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  1. Our website shows only samples of our menus - all of our menus change daily, including the cocktail and wine lists. Again, restaurant economics - we can't keep paying our website designer to update our menus because they change DAILY (not even seasonally; daily). Thats the whole point of serving local and fresh. Our food rotates, and our invoices prove it. It is a very sad day. Find enclosed our current wine list. wine7-22-10.pdf
  2. Todd, The majority of the public does not know that the writer has no control over the headline. (I didn't) The title is what people remember. The title of a piece itself is what draws the reader's attention. A provocative title for the sake of reader "˜hits' has consequences - to those included and to the person who wrote it. It is especially more important in the internet age. Articles are now permanently available and linked to those they are written about and their writers. Daily Beast is where I surprisingly found our inclusion in the "˜essay'- Daily beast is where I sent my reply. Dail
  3. Again, I have NO problem with the topic. This is where I take issue: Calling us hypocrites, for the nation to read is grossly offensive. -- It is the TITLE of the piece. Names and quotes were taken from another article then included to suit the context of a current article. If this be the case, we should be permitted to give our opinions based on the recent one. (How would you feel?) Why put a negative spin on the piece and discount the good work of restaurants that took so long to establish? 150 purveyors. Correct. Do you not know how difficult that is to have relationships with THAT many
  4. Spend one day with us. One day, you choose. See for yourself there is nothing to hide and so much to see.
  5. If anyone knows "Clifton" - please send 'the open letter' - I honestly don't think they read it; but were replying to his - "She does not seem to like Va wine." (Again... Huh???) And for the record, last night at PX we hosted a party for Virginia Sparkling FIZZ.
  6. That is my issue. And no, he does not have to confer with us prior to writing an 'essay'? but, if he includes our names and quotes taken from another article we SHOULD have the right to give our opinions based on the current one.
  7. Now that's how to promote Virginia wine! Tell your friends. Drive there. Buy. This cuts out the costs of distributor, and the restaurant mark up. Purchase from the vineyard directly. (And btw, we've never been there-a Sunday trip will be planned- the place looks lovely.)
  8. One reason most of the cheerleading comes from bloggers and writers is Restaurants cannot afford the costs involved: (Again, restaurant economics.) If a guest does not like the wine, who pays for it? If we leave it on the check, then cost number two happens -- it's blogged about, or a letter is written to critics, AND we've lost a guest, (which also means loosing future revenue.) We live this daily. "Would you like to take a chance on Interesting, unusual and potentially good wine " does fare well from a sommelier's description. Our responsibility AND enjoyment is to turn you onto some we've
  9. Dear Todd Kliman, Your recent article, The Locavore Wine Hypocrisy, was sent to me with a wagging finger by a Virginia wine salesperson and distributor. As we were not contacted in reference to this article, we feel we should illustrate our position. Coincidentally, last week Cathal and I were in Virginia Wine Country visiting our friend, Claude Thibaut, whose gorgeous Sparking Brut rivals any in the country. An interesting conversation about Virginia Wines developed while sipping bubbles from his upcoming release. The question: Who are Virginia's leading vintners and where is the wine heade
  10. Eamonn's A Dublin Chipper-Seeking Full time or Part time counter hipsters. Job entails • Listening to alternative music in one cool place. • Taking orders while dishing some fun Irish attitude. • Meeting some really cool people and makin’ them happy. • Working in jeans and a bad-a** T-shirt. The Money is great-But only if you are. You gotta dig food and people! Apply in person-2:00pm-4:00 or send email-clinton@restauranteve.com
  11. WINE MAKER DINNER!!-Tuesday October 23 Our very dear friend, Ken Forrester, of Ken Forrester Vineyards (Stellenbosch, South Africa) will be presenting wines from his personal cellar-in MAGNUM form! The very special back vintages of the (F.M.C) - (Forrester. Meinert. Chenin) will be showcased along with Chef Armstrong’s Five Course Tasting Menu not to mention Todd Thrasher's 'suave and wit' Reception, 5 Course Dinner with Wine Pairing $ 150 (Plus tax and gratuity) Seating is limited to 30. Reception: 6:30 Dinner at 7:00. Please call for reservations: 703.706.0450 or email. Again-a litt
  12. WINE DINNER: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 Remember last year’s wine dinner for Judgment of Paris: California Vs. France and the Historic 1976 Paris Tasting with the celebrated author and wine journalist- George M. Taber? He’s back with a new book, "To Cork or Not to Cork--Tradition, Romance, Science, and the Battle for the Wine Bottle." And we get the preview! Compare the same wines, with different sealing practices! Where will you stand after the tasting?- With the traditional Cork Farmer or the innovative Scientist??-Wine Journalist, George Taber may change your mind! Reception, 5 Course
  13. Capital Icebox, I would have preferred if you had sent items back if you were not happy with them. Then we could have assurred we made it right for you. The goal is: To make you leave happy. Steak, chicken and liver are always in season...as long as they are 'fresh.' Our commitment to the small area farmer will never waiver....He's gotta sell those chickens even in the summer. And being a diner myself, I am also happy about the 'new' Majestic. Happy you liked the tea, prices and waiter though-Thank you! Be Well All, Meshe at Eve and the Majestic
  14. What a great place!! Cozy, cool, hip for us and the kids. I love the the American vibe in the creation of desserts. Well done!! Eve, Eamonn and I were there the other night. Brought home loads of cupcakes. Coconut, lemon, red velvet, chocolate. Just right! Flavor & temperature. Thank you Lisa-I love your way. We will be there often.
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