapia and lobster tanks were pretty cloudy - not the cloudiest I've ever seen by a long shot, but still unacceptably so. Not even considering the miscommunication (which was more amusing than annoying), the food was bad enough where I downgraded Full Kee in the Dining Guide.
  17. This should (and probably will) go in Auld Lang Cuisine, but does anyone remember Blue and Gold in Clarendon? That was my go-to place for a burger and a beer in the late 1990s.
  18. Based on what I perceive as lukewarm interest, would propose that we plan for a spring event instead. It will give people more time to plan and we can make sure that we have more flexibility in choosing a date. Sorry that I thought about this too late in the game to really make it work.
  19. I must add an addendum: look closely at the photograph of the open kitchen above in reedm’s expressive post. Enlarge it. All of the woodwork was done by hand by the owners. From the ten inch beams to the carving-this is a hand built two hundred year old exquisitely restored Inn in the Alps. Note the soft lighting and candles throughout the photos. Character, romance and quiet comfort. I know of no other restaurant in America like this. It is an extraordinary escape for this side of the Atlantic. And worth the journey on the other side.
  20. I suspect both Px and Eamonn's had a common lease, or something close to that - they're closing the same day, and don't forget, you can walk from Px down a "secret staircase" to Eamonn's - it may be a single space, like Doi Moi and 2 Birds 1 Stone, or Destination Wedding, or whatever is there now.
  21. To all who got the Chase Sapphire Reserve: I had the first-ever fraudulent charge attempt on my card yesterday: *Nine Cents* from PAYJP, which is apparently a Japan-based hacking thing. (Wouldn't it make more sense to attempt a charge like $3.95?)
  22. Bacon cheeseburger with tomato on whole wheat naan
  23. Last week
  24. I just found out I'll be traveling to Tokyo next Friday for business, and I'll be there for about 4 days. This will be my first time there, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be staying at the ANA Intercontinental, which is in/near the Roppongi area. Do you have any places you'd recommend that are in that area? I've been to many places around the world, but Tokyo is just a tad overwhelming! Thanks!
  25. I have to say, it didn't resonate with me, although I do appreciate her having taken a risk. I mean, if this is true: “But for all the Michelin-starred meals that were so perfect they seemed celestial, the flawless pastries that were so beautiful that eating them felt like a sin, few have excited me more than peeling an accidental glob of burnt cheese off a pizza box, or finding a tiny dark brown nub of a French fry hidden at the bottom of the box like a salt-encrusted prize.” then I'm not sure I'm all that interested in what she has to say - maybe, we'll see. As Terry Theise wrote, "I like truffles and I like tortilla chips, but I'm not confused about which flavor is more beautiful." Personally, I've never enjoyed a "wine moment" any more than when I hiked the villages of Cinque Terre, then took a train back to La Spezia, and had gnocchi al pesto with a carafe of unknown white wine (from Cinque Terre) while dining al fresco, but that was entirely due to the day and the surroundings; not the wine itself, so if I wrote about that, I wouldn't really be writing about wine; I'd be writing about my day (which is fine, I suppose). Actually, there was that 1947 Cheval Blanc - that was pretty good, too.
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