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    Hello Everyone, I would like to have a forum where someone could post an idea for a small format cooking class in their home. By cooking class- I mean someone has an idea of something they would like to learn how to make and are willing to do some trial and error with people to help in that process; or someone is good at something and wouldn't mind showing other people how to do it; or a combination of the two. I really learn better when I am interacting in a class and not just watching YouTube or etc, and making the item helps me build my confidence that I can do it on my own. I often find that many cooking classes are either (1) for couples (2) for kids (3) for people below my skill level or (4) a series in which I can't commit to the time and number of classes. I know there are people on this site that can make a lot of things I would like to learn to make. I am also willing to offer up my own skills if there is something I can make someone else would like to learn. For instance, I have never made homemade Bao Buns. It doesn't look incredibly hard, and I wouldn't mind doing it, but I feel like it would be more fun with a few people. I also would LOVE to learn how to make Saltenas, and feel that this is maybe a little above my skill level until I see, interact in doing it once or twice, but I likely need someone with more skill than me who has made it before. There are all sorts of things like this. And I have a decent size kitchen, and would be willing to host a few classes if people could make it to Alexandria, and would be willing to go somewhere else if someone else wanted to host. Anyway, I wanted to have a forum for this sort of thing, so here it is, if there are any like minded soles, speak up and we can figure out what we want to make and when.
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    We were driving thru Tennessee and had to stop for gas. We chose the highway exit that was marked as being the home of the Jan & Dean Birthplace plaque or the world's Biggest Ball of String or some such wonder. We pulled into the gas station and not wanting to make a meal of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and ice cream, we asked if there were good restaurants around and were told yes... The beaming woman told us all the good restaurant's were close by... KFC, McDs, Burger King and Cracker Barrel. We pulled out of the station, shaking our heads, and had to proceed away from the highway to find a place to turn around. When we did, we ran smack into Adele's. It was an old ramshakle farmhouse and the walls were filled with old fashion stove top toasters. Also a tabe of old local gentlemen telling stories. The menu was classic short order and I remember we had a wonderful meal. Sausages, eggs, toast of course, biscuits etc. It probably took a year off our life expectancy. ANd it cost about $10. I am sure that women at the gas station would have loved to have a Cheese Cake Factory in her little town. We never found Jan and Dean's ball of string though.
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    Holding onto Summer one more time with this salad of Heirloom Cherry Tomato, Pluot, English Cucumber, Fresh Mint & Basil, Lemon Zest & Juice, Olive Oil. Topped with La Tur after photo was taken .
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    I have not had a more enjoyable meal since the old "secret" Lao menu at Bangkok Golden when Seng Luangrath was at the helm. Two dishes, both sublime. Running errands through Fairfax and had a craving for something other than Bun Cha from Viet House or the Bibimbap Hot Pot at Super H. Remembered that Thai by Thai started advertising their "secret" menu a few years ago so popped in. Parking and access to the little shopping center continues to be a shit show. I walked ina little after 1 and only one 3-top was in the small, sterile dining room. From the Street Food menu: Kao Tod Nam Sod - fried rice balls, crumbled atop romaine lettuce, tossed with pickled pork, red onion, peanuts, chilis, fish sauce, lemongrass, etc, etc. HOLY SHIT. Soooo good, each bite encompassing all the spicy/sweet/salty and sour flavor with the sour coming from the pickled pork. I have had maybe 10 versions of Nam Sod and this was better than all. From The Regional Special Menu : Khao Sol - the most enjoyable Thai dish I have ever had. Egg noodles, chili, sour cabbage, fried wonton flakes, pork, red onions, red curry. The blend of textures and depth of flavors were really, really impressive. A tour de force. These two dishes ($22 total) were enormous and this was the BEST Thai meal I have had since maybe the second year of Little Serow. Can't vouch for other locations....but the TWO people who were working on Tuesday lunch were just KILLING IT.
