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    I don’t remember the last time I made a soufflé. Luckily, it souffled.
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    Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Mixed Vegetables (Didn't plan to cook tonight but needed a desperate, last-minute, quick solution. Wow this worked.) The base was a Whole Foods Cauliflower Pizza Crust*. Brushed crust with olive oil, placed on cooking sheet, put in 425 oven for 7 minutes (per box directions). Chopped a bunch of fresh vegetables---baby zucchini, mushrooms, "Wild Wonders Gourmet Medley" cherry/cocktail tomatoes, purple onion. Mixed diced veg with olive oil, dried Italian herbs, Trader Joe's (TJ) umami seasoning, fresh lemon juice and a touch of TJ Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce. As cooked crust sat on a large plate to cool, dumped seasoned veg onto hot sheet pan. Cooked at 425 for 6 or 7 minutes. Topped hot crust with thinly sliced mozzarella cheese sticks. Desperate times call for desperate cheese measures. Added cooked veg to crust, which was hot enough to begin melting the cheese. Embarrassingly inhaled 3/4 of the deeply satisfying pizza. The lonely leftover slice perked up beautifully this morning under a sunny side egg, with freshly cracked pepper waking up the flavors to kick-start my rain-addled brain. *Anybody else find this product strangely awesome? I will be keeping one in my freezer, a super way to clean the fridge of any bits-o-this-and-that on a minute's notice.
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    Bit of a different take on the sandwich. I also had both sandwiches--quick tip, download the app and order/pay- then you bypass line. Both sandwiches were very juicy under the super crisp breading. Spicy had a slight kick. The Classic didn't have a ton of flavor, but perhaps it was too hot to tell. I would say that if you have to do a fast food lunch- this is much better than anything offered at McDs- would not wait in a line, but it would do the trick.
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    Green Almond Pantry is one of Equire's 22 Best New Restaurants in America 2019 Wishing for all the support for the successful future of Green Almond Pantry! Don't be deterred by the 8-seat counter. Minimal wait time, if any. Also, take-away is so convenient. Green Almond Pantry is my top favorite lunch spot in all of DC/MD/VA.
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    I'm of the opinion that of all local store/supermarket hummos (es) (i???) (plural of hummos) the "best" or certainly my favorite is Perfect Pita. The basic includes a trace or more of jalapeno giving it a snappy flavor. Now I have been eating/trying various store purchased hummos for quite a time and NOTHING comes close to the standard at Perfect Pita. There are pita restaurants with comparable, equally good hummos. There are thicker versions, other flavors etc. But on a store bought basis nothing else comes close in my opinion. After months of working on my own hummos I got sick of falling a significant level beneath that of Perfect Pita. Okay....respite over and I'll be back to it shortly....but PP got it right with its standard version of hummos.
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    If I told you I saw it coming it would be the biggest lie of my life!
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    The Point Crab House 410-544-5448 700 Mill Creek Rd. Arnold, Maryland 21012 info@thepointcrabhouse.com Last Saturday, given how it was still nice out, we decided to go to Annapolis to get some crabs {any jokes about Kay going to see her relatives or being a cannibal surely would never cross my mind!} We usually head to Harris Crab House, preferring it to Cantler's, but we didn't want to fight possible pre world series crowds. So with a little googling, we found Anna Spiegels recommendation of the Point. The drive was an hour from Annandale adjacent and the final bit of it thru rather plain & simple neighborhood that led to a slightly funky boatyard and marina that could have been the location of a low budget remake of The Birds {without the gas pumps} We went in and were shown to a table on the deck overlooking the "Marina" with the under a roof bar to our left and several more tables, some occupied with families with many children to our right. Our waiter took our order: a dozen mediums for $55, fries $4, and maryland crab soup $7. I asked for mustard for the fries and was gifted a plastic squuze bottle of French's yellow mustard which was perfect given the setting. The soup was hearty with lots of crab, a smattering of frozen veggies in a broth that seemed to be flavored with crab shell. Not great, but far better than it had to be. The fried were pretty mediocre but I will admit that they wound up gone, probably the birds! The crabs came and they were definitely larger for mediums. They were loaded with the house old bay substitute which thankfully did not taste overly of celery salt. There was vinegar and spice mix on the side. A lot of the crabs were missing their claws but there was a positive pile of claws in the middle of the tray and I think we wound up to the positive on claw count. I also think that we got 13 crabs to the dozen, either a happy accident or just miscounting. In any case, they were fat & heavy for their size indicating they were packed with meat. The crabs were simply the sweetest hard crabs I have had, nicely steamed with all firm meat; nothing mushy or indicating any old crabs i the bunch. We spent the next hour and a half happily malleting away and sucking every shred of crab we could find. Well we were that careful for at least the first 8 or 9 crabs until fullness and crab fatigue set in and we were not quite as thorough in our picking. The best part was how easy the meat came out, especially as the crabs cooled. The last were just above ambient temperature and their meat came out in large bits, very sweet and juicy. A superb crab feast even if the dead crabs obviously ate most of our forgettable fries. To drink we enjoyed an unfiltered hefewetzen and an ipa from Jailbreak, which is probably my favorite Maryland brewery. All in, w/3 beers, sop and the defective french fries {they were self consuming I am sure} the bill was about $80. The drive home was marred by an attempted try to visit city dock/old Annapolis which was just a lot of driving about looking for parking, a stop for desperately needed coffee at what was the worst Starbucks we ever encountered {Dunkin Donuts coffee cut with McD's and crankcase oil from a very poorly maintained pickup would have been better!} We listened to the World Series game on our return drive, which was worse than the coffee. While we would also like to try Mike's, the Point is now our favorite crab house.
