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    we've been rooting for johnny spero since suna, where we had one meal during its short tenure that hinted at the chef's potential. we had three very good meals at reverie in the last year, and have been keeping an eye on the take-out options since the beginning of the quarantimes, eager to support the restaurant. given that we don't eat meat, this past week's reverie at home for 2 seafood menu was our first opportunity. the highlights: the bay leaf custard topped with jewel-like red currants was silky textured, herbaceously not-too-sweet, and brightened by the acidic pop of those currants. it may be the best take-out dessert we've had in the last four months. the scallop crudo, a favorite from our first reverie dinner last summer, remains a delightful new nordic-inspired play of sweet raw scallop, creamy buttermilk, and vibrant dill. (i don't get the crispy scallop chips, which i find to have a strong seafood funk and dense crunch that overpowers an otherwise delicate dish, and, to be honest, make me think of oversized fish food flakes. luckily, they were packaged separately and easily left off.) the madai crudo with smoked olive oil benefited from an additional sprinkle of sea salt, but was otherwise lovely -- clean, just a hint of smokiness, with a good acidic balance. both the crudos were thoughtfully individually packaged (two of each crudo), the garnishes carefully placed atop the seafood, so that it was easy to scoop them onto a plate for a beautiful at-home presentation. steamed carolina gold rice dusted with furikake was tasty on its own and a great vehicle for sopping up the herb butter sauce from the turbot. the nits: both the excellent (cultured?) seaweed butter accompanying the focaccia and the herb butter sauce needed salt, but that was easily fixed. (and i much preferred the focaccia to the dense rugbrod we'd had in-restaurant in the past; it always felt a bit too virtuously wholesome for me.) we had been excited to try the clarified gazpacho that had been listed on the menu when we placed our order (which we did a day or two before), but unfortunately it didn't make it into our bags. however, we got a prompt and apologetic response to our email, with the promise to refund part of the dinner cost. these things happen, and it was handled fine. the only real miss for me was the roasted, on-the-bone turbot. i acknowledge that turbot with a buttery sauce is already the sort of classic dish that is less my speed (and honestly a bit more boring that i would have expected from reverie), and i realize that it's a challenge to figure out a cooked fish that will travel adequately. even with a reheat in the oven, the skin was unappetizingly slimy, but once discarded, the flesh underneath was basically unseasoned -- back to the kitchen for lemon wedges and salt! -- and studded with a surprising amount of fat. i usually get a visceral joy out of performing my own dinnertime seafood butchery -- filleting a whole roasted fish, dissecting grilled head-and-shell-on prawns -- but separating the turbot from its skeleton just made for frustration and a bit of a mess. while i've roasted a lot of whole fish, i'll admit that i've never before tackled a turbot, so i'm just not familiar enough to know whether this was just my own personal (lack of) preference. overall, i'm glad that we ordered, and we'll definitely be keeping an eye on reverie's pescatarian-friendly options for future take-out. and i'm still thinking about that custard.
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    We went to pick up some sushi-grade fish at BlackSalt Market yesterday (their market is very well-stocked, and I don't know of any better fish markets in the Washington, DC area). Anyway, after *four months* of not having dined at a restaurant, we finally had dinner at BlackSalt as well. At 6 PM, the restaurant was empty, save for about a dozen employees, working the market, kitchen, bar, and floor. In fact, we were the only diners between 6-7 PM, but when we left, another couple was being seated. We felt perfectly safe dining here. Here was last night's menu (there was also a limited selection of raw oysters): We were also presented with a limited selection of wines by the glass (the sommelier came over and told us they had a bigger one, but I knew I wanted the Chinon Rosé). This Dozon Chinon is a vin saigné, and was $13 by the glass, but we were charged a remarkably low $35 by the bottle. Incidentally, the sommelier said that all of their wines are available for off-site purchase at 30%-off the menu price (as long as they sell you "some" food) - I'm not sure if I got the menu price or the take-home price. The only problematic dish of the evening was a bowl of Chilled Beet Gazpacho ($13) with Crème Frâiche and Cucumber Relish. The soup looked lovely, but it was brutally acidic, and tasted like the beets (or maybe just the cucumbers) had been pickled; other than the acidity (which was a fatal flaw), it would have been a perfectly fine summer soup. My Oysters Rockefeller ($15) were prepared correctly, and were a solid version of this classic dish. DIShGo had only tried this one other time, at a touristy restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA, and she said these were night-and-day better than what she had previously. These weren't perfect, but they were better than you'll usually find, even at an upscale restaurant. It was really a pleasure to have a complex dish such as this in the confines of BlackSalt. Lobster and Avocado Salad ($25) with Citrus Vinaigrette, Local Grilled Squash, Cucumber, Basil, and Scallions made for a good one-two punch of summer dining along with the Gazpacho. DIShGo said there was a lot of lobster in it, and what I had tasted really good - she said she enjoyed it more than mine (but I beg to differ). My Butter Poached Lobster ($28) with Sweet Corn and Fava Bean Succotash, Bacon (really, Guanciale), Corn Flan, and Sherry Lobster Butter was the type of dish you just don't make at home (or, at least, I don't), and I savored each bite slowly with the wine. The lobster was small, but it was still a lobster, and the Corn Flan stole the show, and was the "item of the evening." While driving home afterwards (we took 1/3 of the bottle of wine home), we were wondering why on earth so many people were clustering around bridges, etc., when it was only 7PM, the sun was still out, and the fireworks wouldn't begin for a couple of hours. But not long after we pulled into the driveway, these flew directly overhead: I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. Cheers, Rocks