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    Spaghetti alle capesante 60 ml olive oil 3 garlic cloves, minced pinch of red chile pepper flakes 30 g minced Italian parsley 1/2 kg sea scallops (or you can sub bay scallops instead) salt black pepper
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    Red leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radishes; ranch dressing Chili beans and mac casserole The casserole is one of my old standbys that I hadn't made in a long time. It's good comfort food.
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    Food is great and plentiful. There is space here. Ric Flair's remain excellent. Got there a little after opening at 5:30. Maybe 30 people or so. By the time I left about 7:30 there were about 50-70 between the two floors. From my singular perspective it was an equal mix between olders and those in their 20-30's. Per a short conversation with Dean, they were blown away by a large crowd that hit them early on Monday. A large assortment of typical dishes were served during the evening as staff brought out platters of delicacies and you could choose from among them. The platters kept expanding as the night wore on. Ooooh. I had missed on the peaches with bacon at earlier sittings. That was delicious. Other dishes were right on target and good. I could have stayed to "pig out" but what I had was ample and excellent. Drinks were evidently half price, at least the Ric Flairs were. Two were ample and I didn't leave drunk. Tough tough nut running a restaurant in this city with endless competition and nothing stopping new restaurants from opening. I wish Dean the best going forward.
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    Tonight was ham and white bean stew. Last night was turkey mole with spinach enchiladas with rice and refried black beans.
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    Pan-seared shishito peppers, Maldon sea salt Braised French breakfast radishes, slow-roasted cherry tomato confit Cranberry beans with garlic, herbs and prosciutto di San Daniele
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    Annangol recently has remodeled and is back to a BBQ menu with a wonderful set of ajummas taking care of you. Think tough love! They make sure you are having a good time but there is no nonsense about their service. The star of the show here is the plate of greens you get with the BBQ. And the Mul Naeng Myun. And the BBQ! When you order BBQ you get a huge plate of greens from leaf lettuce to perilla leaf, to a chicory or dandelion relative and more. There is a Korean long pepper which is mild and sweet at the tip and gets increasingly hot from the halfway mark to the stem. A couple of carrot slices round out the selection. You also get a metal tray with a center portion of doenjang sauce surrounded by sections with pickled veggie {chayote the last time, something else the time before in a tangy vinegar marinade,} seaweed with a gochujang spiked sauce, kimchee, sweet pickled shredded daikon, garlic & jalapenos. The mul nayen mum is a large bowl filled with loads of cold buckwheat noodle in a tangy, icy broth which can be had spicy or not. The bowl is decorated with asian pear, cucumber, daikon and a slice or two of thin sliced brisket. You spike the soup with mustard sauce {tastes like it has wasabi in it} and white vinegar. This is a must have with BBQ both for its cooling effects and because the mix of the rubbery chewy noodle and the bbq meats is sublime. The BBQ is fabulous. Since the remodel and return to BBQ I have only been in by myself for the lunch specials: pork for $13.99 and the beef for 18.99 or so. For one person, they are prepared in the kitchen and brought out sizzling on a metal platter on a bed of onions. The beef is cubed and very tender with loads of flavor. Not sure of the cut. The pork is probably off the shoulder and in thinly sliced small pieces that get a little char around the edge from the spicy marinade. It is available mild as well. On the menu and to be sampled on future visits are pork jowl and duck. Pork neck and jowl are some of the best cuts in Korean BBQ and not widely available, so I can't wait to try.
