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    The culprit was the restaurant. They threw you under the bus because they did not manage their reservations well and valued this party more than yours.
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    Kimen Ramen is the best I've yet found in Virginia - on back-to-back evenings, I had Boru and Kimen, and there's no comparison between the two (except in terms of quantity - you actually get more at Boru, but so what). Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager ($8) and Kikusui Junmai Ginjo ($19, and highly recommended): Chashu Bun ($4) - They look too sauced, and perhaps are a bit, but they work, and the pork is quite good: Original Ramen and Miso Ramen, both with Pork ($12 each) - Choose your style, and go with it - both were very fine, better than anything I've yet found in NoVA. All ramens are easily customized with a la carte extras or substitutions: Plus, there's this next door at The Block Bar before dinner:
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    Thank you so much for coming in! You are correct about the pimento cheese. Some people get geeked out about softies, so I added the cheese to familiarize guests. Whenever I have them in please feel free to ask about a sandwich the way you would like it. I’ve got no problem making that happen. Eric
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    Alta Strada hasn't been cutting it for us lately and our one dinner at the recently opened Nicoletta Kitchen was expensive and disappointing, so we are venturing further away to sate our Italian food cravings. @MichaelBDC kept mentioning his desire to go to San Lorenzo so I booked his birthday dinner six weeks in advance so we could get a table at 7:45pm. We arrived at the restaurant and it was packed, including three big parties: one in the private dining room, one table included the owners of Cork, and a third table included a former Obama Administration official celebrating his wife's birthday. At first, the hostess couldn't "find" my reservation and asked me if I had the right date, which for some reason enraged me more than it should have. I pulled out my phone and showed her the numerous text messages from San Lorenzo (a reminder the day before and a reminder 30 minutes before the reservation) and the reservation magically appeared when she put in my phone number. A manager came over and after some chatting, we were lead to a bar and offered a round of drinks and said our table would be ready soon. Just glancing around the small dining room, I knew that was not going to be the case (after several tables were pushed together for the two large parties in the dining room, there were only one or two two-tops available and they were not even close to finishing their dinners and there was no way the restaurant was going to give us a four top on a Friday night). I quickly figured out that the party with that Obama Administration bigwig was the culprit. As we finished our first round of drinks, I pressed the manager for when our table would be ready and she admitted it would still be awhile so we offered to just eat at the bar. Not ideal for a celebratory birthday dinner but not the worst either. We had planned on ordering the squash blossoms anyway, but the manager ended up sending out one singular squash blossom for each of us to start. We then ordered the wild boar meatballs, which came with polenta, charred green onions, and marinated tomatoes. The dish was very good and the tomatoes added a very nice acidity to the gamey meatballs. We also received an order of the prosciutto with la tur cheese, balsamic glaze and strawberries on the house. We were surprised by how much we loved this dish. The balsamic, strawberries, and cheese were a great addition to the already delicious dry ham. We would definitely order this on our own again. For entrees I had the scallops with artichokes, fennel, and peas. The dish was a great representation of spring with for large perfectly cooked scallops but unless the artichoke were a part of the sauce, there wasn't any to be found on the dish. I used the bread which was otherwise mediocre to sop up the rest of the delicious sauce. @MichaelBDC ordered a special of veal bolognese. The pasta itself was fantastic, but @MichaelBDC said he likes the bolognese we make at home using Marcella Hazan's recipe better. I had a bite and I thought it was delicious as well and the pasta here is indeed amazing, inspiring us to take a cooking class during our trip to Italy this summer. The birthday boy doesn't like sweets so he stuck with an americano for dessert while I had an affogato. Nothing too special about this but that is how we rounded out dinner. We really enjoy the food here, but the service was a miss. Management did take care of us for the seating problems but food was still very slow to come out and we kept having to flag down the bartender to order more drinks. We also didn't enjoy sitting at the end of the bar where waiters were coming in and out to pick up drinks, deliver empty drinks, and put in their table's orders. The restaurant was in the weeds, which is to be expected on a Friday night, but I was not in the mood to be witness to the chaos. We will be back because we love Italian food and pasta, and hopefully we won't be displaced by VIPs next time.