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    You know, this community used to do a lot of charitable work - we've raised as much as $5,000 at one event which we donated to Emmaus Services for the Aging (thanks in part to the generosity of Michael Landrum). As some of you know, I became badly injured, probably permanently injured, in 2009, and that charitable component has diminished over the past decade because I haven't been able to do things like I could. What none of you know is that, relative to my net worth, I spend a disproportionate amount of time and money helping the neediest of the needy, but there's only so much I can do on my own. Tonight on the way back from picking up my $32 pizza and $15 gelato at Happy Gyro, I remembered I had a case of 1.5-liter Deer Park water in my trunk that I bought a long time ago, and felt guilty about because of all the plastic. Earlier in the day, DIShGo and I went to see some outdoor sculptures in DC, and came across a homeless encampment by a statue - on the ground around the base of this statue was an assortment of discarded clothing that was so filthy that each piece looked like it had been rubbed in mud, or worse. On the way home, I detoured back to it, parked, and gave each person two bottles of the Deer Park - presumably to drink once it cooled off in the evening, and then to use as a chamber pot during the night. It was disproportionate how grateful they were for such a negligible act, and it got me thinking - would any of our members like to fill up my trunk with items that these people could use? I don't mind starting small, but it would be nice to make this a regular thing - you'll need to use common sense (no canned goods that require a can opener (unless there's also a can opener), nothing that can easily spoil, etc.), but food, drinks, clothing, forks, plates, games for entertainment, soap, water, towels, pillows, blankets, socks, disposable razors, battery-powered fans, waterproof gear, tarps to protect their porous tents from deluges like we had tonight (these tents were porous and collapsing, and the blankets inside were wool - these people are sleeping soaking wet tonight) - any and all of these things, and more, will be used and appreciated more than if you haul them off to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Just use your imagination, try and put yourself in their place (no electricity, no nothing), and think of what types of things they might need - these people are surviving day-to-day, and couldn't possibly be thinking about the long term, not in their situation, so the essentials are what they could use most. I remember about fifteen years ago, a friend of mine worked as a bartender at Equinox - he suggested I do this, and I did. One night on the way to have dinner there, I took a box of old clothing - sweaters, jackets, shoes - parked on H Street, walked over to Lafayette Park, put down the box, and went to dinner. When I came back an hour later, I looked, and the box was gone. If anyone is interested in doing this type of thing, I'm happy to deliver even just a few things - I'll eventually need to learn more about where these encampments are, but I know enough to get started. If anyone is willing to make some healthy sandwiches, I'll try and get to know some of these people, and let them know that we're bringing them dinner (I'll need some time to earn their trust first). Cheers, Rocks
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    Ordered from ProFish for the first time. Order arrived early this morning -- nice, though I feel guilty about the styrofoam container. The Silver Spring Whole Foods, where we buy most of our seafood, hasn't had clams for months and I've been craving them. The promised count from ProFish was 2 dozen. I think we received at least three extra. They were clean and fresh -- all of them opened when cooked. So tonight was linguine with (white) clam sauce and steamed frozen green peas, enjoyed on the patio with my favorite person in the whole world on our 36th anniversary.❤️
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    Thai Square is still my favorite for Northern Virginia, everything from the crispy squid with basil to the floating market soup to the pork noodle soup to the Pad Ped Pla Dook are all winners. But another option nearby is the Nam Kao Tod and the grilled esan sausage at Zaap, they are REALLY good! It is a takeout counter at the back right of Duangrats Oriental Food Mart near Bailey's Crossroads, and the food seems to be prepared by the cooks at Rabieng on the Rte 7 side of the building. It has 3 little tables but I think they are exclusively take out for now. Photo of their menu board below. And I still like Thai Noy in Westover/Arlington. They have really good light spring rolls and their som tum is really good, I order it with sticky rice to get every juicy bit. The larb mu is good as well. It isn't great Lao/Thai food, but it is pretty good.