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    This week Shouk rolled out an expanded menu of Hummus bowls (Classic, Falafel, Shawarma and Veggie) and Spice Fries. Beyond excited, I can't wait to try them all.
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    I can't believe I've lived my entire life without trying "Spam Fries"....
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    BLUF: Sheldman's review from 2016 still stands. I sought soup as antidote to our day-long rain. Walking into Reren, I realized a million other people had the same bright idea. I was lucky to get a seat at the communal high top in the back. (Which is my favorite way to dine solo, by the way. #Extrover-table) Honey Ginger Tea ($4) is a must-try, properly hot and offering remarkable complement to most menu flavors. Wait for the sliced shards to fully settle, lest you get a mouth full of astringency (been there, winced that). Reren Signature Lamen ($11) boasted remarkably fresh, mild baby bok choy. Pork belly and egg texture experienced as others have noted, almost too soft without a lot of strong anything. Subtle is the aim here, and based on the crowds, a winning formula. As the second course, the Buns Sandwich (2 for $7) was gone in 60 seconds. Definitely worth a return visit. Although the same pork belly mutes into the background in the lamen, the vegetables, pickles, and properly spiced mayo of the sandwich make this ingredient infinitely inhalable. See the clever little plastic bowl in the picture---visually indistinguishable from ceramic. Service had a few missteps, negated by the friendliness of the staff. An adjacent table received a duplicate order, unclear if it was a server or kitchen mistake. The standard practice of no bar napkins with iced water translates into leaky table syndrome. It's better for the environment, I get it, and perhaps I am just overly sensitive to preventable messes after years chasing a small child. Make sure you try the citrus candy arriving with your check, astonishingly refreshing. But do not taunt happy fun ball and do not sip the honey ginger tea while having the candy--it goes from brightly pleasing to please make it stop. I'll be dreaming about those bao bun sandwiches.
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    Pics enclosed. Note our mascot at the end. It turns out making Bao is a K9 spectator sport!
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    Leftover lemon fettuccine with chicken added Wilted spinach with cottage cheese and Parmesan Roasted delicata squash with cherry tomatoes and cremini mushrooms I put halved cherry tomatoes and whole mushrooms in the center of squash slices. They looked really cool that way, but the mushrooms shrank too much to remain in the hole after cooking.
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    Last night was a Sam Sifton recipe from the NYT: Pork Chops in Lemon-Caper Sauce. We also had baked potatoes with sour cream and steamed broccoli.
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    Last night was another boar ragu- this one with a healthy amount of red wine and paprika, which I thickened up a good deal after cooking in the instant pot. After 1 hour in the instant pot, it is tear apart tender. I ate mine over butternut squash zoodles. MK had his with basmati rice. We had a side of roasted leek, poblano, bell pepper and broccoli.
