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  2. I took your suggestion and made maque choux to use some corn. I served it alongside baked salmon topped with pesto. This was an excellent combination, and I've got to remember to make these together again. We also had cream of asparagus soup.
  3. Thursday Dinner pickup from Green Almond Pantry: Whole Joyce Farm Chicken baked in Salt with Celery Walnut Pesto Roasted local Rapini with Faro Roasted local Kennebec Potatoes w/Lemon & Herbs Cagla’s Slaw Focaccia!
  4. I've always wanted to go but have never been. I do have a question, why close for good? Did the lease happen to expire?
  5. LauraB


    The green eyes! Wow!
  6. LauraB


    The green eyes! Wow!
  7. Very sad. I'm rarely ever anywhere near Sterling, but I made a point to eat here once when I was in the area and quite enjoyed myself.
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  9. Burnout was a problem for me well before the current stay-at-home situation. I would often get in a rut cooking things that were simple/easy after leaving work and, often, stopping by the gym on the way home. I've had to change things up when my SO protested that "this is the third week in a row we've had X". Dining out at least once a week was an absolute necessity. I'm jealous of Pat, Dean, and others for the amazing variety of dishes they prepare. Maybe I just need to retire so I have more time . I have so many cookbooks from which I've prepared only 1 or 2 dishes (apologies to the late, great Judy Rodgers). Last night was pan-seared boneless pork loin chops with a simple sauce of white wine, chicken stock, garlic, and rosemary from the garden. Sides were steamed fresh broccoli and leftover fresh linguine (La Pasta) with mushroom sauce. Tonight will be spaghetti alla carbonara. I don't have my preferred guanciale but will make do with some speck.
  10. We had takeout from Takumi in Falls Church a few days ago. We ordered nigiri, maki, sashimi and a few other items. For sashimi, we got the larger assortment provided by the restaurant. Nigiri included oh-toro (fatty tuna), tuna akami (lean tuna), saba (mackerel), unagi (eel), orange clam, Hokkaido hotate (scallop), seared sea scallops, uni (sea urchin), hamachi (amberjack), ikura (salmon caviar) and branzino with lime jest. For maki, we had the spicy tuna rolls, the mackerel with garlic and shiso roll and the redskins roll. In addition, for appetizers, we chose the miso soups, wakame and tofu, and brussels sprouts with ginger dressing. We also took home the tempura assortment and the soft-shell crab ponzu. The food was arranged as gracefully as possible within the carry out boxes. The food was all high quality, as ever. The high standards of the nigiri and sashimi at Takumi never lets us down. What was surprising is that even the tempura traveled well, though, of course, we ate it first upon arrival at home… The whole pick-up process was well organized with very limited contact. Hand disinfectant was provided after signing the credit card receipt and pens were disinfected after each use.
  11. Schlotzsky's closed in Sep, 2008 (it's an Austin chain that originally opened in 1971 - they served their one-and-only sandwich ("The Original") on a Frisbee).
  12. My energy and excitement over cooking dinner every night has definitely taken a bit of a hit. Early on during stay at home I found myself getting into a bit of a rut with my cooking. This led me to turning to looking at, and cooking from recipes, which is not something I really do normally. But it took me in different directions, and got me more excited. But the past week or two that excitement has waned a bit again. I think going nine weeks where I cooked every dinner I ate and most of the lunches was likely responsible. We're going to try to mix in delivery a bit more going forward so I don't get burned out.
  13. I have been trying to use up all the small things in our fridge because it died last Friday (I think?), we got a new one on Monday, but it was dented, so a new, new one is coming this weekend. So it was my mission to use up small containers of things. We had: chorizo tacos with spring onion, salsa, and a yogurt sauce with cilantro, chile, and cucumber juice. Composed cheese plate with salami, cheese, gherkins, apple, crackers. Steak, pasta salad, big pot of greens, homemade bread. Bagels with lox and cress. And a whole bunch of other things. Steak, Zoe's copycat slaw, pasta salad. Etc. Between work being crazy, the fridge dying, and just all the craziness on TV, I feel like my energy and excitement over making dinner was zapped for a bit. But I finally made my no-knead bread recipe, and have a bunch of spring onions I need to use, and am picking up meat this weekend, so I should get back into it.
