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    My husband made baguettes for the first time so that we could have banh mi and they were fantastic. We used this recipe and it definitely was a good one: https://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2007/05/vietnamese_bagu.html. I ordered an assortment of pork products from Fresh Meats to You, a local commercial farm, which just started doing orders from the public. I got some pork belly in the order and did crispy pork belly.
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    Last night, I was delighted to pick up - not just dinner and some soups for the freezer - but also some of the "virtual farmers market" items: Asparagus (1 lb) $6.50 Strawberries (1 [very generous] pt) $4.50 Garlic with Tops (1 lb) $4.00 Red Leaf Lettuce (1 head) $4.00 All these vegetables look great, and will be put to good use in short order.
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    Hubby and I got the three night package for anniversary the past few days. I was really impressed at the value for three, three course meals. It was really nice to have three nights worth of dinners covered too! Our menu: Wedge salad, with buttermilk dressing, garlic breadcrumbs, Rigatoni Pasta Alla Norma with Eggplant, Strawberry Shortcake. Pork and Lychee salad, chicken katsu, oat cookie with oat milk. Spring Crudite with French Onion Dip, roasted pork with a fresh salsa, rice-cannelini bean, kale. There were also two muffins included, and some candles and etc. Very cute! Everything came packed really nicely with garnishes and sauces separated out, and it had cooking instructions, the first night was microwave only, the second two required brief oven cooking. For me the first night was a real highlight. The pasta was really good with a great rich, spicy, garlic flavor. I liked how they did the cream for the strawberry shortcake a little more solid so it held up. The strawberries were really good and tasted like the height of Spring. The pork and lychee was still very good. I liked the Chicken Katsu a lot, as well. I was really impressed with the rice on the last night, and the pork was cooked really well and had a nice smoke, and still was incredibly juicy and flavorful despite being in the fridge a few days. Hubby thought the crudite was a bit phoning it in, but we both were really, really happy with the meals, and the price, and the whole process. We would do this again with another menu! Hubby has never been to Rose's but would like to go. I have been and no, it wasn't quite the same as in person (I will never forget getting to go with a DR member and friends to the rooftop, that was just so much fun), but you still felt very special and cared for, and it was just a lot of fun, and we felt a little fancier than we have the past few months. So a big, big Thank you to Rose's Luxury as this made our anniversary still feel special, and right now, that is EVERYTHING. For anyone debating doing this, I would highly recommend it. It is a really great value for impressive cooking, and the care and planning that it had to take to make this work over a three night period in the fridge, to still have this quality, they put a lot of work into this, and it shows.
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    Well, not to disagree with Rocks, but I always enjoyed it. It was never in the top echelon of DC restaurants, but I never had a bad meal there, and had many very good and memorable meals there. It was really good for lunch and was a go to spot when meeting somebody closer to downtown than my Capitol Hill office. They did interesting things. I had a couple of very memorable meals there, including one of my best friend's bachelor party dinner for ten of us. I liked it, I'm glad it was there. And I'm sad it's not. In part because it's part of the host of restaurants who won't make it through to the other side. If I had to pick like 10, 20, 30 restaurants that I would protect to survive if I could would it be on there? Of course not. But so many spots will close, and having a place that was good close makes me sad. It also makes me concerned because I had dinner at the original Momofuku in the East Village relatively soon after it opened. It was one of the most memorable and eye opening meals of my life. I ate things there that I had never tasted, and it really opened my mind. Some of this stuff, like ramen, is now commonplace, but it wasn't then. And Ssam Bar, when it first opened, was also a mind-expanding experience. Stuff like ramen and bao that I now take for granted were not part of my life before then. I know he didn't invent them, but he introduced me to them. We had dinner at Ko in the original Noodle Bar location shortly after it opened. I think David Chang has been a real force for good in the American dining scene, and I'm sorry to see him in what he has described as crisis. I hope things in American dining aren't as bad as I fear, but no matter what I'm sorry to see this restaurant close.
