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  1. Lagunitas had already sold half of itself to Heineken in 2015 and Anchor was sold in 2010. I'm not sure what inference to draw from Great Lakes buying quality control equipment but your original post is more misinformed than prescient. Also Oskar Blues sold itself to PE and New Belgium is now employee owned. I haven't noticed a quality change in Bells at all either.
  2. strongly agree with giant shrimp about the lack of similarity between what adria was doing at el bulli and what shields was doing at townhouse. it's really hard to believe that someone who had eaten at either restaurant would make the comparison. also strongly agree with don about the lack of "for profit business" feel of the town house restaurant in chillhowie.
  3. be sure to look at a menu with prices on it and read some reviews before you commit to hakassan.
  4. I've been pretty happy with the cowboy charcoal in my big green egg. burns as long as I've needed it to at whatever temperature I've needed it to.
  5. The Stumptown location on 29th Street is worth trying, as is Abraco in the East Village.
  6. Dough in bedstuy does pretty good doughnuts. I think they sell their stuff in other locations.
  7. I spent about 115 minutes last time I was there. I got there about 11:45 on a Saturday in January. To be clear I think it's worth it for me but it might not be for everyone.
  8. I love difara but feel like I should mention that you should budget at least two hours for sitting around a dirty packed room. It's not everyone's cup of tea. I have a picture of dom and my 1 year old somewhere.
  9. Franny's is a good idea in that case. You can take the Q, the food is great, and there will be tons of other children there.
  10. I agree with Dean that they're inconsistent. I went to Ssam at least 20 times in 2007/08 and I don't think it's anywhere near as good as it was then. Fran Derby taking over the kitchen marked a steep decline in my mind and it got worse again when he left. The weekday Duck Lunch at Ssam is reliably good though. (Just to be clear I'm endorsing the duck bowl w/rice and scallion pancake {$16} not the other food {just ok as far as I can tell} or the $4 coke.)
  11. The atmosphere is similar at both of them, neither of them is formal but I would say the food at Ssam is slightly more ambitious. I STRONGLY recommend not ordering the ramen or the pork bun, there are always much more interesting things on either menu.
  12. Hiring an experienced critic would be a change of direction for the Times, the last two critics have been mid-career journalists with either little experience of formal dining or little interest in the job. Hopefully it's a sign that the Times is taking the position more seriously. ETA: Eater reports they've hired an experienced critic not named Tom.
  13. I've also noticed quite a few beers take a pretty steep dive in quality once they become easier to find but I've always assumed it has to do with the difficulty of maintaining quality while increasing production rates.
  14. I really like the chicken, especially the Korean style one. The glaze is nice and sweet, skin crispy, the meat is moist blah blah blah. Not a bad way to feed seven people, and it'll be in your price range if you don't go crazy on pork buns etc. There's a pretty healthy markup on the booze though.
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