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    I wish for many things: I wish I could get to College Park more than once-in-a-blue-moon, I wish everyone would realize how great Ferhat's cuisine is, I wish people knew how much of a risk he took opening in Shaw, I wish people knew just how wonderful of a human being Ferhat is, I wish people - myself included - would just say, "to heck with it," and make a beeline towards College Park to get three-days-worth of cuisine at Fishnet.
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    Did you, by chance, see the comment by "Joel Haas"? If not, read it to the end...or just read the end of it.
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    A Clyde’s regular gets a final honor from those who knew her best, by John Kelly, October 31, 2018, on washingtonpost.com.
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    So I finally made it to Corduroy for dinner after meaning to go for so many years. Perhaps mistakenly I thought there had been a jacket and tie requirement which goes against my very ethos (modern slob in case anyone is wondering) - anyway the dress code is gone now if it ever existed and I was excited to try the place after so many wonderful reviews here. Went with a couple close friends who were happy to share in the adventure. I had the appetizer special, a smoked salmon/cream cheese affair that was quite good with the accompanying bread. Followed that with the chicken two ways - confit and roasted - that was wonderful. Really enjoyed this dish immensely. Perhaps what helped that was the wonderful wine recommendation from Marc Slater, who stopped by to say hi and to suggest a really great red that all three of us enjoyed. I'd be glad to add this place to my standard repertoire, such as it is. Kudos for the wonderful cooking and hospitality.
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    I'll have to disagree, Don. It's ten times better than it looks! 🙂 --- The Green Zone (curls)
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    The Dabney continues to impress, with its lovely decor, roaring hearth, and delicious food. We started with excellent but pricey half dozen oysters ($18). But these have to be some of the best oysters in DC, plump and juicy, although for my taste they could be a bit more briny. We also went with the off-menu fried catfish slider on a pumpkin roll ($5). Split in half it was an excellent bite or two. One of the highlight dishes. The hearth roasted vegetables ($16) made for a nice opening salad course. Although some of the root vegetables, being on the crunchy side of al dente, could have used a longer roast. The milk poached egg ($16) came in a bowl with roasted squash and fall greens and a rich mushroom emulsion. On the side were slices of brioche topped with a filmy layer of guanciale for dunking in the eggy broth. Basically a very elevated riff on soft boiled eggs and "soldiers" The pumpernickel tartine ($16) was another star dish, with lovely roasted pears and hen of the wood mushrooms, tied together with very rich chevre and feta. Fried Chesapeake sugar toads ($16) might be my new favorite fish. Beautifully fried, these are like fish lollipops, with a spine of bone down the middle and two fat lobes of meat. It was served almost Vietnamese style with a plate of lettuce, herbs and pickles. The concept didn't really work very well, but that puffer fish was delicious. Grilled Swordfish with a Virginia peanut romesco ($26) was our entree dish. The swordfish was perfectly cooked. While the romesco sauce was nicely, I didn't really get much peanut. I wouldn't call the sauce a flop, but perhaps not quite what we were expecting? We finished with a very decadent apple cobbler with sorghum ice cream ($12). I thought the flavor combinations for most of the dishes were excellent. Last time, I distinctly remember a lot of sweet flavors from sorghum and molasses being used, but not this time, the dishes were much more balanced. The staff is excellent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the food being produced. The only nit pick was a long delay between the hearth roasted vegetables and milk poached egg. Finally, The Dabney is still one of the prettiest restaurants in DC. It's certainly a joy to eat there. Grilled Swordfish
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    This new massive restaurant from the owner of Masseria opened last week on the Wharf, so we went last night. The entrance is right on Maine Avenue, unlike the majority of the restaurants on the Wharf. You walk into a relatively casual café and market, and are led to your table upstairs to a swankier dining room. The room was a little too brightly lit for our tastes, but I know many complain about rooms being too dark, so we may be in the minority. We started with a decent bourbon and amaro cocktail to start, followed by delicious buffalo mozzarella and figs stuffed with ricotta and nduja. We then split a delicious pasta (note: I am FAR from a pasta snob/expert, so others may disagree) filled with cauliflower with a hint of anchovy before our entrees: decadent tortellini filled with fall squash for my fiancé, and a whole branzino with a dill-lemon emulsion for the entrée. My branzino was very good but unexciting (to be clear, I didn't expect it to be exciting when I ordered it), and the sauce was tangy and refreshing. The tortellini was fantastic and a decent portion; the parmesan on it reminded me, in the best way, of the nostalgia of the Kraft pre-grated cheese in the green container that we all grew up with. The side of beets we got with mint, oranges and fennel was a HUGE portion for $10. Lastly, we shared a rhum cake with freshly whipped cream that was outstanding. Service was super friendly and, for the most part, knowledgeable. Our waitress was quite engaging and glad to show off her knowledge of the menu. One quirk: we mentioned during our meal that we wanted to check out the vaunted "Amaro Library" after dinner. Before our entrees came, our waitress said they had spots open and that we should go now. We resisted a bit because we were happy at our table and didn't want all the food to have to be brought to the bar, but she was pretty insistent, saying that the bar would likely fill up soon. So we went, regretfully so. I love eating at the bar alone, but it made it difficult to carry on as nice of a conversation when we weren't sitting face-to-face. Worse, the bartender, who was otherwise perfectly nice, was a bit stressed out about all the tickets coming in from the waiters, and got a bit snippy with them, which dampened the mood a bit. As for the amaro bar itself, we were let down. Despite having an interesting-looking collection, there was no menu, so we didn't know what was available and what flavors they had. The friendly bartender revealed that he had limited knowledge of the actual amari and had to defer to a colleague for some help. We liked what we ended up getting, but were disappointed considering how much they've hyped up their amaro bar. The selection and knowledge at Little Coco's is much better, at least for now. The crowd, by the way, was extremely Sceney, the same type of crowd you'd find at RPM or Nobu. Not sure what it is about the Wharf that attracts these crowds (not that I totally dislike it), but it's starkly different from the people you'd see at other restaurants in the city.
