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    Thank you so much for coming in! You are correct about the pimento cheese. Some people get geeked out about softies, so I added the cheese to familiarize guests. Whenever I have them in please feel free to ask about a sandwich the way you would like it. I’ve got no problem making that happen. Eric
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    Lamb and pistachio meatballs adapted from "Polpo", page 154. 35 g shelled and roasted pistachios, finely chopped 30 ml olive oil 1 onion, finely diced 1 garlic clove, finely chopped pinch of salt pinch of five-spice powder 1 kg ground lamb 1 egg 100 g breadcrumbs ground black pepper extra-virgin olive oil 800 ml basic tomato sauce Basic tomato sauce - the recipe in Polpo (page 149) is neither basic nor preferred so I used my own, which as you can see is rather minimalist by comparison. Polpo's version has eight ingredients not counting salt and pepper. 30 ml olive oil 2 crushed garlic cloves 800 g crushed tomatoes or 800 ml passata 120 ml water salt black pepper We served this with a bowl of cauliflower stewed in wine.
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    Kimen Ramen is the best I've yet found in Virginia - on back-to-back evenings, I had Boru and Kimen, and there's no comparison between the two (except in terms of quantity - you actually get more at Boru, but so what). Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager ($8) and Kikusui Junmai Ginjo ($19, and highly recommended): Chashu Bun ($4) - They look too sauced, and perhaps are a bit, but they work, and the pork is quite good: Original Ramen and Miso Ramen, both with Pork ($12 each) - Choose your style, and go with it - both were very fine, better than anything I've yet found in NoVA. All ramens are easily customized with a la carte extras or substitutions: Plus, there's this next door at The Block Bar before dinner:
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    The culprit was the restaurant. They threw you under the bus because they did not manage their reservations well and valued this party more than yours.
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    I haven’t been cooking much due to travel and lack of motivation. This weekend I made a sort of vegetable Tian with zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, and tomatoes. I kept it simple with just onions and garlic sautéed on the bottom of the pan, and a drizzle of olive oil plus a little sprinkle of salt and Parmesan on the top. Baked, covered, about 50 minutes. Then I uncovered it and used the broiler to brown the top. I Should have added herbs.
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    Several years ago we had a similar need while we were driving down to Florida from NYC. I chose Fayetteville (for no particular reason except location right off I-95) and we went to Fullers, a buffet that I cant recommend as BBQ but a place that I’ll remember fondly for years. The buffet table had more varieties of home style southern cooking than I’ve ever seen &, for a buffet, it was fresh and tasty.
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    The onions and garlic are first sauteed in olive oil along with salt and five-spice powder, then cooled. Combine this mixture with breadcrumbs, egg, salt, black pepper and pistachios and the ground lamb. Form into meatballs, then bake for 15 minutes at 335 F/170 C. Then braise in the tomato sauce for 30 minutes.
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    I must be getting old, too. Every song sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks on speed.
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    If you had plans to detour to Wilbur's, you might consider continuing on down the road to Grady's. But they have limited hours, so you'll need to plot your trip carefully. Grady's is true, shack on the side of the road eastern Carolina BBQ. The Raleigh Durham area has decent BBQ. Might be an easier sell to the family. Finally, if you think you can swing it with the family, consider hitting Rodney Scott's BBQ in Charleston and then continue on to Savannah.