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    Gom Shabu Shabu 13840 Braddock RdCentreville, VA 20121 (703) 266-2931 http://www.gomshabushabu101.com/ I was not sure if this was related to Gom E Tang or not, but the website reveals it is part of a new chain started in Georgian with a couple of Shabu Shabu joints and a KBBQ. I think Gom is the large pot used for making broth for things like Sul Lon Tang and Hot Pot/Shabu Shabu and stews. But I am not sure. Google translate doesn't suppport my hypothesis and I have yet to ask Grover. Having written the review for So Korean BBQ, I thought what better way to waste time on Labor Day than stuffing myself with BBQ meat? But on arrival there was a 35 to 45 minute wait quoted. The dining room was not even a quarter full so this speaks tot he labor shortage they face. I asked Google maps for Korean near me and Gom Shabu Shabu popped up with an AYCE option so I went. It was minutes away and led me to the Old Crossroads Shipping Center which is full of a huge number of restaurants from IHop and Glory Days to places I want to try. The Shabu Shabu place was jumping and if I wanted a table the wait would ahve been considerable but for one, I was led tot he counter along the window and seated immediately. You can order a meal consisting of one meat, a veggie plate and one noodle or the AYCE for $25.99. Given it was a holiday, the lunch meals were not available so I went with the AYCE. The only choice on the menu not on the AYCE was the premium beef as far as I can tell. You get a paper menu and order what you want. Many items like dumplings and baby octopus are listed by the each {I got 2 baby octopus having ordered 1} which is a great way to discover the dumplings are really god and the lams forgettable without getting a plate of either. You can order as many times as you want. This is Korean Shabu Shabu, not Japanese. The major difference is the stock {here a vegetarian broth}, the wide assortment of meats {Japanese style usually has only 1 meat per person} and sauce {they ahve a typical hot pot sauce bar but I didn't avail myself off it, I let the server make my sauce. I will make my own nexxt time as there were a lot of good choices} Shabu and Hot Pot are best viewed as a spectrum with true Japanese shabu being refined and hot pot being lusty. Korean shabu is somewhere in the middle. Of course, having said that, Oedgadjib serves a shabu that is more Japanese with only a sesame and a vinegary/citrus based sauce. What was best? Squid {takes almost no time to cook except for the pieced with the body and legs both, even these don't need more than a minute or two} Baby Octopus {especially if you don't forget about them like me and overcook them} Meatball All the Veggies especially the greens and mushrooms Dumpling What was good? Korean noodles {although I think user error was the issue from these being better, they take longer to cook than I thought} Pork What was so so? The meats {lamb, beef, fatty brisket} What is funny is that I didn't really enjoy the meats but I had a super time anyways. I just wish I hadn't ordered 3 meats to start as you really can't just leave it uncooked without getting dirty looks or a wasted food charge} The service and the veggies and cephalopods made fro a delicious lunch. One tip, they ahve more ladle like spoons on the sauce bar and this will make for easier cooking. Also save the noodle for last as the broth had a tenancy to boil over and getting a lapful off hot broth is not a way to realize you were not paying attention. Didn't happen to me due to quick work with the napkins and quickly shoving my bar stool backwards. I will definitely be back but there are so many places to try in the shopping center that I won't be back too soon.