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    Last night we got delivery from Red Hen for the second time, and both times it was a good experience, and a good splurge meal (last night was my wife's birthday). We got charred octopus with potatoes, Sardinian Fregola Salad, Maloreddus, and cacio e pepe. Delivery was very smooth, and everything was delicious, including the wine pairing.
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    We got a takeout feast from 2Amys last night. Porchetta sandwich, bean salad, anchovies, two pizzas, and sorbet. Everything was delicious and traveled well. We re-crisped the pizza in the oven when we were ready to eat. A bit of a schlep for us as well but well worth the effort.
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    Funny Malarkey story...a few years ago on a trip back to San Diego, a group of us went to Herb & Wood, one of his restaurants in the Little Italy neighborhood. When Malarkey unexpectedly stopped by our table to see how things were going, my brother (who was a little drunk) told a very NSFW joke about how dill bread comes from dill dough. At the end of our meal, Malarkey brought out actual dill bread in the shape of male genitalia for us, and because he knew we wouldn't want dill bread at the end of our meal, he also brought out a chocolate cake in the shape of male genitalia with a side of ice cream. That has endeared him to me forever. Wish I had taken pictures but I was too caught up in the moment, and probably a little drunk myself at that point.
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    Aww man, Hunan Gate was firing on all cylinders for take out on Sunday night. It may have been one of the best take out meals I have had from there. We got hand pulled noodles with meat sauce, Szechuan string beans, dumpling with pork and sour napa, and cumin lamb. The dumplings have a decidedly thick skin, they aren't the best dumpling wrappers, but I really like the sour napa filling and the slightly sour flavor really balanced the meal as a whole. I should learn how to make these. The cumin lamb was excellent, the hand pulled noodle sauce was really good and these noodles are kind of thick with some chew, but nicely cooked and balanced out the decidedly spicy string beans (very good, but def spicy- lived up to their namesake), and mala of the cumin lamb. Everything was super hot and fresh. The lovely lady who manages the place remembered me when I called to place my order, and said she had missed us. We miss Hunan Gate, as well. This might be one of the places we miss the most from our former address.
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    It's bad out there. I don't know what the solution is. We are trying to do take out/delivery a few nights a week. But I also don't want to drive a really far way to do pick up either just for a weeknight- because Hubby and I have been working crazy hours and are tired, as well. Add on to that then if I want to see my Mom, I am trying to do stay at home pretty thoroughly for a week before I go. I wish we had better leadership across the board to think of creative solutions. And I am not just talking about the national level- I am talking all the way down to the local level.
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    It's Sunday again. So, the boy grilled. And we had hanger steak, corn on the cob, focaccia from RavenHook Bakery, twice baked potatoes out of our freezer, grilled mushrooms, and salad. Oh, and shishito peppers. Those plants are going nuts!
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    I didn't realize this place had no topic on DR so adding it. I posted some of this in the Bagels topic but expanding the post the cover more of their offerings: Baked by Yael across the from zoo has been such a refreshing treat during the pandemic. As everything shut down and we didn't want to go inside any place, Yael Krigman, owner of Baked by Yael, has done a great job of setting up curbside pickup and deliveries for what I now think are my favorite bagels in the city. In the past few years, she has perfected her bagels so they are just the right size (think fit in your hand) with nice chew outside, and soft inside with good size hole. They are not overly puffy like a lot of places like Bethesda Bagels. Also, they are often warm and fresh still when you pick them up any time in the morning. Varieties are more limited - plain, everything, sesame, salt, and onion, but really great bagels. You can also get a few different cream cheeses, Ivy city lox or whitefish salad (the whitefish salad is really good), and sometimes salmon salad. Also makes my favorite challah (you can get a weekly subscription). So while my kids like the cake pops which I find a bit silly and kitschy, this bakery has great savory goodies too. Other treats we like are the cookie bars - really good cross between blondies and chocolate chip cookies, and good black and white cookies too. The raspberry bar is also tasty. They also have a bunch of gluten free options, and the whole store is nut-free. They are also kosher-certified. Starting this weekend, they've introduced Duffins - think doughnut/muffin. The idea is a muffin top and donut bottom - it is really like a more cake-like donut. We tried 4 types today - all the same base but with different coatings - chocolate frosting, glazed, maple glazed, and cinnamon sugar. The chocolate is very good - same frosting as the good B&W cookies, cinnamon sugar was also good. The glazed were also good but not as well-liked. I think the maple needs to amp up the maple flavor more. They also make plain. Try for yourself and share. Lastly, Yael and her staff are super kind. The Zoo being closed for so long hurt the business, but they adapted well.