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    We went to the Pentagon City location on Friday night, I got a lamb shank with green chickpeas, tomato and artichoke. The dish was pretty good, but I felt like it needed more sauce of some sort- green chickpeas to me almost taste like a cross between a chickpea and a spring pea. I wish the tomatoes had been more blistered and a little more saucey- and a few more of them. But it fell within a good WW point ratio so that I could have some pita and hummus, and the lamb shank was delicious. Mom's shrimp kabobs were really good, I will get that next time and get double roasted veggies- no rice. Hubby got the dish with the pita chips and yogurt, which was much improved, as you now get the yogurt on the side and can add it to your liking. I got an $8 white wine blend that I thought was perfectly decent. All in all a nice meal while running errands.
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    Last night TJ's version of the same ravioli, a home made red sauce, sauteed spinach and chocolate ice cream with blueberries and chocolate sauce.
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    I enjoyed my Shackburger and Shake (that I stress drank) during the Watch Party last night. I finished my shake around the time Howie hit the 2-run homer. Finished the Fight!
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    When Rendon hit his HR and made it 2-1 last night I was all Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own: "We're gonna win. We're gonna WIN!!"
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    It was quite a ride, on the biggest, most thrilling and terrifying* roller coaster imaginable. I'm really happy for the whole team, especially Zim and MVP Strasburg, the 21st century Walter Johnson. Who'd a thunk it? (Well, I guess Mike Rizzo, and that's why they shut him down in 2012...) And Scherzer and Sanchex, who won as teammates but not as Tigers. And hometown boy Anthony "I want bourbon!" Rendon. And Soto, my heavens, Soto. Bring on the parade! *the bullpen! Eek! Happy Halloween.
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    Congratulations to Jonathan and Jessica! Seylou took Best Overall and Best Whole Wheat in the Tiptree World Bread USA competition last evening. If you have not gone yet, go. Extraordinary bread and well deserved accolades. BEST IN THE COUNTRY!!!! http://www.worldbreadawardsusa.com/competition/winners/
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    We went to Khan's Friday to watch the world series game and grab some food. The food an drink was super but the game gave us upset stomachs. We tried to stick to stuff we have not tried before. Saying that, we started with Temaki w/Salmon and they were deliscious. Next was Yubu Chobap consisting of tofu pouches stuffed with rice and then topped with your choice of a bunch of stuff. You have to order a minimum of $4 but they are nly $2.50 each and a lot of food. We chose takowasa {octopus with wasabi & masago} x 2, brisket {sweet, tender, lush} and stirfried kimchi & pork which was good. I preferred the brisket, Kay the pork. After that, the mackeral plate: a frozen and thawed salted mackerel of really good quality, half cut into slices stuffed with masago, green onion & ginger and the other half sliced into chunks. Again, very delicious. Next up was curry {hot} which was a very good version of classic Japanese curry with tonkatsu {excellently fried pork, no grease, crunch breading, delicious pork}, rice, abundant curry sauce, and three kinds of pickles. At that point, we were considering something else when a tower of two temaki salmon arrived with shouts of service from the bartender and manager. Service is how Korean's say on the house. While we already had a pair, we eagerly polished these two off. For drinks, we had 2 yogurt soju cocktails which were excellent but expensive {the recipe is one bottle's worth of Yakult, 2 of Soju and one of club Soda at our house, 7 up in a bar and we can buy enough ingredients for 25 servings for under $25,} a Sapporo draft, and another drink and the total bill was $100. A little expensive but if we had gone with our usual draft makkoli the $32 for soju cocktails would ahve been about $12. Wonderful warm service, nice folk at the bar on either side of us. Great spot, never crowded {which I hope is not a problem} and very chill. K pop on the sound system but at a background music level and they even turned it down to turn up the soulnd on the game as the bar had 9 people watching the game and the rest of the place had 8 people eating & drinking at tables.
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    Won't be at the game, but made this for good luck. Let's go Nats!
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    I would like to suggest a tamale-making gathering. I've never made them, and I understand the best way is to do a big assembly line with lots of hands on deck to mix, wrap, fill, steam, etc. I'm happy to have everyone at my house to do it. I'm thinking Sunday the 8th or 15th of December for it. Possibly Saturday the 14th. I figure I have space for about 10-12 people. Anyone interested?