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    Tried Upside Pizza on my way to Penn Station last Friday - I wasn't that impressed. While they are clearly putting a lot of time and energy into their crust and pie, the flavor difference wasn't there - at least not on my white mushroom slice ("Falcowitz"). It was good pizza but I didn't think it was appreciably better than most other by the slice places in the city. As I continued down 8th avenue, I saw a few $1 slice places and almost went to one for a comparison but didn't feel like another slice. I did still feel hungry when I got to Pennsy foodhall next to Penn Station. I went to the Pat LaFrieda stand and waited longer than usual but really enjoy on the train my "World's Greatest Hot Dog" - nice bun, sausage snap, good flavor, with a bit of mustard and hot pepper slices. Not bad for $5 before tax and probably worth the extra money over the cheaper dogs on the street or Papaya King.
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    Dinner tonight was halloumi hummus bowls with farro.
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    Began my early dinner at home with these exquisite Flat Green Beans braised with Sweet Onion and Tomato from Green Almond Pantry
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    It's half off sushi and sashimi, I don't think you can order of the rest of the menu at the bar. Only at the bar (12 or 13 people total) and on most days, you need to be there an hour early at least. Don't assume that if they're are 7 people ahead of you that you're safe, people will save space for late arrivals in their party. I don't think it's worth it unless you have a bottomless appetite for sushi/sashimi. They also tend to cut the fish a little thinner than the dinner service, so you are not getting full benefit of the discount.
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    Salad of iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, cubed Jarlsberg cheese, hard-boiled egg; Bolthouse Farms Cilantro-Avocado Dressing Sourdough baguette and butter Fettuccine with Lemon Herb Yogurt Sauce The pasta was excellent. My husband raved about it. I will definitely make this again. It looks like some version of Fettuccine Alfredo at a glance but is wonderfully tangy with yogurt, lemon, and salty feta. I eyeballed the 3 tablespoon amounts for the herbs and had more than I needed. I'll have to find something to do with the rest, other than adding some to the leftover pasta. I didn't think straining the Greek yogurt made a whole lot of sense. It did give off a tiny amount of liquid, but I'll skip that step next time. It's going to get embarrassing if I have to admit to making any more recipes from "The Kitchen," but all the recipes I've made so far have come out quite well. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, it's a Food Network take on the multi-host "View"-type cooking show. If you're looking for a place on FN where they're actually showing how dishes get made, this is one of them. (And Rachael Ray is back with more 30 Minute Meals, as well. While she shows preparation start to finish, The Kitchen shows the basic steps but already has a pre-cooked version.) They have four hosts, with them alternating in pairs taking the lead making a recipe and being the sous chef.
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    The kids wanted to make trifles and spaghetti nests, courtesy of recipes in the littler one's High Five magazine. We did that on Saturday, and we had a lot of pudding and berries (and, tbh, pound cake) left over. I finally dug out my tiiiiiiny mason jars (that I got with the intention of making home-made sous-vide egg bites but haven't yet, because Starbucks) and put the leftover pudding and berries into them. Perfect size for desserts!
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    I'm lazy. I always check opentable first. I will remember to go to Resy for something in the Great American Restaurant Group but beyond that, if it isn't on OpenTable, I'm not likely to pursue it. Mr. BLB booked Fiola Mare for our anniversary dinner tomorrow night. We haven't been and I'm quite looking forward to it, especially since BL-6th grader will be away so I don't have to spend a fortune to feed him too. --- Resy.com (FranklinDubya)
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    Photos from last week Spicy tomato and shrimp stew Peas with garlic and pancetta Ricotta cheese with roasted blueberries
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    A couple of weeks ago I saw a restaurant lease wherein the new restaurant, owned by an independent operator, was completely "snagged" by a landlord. The landlord who also owns a restaurant in the same building grabbed the prominent space above the restaurant and put in a large, in fact a dominant sign over the tenants space. I think the tenant is "fooked". In any case I used to lease and sell commercial real estate; represented the landlord, tenant, buyers and sellers. There were documents that highlighted points to pay attention to. I reviewed some of them in the current web environment and thought I would pass down some significant elements that would protect a tenant. I did see a variety of documents that highlight key issues with leases including a variety of worthwhile comments with this search Below are issues I'd focus on: 1. Hire a good real estate attorney. A few of my clients went with their own attorneys who might have been great. But they knew nothing about commercial real estate. I used to get the lease and then mark it up from someone who knew what they were doing and presented it to the tenants attorney. I don't recall them not accepting it. There are a wide number of issues that can start affecting a tenant immediately if not protected in the lease. Hire someone who knows what they are doing. 2. Measure the space. This was rather big in the 1980's. I saw it mentioned in current articles. I guess its still big. While I didn't measure every space "back in the day" I don't recall ever measuring a space where the size was precisely what the landlord quoted. It was always smaller. Measure the space. If smaller than what the landlord quotes go to renegotiate the lease. Also know precisely what the difference is between "rentible square footage" and "usable square footage" If your lease is for less space than what the landlord quotes renegotiate. See what happens. Higher rentible square footage will hit you on base rent plus all the pass through increases over the term of the lease. 3. Have the attorney protect your long term interests with regard to your use. Make it as broad as possible. 4. Negotiate to limit your liability. A long term lease with enormous liability will suck the cash out of you if the lease fails. 5. Negotiate everything you can with regard to signage. Learn the building requirements plus jurisdictional requirements with regard to the landlord. Get as much signage as you can. Great signage will add dollars to your revenues. I suppose this is mostly for new tenants, and specifically new restaurant tenants Any additional comments are more than welcome.