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    Spot is back to his greedy butt self.... I mean he seems to have recovered his spunkiness. He ate almost his entire ration of dry food by the 5.30 cutoff and he even ate all his pizza without a request for a togo box. He seems to be bored with our stories. He found new places to hide and get in the way, as well as chased his sparkly red ball with more speed than we have ever seen. I think he is getting friskier as he loses weight. And more supercilious. Dinner was our first BLT of the season with G taking the place of B. G is for guanciale from Sogno Toscano. This dates back to the Grotto so it is a well aged piece of guanciale. I have 2 more. They are in fine shape. I used a serrated knife to slice 3/16" slices. The guanciale is skin on. I put them on a baking pan and popped them into the toaster over. 30 minutes at 3.25 followed by a flip and 10 more at 300. This left us with crispy pork reminiscent of chcharomes as well as a bonus of half a cup of guanciale fat which is going to help us saute some spinach and maybe some asparagus. The bread is Atwater's whole wheat sourdough, sliced thin and toasted to medium. Next is homemade roasted garlic mayo slathered on thickly using a soup spoon. Then we sliced some tomatoes from Spring Valley {Hot house variety} that rally had some good flavor. I salted the tomato, piled it on the bread, topped with the crispy guanciale and two large outer leaf's of Barajas romaine. This is our second usage of these outer layers and the head is still huge!. The top slice, also coated in mayo and then a diagonal cut. SOmehow I managed to reduce my sandwich to a messy pile somewhere between a salad and a sandwich. So good! Champion Missile IPA followed by Sun's Out, Hop's Out IPA from Solace. Surprisingly filling meal.
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    Saturday was dreary here in Southern CT, a perfect day to bake. My first attempt at Challah! I forgot to add the salt, didn't seem to affect the taste. I sprinkled it over the egg wash before baking.
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    We ordered Maketto for @MichaelBDC's birthday last week and it was very very good. Steamed pork bao, leek and mushroom bao, vegetable gyoza, crispy gruyere dumplings, spicy cauliflower, and wok fried noodles with roasted pork. Our favorites were the crispy gruyere dumplings that held up well through the delivery process and the spicy cauliflower. We were stuffed after all the dumplings and bao and didn't get to the wok fried noodles & roast pork until the next day. The texture of the noodles didn't hold up well after a night in the fridge and reheating in the microwave, but the flavor was great. One of the better takeout/delivery experiences we have had in the time of coronavirus.
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    Spot here. Cat Dad seems to think it important to say what he eats for dinner on a daily basis. Well I want to say what I eat every day! NOT ENOUGH!!! Please send help. Pizza much appreciated but given my sad lack of opposable thumbs, please send them as well. Now back to Cat-Dad who will say blah blah blah. He is not very bright but I keep working with him. Cat mom is slightly better. What a disappointment they are. 😺😸🤎😹😻💞🙀🤎😿😾 We had duck cannelloni w/fra diavolo sauce and parm. A large mixed plates of veggies featuring grilled asparagus {Linda Vista Farms, Spring Valley} & garlic scapes {Linda Vista}, roasted radish, hakurei turnip {Linda Vista;} kohlrabi, fennel {Barajas Produce;} Celery hearts and carrots {TJ's and quite disappointing as compared to local.} For the roasting/grilling I used Grotto spice rub, salt & olive oil. For serving, we used Sakura Shoyu, Iwashi Whiskey Barrel Fish Sauce and homemade garlic & roasemary oil. Blended Mandarin Daiquiri: Cotton & Reed dry spiced rum, mandrine juice, key lime, ice, blended. Wine: Valpolicella I Progni 2001 Ripasso by Le Salette. Black plum & prune flavors, spicy, good shape for a 19.5 year old ripasso.
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    Had some truffle cheese that we acidentally let dry out a bit, so I shredded it, blended it with butter & olive oil, toasted it on Atwater walnut raising bread. Pasta: Opera gemelli w/turnip greens, onion, garlic, rosemary, smith meadows rosemary lamb sausage, lots of parm. Last of the chocolate gelato We had a bottle of 1978 Stag's leap cabernet with a low fill and we tried it to see if it had any life left. It did not. Second attempt was Valplicella I Progni Ripasso Le Salette 2001 which was spot on {well spot did not have any but he said it looked good to him. Spot enjoyed his pizza, chow and water. He also actually moved 6 or 8 inches to eat some TJs cat treats. He managed to not bite Kay or I eating his cat treats. He is working on his aim. He is on his third day of chewing on an old sock with catnip in it. His aim at picking up the cat treats is pretty bad the past couple of days. And he has been attacking the air and the carpet.