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    Santini's with double meat. Do try a Funky Cuban at Market2Market (verification). I wouldn't drive there from Tysons, but if you ever find yourself in Del Ray? Sure. The Muff-a-Lotta at Bayou Bakery is okay if you're in the Courthouse area - this place got off to a roaring first week (with perhaps more hype than any cafe that has ever opened in the DMV (David Guas is married to a publicist)), but the quality dropped off very quickly, and to the best of my knowledge, has never recovered. Is Marshall considered NoVa? If so, get out to Red Truck Bakery. To the best of my knowledge, it has the best cakes in the DC area (their Meyer Lemon Cake is as good as any cake I've ever had), and everything else here is top-notch (I would say "bordering on world-class") also. Call and order some wine from Glen Manor Vineyards, and pick up some baked goods on the way home (*). As long as I'm going off-topic, I hope everyone here knows about Livin the Pie Life on N. Glebe Road near Lee Highway? I have it rated in the Dining Guide as the #1 "restaurant" in North Arlington. It's carryout only, and most things are done here in the form of a pie - I highly recommend getting a Chicken Pot Pie for your order (assuming you like Chicken Pot Pie). Incidentally, I went to Seylou for lunch yesterday - they're open and fantastic (I'm dying to pre-order some Cannelés here, but still haven't). Walk-ins can order off a little list sitting on a table at the front door, and they'll bring your food out to you. (*) <--- As good as you think this cake looks, it's even better (and it lasts).
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    Grilled swordfish with Basil chimichurri sauce. Green bean grilled on grill pan outside burner. Rioja
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    Summer dinner.. Slow roasted some cherry tomatoes and added them to the leftover cilantro chimichurri sauce. Quickly marinated swordfish from WF with some of the chimichurri and grilled them. Used the tomato chimichurri as a sauce for the fish Served with great corn from Twin Springs Farm and a salad of tomatoes avocado peppers and local lettuce. For dessert blueberry and peach crisp. The sword fish was very good- although nothing holds a candle to swordfish bought at the fishing pier in Montauk
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    If there is a better pizza being made in the DMV right now, someone needs to let me know. I had the one Rocks had the other day and the one with italian sausage and red sauce from last week and I was amazed on the quality of the very different pies. Johnny continues to impress after all these years, a truly transcendent talent that has chosen to stick around in this area. Lucky us.
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    The corn gelato is a best-case scenario. If you're making the trip, try 2-3 different flavors, and take at least a couple of bites before it freezes/unfreezes (which it does quite nicely). Better still, bring a spoon and scarf the whole damned thing on your way home.
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    Went back to Nina May because the clams were so good last time. Started with a new dish on the menu - Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Hushpuppies with DIY smoked remoulade. The hushpuppies were excellent (soft and moist), although I'm not sure there were sufficient amount of crab meat in there to be distinguishable. There were dabs of mayo and ketchup and other herbs to make your own dipping sauce. They gave us some complimentary biscuits that were good but we really didn't need more carbs. The last starter was the excellent Maryland Soft Shell Crab with corn relish, blueberry mustard, pea tendrils. Our second course were 2 orders of clams. This time, they used a red sauce as opposed to the white sauce we had last time. They really undersalted the dish and then charred the focaccia so I didn't quite enjoy them as much. Lastly, the Rabbit Porchetta (same as last time, and just as delicious) and Fettuccine with Tomato and Green Garlic extra virgin olive oil, basil, garlic chips. The fettuccine was very garlicky and I think the pasta, while al dente, may not have been handmade in house. Nevertheless, it's a tasty dish. We went early (had 5:30 reservation). It was hot and not many people were there. I hope more people go out to eat later in the evening, otherwise we won't have any fine dining restaurants left after the pandemic ends.
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    Since Tuesday, we have been working on food from the freezer. We often make extra and freeze. That's good now. I had knee surgery on Tuesday. and now the husband is stuck doing everything for the next few week. So, rum and black bean chicken with coconut rice from the freezer last night. Chicken chili over fritos the night before. And salad with everything. That doesn't need to be frozen!
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    Ali Nazik (ground lamb and smoked eggplant) Flour tortillas Yogurt Rice pilaf Buttered green beans The lamb and eggplant dish is from Turkish Delights. I'd been planning to make it for some time and finally got the ingredients in a WF order. It's supposed to be served with naan, which I also ordered. Despite a sell by date still days into the future, I pulled out the unopened package of naan yesterday and it was moldy🤨. It was packaged differently from the naan I usually buy from them, which has always kept well, but was ostensibly the same product. I considered making some naan as a replacement, which isn't difficult and is pretty similar to making flour tortillas. Then I realized I had some flour tortillas from Trader Joe's, so I just went with them. I altered the lamb recipe a little bit and probably should have stuck with it as it was. (I cooked it for a bit together instead of keeping the components separate until serving.) It was pretty good, but I think I should have gone with a different lamb and eggplant recipe in the book instead. I went back and forth on deciding.