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    We had a really great meal at Hazel Saturday night, even without Rob in the kitchen. I have to say the food was really good, but service was just amazing. We sat outside, as we hadn't hit the super chilly weather quite yet on Saturday and the nearby fires added some heat. The patio is just so pretty, it feels very Poste circa 2006- aka just somewhere cool you want to be. We had a view into the kitchen (I had never been here before) that was just cool. Me and the bestie were dressed pretty nice as this was dinner pre-ten year law school reunion and we were out to have a good time. Our server did not disappoint, she was cool and fun, and just all over a great time. We got some free champagne, she brought the wine out to the patio for me to try a sip of before pouring a whole glass. We had fun. We ordered chicken wings, which were sticky and messy and delicious, they were huge- those were like sumo chickens. The blistered peppers, which were also a good portion, not to hot, but with a nice flavor. We also had the shrimp- which isn't a huge portion, but I really liked the flavor and beet crisp, the harissa was not too hot, but just really flavorful, short-rib was to me a bit off in texture- not by a lot and not quite sure how they do it or exactly what I would do different, in flavor combos it was spot on (but a touch of harissa from the shrimp and well, just good too), this was kind of my friends dish so I only had so many bites, but I liked them. Last the cauliflower- there were so many spices and elements in this dish, I can't even explain it, but I thought it was delicious and outshined for me the two meat entrees. I love when a place does that. We left not too full, but not hungry either, so perfect amount of food (although I would have probably looked at dessert, but bestie is on keto). We both agreed we felt the dishes were elevated above something we could make at home, and she is a really good cook, and the service just made us feel special.
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    Shouk's Falafel is PERFECTION. So tasty, I enjoyed it twice this week since its debut on the menu. Chef Dennis Friedman is genius!
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    You've clearly got a bunch of fans on the website and in the industry. Just don't expect me to throw you a pair of my underwear.
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    Cheetos- it's been a long week, don't judge.
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    I had a marvelous lunch there a few weeks ago. Steak Tartare was very good. I had the clam dish, fried belly clams and steamers with cornbread. I really like it, but had trouble finishing it. There service was outstanding and it was nice to see Jenn Knowles.
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    Squash soup (I made it vegan style). OMG fall squash soup is one of my favorite things. Tastes creamy yet has no cream!
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    From lunch today, I was excited to order the Edamame Falafel (6) served with Baba Ganoush, Radish and now served with a side of Bing. I requested to replace the cucumbers with Sunflower Hozon. When served, as you can see in the first and second photos, there were 5 tiny Edamame Falafel, fried black on the outside and dry inside. The 2 smaller pieces were one Falafel cut into 2 pieces. For comparison, the third photo is from my lunch I posted previously. When I pointed it out to the manager, she was kind enough to ask if I wanted the kitchen to prepare the dish correctly. I declined and she removed it from my bill. I left to get lunch elsewhere.
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    thanks @DaveO for dinner tonight, we had 2 large onions 50 ml (approx. 1/4 cup) extra-virgin olive oil 50 g (approx. 3 1/2 tbsp.) unsalted butter 10 oil-preserved anchovies 1 tbsp. minced Italian parsley dried spaghetti freshly ground black pepper Spaghetti, alici e cipolle Pinot grigio to drink
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    Ricotta, miele e pistacchi. It's barely a recipe. Spoon ricotta cheese into a bowl, then pour a little milk or half-and-half over. Use a fork to whip ricotta cheese so that liquid is completely incorporated. Spoon whipped cheese into another bowl, drizzle with honey and top with chopped pistachio nuts.