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    I have to mention this. He is paying me too well to stop being his PR agent. I just noticed this is now his own thread! I think I get a bonus payment for that. I ahve to check the cat-track.
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    We were looking on one of the free stuff apps when Kay found an ad for Spot and all his stuff including litter and food and scratching post so we went to meet him and brought him home that day! Free! Of course that was before his $700 vet bill and $200 prescriptions and canned food! Still he's worth it. When we had the restaurant we couldn't think of having a pet. Now in the apartment without piles of restaurant equipment everywhere, hes found a new home. His old home had a newborn and he couldn't deal. Now he gets to ignore us or complain loudly in peace and quiet.
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    On Wednesday night I made pozole. It was really outstanding, and we'll get two lunches out of it as well.
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    Saturday's pickup from Green Almond Pantry: Beautiful Whole Seasonal Tart w/ Local Eggs, Goat Cheese & Seasonal Vegetables of Asparagus and Leeks in Homemade Flaky Tart Shell. Delicious selection of 5 of the 10 heavenly salads (Spicy Cabbage, Roasted Mini Peppers, Beets, Smokey Eggplant, and Braised Cranberry Bean) plated on Cagla's hummus + crostini (featured instead of homemade crackers) from this week's Chef To-Go. I finished plating with sprinkles of Cagla's Farro and Walnut Salad. And beautiful Micro Herbs and Greens included in my "Best of the Season" home delivery from The Chef's Garden.
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    I've been defrosting some salmon fillets but after a long work day, I didn't feel like making the planned recipe for dinner. We're out of bread flour currently, so I found a couple of bread machine recipes that use all purpose flour and made an herbed French bread yesterday that turned out really well. My husband made some tuna fish salad and we had delicious sandwiches for dinner.
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    Brisket from the freezer. This was local brisket, slow braised in red wine, onions, garlic & herbs. The braising liquid was pureed into a thick sauce. Japanese Soy Pickles. Kay had a perfect try Manhattan: Old Overholt, Cocchi americano & rosa, Bitterman's Orange cream citrate bitters, The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas bitters I had a Gibson: Plymouth gin. Dolin Dry 4 to 3, cocktail onions, Peychaud's aromatic bitters, Bitter Truth lemon & olive bitters Spot had complaints. Not enough Pizza. Not enough cat chow. He also won't fininsh his pizza if we don't scrape the leftover bit down to the center after his first dive into the bowl. He no longer is willing lick the bowl clean as it is undignified. He finds our waiting on him paw and paw is more dignified.
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    The spinach used up the left over egg. green garlic mix from last night's shrimp spiced up with spring onion greens, garlic & ginger. Added some fresh lemon & barrel fermented fish sauce. Spinach from Barajas and Spring Valley. Silken Tofu w/ramp oil- heat corn oil almost till smoking and pour over ramps, Aleppo, ginger. then put back on the fire and cook again. Them, while almost-smoking hot, our over the tofu. Spectacular. A fine farewell to fresh ramps. of course we have 3# of grilled ramp butter and about a quart of grilled ramp pesto. Mushrooms {seafood, enoki, shimeji sauteed w/garlic & ginger, tossed with sesame oil. Earthy and rich. Heritage rice from California, umeboshi & eggplant pickle. Makkoli. Spiced Chocolate gelato. Spot had Pizza & water.
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    I stopped at A. LItteri for some groceries the other day. Pasta is well stocked, as is olive oil, as is the deli counter. Sandwiches also available. Not crowded, very clean, and they have yeast, flour, wine, frozen and fresh pasta.
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    My energy and excitement over cooking dinner every night has definitely taken a bit of a hit. Early on during stay at home I found myself getting into a bit of a rut with my cooking. This led me to turning to looking at, and cooking from recipes, which is not something I really do normally. But it took me in different directions, and got me more excited. But the past week or two that excitement has waned a bit again. I think going nine weeks where I cooked every dinner I ate and most of the lunches was likely responsible. We're going to try to mix in delivery a bit more going forward so I don't get burned out.