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    The text right under your user name is the custom rank you have based on the number of posts. Don has that number correlated with Adrian Dantley because it was his uniform number.
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    Last night was cedar plank salmon with caesar salad. Saturday night was hot dogs and half smokes from Stachowskis on the grill with an apple/fennel/bacon/goat cheese slaw and watermelon. Friday night was soba noodles with carrot, cabbage, shrimp and a soy/chili sauce. Tonight was leftover salmon with the soba noodles.
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    I made sangria for the first time. I had a bottle of Riunite I needed to use* and the only use I could find for it other than drinking it straight was sangria. I was on the fence about making it, but when I realized we had just enough brandy left from when my husband made Beef Wellington 6 years ago I decided to go for it. It was tasty and perfect for a hot day in our backyard with a couple of neighbors. Next time I make sangria I'll probably use a Spanish wine, though! *I sent my husband out for a specific bottle of dry lambrusco last year, and he came back with that plus a 1.75 L bottle of Riunte, because it also says "lambrusco" on the label.
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    OK, after two weeks in the Outer Banks, it's clear this is not somewhere you go to for the food. That said, we found a handful of places that stood out from the rest and that we would go back to: Best of the bunch was a Mexican food truck in Ocracoke called Eudardo's. This simple taco stand produced our best meal of the trip -- freshly made hot tortilla chips with guacamole, carnitas tacos on masa tortillas, fried fish (local mackerel) tacos on flour tortillas -- everything was excellent. I wouldn't quite say it is worth a trip to go to this place simply because you have to take a ferry to get to Ocracoke and the wait can be long, but if you're there I'd highly recommend this place for lunch (they also serve breakfast if you happen to be staying on the island). 80 miles north of Eduardo's, in Nags Head, a completely different experience - Woo Casa. The menu is all over the place (tacos, poke, banh mi...) but everything we tried was tasty. I was particularly impressed by the banh mi (which had all the flavors you'd expect from an Eden Center sandwich) and the truly excellent fries. As of June 2020 they are technically only doing take out, but if you don't mind the strip mall parking lot ambiance, you can eat at one of the three picnic tables out front. The owner is super friendly. Toward the end of our stay we were craving spicy food, and my wife found Single Fin Thai-Sushi. Ordinarily I would run as fast as I can away from a Thai restaurant that advertises sushi but in OBX you don't have that much choice, so we gave it a shot, and at the end of the day it wasn't bad at all. I'd say it was about what you'd expect from a B+ Thai restaurant in the DC area, nothing mind blowingly good but a place you'd be happy to go back to when the mood strikes. The waterfall beef and garlic pork were both quite good, and drunken noodles, ordered spicy, were chewy and satisfying and delivered the needed kick. Honorable mention goes to Buxton Munch, in Buxton, for decent crab cakes, seafood tacos (the day we went they gave us a choice of three locally-caught fish), and fried oysters. Ice cream shops abound on OBX but most serve up Hershey's or some other similar crap. Booty Treats is no exception but at least they get really creative with their combinations and add-ons, so you can create something pretty unique there. And it's just a block walk to the beach.
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    Ha! I don't even remember mentioning that here. It is good. It's been a while since I've posted in this thread. Some recent highlights: chilled corn soup; bacon mushroom cheeseburgers (from Red Apron ground beef); baked ziti; tofu and green beans with chile crisp; baked spinach and zucchini; pork fennel sausages, onions, and peppers; brie pesto pepper grilled cheese; kale and sweet potato hash; chicken teriyaki with fried rice, green beans, and cashews; chicken vegetable barley soup; and, tuna noodle casserole with peas, topped with crushed potato chips. The baked ziti underwent some changes in its various leftover stages, with the addition of peas, pesto, and roasted cherry tomatoes. It had Red Apron fennel sausage in the sauce. The remainder of the sausages were a separate meal. The corn soup was excellent but kept needing to be thinned for each serving. The spinach zucchini casserole used up leftover rice from something or other and reminded me that zucchini actually does have a flavor. Tonight will be baked chicken thighs, arborio rice with walnuts and broccoli (adapted from a Jacques Pepin recipe), and corn on the cob.
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    No. It's harder (and can absorb vinegar-and-oil more), but there's very little difference other than outer-layer texture, based on what I can discern. These are not great sandwiches. They're "okay," and that's based on a very low standard - I see nothing about them (bread, meat, cheese, or toppings) that's anything beyond mediocre.