  14. Also from Instagram & Facebook stories, Green Almond Pantry has Saturday Chef Choice To-Go bags available to purchase online for this Saturday pickup 2-6PM. Pre-order online is required. I made my purchase and look forward to Saturday.
  15. Mokomandy is another COVID-19 casualty. We hadn't been in a while but did enjoy the menu and the excellent beer list. https://www.northernvirginiamag.com/food/food-news/2020/05/27/mokomandy-has-closed-permanently-due-to-the-pandemic/
  16. Dean -- I live over in Annandale and I'm willing to go in on an order. Would love some rockfish and/or fresh shrimp. I haven't had tilefish, so that would be an interesting cookign experiment for me. Next week perhaps?
  17. Before Acacia, it was a Schlotzsky's. We had some decent food at Acacia when Lilliana was chef. And then she left and it sucked. And then we moved and haven't been back since.
  18. Cole slaw, leftover fried chicken and biscuits, and TJ's frozen french fries last night. We had a green vegetable with lunch I made a huge amount of cole slaw. We're going to be eating it for a long time. I needed to open up more freezer space so I cooked the remainder of the bag of fries. It was taking up a fair amount of space.
  19. Still have a lot of jun kombucha in the fridge and my husband isn't a fan so I've not made any more batches since I've been teleworking. But he asked last night how it would taste in a mixed drink so I gave it a try. Salted passionfruit w/ honey jun kombucha, cherry juice, Kraken rum and seltzer water. He said it tasted better that way, so I think I've found a way to whittle down the kombucha stash.
  20. Feb 29, 2012 - "Chef Ravi Narayanan Heads to Acacia Bistro" on wtop.com Before Liliana Dumas opened Acacia Bistro in 2009, she was chef at Locanda; before that, Trattoria Liliana. Dec 5, 2007 - "Locanda Hits Sweet Spot with New Lunch Service" by Emily Heil on rollcall.com Way back when, the Acacia space (4340 Connecticut Ave NW) used to be Rib-It, a Philadelphia chain, and before that, Fiddler's. Oct 23, 1983 - "Rib-It" by Phyllis C. Richman on washingtonpost.com
  21. Didn't wanna cook tonight - tamales out of the freezer. Got to free up some freezer space and use the end of last week's pineapple salsa. Tomorrow I am going to make pizza with garlic scape pesto. Need to find that pesto recipe!
  22. Last week
  23. Emilie's is knocking it out of the park with their to-go cocktails, at least the frozen ones. This is not usually a style that appeals to me but my wife has gotten two (the all-day froze and another called Lucky Frog -- cachaca, Singani 63, coconut, lime, passionfruit, pandan...I don't see on the menu right now even though she ordered it earlier today) that I would happily finish off if given the chance. Check them out.
  24. Earlier this month, simple and delicious dinner of Foraged Morels and Ramps, Fresh Garlic Clove, Path Valley Farm Butter and EVOO atop Opera Bucatini. Immediately plated with Earth N Eats Baby Greens and Lemon Zest for the win.
  25. Green Almond Pantry posted in their Instagram & Facebook stories. Accepting orders for Thursday, May 28, 2020 Dinner pickup 4-6PM. Whole Joyce Farm Chicken baked in Salt with Celery Walnut Pesto + Market Salads & Focaccia. Enough for 2. I just purchased my order before sell out. Pre-order online is required. Ignore the notice "Your order will be ready for pickup Saturday after 2:00 PM" at checkout and in your confirmation email. Dinner pickup is Thursday 4-6PM. Currently, there is no way to designate an exact pickup time so you must arrive anytime between 4 and 6PM to pickup at Green Almond Pantry storefront. There is a phone number posted on the window near the entrance to call when you arrive. Entrance is not permitted. Someone will bring out your food packaged and bagged and place on the stools just outside the entrance. Then you will part ways with a wave.
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