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    I have been trying to use up all the small things in our fridge because it died last Friday (I think?), we got a new one on Monday, but it was dented, so a new, new one is coming this weekend. So it was my mission to use up small containers of things. We had: chorizo tacos with spring onion, salsa, and a yogurt sauce with cilantro, chile, and cucumber juice. Composed cheese plate with salami, cheese, gherkins, apple, crackers. Steak, pasta salad, big pot of greens, homemade bread. Bagels with lox and cress. And a whole bunch of other things. Steak, Zoe's copycat slaw, pasta salad. Etc. Between work being crazy, the fridge dying, and just all the craziness on TV, I feel like my energy and excitement over making dinner was zapped for a bit. But I finally made my no-knead bread recipe, and have a bunch of spring onions I need to use, and am picking up meat this weekend, so I should get back into it.
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    Emilie's is knocking it out of the park with their to-go cocktails, at least the frozen ones. This is not usually a style that appeals to me but my wife has gotten two (the all-day froze and another called Lucky Frog -- cachaca, Singani 63, coconut, lime, passionfruit, pandan...I don't see on the menu right now even though she ordered it earlier today) that I would happily finish off if given the chance. Check them out.
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    Shrimp maque choux. There was some really fresh corn in the grocery store, along with beautiful red bell peppers and nice toma tomatoes. At hime I had onion, celery, and jalapeño. I threw the shrimp in at the last minute, which were frozen Argentinian red shrimp from Trader Joe’s, which are quite good. Aside from cutting the corn off of the cob, this is a really fast and pretty meal… Summer on a plate.
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    I thought you all would be interested in re-reading this post from nearly 15-years ago.
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    ^^^You got your fish anyway. Tonight was more chicken Chicken adobo Rice pilaf Black beans Garlic sesame spinach Corn on the cob My husband spotted the corn when he was at Costco the other day. It wasn't summer corn, but it was good with the meal. We still have 5 more ears to use for something. Maybe a corn and black bean salsa?
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    This is related to the mention of Dave Chang's podcast in the Momofuku CCDC thread, and it's long and rambling. The short version is bolded below. I find Dave Chang an interesting and entertaining guy, not to mention opinionated(!!), and I recently started listening to his podcast. In early February he had a podcast titled "A Candid Conversation Between Chef and Critic, With Adam Platt", who is the food critic for New York Magazine. As podcasts usually go, it was a meandering conversation but part of it centered on a newly opened Chang restaurant (I don't recall the name or location). Anyhow, the critic went out of his way to emphasize that he didn't consider Chang to be the chef of this restaurant, and of course Dave agreed. The critic made this point over and over like it was some sort of revelation, and it was almost as if he felt he was breaking new ground by separating the restaurateur from the actual person doing the cooking. In my mind, I was like, "Duh. Dude, we get it already. Move on!" Platt seemed to be patting himself on the back for making this distinction. So I'd like to thank Don for highlighting the person in the kitchen and not the celebrity chef on all these threads! I might not have "got it" when I first joined this site, but somewhere along the way, I saw the wisdom and importance of it. Thanks! Back to the podcast, I was really annoyed with Adam Platt's attitude regarding his power and influence. Chang understandably took the side of chefs and restaurants vs. the side of critics and was pushing back on this guy and giving him some shit. Platt on the other hand was completely caviler in what his reviews could do to a restaurant and took little to no responsibility for what a bad review could do to a restaurant. I'm not implying that critics shouldn't tell it like it is, good or bad, but to completely downplay or dismiss his influence seemed like total BS and sort of covering his ass. In my mind I was saying, "Dude if your word/reviews are so meaningless, why are you even there?!?!?" Disclaimer: This was my first exposure to Adam Platt. He may be wonderful and thoughtful and have sunshine coming out of certain body parts, but his attitude on this topic really bothered me and I'm not a fan!! ;-)
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    I miss baseball: the ballpark, the radio with Dave and Charlie, TV with Bob and FP,, and the wonderful team that awarded us with countless moments of joy last season. sigh! Tonight was NY strip steak on the gas grill (feeling too lazy to do charcoal). I made the unfortunate choice of serving WholePaycheck 365 organic couscous, lemon and herb flavored. The lemon tasted phony, like truffle oil versus actual truffles. This was accompanied by a simple salad of arugula and hothouse tomatoes with vinaigrette. I think I could eat arugula every day and not get tired of it.