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    Watermelon/fig/yogurt popsicles. Yeah, they're delish.
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    We really liked the super creamy chickpea stew that we got as a side with our takeout kabobs recently. I found a recipe that seemed to appeal to both of us. However, we had it last night over rice and it didn't thrill either of us. Despite soaking all day, the beans still were a bit too crunchy after I unsealed the Instant Pot. I gave it another 10 min and the chickpeas were soft enough then, but nowhere near creamy. And my husband felt that everything else in the stew (carrots, potatoes, onions) had lost it's texture in the process. I've got 2 other recipes to try, but pretty bummed with this result.
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    Salad, roasted spice-rubbed chicken thighs, and bread. Dessert was exceptionally good blueberries and peaches, baked on top of a buttermilk cake, and served with buttermilk ice cream.
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    This is completely unrelated to Komi, Happy Gyro or this thread, but the line above made me think of this Mark Twain quote: The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter--it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. - Letter to George Bainton, 15 October 1888
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    Salad of poached figs and cottage cheese over baby arugula Sweet pepper, zucchini and cheddar clafoutis Leftover roasted sliced potatoes The savory clafoutis was excellent, a Melissa Clark recipe but by way of the Washington Post. Highly recommended.
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    Kind of crazy, but I roasted a chicken last night, on a bed of sliced potatoes. We also had fava beans stir-fried in some of the spiced Ethiopian butter I had left. (Shelled, boiled, peeled, and then stir-fried.) The salad was butter lettuce, kalamata olives, tomato, feta, and poached figs, with mustard - red wine vinaigrette.
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    Yep - I picked up some frozen soup and a large wine order a while ago. Soup reheated beautifully.
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    I saved what was left of the sauce from the doro wat and reheated the two leg quarters left from rotisserie chicken in it for dinner, along with a couple hard-boiled eggs. We also had more of the kik alicha/split peas, and I made a variation of gomen with spinach, cottage cheese, and niter kibbe/spiced butter. We were going to have the last of the injera but someone (me) forgot to unwrap the bread from the plastic wrap inside the foil packet before putting the packet in the oven. It has been that kind of day.
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    I forgot to make a post about this last weekend. Odd considering it was one of the first dining out I'd done in a while. To wit, I was in Annandale thinking of getting a crazy Korean corn dog at Siroo Juk Story when I saw a new restaurant in the old Blue Sand Seafood spot: The Stone Tofu House (website, Instagram). The are nominally a soondubu jjigae (spicy soft tofu stew) joint with the added bonus that they apparently make their own tofu everyday. That would put them one up on Annandale stalwart Lighthouse Tofu (which I'm pretty sure does not). Now it being a zillion degrees, I didn't do "regular" soondubu but I did try curry soondubu which was new to me. And it was good and different. Not as spicy and I'm a fan of curry, so thumbs up from me. Unlike Lighthouse, though, The Stone seems to have a much more comprehensive/varied menu. They have a few more odd flavors of soondubu (like curry and jjajang), intestines, and even biji jjigae which is made with the pulp leftover from making tofu. Beyond that, many dishes including some focused on tofu that I'd like to try sometime (though it'd probably be better/easier with more people). As for COVID awareness, since it was newly open and early in the day, I was definitely separated from the few other diners. All the servers wore gloves and masks as well as it should be.
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    Hello folks, I wrote the first post (scroll up) 15 years ago, and it still applies today. This is a welcoming, *gently* moderated community that was created to honor my late wife, Member Number One. It is a community of compassion, charity, and intellect, and we need new members. Joining is free, easy, and private (your information will *never* be shared). Also, those annoying damned ads you see (which don't even pay for the monthly costs of running this website) will disappear once you're a member, and I'll never ask you for a penny. We have a 15-year track record of integrity. Please click on the "SIGN UP" button on the top-right, and our Membership Director (the indefatigable Pat) will confirm your membership within a few hours. Also, please write me once you join - I'd like to "meet" you and welcome you to the community. Kind regards, Rocks
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    I have not had a chance to get out much lately, but I have heard of two interesting developments: 1. Manila Mart was closed for remodeling last winter, and is now open again with an expanded space. I plan to stop by and take out a halo halo soon. 2. A new Vietnamese place has apparently bravely opened this summer at Contee and Rt 1, near Cold Stone/Sardi's on the corner with Shoppers Food, "Lulu's Gourmet Vietnamese Cuisine" . Their online menu lists banh mi including an "Op La" egg version, plus the usual pho, bun, bubble tea, and an odd waffle section that has a photo of a classic waffle but describes two "Hong Kong bubble waffle" dishes, one with the expected candy toppings, and the other a sort of banh mi waffle. The website is here: https://pholulu.com/our-menu/ I intend to investigate the banh mi situation, as options have been extremely limited since the closure of the banh mi place in Langley Park a few years back. --- Gah Rham (Pool Boy)
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    Last night made Tandoori ish baked chicken, cucumber avocado and tomato Raita and peach chutney from a disappointing bunch of peaches from WF and plain rice and naan from WF. We are missing our favorite foods but have not gone out nor ordered takeout since late February.