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    Lamb and pistachio meatballs adapted from "Polpo", page 154. 35 g shelled and roasted pistachios, finely chopped 30 ml olive oil 1 onion, finely diced 1 garlic clove, finely chopped pinch of salt pinch of five-spice powder 1 kg ground lamb 1 egg 100 g breadcrumbs ground black pepper extra-virgin olive oil 800 ml basic tomato sauce Basic tomato sauce - the recipe in Polpo (page 149) is neither basic nor preferred so I used my own, which as you can see is rather minimalist by comparison. Polpo's version has eight ingredients not counting salt and pepper. 30 ml olive oil 2 crushed garlic cloves 800 g crushed tomatoes or 800 ml passata 120 ml water salt black pepper We served this with a bowl of cauliflower stewed in wine.
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    Happy 82nd Birthday, Brooks Robinson!
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    Mixed greens/potato/tomato hash from Savory Way. Preceded by a meat/cheese/baguette board. Trip to 99Ranch enabled me to add tatsoi to the mix (kale, chard, arugula). Still have mustard greens, baby boy choy, and pea greens to cook, but everything’s holding up well in the downstairs fridge. Will probably make a spicy beef and bok choy stir fry tomorrow. update: This (https://omnivorescookbook.com/sichuan-crispy-beef/) turned out to be a good starting point for beef and bok choy.
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    Woohoo, Asian market trip week! We made another date-walnut cake and had bacon and hash browns for Mother's Day, but otherwise this week will be dedicated to using up all the goodies we grabbed at the market over the weekend. Monday night was pad se ew with a side of smashed, marinated cucumbers and last night we made sauteed king trumpet mushrooms, basil eggplant (finally made with enough Thai basil to taste right!!), and stir-fried green beans eaten on top of brown rice. Yesterday morning I seared some fresh rice noodle rolls, served them with a simple brown sauce (hoisin, oyster, sriracha, pepper, and sugar), and they were GOOD, nearly as tasty (though the texture was not quite as good as truly fresh) as decent dim sum. Tonight will be another stir-fried noodle dish with lots of baby bok choy.
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    Not Korean, but I think Kimen Ramen opened up next to The Block. I've heard good things. Mama Mei opened in The Block and serves spicy fried chicken or something. Not tried it myself.
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    And now choosing the cheese course instead of dessert is an $18 up-charge. I'm really glad I had the chance to go here a few times before the prices got crazy...can't see myself going back.
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    Mother's Day lunch was great on Sunday at 2 Amys. 3 excellent pizzas for the Mom and kids - all classics - 1 margherita and 2 2 Amys. I went with the non-pizza courses - excellent burrata (although my wife thought it was too runny with cream), a special of bread crumb stuffed sardines on thin slivers of oranges (very good), and off the regular menu a huge portion of sweet and sour caponata. I was very happy indeed. Also great rhubarb chocolate chip ice cream.
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    we stuck with traditional and got the color from tiles, counters and such.
