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    Lisa, Thank you for posting. I'm not a "foodie," either - just a guy who loves life. We're thrilled to have you in our group, and there's no "foodie credentials" needed to be here; only kind regards for other people as fellow human beings. Seriously - I'll take a benevolent dolt over an intelligent snot, any day of the week. Please don't sell yourself short - you're as good as any of us are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Kind regards, Don
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    Well the delightful dslee (hi!) and I are apparently both regulars and bumped into each other a few days ago there at Green Almond Pantry and had a wonderful lunch and conversation. I had, as always, the Braised Elysian Fields Lamb on Hummus with fresh bread. I guess that makes me not a foodie because I eat the same thing each time but that meal is so so good. It was followed by a 'local corn flour olive oil cake' topped with whipped cream and candied blood oranges. Superb meal. Disclaimer- I'm the landlord/owner of 1314 1/2 9th and thrilled to have Cagla as a tenant.
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