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    Just had Al's for lunch, as I had never eaten there. I got the mushrooms, grn pepper and steak sandwich with onion rings. I got the sandwich sans tomato. I thought this was pretty good. I don't know that it needs the mayo, although I decidedly like mayo. The meat isn't super beefy, but I don't think it is bad either. I think it is definitely Steak and Cheese category, not Cheesesteak, but as I am not a huge seeker of cheesesteaks, it suits my tastes just fine. I saved half for later, as it is a big sandwich and I got onion rings.
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    the bf and i also did the whole bass dinner this weekend (on sunday night) and agree with marty that it was excellent and an excellent value. unfortunately for us pescatarians, the "family style" meals, which replaced the more diverse a la carte menu when the patio opened, have for the last few weeks been exclusively meat-based. i actually emailed the restaurant earlier in the week to ask whether they would have non-carnivorous options at any point, and within about ninety minutes received an email that the bass was available (which it definitely hadn't been earlier that morning). unclear whether the addition was a coincidence or responsive to my email, but either way, kudos for quick reply. (for those who are concerned, the take-out hand-off was very comfortable -- no need to go into the restaurant, because there's a host stand set up outside on the sidewalk.) the bass came filleted, skin sides up, in a disposable metal pan (perfect for reheating, had it been necessary, but we didn't bother). despite transport, it wasn't overcooked -- not something every restaurant has managed during the quarantimes for fish dishes -- and the skin retained sufficient crispness to be worth eating. the two fluffy, za'atariffic pita were bigger than i remembered, basically the size of the dinner plates onto which we unwrapped them. perfect for scooping up the summery pea-topped hummus. i've loved the caramelized onion-heavy mujadarra since we first tried it the week albi opened, and the current iteration, with its addition of charred corn, is even better. and those burnt cinnamon cookies were addictively spiced with a crumbly-soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture. so glad to have albi back in our take-out rotation!
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    We had a little potluck last night, and I grilled a pork tenderloin. I marinated it in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, Thai chili garlic paste, blackberry jam, sesame oil, and olive oil. I grilled it to just passed medium, and everybody loved it. One neighbor contributed his famous homemade potato salad, which had a hint of horseradish, and was delicious. The other neighbor brought coleslaw. Add in a bottle of sparkly and a good, socially-distanced time was had by all.
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    Last night I made the Judy Rodgers/Zuni Cafe brined pork chops again. I adjusted the salt downward, which was an improvement, but I think I should also reduce the sugar content of the brine next time. The challenge is getting the ratios right when making 1/2 of the original recipe. Sides were steamed fresh green beans and, shudder, Near East brand mushroom pilaf -- yes, out of a box. Shame on me😄 Tonight I spatchcocked a chicken and roasted it over indirect heat on our charcoal grill. It turned out well, though not as smoky as I'd hoped. Sides were (I'm so not worthy) Whole Paycheck 365 mac and cheese! and the best Swiss Chard I've ever had. The chard was on special this past week and as soon as I took it out of the fridge and started breaking it down, I was astonished at how crisp/fresh it was. Peace.
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    Got takeout from here last night. We usually get catering from them for our July 4th party, but with no party this year, and them closing early on the 4th, I didn't have it for the 4th. But I kept wanting it, so we ordered last night. Smoked pulled chicken, corn pudding, baked beans, cornbread. Sauce came with. Quite tasty. Chicken was a little dry. But really, that corn pudding is soooooo good. I wish Max's was still next door to get dessert from.
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    I picked up some barbecued ribs a few days ago that came with a big hunk of cornbread, which did not interest me. I stuck it in the refrigerator and was pondering what to do with it when I realized I had two ancient green chili and corn muffins in the freezer. I also had some leftover stock in a carton in the refrigerator, plus celery, onions, and some bacon ends in the freezer: Shazam. Cornbread dressing. I baked chicken breasts with just butter, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I also steamed broccoli. The cornbread dressing was wonderfully rich and such a lovely treat at this time of year. I felt very smug for using up so many bits from the refrigerator and the freezer.