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    250 g (1/2 lb.) ground beef 350 g (3/4 lb.) ground pork 75 g (1/2 cup) fresh breadcrumbs 75 g grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese 1 tbsp. minced Italian parsley 2 eggs fine breadcrumbs, for rolling the meatballs 6 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 2 garlic cloves, crushed 200 ml (7/8 cup) pinot grigio salt black pepper Polpette in bianco ("meatballs with white sauce") This was served with patate e bietola. Basically potatoes and chard boiled until tender, then chopped and sautéed in olive oil with garlic and chile pepper flakes.
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    My wife and I were visiting the South Carolina Lowcountry last week and ate at a restaurant in the Frogmore area, The Foolish Frog, which is on St. Helena Island. Here is a photo of the outside of the restaurant: We ate on the terrace. Here is the view from our table: They have a variety of seafood dishes, smoked ribs, steaks, sandwiches, and, of course, hush puppies. The food was very, vey good. I don’t know how many Rockwell members will ever visit Frogmore, but if you do you should seriously consider the Foolish Frog for one of your meals.
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    Ok, so you are close to a number of great places...I don't know what eater has to say, but here's my take: Dinner: Xochi for sure. You can't miss out on Hugo Ortega's cooking while in Houston. Nancy's Hustle is a short ride away. Get the lamb dumplings. Theodore Rex: if you can grab a spot, it's well worth it and a short cab ride away. One of my favorite (if not my favorite) places in Houston. Lunch: Hyunh is within walking distance and would be a solid Vietnamese lunch choice. Go for the rice paper wraps. For pho, you could venture sliiiightly further out and hit Pho Saigon. Near Pho Saigon (these are in the "Midtown" area) is Cali Sandwich, where the Cali special banh mi lives...my favorite sandwich in Houston. Ninfas on Navigation: The original and best Houston Tex-Mex. Get fajitas or tacos al carbon, queso, and a margarita. Andes Cafe: Great Central and Southern American food Seaside Poke: one of the better joints in town, run by people who actually know what they're doing. Phoenicia: Might also be a good breakfast spot. Lots to choose from. Conservatory Food Hall: A handful of food stalls including pizza, bbq, poke, among others, with a ton of craft beers on tap. Drinks: Public Services: Love this bar. Looks swanky but really isn't. Pastry War: Great mezcal-centric joint with a secret bar in the back called: Tongue-Cut Sparrow: kind of like Columbia Room I imagine. --- There are others...DM me if you have questions while you're here. I'm happy to direct and help however I can!
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    You may want to contact Melissa McCart (who I'm proud to say got her start here on DR - she's our own MeMc) - she is once again the Restaurant Critic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
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    Turns out Captain Gregory's where we sometimes go on Tiki Thursday is going to get me some from their supplier
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    I agree with the above. I consider Dino's like 2Amys to be two places that present meals significantly better than the norm, and do so creatively with enhanced ingredients at excellent prices. I stopped off at Dino's last week, a single unable to get a dinner companion and ate at the bar. I thought I would take a few suggestions from the rest of you above: Per @Pool Boy Wow. Great cocktail/ great suggestion. I thought they used to serve this on Connecticut Avenue. Couldn't discover whether that was so or not but did find this piece: I'd call the cocktail a well conceived variation on a manhattan, adding Amaro and Cherry Liqueur. I'd add those ingredients at home and make a version of the Ric Flair for my Manhattan loving friends. I bet they'd love it. For an app: Per the advice of @lizzie Also an excellent dish. Well cooked, large portion. Frankly it inspired me to try others among the diverse apps on the menu. Following all that I had the half price lasagna. Excellent version; on half price lasagna night an incredible dining out option. Dino's is a restaurant that can draw me back multiple times per year, I suppose more frequently if I lived nearby.
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    Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs; bacon; roasted potatoes, bell pepper, and shallot; toasted olive bread
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    In honor of our nighttime temperatures dipping into the 60s, I made a big pot of split pea soup with bacon ends from Lucky’s Market. Added lots of onion, garlic, thyme, rosemary, marjoram and smoked paprika. I’ll freeze most of it.
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    I sent these one day and it turns out they aren't allergy-safe so my preschooler got sent back home with it still wrapped! (The daycare is completely nut-free.) Funnily enough, I almost never pack dessert. For my big kid, I pack fruit cups for her dismissal-time snack, per her request (or Pirate Booty, veggie straws, or popcorn, if she had fruit in her lunch) Tonight they're eating bucatini with turkey pumpkin sauce (redux). Yes, they're eating dinner at 5 ... Sundays are a totally wonky schedule for us, and dinner either ends up super early (for them) or super late (for us). Tonight, a bit of both.