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    Well Bao buns were pretty much a success! We had one dough failure (Ansons Mills will be getting an email/comment about their recipe), but the Woks of Life Bao dough https://thewoksoflife.com/steamed-bbq-pork-buns-char-siu-bao/ was a lot easier and a big success! DanielK made pork char sui filling. I made a fairly spicy chicken filling in the instant pot- 2 large chicken breast, 1 shallot small dice, 3 cloves garlic finely chopped, a splash (about 1 1/2T) of: Dark soy sauce, xiaoxing cooking wine, black vinegar, homemade chili oil (If you use store bought I would add some fresh pepper like jalapeno or serrano), j toasted sesame oil, 1 teaspoon five spice powder, 2T grated ginger. On normal pressure for 10 minutes. Let the chicken cool then cut, reduce the sauce and add a roux of cornstarch and add chicken. (It won't be near as spicy in the buns.) Thanks to Becca and Curls for telling me what videos to pull up to watch rolling and pleating! (Binging with Babish Bao). The company was so great, I loved doing this. Someone pick up the torch and carry it to the next class!!
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    Thanks for posting this. I used to frequent Myanmar, the Burmese place in Falls Church when I worked out that way, and the salads were definitely the highlight for me (along with the ethereal squash fritters).
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    I'm still waiting for my first good ... *anything* at Texas Jack's. Not saying unicorns don't exist; only that I've never seen one. On a marginally related topic, I went to Owensboro, KY two-years ago (famed for barbecue mutton, believe it or not) - two of the most esteemed institutions there (Moonlite and Old Hickory) were places I'd hardly drive down the street for, at least not once the novelty is over. --- Federalist Pig (FranklinDubya)
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    HAHAHAHAHA no offense taken. And you are likely right. But I complain here so people know whats going on, and can see if anyone else has experienced a decline in the experience, is this a blip, or is it a trend? I don't really think my current standard- no obvious and visible mold on the item as being very picky. Some shoppers I have had were amazing- they would call and say for example, "leaf lettuce is down to a few damaged heads, should I sub romaine or organic." So actually their shoppers can be GREAT and way above expectations. That is why a lot of my friends were willing to switch to HT and use their shopping program after everyone hated Peapod and got burned, this has been to HT benefit and Giant and Safeways downfall. Instant cart has pretty high standards, so to stay in the game, HT actually does need to be somewhat cognizant, Walmart is stepping up, and now the 500 pound gorilla coming in the distance Amazon, who has Whole Foods shoppers, who the perception is do care more about produce. (Peapod still is pretty terrible, HT is way above it already, no competition). So they started me out with high expectations. Plus, their stores are no longer designed to be able to handle the capacity of everyone like me shopping in person, they have cut way too much in personnel, plus I am an early adopter and therefore my ordering intuition and data is worth a very pretty penny, as online grocery sales will likely account for 15% of all grocery sales in only two years, so it's not just my convenience but their gain right now, as well. It is in their best interest to keep me ordering online so they can use my data to figure out how to increase cart loads with online orders. And to be perfectly honest- I am the future, unless we have an apocalypse, so to stay profitable, it's something to which they really are going to have to train their shoppers to pay attention. (Look at the stats of the decreasing number of persons who have gotten their drivers license and you will see why this is VERY, VERY important for them to stay competitive and why my data is extremely valuable.) Plus, they don't really want me to fully grocery shop in person because if I am going to actually go somewhere it is going to be Wegman's, which has a far better in person experience, so HT would lose my business. HT gets my business solely out of the strength of their online ordering program and it's convenience. So, it isn't as simple as it may seem. I admit us millennials are completely annoying in our incessant refusal to conform or settle, but so far, it doesn't really seem to bother us very much.
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    Beef vegetable soup Whole wheat naan and peanut butter Romaine, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocado, and red wine vinaigrette
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    I got mine at the West End Farmer's market in Alexandria. Medina and Sons vendor in the middle of the market. Should be there now.
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    Souk continues to have them. I was just looking at the selection of baked goods for Thanksgiving they have available in their online store, and they have them listed at 4 for $18, either in chocolate or pistachio-honey.
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    Baked chicken breasts Roasted Yukon Gold potatoes Vegetable medley (frozen corn, fresh broccoli, and red bell pepper)
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    I have had an extra crispy duck which was very tasty. My 9 year old has some of the dim sum offerings and she was happy with them (she doesn't protest when I want to get lunch there on a Saturday!! which speaks volumes, although, I am not sure it means you would like it!).
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    Can't wait to find out, sounds delicious!
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    Thursday was egg noodles with Ragu alla Bolognese and leftover mustard roasted cauliflower reheated with sauteed samphire. Last night was another discounted &pizza doctored with some extra cheese and meat for reheating; leftover pumpkin soup; and, a salad of green leaf lettuce, Campari tomatoes, radishes, and Cotija cheese with vinaigrette.