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    5728 Pickwick Road Centreville, VA 20121 Phone: 571.446.4950 http://www.sokoreanbbq.com TL/DR: their AYCE BBQ is better than almost any BBQ ala carte I have had. Spectacular banchan & steamed egg, super beer list for KBBQ, very friendly service; atmosphere lacks as the place is huge; no KPop TV This place is by the people of Kogiya. I am not a fan of Kogiya and in fact my last experiences ehre were unpleasant. The quality of the meats was poor; they did not serve brisket when they said they did; the service was terrible. My first trip to So was just the result of a google search for KBBQ near me and I happened to be somewhere out there {vaguely waves hand southwest} and had no idea of where the heck Centreville was {but then again, I had no idea where I was} I stopped and had the all you can eat for lunch and was blown away bu the banchan and definitely impressed by the meats and service. I have been back several times for all you can eat and the lunch special: $12.99 for a soup or stew {I choose mul naeng myun} an a meat {I choose galbi for +$2.00} When you enter, they either take you to a seat where there is already a layout of banchan or they ask you to wait as they spread out the banchan. This way, you are amazed at the selection. Usually 10 banchan plus sauces and a plate of shredded cabbage with a sesame dressing. Not only are the banchan among the best of any Korean restaurant in Annandale etc,they offer a wider variety as well. There is always kimchee, radish and thin slices of marinated daikon; usually a meat, most often a bony bit of pork in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce; potato salad and then they spin off into a wonderful set of seasonal specials. One time they had some sort of glass noodle & dried fish, seaweed salads delicious enough to be a dish I would order. The fried Mandoo are of the good and greasy variety having been deep fried. The steamed egg is one of the best steamed eggs I have ever had and their soy bean & tofu soup is pretty good. On the all you can eat, there is an a course and a b course one of which adds several forms of intestine and some seafood and a meat or two. The caliber of the cooking is top notch {much better than at Kogiya} and the meats are better than any AYCE KBBQ and better than the ala carte meats at Meojka Meojka} Their galbi is as good as I have had in the DC area and my only better memories are from live charcoal BBQ in LA {Soot Bul Jee[ which is still there on 6th Avenue in the original LA KTown. Of all the AYCE choices, the only one I am not a fan of is the Dduk Galbi which is a chopped patty of meat with a galbi marinade mixed in. The Bulgogi is superb, the Sam Kup Sal in its variations excelent. On the intestines I've only ordered the abomaesum and they cook it till it's crispy, just like I love. They offer prime, pork and beef tastig menus with more select cut. Th ebeef offers Skirt steak, rib eye steak and galbi in addition to brisket {spectacular} and two kinds of bulgogi. The pork is more pedestrain only offering the Jowl as something not on the AYCE. The Prime has three kinds of galbi {pork, marinated and unmarinated} as well as duck, shrimp {surprisingly good as most Korean BBQ Shrimp are boring as hell} and the rib eye steak. One time three burly guys next to me ordered the prime and for 2 and I could have had a nice light meal on what they could not finish! The tasting menus are $62 and $84 for two. This sis on my to do list at SO. The drink list has the usual makkoli, soju and korean beers {hite, cass} and then adds in some lesser known Korean selections and a decent selection of locals and some not quite locals like Clown Shoe. I think they also have flavored drinks but I am not sure. The service is friendly and efficient. The dining room is huge with three or four rows of large concrete tables each with two grills. So parties of 8 are no problem but you will share a table if you are 1 or 2. The capacity has got to be 200-300 people and I have never seen it more than half full. I hope they are doing well enough to pay their monthly nut which has to be less than if it were in Annandale but still they have a lot of real estate.
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    Last night's duck dinner sold out in 72 hours so we added another. Only 10 spaces left. Menu, ticketing and info
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    Construction on Sfoglina at 1100 Wilson Blvd is moving along. They are in the back stretch. I spoke with one construction person there one day that estimated either late September or October opening. Looking forward to it. I have not been to either DC Sfoglina but they have amassed a lot of reviews on google and yelp and they are mostly good. On a second dining front, in the tall CEB building in the center of Rosslyn Open Road, a subsidiary of Circa will be opening a spacious restaurant in the central plaza with an additional bar below, a sizable investment. Their construction appears to be behind Sfoglina so I'm imagining an opening closer to Christmas.