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    Just completely redid our entire kitchen from studs out - if you use a wok, check out BlueStar ranges, locally made in PA. If anyone watches "Chopped" those are the ranges they use. There is a 25,000 BTU burner in the front center which boils water in minutes. All the burners have an insert that pops out by hand and conveniently fits a wok. You can custom-order knobs, trim, door panel etc, which was a great addition to our home. The custom color is really cool. The Platinum range is worth the extra $$ and we have 6 burners with an interchangeable griddle and grill as well. It is awesome and I prefer it to some of the other high end ranges - it is simple and does what it is supposed to do, a virtual workhorse. Range vents above 450 CFM, often require installation of a "make-up" air vent. In new home and retrofits it is usually a code issue. We have a 1200 CFM fan which is certainly overkill, but having gone from a very inefficient downdraft originally, which could not do much of anything except interfere with the efficiency of the cooktop, I did not want to under-size the hood and have to redo it later. For comparison's sake, your bathroom fan is likely 100 CFM or less. 650 CFM is substantial, on 1200, which we rarely if ever use, you can dry your hair and blast the scents of your cooking all over your neighborhood.
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    Solo on Mother's Day. I gave up. They had nuggets, and I ordered (too-spicy-for-kids) Indian. But ...
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    https://www.catchdelray.com/ I swear I made a previous thread for Catch on the Ave, but I can't find it. We have gone twice now- once with BIL and SIL, and once with my Mom. I can't remember what we all had the first time we went, but we liked it enough to go back! I remember they had good cocktails. On the last visit, Hubby had fish tacos. They had soft shells, and I asked if I could have them on a sandwich. They had run a special earlier that week with a pimento cheese/ softshell sandwich, so I go that. This would have been better with less pimento cheese, to be honest, I love soft shells and should have protested more and seen if I could have just gotten a more plain sandwich. I expect this sandwich was because a lot of people find soft shells a little more creepy than I do. It was fine, it was just perhaps a little over-decadent and you lost the crab flavor. Mom had the lobster salad which she said was really good. This is a nice little neighborhood spot with above average food for Del Ray. We like the ability to get something a little fancier or a little more causal for dinner, and they have a nice beverage list, and you can generally get in.
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    I haven’t been cooking much due to travel and lack of motivation. This weekend I made a sort of vegetable Tian with zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, and tomatoes. I kept it simple with just onions and garlic sautéed on the bottom of the pan, and a drizzle of olive oil plus a little sprinkle of salt and Parmesan on the top. Baked, covered, about 50 minutes. Then I uncovered it and used the broiler to brown the top. I Should have added herbs.
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    The onions and garlic are first sauteed in olive oil along with salt and five-spice powder, then cooled. Combine this mixture with breadcrumbs, egg, salt, black pepper and pistachios and the ground lamb. Form into meatballs, then bake for 15 minutes at 335 F/170 C. Then braise in the tomato sauce for 30 minutes.
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    I must be getting old, too. Every song sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks on speed.
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    In an update, I went to Kimen Ramen this afternoon for dinner. I had their mazemen ramen (ETA: from the menu: soupless ramen, spicy hot minced pork / egg yolk / fish powder / minced garlic / green onion / chives / dried seaweed -- note, wasn't that spicy) and it was good! I'll be back. That said, I'm not sure the music they were playing was of this world. Or I'm getting old.
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    Darker granite colors are more resilient but all granite should be sealed to limit stains. Lighter granites may show stains more easily. There are a lot of more recent finishes to granites/quartzes like leathering, honed, polished, brushed etc. These can drastically change the appearance and I would suggest you get cutting board samples when considering a specific finish. Many of the synthetic stones have lifetime warranties but I have not read them to know what they cover. Pop-up outlets and knife holders can be installed in either type of stone, however if you go with some "exotic" granite or marble often times they are a little more challenging to work with and can make those options tedious. Perhaps the quartzes are more uniform and less troublesome. A good fabricator should be able to accomodate what you need. Good luck out there, there are many new or revised products in the market than just a few years ago.
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    If you had plans to detour to Wilbur's, you might consider continuing on down the road to Grady's. But they have limited hours, so you'll need to plot your trip carefully. Grady's is true, shack on the side of the road eastern Carolina BBQ. The Raleigh Durham area has decent BBQ. Might be an easier sell to the family. Finally, if you think you can swing it with the family, consider hitting Rodney Scott's BBQ in Charleston and then continue on to Savannah.
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    Watch season 2 ep 1 of the Wild Chef on Netflix. Martin Picard (Au Pied du Cochon fame) takes his team to do a crazy seafood plateau.