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    I have just subscribed to The Washington Post for the first time ever, solely because of Tom Boswell's amazing writing about baseball.
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    Last time I visited Wooboi, about 2 months ago the sandwich was good. I went yesterday at 3pm and it was otherworldly. I've never had a chicken breast as crispy & spicy on the outside and moist on the inside (sorry for those of you who hate the word "moist"). The pickles were sweet, the slaw acidic, the sauce creamy. The fried okra was amazing, as was the portion...seemed more like Five Guys Fries, overflowing onto the aluminum tray. On social media they were teasing a 2nd location, but haven't heard anything else about that. Anyone?
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    I've been to Luger's countless times over the years and agree on the decline, which seemed particularly steep post-2005 or so. I think that there are three factors at play here - first, the experience is no longer singular. Plenty of spots in Manhattan offering similar approaches to the Porterhouse, if not the atmosphere. Second, the steakhouse has evolved significantly over the years - remember Charlie Palmer Steak when Bryan Voltaggio was there? Steak wasn't even the main draw, arguably. As Bob stated, fish is a huge focus in steakhouses now, as are more interesting, less indifferently cooked side dishes. Finally, hard to keep a family business running on all cylinders for so many years. Need a singular focus on quality and a vision for the future. Wouldn't cry for them though - based on the value of that land alone.
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    My work colleagues like the sushi. I actually need to go back and try it some more.
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    Here’s today’s pricing. Nothing seems much higher than regular season although there is a clear, hard plastic WS cup for $20 (including beer) at most of the beer stands.
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    Roasted pork loin with vinegar, bay, and thyme Mushroom gravy World's best braised cabbage Sauteed radish greens
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    So I am through one week of Weight Watchers, whew! I have found a few friends who are doing it, which has made it easier to do and more fun. The first week was fine. This week I am a bit more like- ok, I am sick of salad what am I eating. My system has also just been adjusting to all the extra dietary fiber. I pretty much bought out the frozen vegetable noodle, riced vegetable situation at Giant, just because I will eat things like Indian food or boar ragu over that and be pretty happy. Anyway, I do like that I can choose when and how to use my extra points, that makes the week more manageable. I saved all mine last week to be able to eat Bao Buns and drink wine over the weekend. Meals I have made/am planning this week: Fajitas with carb smart whole wheat tortillas, kale white bean and chicken sausage soup, chicken breast topped with sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese. A packet of TJs jaipur veggies, with riced cauliflower for me (rice for Hubby) and a serving of these thin whole wheat flatbreads in the freezer section at Lotte (and any leftover chicken and veggies from the fajitas will be tossed in with this).
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    A couple years ago I got lost in Southern Indiana (not that far from French Lick, believe it or not) - sure enough, there were Amish horse-and-buggys on the side of the road, just like I was in Lancaster County. I had no idea there were settlements in Indiana until then.
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    Looks like it was a great time, sorry to have missed it!
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    Due to crazy schedules, we've hit a pattern of the kids getting the leftovers of whatever hubby and I had the night before. On the upside, this has meant that the other night they had a pasta potluck featuring bucatini with creamy chickpeas and spinach, and cavatappi with spicy turkey pumpkin sauce, and tonight was boeuf bourguignon over sour cream "rustic" mashed potatoes. Of course, tomorrow we venture to Disney on Ice, which means violently-bright sno-cones in outrageously expensive souvenir cups and hitting the drive-thru on the way home because they don't like any of the "real food" at the Giant Center. #everythinginmoderation
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    We have a lot of members in my ticket group, and I try to be a fair and benevolent administrator when it comes to making sure everybody gets their share of post-season baseball. I hedged my bets and chose Game 5 for the NLCS; I sent my wife to Game 4 since she hadn't been to a playoff game at all yet. I don't regret it one bit. They are still playing and that is all that matters. But you'd better believe my ass is going to be in our seats for Games 3, 4 and 5 next week.
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    You are not wrong! Weird Brothers, 100 Bowls of Soups, Aslin Beer and Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant. And now Wooboi.
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    An update on the notification on credit card fees or cash. The current sign (noticed in 2 different PP retail locations) now states that there is a 4% discount if you pay with cash. (I have no idea if they changed pricing in the last 3 weeks or not). From the business side it doesn't surprise me. The plethora of newer payment methods charge more than the traditional CC fees. Processing fees are going up.

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