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    Alta Strada hasn't been cutting it for us lately and our one dinner at the recently opened Nicoletta Kitchen was expensive and disappointing, so we are venturing further away to sate our Italian food cravings. @MichaelBDC kept mentioning his desire to go to San Lorenzo so I booked his birthday dinner six weeks in advance so we could get a table at 7:45pm. We arrived at the restaurant and it was packed, including three big parties: one in the private dining room, one table included the owners of Cork, and a third table included a former Obama Administration official celebrating his wife's birthday. At first, the hostess couldn't "find" my reservation and asked me if I had the right date, which for some reason enraged me more than it should have. I pulled out my phone and showed her the numerous text messages from San Lorenzo (a reminder the day before and a reminder 30 minutes before the reservation) and the reservation magically appeared when she put in my phone number. A manager came over and after some chatting, we were lead to a bar and offered a round of drinks and said our table would be ready soon. Just glancing around the small dining room, I knew that was not going to be the case (after several tables were pushed together for the two large parties in the dining room, there were only one or two two-tops available and they were not even close to finishing their dinners and there was no way the restaurant was going to give us a four top on a Friday night). I quickly figured out that the party with that Obama Administration bigwig was the culprit. As we finished our first round of drinks, I pressed the manager for when our table would be ready and she admitted it would still be awhile so we offered to just eat at the bar. Not ideal for a celebratory birthday dinner but not the worst either. We had planned on ordering the squash blossoms anyway, but the manager ended up sending out one singular squash blossom for each of us to start. We then ordered the wild boar meatballs, which came with polenta, charred green onions, and marinated tomatoes. The dish was very good and the tomatoes added a very nice acidity to the gamey meatballs. We also received an order of the prosciutto with la tur cheese, balsamic glaze and strawberries on the house. We were surprised by how much we loved this dish. The balsamic, strawberries, and cheese were a great addition to the already delicious dry ham. We would definitely order this on our own again. For entrees I had the scallops with artichokes, fennel, and peas. The dish was a great representation of spring with for large perfectly cooked scallops but unless the artichoke were a part of the sauce, there wasn't any to be found on the dish. I used the bread which was otherwise mediocre to sop up the rest of the delicious sauce. @MichaelBDC ordered a special of veal bolognese. The pasta itself was fantastic, but @MichaelBDC said he likes the bolognese we make at home using Marcella Hazan's recipe better. I had a bite and I thought it was delicious as well and the pasta here is indeed amazing, inspiring us to take a cooking class during our trip to Italy this summer. The birthday boy doesn't like sweets so he stuck with an americano for dessert while I had an affogato. Nothing too special about this but that is how we rounded out dinner. We really enjoy the food here, but the service was a miss. Management did take care of us for the seating problems but food was still very slow to come out and we kept having to flag down the bartender to order more drinks. We also didn't enjoy sitting at the end of the bar where waiters were coming in and out to pick up drinks, deliver empty drinks, and put in their table's orders. The restaurant was in the weeds, which is to be expected on a Friday night, but I was not in the mood to be witness to the chaos. We will be back because we love Italian food and pasta, and hopefully we won't be displaced by VIPs next time.
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    Salad of iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, cubed Jarlsberg cheese, hard-boiled egg; Bolthouse Farms Cilantro-Avocado Dressing Sourdough baguette and butter Fettuccine with Lemon Herb Yogurt Sauce The pasta was excellent. My husband raved about it. I will definitely make this again. It looks like some version of Fettuccine Alfredo at a glance but is wonderfully tangy with yogurt, lemon, and salty feta. I eyeballed the 3 tablespoon amounts for the herbs and had more than I needed. I'll have to find something to do with the rest, other than adding some to the leftover pasta. I didn't think straining the Greek yogurt made a whole lot of sense. It did give off a tiny amount of liquid, but I'll skip that step next time. It's going to get embarrassing if I have to admit to making any more recipes from "The Kitchen," but all the recipes I've made so far have come out quite well. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, it's a Food Network take on the multi-host "View"-type cooking show. If you're looking for a place on FN where they're actually showing how dishes get made, this is one of them. (And Rachael Ray is back with more 30 Minute Meals, as well. While she shows preparation start to finish, The Kitchen shows the basic steps but already has a pre-cooked version.) They have four hosts, with them alternating in pairs taking the lead making a recipe and being the sous chef.
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    If memory serves, the tater tots are a *$3* add-on at the Dupont Circle location.
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