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    Clearly, Hanser Alberto thought he'd tag the runner going to second, and throw to first for the double-play - he was caught off-guard when the runner held up. That's not a very good excuse, but it induced panic and indecision.
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    This is a *great* question, and one which most people probably won't know: Apr, 2018 - "Cays, Keys, and Quays" on grammarphobia.com Me to everyone: From this moment forward, I'm going to pronounce all three words as "KEE."
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    I've got a bit of the dreaded spring time crud, so I'm not up to posting about our recent experience at Chloe, but I will say it was better than ever. Every dish was a hit, and the service was wonderful. Sounds identical to beachgirl54's experience! I posted a few pictures on instagram, and you can find them if you search for the hashtag #donrockwelldotcom
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    NoVa's latest food hall is 84% operational! The manager/co-founder tells me a dedicated bar--which is slated to have 24 draft lines featuring local brews and Asian imports--is still a few weeks out. All five food stalls, however, are doing their respective things. The lineup includes: * Coffee/boba tea stand (Two Sons) * BYO salad/poke/acai bowl (Berry Green) * Ice cream/bingsoo/sweets shop (The Zert) * Ramen/soba/udon station (Noodle Road; seen above) *Katsu central/fryatorium (Deep Kachu) Haven't had a chance to taste everything but the melted cheese-filled, breaded pork katsu hit the spot; the stir-fried udon was packed with flavorful veggies; the cream-laced sweet corn side could pass as dessert; and the caramel-covered honey bread seems like a crowdpleaser. Manager told me more menu options are coming, including curry katsu, a chicken-based katsu, more noodle offerings, and single-serving bingsoo. Prices are perfectly reasonable (nothing over $11) and the atmosphere is family friendly--as long as you love K-Pop. (Hypnotic music videos danced across one of the TVs while I was there. The other was tuned to sports.) Hours are from 11 am to 10 pm daily. Manager says bar may stay open later (based on demand). Don't know that they'll poach customers from Annandale's The Block, but should satisfy locals looking to mix things up a bit.
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    That's reassuring, because I love soft shell crabs and crab cakes, so your words are reassuring. I will remain steadfast in my search for this delicacy. And Dave, I'm honored to dedicate my 2000th post to responding to you!
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    Locavino, a wine and beer café and retail outlet in downtown Silver Spring, is expected to open in June in the former Adega space, according to co-owner Jarrod Jabre: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/business/locavino-cafe-expected-open-downtown-june/
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    Locavino, a wine and beer café and retail outlet in downtown Silver Spring, is expected to open in June, according to co-owner Jarrod Jabre: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/business/locavino-cafe-expected-open-downtown-june/
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    I hope you enjoy it. The pasta is surprisingly good. I don't know why I use "surprisingly," but think it's because it looks so much like Alfredo but is totally different.
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    This is interesting. I think Hubby might like this dish, I never get to make more creamy pasta type sauces (except for like carbonara) due to the cream, so I will try this.
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    The BS Platinum is definitely worth the co$t. We did the 36". The added features and attachments for the Platinum were worth the upgraded investment. Since we did a custom color - the lead time was about 4-6 weeks. Ferguson has several on display and depending on where you live and what showroom you go to, you may find the appliance person knowledgeable on BlueStar. They do not have the branding of Wolf, Thermador or Viking. Hood we went with the Zephyr Canopy-Style hood, Tempest II - 650 CFM standard, but you can upgrade it easily and get double the capacity. The Canopy allowed me to raise the hood up higher than code recommended installation height. I have seen others installed and if too low, you literally hit your head on it if you are taller than 6'. We have a window above our range, so the chimney-style would not work. The baffles in the hood are really easy to clean, just throw them in the D/W and let dry. It even signals you to do this after 30 hours of use. Vent-a-hood makes a great hood as well, but there was a significant cost difference for similar performance & features.
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    Yes, in re-reading my post, I did not mean to pigeon-hole the wok (only) utility of BlueStar. Great range no matter how or what you cook with. It is extremely versatile and highly adjustable for all cooking types.