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    Crostini di prosciutto e fichi, served with melon 4 slices toasted bread 1 garlic clove, crushed 60 g ricotta cheese 100 g prosciutto di San Daniele 200 g figs extra-virgin olive oil salt black pepper
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    TL:DR Lost my pit beef virginity. As likely to go back to Chaps as to vote for Trump. The Canopy was a local delight, not worth an hour's drive but certainly a return visit is in order if in the area. . I have lived in the DC area since 1999. I have never had a pit beef sandwich. SO as part of my traisition to having a life, I took the morning off and drove to Baltimore to try Chaps. That is $13 I will never get back. Mushy, blubbery scraps of stringy, tough, flavorless beef on a desiccated hamburger bun with straight out of the plastic jar condiments that, along with a $4 order of fries with gravy that clearly win for the worst fries I have had in memory {a much small set of experiences than it used to be} cost me $13. Utterly terrible and they went from #39 to #89 while I wan tortured, I mean ate my crappy meal. Why didn't I break my 30 year gap since I had McDonald's instead of lose my pit beef cherry on this guy fieri endorsed monstrosity only slightly resembling food. The lady who took my order was cheerful as all get out but the guy slicing the stuff that only slightly resembled beef and the lady calling the numbers were both surly. So having filled my belly with garbage and still being hungry, I set off for the Canopy. Walking in the smell of smoke was the first indicator that his was a pit beef of a different caliber. I ordered a rare with tiger sauce & onion and ate it in my car in the parking lot. The beef had texture and chew, and was recognizably beef. It had a lightly smoky overtone to it. I needed more Tiger Sauce {and probably BBQ as well,} but leaving the air-conditioned comfort off my car was not on the books. The bun was a nicely chewy Kaiser. Quite nice if a little dry but asking for heavy sauce would probably fix the dryness issue. The beef was not juicy but really tasty. I'd certainly stop in if I was in the area. But certainly not worth a trip or major detour. On the other hand, the staff was super friendly and made for a bring spot in the day. My plan was to go to Pioneer but the gloppy mess that was the fries at Chaps prevented me from abusing myself any further. If I have need to be this far north again, I plan on picking up two or three more notches on my pit beef belt.
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    Seafood platter from Lucius. I also saw some good ones at the Seafood Bar, a small upscale seafood chain.
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    Last night was carb-heavy leftovers. Garlic bread Chili beans and mac Mashed potato patties with pork chop pan gravy Fried tortilla strips
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    Cream of cauliflower soup with apple and curry Spice-rubbed pork loin chops with apples and hard cider
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    You're *so* close - it's a classic sandwich (and a perfectly good example of one) from this city. Actually, I'll give it to you both: It's a Pan Bagnat from a kiosk, Chez Felix, where I haven't been in nearly twenty years - a lot of people get these, and walk a block to the beach and eat them either on the rocks, or on a bench.
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    The comments over the last few days from @Andrew Shapiro, Dino's BarKeep, on FB were quite heartwarming. Nice to see.
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    Nice to chat with you at the bar Saturday night! Thanks for all the delicious food and drinks over the years. My husband was sad to drink his last Ric Flair, but I just followed you on Twitter, so I'm sure our paths with cross again. Enjoy your well-deserved time off!
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    I often get a slice or two from the WF across the street, it's better than a lot of dedicated pizza places. The Sicilian style has a delicious crust.
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    I've been attempting to clean out and organize the pantry, with varying degrees of success. Last night this led to a vegan concoction of pearl barley, red lentils, chickpeas, roasted seaweed sheets, and basil, with spicing from a red finger chile and crystallized ginger minced super fine. I also made a spinach artichoke dip, which was served with a couple types of TJ's crackers, fairly recently bought, that were stale. I toasted them in a cast iron skillet to neutralize that a bit, and warmed up a whole wheat naan as well. The meal was rounded out with leftovers of the green leaf lettuce salad from the night before. I dressed that with some buttermilk ranch I improvised from an ancient packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix. The herbs were a bit flat so I added some white wine vinegar in addition to the (both expired) buttermilk and sour cream. So, a vegetarian meal it was.
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    Bizarre, and very charitable of The Zebra.
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    From last week, Washington Post Review: Green Almond Pantry is a delicious little lunch counter built on a mother's love Cagla's cooking is heaven!
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    I was going to use the Anson Mills recipe: https://ansonmills.com/recipes/536 But the Woks of life one looks good too!!
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    I've had many excellent RW lunches at Rasika West End over the years, but yeah...that cheesecake was one of the worst things I've ever had there.