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    Scallops with fennel grenobloise, and dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries and bananas and a black plum for dessert.
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    I smoked a lamb shoulder on Sunday for the first time. Served it with kind of a faux mint chimichurri. It was fantastic. I'll definitely be doing that again.
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    I can't even imagine what the restaurants are going through these days, but.... Here is an opportunity for them to pivot and shine (lemonade out of lemons), but the same skill that went into creating a great restaurant experience needs to be transferred into the carry out experience. We have done pick up/ delivery at a couple of places and the experiences have been sub par...packaging and timing issues. We have had meals at Equinox, Sugo, and Mon ami The black plastic containers are ok- unless the food is overstuffed and pasta comes out as a solid chunk. Unlike eating in a restaurant- the food probably wont be eaten for at least 30 minutes and probably more like 1+ hour. How does the food react to this delay? The successful meals we have had have come in the aluminum 1/2 size pans with lids (more like the surface area of a plate). Plenty of space, no need to be over stuffed, the food reheats in a regular oven well- lid on for moist items, off for crispy... We also prefer the family meal style of ordering, makes things a bit more special than carry out- I am guessing easier for restaurants as well. Even non family style- the entree and sides could be placed in its own pan. If pans cost more than plastic containers- have an up-charge if needed, well worth 50 cents if the meal is better or more special. Timing is something I think also should be manageable, especially with orders placed in advance. Pre Covid, they were taking (more) orders on the fly and sending it out to the dining room in a reasonable amount of time. If the kitchen so so busy, 1 hour waits for carry out orders- I am guessing the volume is adequate to allow for proper staffing. Everyone wants this to work...comments are just my thoughts on how to make this work better.
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    Thank you and Kay for giving Spot a loving home. 😺Cats are a joy. And I've achieved Satan status! I'm rather proud of that.
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    We had been anti cat for many years due to a roommate of Kay's cat who peed on Kay's clothing and was trained to jump up and share her car mom's food directly from the plate. The cat thought all human plates were her bowl. We even started a cookbook. 1000 recipes for your cat which began with our classic recipe for "The Correct Method for Microwaving Your Cat." Now that we have Spot, we know we were wrong.
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    Wanted to give these guys a quick plug for running a great special for delivery on Caviar right now. It's a Fried Chicken Feast ($40) and comes with 2 enormous breasts, 2 thighs, 2 wings, a side of mashed potatoes, 2 biscuits, gravy, and a salad. We ordered this with a side of Truffled Mac & Cheese ($12) and Crab Hush Puppies ($12) and it was delicious and enough food to feed 6+ people easily. Chicken was moist and well spiced, the gravy with the potatoes rocked, and my kids loved the mac & cheese. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for something good for the family that won't break the bank.
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    I'm late to this thread. I've been ordering takeout/delivery about 2x a week. I'm trying to do takeout when I can to avoid GrubHub, etc. taking their big commission from the restaurant. Even if you use the phone number from GrubHub site to phone in an order, GrubHub gets a cut, so you must go to the phone number on the restaurant website. Even Google might yield just the GrubHub phone number. When I say GrubHub, I mean GH, DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc. Check out this article: https://lifehacker.com/its-time-to-order-directly-from-restaurants-again-1843199079 Since the lockdown we've tried to stick with mom-and-pops mostly. I've been to: Stone Hot Pizza - Clarendon. I really like their pizza and I want them to stay in business. Went there 2x. Mushrooms and peppers. Big Buns Ballston - Went there 2x. First time burgers were great as usual. 2nd time not as great. Love their wine offerings - served in a soda cup. Good value. Lost Dog North Arlington - Husband doesn't like Stone Hot so he orders pizza here. Nice thing about carryout is we don't have to eat from the same place. TNR Cafe - beef with broccoli good as usual. Sweet and sour pork - not so great. Their sweet and sour is hit or miss. Crystal Thai - goong pad eggplant, fried calamari, drunken spaghetti. Picked up, traveled well but we live only 5 minutes away Ted's Bulletin Ballston - chicken parmesan is great. Two patties of chicken parm plus fettucine, garlic toast and side salad. Big hit with us! Went there 2x. If you order pickup from their website, you get a free pop tart. Their instructions for getting free pop tart doesn't work, but when you pick up the order, tell them and they will give you the pop tart. I had the blueberry cheesecake version and wow, like a big shortbread sandwich cookie. La Union - just as good as dining in. Trio enchiladas and combo enchilada/taco/burrito. Greek Taverna - just as good as dining in. We ordered the Taverna Specials. A little bit far but worth it. Future takeouts include Maya Bistro, Tupelo Honey, Hunan Gate, XO Taste, Masala Express.