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    Steve had a free afternoon on Friday and he didn't mind getting in line at 3 p.m. so we tried Bad Saint again. He was the 3rd person in line, and the person immediately in front of him was a stand-in for someone else. As it turns out, neither people in front of us wanted to eat like an early-bird so we got to choose our seats. We chose the two seats at the counter facing the kitchen - probably the best seats in the house. Standing for 2 hrs builds up a mighty thirst, which we slaked with San Miguel. We also ordered all 5 meat/fish dishes. We didn't do the tasting menu because the tasting menu didn't include the crab dish. The first to come out was the Rellenong Alimasag - lump crab, crab fat, fish roe, & garlic butter ($40). The main flavor is that of crab fat or tomalley. This is an acquired taste for some. I don't mind it but I'm not crazy about it either. I would've preferred some other flavor to the dish as well (can't detect the garlic butter). On the bites in which you got some fish roe, they do provide some pop and salty fishiness. The dish also came with Chinese fried crullers (you-tiao) - would've been nice to have more of those. The second dish to come out was the Kinilaw - octopus ceviche with purple yam and Thai chili. We tried it and agreed it was good (not great) and declined to eat more. The texture of the octopus was fine, but the flavor simply did wow us (kind of muted). The third dish was Tinolang Manok - poached chicken with ginger/scallion. We got half a chicken, including neck and butt. The chicken was nicely poached - very tender, but there was no flavor. I think it's a fail - you can get a better tasting version at a much cheaper price at a real Chinese restaurant. My mom and grandma both made better versions. After eating a couple of pieces each, I took the rest home - added soy sauce and sesame seed oil and let it sit overnight. The fourth dish was Pinakbet - shrimp and vegetable stew with XO sauce. Our shrimp was slightly overcooked. The eggplant was almost raw. The stew was pungently fishy (presumably from their XO sauce). We simply didn't enjoy this dish. The last dish was Lechon. Rather than sliced roast pork, we got some mediocre pulled pork, topped with some crispy pork skin that has been scraped clean. This is not the lechon of my dreams. In fact, I ate maybe 2 bites. Steve reluctantly took the rest home (not sure he planned on eating it or treat his dog with it). So of the 5 dishes, one was really good, one was good, and 3 were simply not good enough. We left wondering maybe we should've gone with the tasting menu.
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    Short review: really enjoyed this place, but kind of over tasting menus and don't feel any desire to go back in the near future. The cooking is good, but I just felt...constrained by the small menu and lack of choices.
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    Haven't seen them in Costco- but we get Max the CET dental chews from Amazon. He is a small pup and they are known to have not the greatest teeth, so our vet has recommended any CET product from early on. Max eats the dental chews and doesn't seem to have a problem with them potentially being more healthy??? than name brand ones. Has anyone found a cheddar cheese at Costco that isn't super crumbly?
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    I gotcha. I like them cakey with a good amount but not too much frosting and the frosting shouldn't be solely hardened fondant - which is why Zaro's hit my sweet spot, pun intended. Apparently, they are supposed to originally have been more cake like then cookie and generally are made that way. Here is a interesting article on their history and a survey of various examples: https://ny.eater.com/2014/6/2/6214949/the-black-and-white-cookies-curious-history
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    I sat at the Bidwell bar the other day for the first time in probably over a year. A couple rounds, a bar snack, and everything in the glass and plate was in line with what I experienced previously. But the striking thing was clientele, or really, the community assembled in Bidwell. I have underestimated the importance of this restaurant, based on the deaf community (presumably Gallaudet University) that I saw in full force here that day. I have been seen many H Street bartenders and servers who know some rudimentary ASL, and some bars may have closed captions on their TVs, but I haven't seen so many people signing openly before at any other venue. Everyone seemed comfortable here. Clearly not everyone was a gourmand, but I saw black, white, the well-heeled, the modest, the straight, the gay, the older, the younger, all signing and having fun. I see Bidwell now in a bit of a different light.
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    Cassie the bartender named a mocktail there after me! If you ask for an "Anh-with-an-H" you get a lovely basil watermelon lemonade. Refreshing and not too sweet. I love their salads with greens gathered from their roof garden, but my favorite dish hands down is the pasta - egg fettuccine with rock shrimp, chanterelles and asparagus. It's perfectly light yet filling and the chewy noodles really shine.
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    We do takeout from Sawatdee and like it - if I get pad thai, I usually make two meals out of it. My husband likes their pad see ew. Also now in Courthouse is SweetLeaf. This has replaced Listrani as the place for me to get a fresh mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwich. They do sandwiches, salads, breakfasts, ice cream and cookies, so not so much a dinner place beyond sandwich and salad. But it's working well as that for us every couple of weeks or so.
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