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    Since returning from our most recent trip to Hong Kong two weeks ago, we've been jonesing for some dim sum. Decided to try the weekend lunch at Q (we've been very happy with their dinner dishes). I tempered my expectations as Peter doesn't have a Cantonese cooking background, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Overall, I'd rate everything at least average quality by HK standards. By comparison, I've never felt that the dim sum offerings at Oriental East, China Garden, or Mark's Duck House would've made the cut beyond the local market. Stand outs: the sticky rice sesame balls (莲蓉芝麻球) were impossibly light and had an unexpected orange zest flavor. The egg tarts (蛋挞) were well-baked and not greasy; a little bit of leopard spotting hinted at the Macanese/pasteis de nata style that I love. The restaurant was only about half full on a Saturday. A bit of a surprise given the lines around the block at Oriental East back in the day. Yes, Peter Chang's prices are higher, but hardly prohibitive and you certainly get what you pay for. Menu ordering is also so much more civilized than chasing after carts (which have all but disappeared from HK, SF, NYC and Vancouver/Toronto dim sum restaurants).
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    Yep, in 2017 Harden was fouled more often on three-point shots than any NBA team. Not a typo. Lithuanian great Šarūnas Marčiulionis is commonly viewed as having brought the Eurostep here in the 1990s, though you're right that Ginobili popularized it after that.