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    I've had several restaurateurs in trouble turn to me for help. These (moderated) forums will be open for posting indefinitely. Washington DC Shopping and Cooking News and Media Events and Gatherings Fine Arts Including History and Current Events The Portal (Open Forum) If there's anything else people need (subforums, other forums, etc), please write me. As always, anything you write here will be retained, and will always be accessible for people to read - this website is a permanent repository, and is not going away as a source of information. (If anyone ever makes a "midnight mistake" and posts something they need deleted, just write me - likewise, I can always change your screen name to whatever you'd like, although one thing I wish I did in 2005 was insist on real names.)
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    Not actually dinner, but today I made bagels (sesame and Everything) using a recipe from Serious Eats, after having obtained a can of barley malt syrup in Seven Corners. My technique needs some work, but the crumb, the flavor, and the SMELL throughout the house were all excellent. Highly recommended if you've got some time on your hands and want to put it to good use. I'm a very reluctant baker, and I found this to be fun. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/01/homemade-bagels-recipe.html
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    I made cornbread today from my usual recipe with the last of the bacon fat I've been saving in the refrigerator. We had that tonight, along with leftover poached chicken breast, French green beans from a large Costco bag acquired last week, and macaroni and cheese. I decided to follow the recommendation on the package and blanch the beans before frying them in olive oil. They came out well. I also added a crushed clove of garlic to the skillet. There were 4 kinds of cheese in the mac and cheese: gouda, fontina, mozzarella, and pecorino Romano. Other dishes that we've been eating lately: a delicious but rich chicken satay soup (made with peanut butter, coconut milk, etc.); sweet potato and smoked salmon patties with a spiced yogurt sauce; pot roast with carrots and onions, sometimes over egg noodles; rigatoni with a cauliflower and cremini mushroom sauce; cashew chicken; turkey patty melts; chicken and vegetable tacos; and various egg preparations. There was a lunch in there with ramen and perfectly poached eggs 😁. For one dinner I made a Market Lunch Brick Tribute sandwich (2 scrambled eggs omelette-style, scrapple, sweet potato gnocchi, mozzarella and cheddar).
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    Spot looks like he'd do it, too. I like your mentions of Spot.