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    I'm going to have to second this. Burnt ends are definitely the way to go any time you're getting pit beef.
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    Hmmm, what about a basic book like Better Homes and Gardens? I also think Charles Phan does a really good job making Vietnamese food very easy and approachable with very detailed instruction. I also have a cookbook called frame by frame Chinese which I like as it is really visual, which can be helpful in that type of situation. Feran Adria's family meals is really detailed and specific, also with lots of pictures, but not super hard meals. BUT I will also say I find a lot of great recipes on Pinterest/Food52, and I love the Bon Appetit You Tube Channel and often look up recipes they are making. I tend to turn to Pinterest for easy things before I look up anything in a cookbook. You could see if you could find some of the recipes from your favorite chefs online and make them into a Pinterest board?
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    I understand they are sister restaurants. Two in Philadelphia and one in DC.
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    I like this place a lot. A bit pricey for a neighborhood regular place, but tasty and the prices are fair for the food. Just more than I can afford every week. Service slightly flaky but pleasant and welcoming. It hasn't been there all that long, and I understand it may not last much longer. We were there last night - group of 6. Food and drinks were all good. The cocktails are stellar. The beer list is a bit too short and basic, as is the wine list. We ate a variety of food, and the only issue with dinner was that I forgot to specify no cilantro and so had to remove cilantro from my chicken. The big thing though was dessert. They have buenuelos on the menu, but never have them. I love them and want them. As a matter of fact, the only dessert of a six item menu they had last night was a coffee flan. Good thing it's so close to our house. We all went there for ice cream and cookies instead.
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    We eat here regularly (mostly sitting at the bar) and really enjoy it. Drinks, food, baseball on tv... But (you knew this was coming, right?) it makes me insane when places use air fresheners that auto-spray in the bathrooms. And for some reason, the air freshener smell here reaches all the way to the front (from the very back of the place.) RESTAURANTS - STOP using air freshener! (Bedrock Billiards is also guilty of this.)
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    I made the queso from the Lisa Fain's Homesick Texan recipe, and I remember it to be quite excellent. The recipe on the Serious Eats site was created by Lisa as well. (The recipes are quite similar). As a native Texan, I'll admit I crave good queso now and then. Chuy's version does the trick, and the standby velveeta and rotel version does as well.
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    I’ve used a product for quest called “pupusa” cheese, which come shredded in a large bag in ethnic grocery stores, or in some of the larger urban supermarkets. I have not been able to ascertain the exact name it type of this cheese, but it is very smooth when melted. It’s mild. Probably processed. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    I'd be interested in this as well. And I actually HAVE made bao buns a couple time...…...lots of fun and very good!! ;-)
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    There is no thread on BLT Prime, the BLT branch in the Trump Hotel.....and I'm not going to start one, as I for one haven't and won't be eating there. Nevertheless a grad of our school, who has been bartending there since 2017 stopped by for placement. They have 12 bartending shifts available. (that is a lot). Our grad told us he is working the busy evening shift hours on Friday and Saturday nights and a few more. He said he is making great money. (Didn't say how much--but I suspect his "great" would be a lot of high earning bartender's "GREAT". They need staff. Not surprising. They are busy. Not surprising.
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    @ktmoomau I don't know how to make bao buns or saltenas but would also be interested in learning how to make them. I'm sure I have a few cooking skills that I could share. I'm interested in learning how to make choux paste, grougers, eclairs, etc.. and would like to have enough people around to enjoy them (don't want to end up knee deep in choux paste experiments).