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    We purchased some sushi-grade fish from BlackSalt Seafood Market, and gorged on sashimi the other night. This would have cost $200 in a restaurant; it was less than $60 here (clockwise from top-left Opah, Fatty Bluefin, Ahi Tuna, Flounder - all were impeccable, and as good as you can find anywhere in town). The bluefin was the most costly per pound, and worth every penny and then some - this was one of the best (if not the most varied) sashimi meals I've ever had, and the prep/cleanup was negligible - sort of makes me wonder why anyone would go out for high-end sashimi. Of note: I don't recommend the squeeze-tube wasabi here, and the jarred pickled ginger is mediocre. Try to find these elsewhere, maybe at an Asian market.
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    The past three days lunch has been everything bagels from Bullfrog Bagels, with smoked salmon spread from Cold Country Salmon with either roasted beets or some grape tomatoes from the garden. Or leftover hot dogs. Lunch is kind of a reoccurring theme: leftovers.
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    We had some tortillas, eggs and cheese. So, after this morning's bike ride, I scrambled an egg w/ Sriracha and black pepper. Poured it in a small skillet and once it was 85% set, sprinkled on cheese and topped with a flour tortilla. Gave it another min, then flipped and another min. Repeat for the 2nd one, roll it up and breakfast was served. I made some quick pickled fennel yesterday, so added a bit of that to mine, which I enjoyed.
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    July 3. The area surrounding Cranes is devoid of both motor and pedestrian traffic. We were able to park right in front of the restaurant. Set out in front of the restaurant on the sidewalk were 4 tables and 8 chairs. We occupied 3 tables and 6 chairs. There was a party inside the restaurant, but no one went in or came out while we were there, from 6 to 7:30ish. The current menu is copied below, I bolded those that we ordered and underlined the best dishes. Since they weren't busy and we ordered alot of food, I asked them to course the dishes so we can have leisurely meal. First to come out were the oysters with ponzu as the dominant flavor. There may have been a drop of evoo on the oyster but I didn't look for it nor did I taste it. Next were the jamon with tomatoed bread. The shiitake croquetas were 4 balls, 1 order was enough for us to share. These were cream of shiitake encased in spherical shells. The shishito peppers were enhanced with shaved bonito flakes. The maitake tempura is fabulous, possibly the best tempura I've had (alas, I haven't been to Japan or even even NYC just for tempura, but I've been to Jose Andre's tempura counter at Fish in MGM which I thought was mediocre at best). The duck gyoza was made with pre-cooked shredded duck meat and I didn't feel any crunchy water chestnut. An order of yakitori came with 3 skewers, the kids loved them so much I had to order a second. The gambas (pictured below) were not traditional but perfectly cooked. The arroz came with inch long fried whole baby squid with the rice cooked al dente. Finally the suquet wasn't really a stew and the only seafood is a piece of salmon cooked medium with crispy seared skin. This meal is completely different from the meal we had at St. Anselm, but quality-wise equally good, and obviously much more creative. I would definitely go back soon. Tapas: oysters / 3 ea ponzu / evoo / espelette pepper jamon serrano / 16 coca bread / tomatoes / sansho pepper croquetas de jamón / 6 croquetas de shiitake / 6 patatas bravas / 6 all-i-oli / ketchup with yuzu kosho / chives / poppy seeds shishito peppers / 8 sesame sauce / sesame seeds / bonito flakes maitake tempura / 11 daikon dipping sauce duck & water chestnut gyozas / 10 noisette vinaigrette pork belly yakitori / 5 buckwheat / citrus bao buns / 12 short rib / umeboshi mayo / tobiko Entrees: gazpacho / 12 cold vegetable soup heirloom tomatoes / 12 fennel / creme fraiche / ponzu jelly escalivada / 12 grilled vegetables salad with black olive sauce cold capellini / 14 hazelnut-lime dressing / preserved lemon / tororo kombu smoked hamachi / 15 apricot / ajo blanco / green almonds gambas al ajillo / 22 shrimps / garlic-chili oil / sherry wine arroz de verduras / 17 calasparra rice / seasonal vegetables / idiazabal arroz negro / 21 squid ink rice / baby squid / piquillo pepper arroz de conejo / 28 rabbit / carrots / Brussels sprouts / rice suquet / 19 catalan fisherman's stew with saffron and salmon kurobuta pork / 24 cauliflowers / sansho gastrique / miso carrillera de ternera / 28 braised beef cheek / potato / mushrooms / red wine sauce
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    I've had to go into the office this week because there's a lot going on right now. Yesterday was mildly insane, but we had an early dismissal too. At 3pm, I let my husband know I was on my way home, but hadn't had lunch. He then realized he hadn't eaten lunch either, so I walked into the house and he had made beef lo mein. We'd had ground beef defrosting, so he used that, cut up the last of the bell peppers and about 1/2 a head of cabbage. I devoured it and was so happy.

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