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    Stir fry of snap peas from Barajas. Garlic, ginger & reg spring onion, finely minced & sauteed, snap peas and a touch of water then put a cover on it. Seasoned with dark soy, black vinegar and Shaoxing wine. Then a slurry of potato starch & water. Served at room temp. Took 2 spring red onions, sliced them in half lengthwise, oiled and salted them and grilled them on the yakiniku grill. Let them get close to burnt and soft. Sprinkled them with a bit more salt and rosemary garlic oil. Really wonderful. I have a lot of spring onion, so I see this helping us power thru the abundance. Took our last package of chicken thigh and marinated it in shiokoji and spice rub. Cooked them slowly on the yakiniku grill. They were wonderful! We need to go get more Amish chicken from Huntsman and refill the freezer and make stock. I made a spiced scallion oil using green sichuan peppercorns, garlic, ginger, star anise, clove, black cumin & aleppo pepper. Also did a dip of Iwashi Barrel aged fish sauce & key lime; and a second one of sakura shoyu and bottles yuzu juice. 3.5x Vanilla gelato which is really one of our best gelatos yet. Le Salette "I Progni" valpolicella ripasso 2001. Stunningly good on the fourth day after twice hitting up the bottle for glasses using the coravin. Spot was getting used to his new food system. He was a minute early for his reservation but we did have his place ready. He got an entire pizza for dinner, with no chow for an hour before or after. He ate half of the pizza and then went for a nap. I replated his pizza and actually took it into the bedroom and waved it under his nose and he lay there until I was by his dish area. Then he shot over and got in my way to the point of almost tripping me. He still left some and asked for it to be boxed to go home, but we told him no boxes. He was not amused. I again took the last of the leftovers to his bed {which used to be ours} and waved it under his nose. Again, he got there before me. I had to dance to avoid stepping on him. He approved of the entertainment. Finally we presented him the bill and he turned his butt end towards us and raised his tail. We think he said "eff you cat mom and cat dad! It is a pleasure for you to wait on and feed me." or maybe that is just his way of saying "thanks." Or, "Cat dad., please check to see if I have worms coming out my butt." Hard to say. He is a cat of few words. Lots of loud meowing, but few words. His dessert was the remaining daily ration of his chow.
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    We got some stray peas in our markt haul today. I cooked them on a couple of romaine leaves with some mint leaves and a bit of water. I added a couple of tablespoons of garlic scape butter. The peas weer no that sweet to begin with, but it was good. 3 pint baskets of shelling peas is not a lot of peas! Then some steamed octopus in ponzu w/wasabi and Indian cukes from Good Fortune. THey look like persian cukes but not as perfectly formed. They have more flavor. Last, fluke w/ponzu and wasabi. The fluke was outstanding but whoever fileted them did a poor job on the fin meat which is the best part. Rice. More Onikoroshi Strawberry Sorbet. Spot is feeling pooky and is not eating with gusto. We are watching with concern. He is drinking his water and pooping, so there is that. He might just be out of sorts. He got kicked out of the bedroom a couple of times this weekend. He might be pissed off. We told him Kay and I were playing poker and cats don't play poker. He proved me wrong when he filled an inside straight later on.
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    Mul Naeng Myun: Korean bone broth, homemade water kimchi & juice, Asian snow pear, buckwheat noodles Cheese & crackers: Shepherd's Manor Maryland feta and Bailey Hazen Blue on triscuit Spot has pizza. For no more than 5 minutes before he puked. The poor guy spent almost the rest of the night except to go finish his pizza. He woke up at 5am loudly asking me to watch him eat his cat chow. He posted a review to Meow: "Why can't they follow me from the poopateria to where I eat. 2 claws for cleanliness and small portion size. The service is friendly but slow. They do not offer seconds, thirds, or fourths! Maybe change that to 1 claw."
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    Jumped on the sourdough bandwagon. Knew the bread baking would be fun had no idea how much I would like tracking down and making sourdough discard recipes. All the sourdough discard recipes that I have tried from the King Arthur website have been winners. Also, the same can be said for all of Andrew Janjigian's sourdough discard recipes. sourdough discard drop biscuits
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    Last of the dashi, cabbage, tofu & mushroom soup. Big plate of roasted and grilled veggies with three flavored mayos: fish sauce & red onion; Sakura cherry blossom soy, key lime juice & zest, & mint; home fermented mustard w/wasabi & kraut juice. Spot had a nap. But he did actually beg for cat treats wih both paws off the ground. His diet is working!
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    Dave is a good guy who genuinely cares for his people. I know it's cool to hate out of town chefs (unless they sell ice cream), but the derision that Dave inspires is truly misplaced - especially since he's from VA.
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    I've lost almost 20 pounds since starting Weight Watchers in November. With full-time telework I've been running 3-5 miles every other day and I'm actually to the point where I enjoy it and the prospect of missing a run saddens me (at least in this weather; ask me again in July). I'm 46, though, and not exactly lithe even with my 20-pound weight loss, so I wonder how much longer running will be viable for me.