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    I will say, generally carrying a lot of cash and in small bills just isn't easy for me. One as a woman, I don't like to carry a lot of cash on me in general for safety, the size of my purse, etc, and two, I don't use cash a lot, so I generally have 20s and a whole horde of change not small bills. When I am going to go on vacation though, I do have a habit of getting cash for tips. I REALLY appreciate that my nail women now take Venmo for tips, that makes it super easy. I use Uber, and I generally tip when service is very good, but I don't just tip regularly, I do in a cab. I always tip 20% in restaurants, if not more (when in a small business with a small tab like a $6 lunch or something). I always tip my hairdresser 20%, extra for the hair washer. If you are in the service industry and a small business, for instance you are a tour guide, hairdresser, nail person, etc, etc. I would highly suggest having Venmo and having your Venmo name somewhere visible, but discreet, or on a business card or your website or linked to your main phone number. There are a lot of younger people who just don't carry cash regularly, but would be more than happy to Venmo a tip. I wish hotels would have a Venmo account for housekeeping/valet, yes, they would then have to distribute (and likely pool the tips as they wouldn't know who did what room unless you leave a note), but I think they would likely get more tips in general. And in Venmo you can leave a small note regarding the payment which is handy. This wouldn't work likely for restaurant service industry, but it is really nice, and I think if you want to adapt to the style that younger people are used to using, more people will want to do this. Anyway, my two cents from an elder millennial.
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    I especially hate tipping cab drivers. I don't understand why we have to tip them if they're not handling your luggage. I would probably never use Lyft because they're the dopes that introduced tipping into ride hailing. Now I feel obligated to tip my Uber driver.
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    If I'm going to eat Indian out of the house, still would recommend Indigo. As more regional places do pop up, I am wondering if we'll see more non-Indians becoming fans of that cuisine perhaps like people do of Szeuchan Chinese.
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    Couple updates from me as well. I continue to go down to Miami weekly, but don't always go somewhere new as a lot of the time I like to swing by my favorites in Wynwood. Restaurants Taco Stand (Wynwood) - This is probably going to replace Coyo Taco for me as my taco option in Wynwood. The tacos are just as good, if not better, slightly cheaper I believe, and there aren't as many people. Its maybe a block to a block and a half away from Coyo Taco. The paletas also looked really good but I haven't indulged (yet). Station 28 (Brickell) - This probably isn't a place I'd suggest someone visiting the city to seek out, but if you're in the area (Brickell, north of the river) for meetings, Station 28 is really solid. They have sandwiches, burgers, and plates, all with a latin flair. If I'm in the area (which is rare, but does happen), this is pretty much always my top option for lunch. Chalan on the Beach (Miami Beach) - Not actually on the beach, though it is only a couple blocks away. I had the Papa a la Huancaina (boiled potatoes with a creamy yellow sauce and a hard-boiled egg, no idea exactly what the sauce was but it was delicious) and Lomo Saltado, then had the Lucuma Flan for dessert. Lucuma is a fruit that I'd never heard of or had experience with. Wikipedia says it can taste kind of like sweet potato, maple syrup, or butterscotch. I think I kind of tasted all three. This isn't a particularly fancy place, but most of the fancy places in South Beach are expensive and this place isn't. And its more authentic than the places on Ocean Drive. Versailles (west Little Havana) - Supposedly the original Cubano. Not sure if I believe it or not, but it was a good Cubano. Tons and tons (and tons) of seating. Not sure its worth going this far west though instead of sticking closer to the main part of Little Havana and going somewhere like Old's instead. Bakan (Wynwood) - On the trendy vs tasty scale that you always have to consider in Miami, especially in areas like Wynwood and South Beach, this is probably a little closer to the trendy side. But the queso fundido was solid and they have a great selection of tequila and mezcals if that's your thing (its mine). Quality Meats (South Beach) - Want to drop a ton of money on some steak? This is your place. The options for steak wasn't actually all that large (for example, I don't believe there's a non-bone-in ribeye). But it was definitely quality meat, well-prepared. I was in fairly late, about 45 minutes before close (which I can't remember if its 