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    Salad with marinated artichoke, hearts of palm, olives, balsamico & oil from the artichokes. The artichokes came from a huge jar of commercial quality artichokes with stems. The chokes pretty good but the industrial oil they came in was rank. So we drained them and repacked them in a huge jar with tons of 'stuff' and the everyday oil we used at the Grotto along with fresh herbs, garlic, dried oregano & chile. They have been marinating for weeks now and really good. When we are done, we will refill the jar with a new batch. Pasta w/mixed Asian mushrooms, green onions, garlic & ginger. We ahve a fabulous pasta brand we are loving, Opera, but tonight's shape was not the best. We finished the bag at least. They are pasta 'lillies' and the uneven thickness means almost none of the pasta can be al dente. Japanese soy pickles. We have been waiting on this for 3 weeks or so. This is just a marinated pickle, not a fermented one. I took the veggies and salted them for a few minutes very lightly. Just enough to flavor and not to ferment. Then we added out mix of soy, vinegar, mirin & spices. After the batch is done, we strain the liquid and reuse it beefing it up with more vinegar. These are refrigerator piackles. A very poor biscotto from TJs. If it had been sold as a gingersnap bar they would have been quite good for that, but they simply were not biscotti and our jones for a biscotto will go unfulfilled. Spot has his usual pizza but the dry food was supplemented by TJ's cat treats. They actually got him to follow me around the apartment and even rise up on his hind paws to eat them. Finally he realized he had be played and he put his paw on my wrist and just flashed his claws and I let him have the last one. He knows who is boss. Definitely.
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    My husband steamed mussels in a white wine, butter, shallot, and basil sauce for dinner last night. The mussels needed more cleaning (some were a bit gritty), but overall they were quite delicious. It was our first time making mussels at home. He bought the mussels at H Mart in Wheaton. He also made French fries and French bread, all from scratch. I washed everything down with some Kirkland sauvignon blanc because I'm classy like that.
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    My husband made bialys, which I had for breakfast with an egg easy over.
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    Local asparagus from Spring Valley and/or Barajas roasted on a raised oven rack on a 425 degree oven for about 45 minutes. Rubbed with grotto spice rub, olive oil, sel gris, cracked peppercorns, The tips were a bit crispy but the stalks silky smooth and concentrated flavor. My favorite way of doing asparagus right now. Shrimp w/Green Garlic. I took a large green garlic {the 7/8 of it left} and chopped roughly using everything but the tough green tips and chopped it roughly. Sauteed in hot pan in corn oil w.salt & pepper, then added 4 cloves of roughly chopped fresh garlic. Took best part of a pound of 16-20 frozen shrimp from Restaurant Depot {they are open to the public now and these shrimp are in 2# bags. Marinated the shrimp in 3 egg whites, Korean soy, sesame oil, potato starch, Chinese black vinegar, rice syrup, salt, pepper for 20 minutes. Added shrimp to pan when the garlic turned sweet. Sauteed for a bit until the shrimp were almost cooked and then added the marinade and cooked for a minute more stirring constantly as the whites cooked and the sauce thickened. Really good and the shrimp excellent. Cocktails: Whiskey Sour {2 oz Overholt rye for me, Old Grandad bourbon for Kay} 2 oz fresh lemon. 1 oz brown sugar simple, 1 stopperful Bitterman's orange cream citrate bitters, lemon twist, Luxardo cherry, egg white {left over from Gelato making.} I am not sure I ever had a whiskey sour much less made one. Put everything in the shaker and did a wet hard shake for 40 counts. Then double strained. Frothy, delicious, dangerously easy to guzzle, I mean drink! The overholt was deemed the better whiskey. Hard Cider: Anxo dry cider. My first ANXO cider and truly disappointing. No flavor, bite or funk. ALmost no discernable apple character. Templeton Rye: turns out I have been over diluting it. With just a touch of water to a shot, it is a better tipple. Not may favorite and no need to boy again. May try it in a manhattan.
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    Bought 1 pound each of Shitake, Oyster and Hens of the Woods mushrooms yesterday from the Bay Mushrooms at the Anne Arundel farmers market Sunday. Preordered. Spectacular sautéed with EVOO salt and pepper. Grilled steaks and a 2014 Paul Hobbs Crossbarn. It was a very nice meal.

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