10 or 11 during the week), but not a person said a thing about me showing up late, not that I'd expect any one to at a nice restaurant. I knew I was there close to closing, but don't normally dawdle all that much when I'm eating alone anyway, so left right around closing time, with a couple tables still remaining. Not sure if I'll be back or not, but that's mainly a cost thing instead of a quality thing, it was quite good. Breweries Bousa Brewing (Little River)- Just... no. I honestly don't understand how this place is in business. Its difficult to find, parking is weird, and the beer was pretty bad. LauderAle (Ft Lauderdale) - Minutes away from the airport (as is 3 Sons). The beer was okay. I've only been once (today actually, on my way to the airport) and only had one flight. I'll probably be back again to try out another flight or two to give it a better chance. There certainly have a wider range of beer styles represented than 3 Sons does, but what 3 Sons has is made to a higher standard. Places on my to-do list that I think are probably pretty good but I haven't made it to yet: Yardbirds (South Beach) - every time I'm in the area something else happens to catch my eye Migonette (between Wynwood and Brickell) - I walk by often on my way to Wynwood and it looks good... just hasn't quite pulled me in as opposed to one of the Wynwood restaurants Joe's Stone Crab (South Beach) - couple blocks from a hotel I stay at somewhat frequently and its supposed to be the place to go to get Stone Crab. Even saw it referenced in a Billionaires episode I was watching last week. But for the price I'm pretty certain I'd rather just go to Stubborn Seed. Bazaar by Jose Andres (South Beach) - Its a bit out of the way from where I'm normally at, but do want to get here. Doesn't look cheap. Anywhere outside of Wynwood, Little Havana, and South Beach - These are the main areas I hit, but I know there's other places out there.
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    I defrosted some mustard greens, and sauteed squash and onion, and made a casserole/Shepard's pie with: mustard greens, chopped ham, squash and onion, diced tomatoes, a few leftover green beans thrown in, topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.
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    I loved the Miami location when I went in 2015, it was the kind of experience that I"m always hoping to get when I go to Southern, fried chicken joints but rarely get. Hopefully they can bring some of that magic and this franchise doesn't overexpand itself into mediocrity like so many have.....
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    An Evening with Jose Andres!
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    Really spectacular sushi lunch with pristine fish, mostly from Japan and some prawns from South America. Nice that the menu is mostly sustainable species. I had Kanpachi, yellow tail, amberjack, Hokkaido hotate scallops {spectacular, perhaps the best piece of sushi I have had sine Little Tokyo in LA 20 years ago} and more. Hella expensive, even if worth it, so return trips will be only to celebrate major occasions. Onikorishi sake at not too extreme a price for a freshly opened small bottle was a welcome surprise. Killed the rest of my day. Either I ate too much, or given that Onikoroshi translates to demon slayer, I must be part demon. Or both. Could easily get to $200 to $250 a couple but this is the best sushi I have had in DC area.
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    A few thoughts from our recent visit: Cocktails Regent Cocktail Club - Currently closed for renovations. Should be open in the fall, but not sure when. Sweet Liberty - I really enjoy this spot. It's much more casual, and much cheaper than most spots in South Beach, but the drinks are great and the staff is incredible. Rose Bar - This bar, in the Delano, is basically my replacement for the Raleigh bar until that one re-opens. It feels very old school, and they do a good job making drinks. Food Taquiza - It's back! They have moved across the street and maybe one block south of where they used to be located. They're now in a different hostel, and have a slightly expanded space including a full bar. But the tacos are equally delicious. Stubborn Seed - My favorite restaurant in Miami right now. Everything we had was delicious. Annoyingly they don't even try to keep their online menu close to current, but the Warm Celery Root was fantastic, with basically tempura maitake mushrooms. There was also a crudo of some sort that was delicious, and a suckling pig with carrots. Every dish I've gotten here has been great, beautifully plated, and with interesting textural differences. Byblos - I hadn't been here before. We had a very nice meal, and with good service. I won't be rushing back, but I would be happy returning. Pubbelly - I continue to love this place. Yardbird - And this one.
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