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  1. Given Don's recent post on grinders and my recent coffeemaker troubles, thought I'd move this one up. My Cuisinart DCC-2800 Perfect Temp recently broke. I liked the coffee it made, but it only lasted about 18 months (leaked). Looking for a good, reliable drip coffee machine for weekday morning coffee. I've looked at Consumer Report and they recommend the Cuisinart and then this Mr. Coffee drip as their top two. Just bought the Mr. Coffee, but don't love it. I've got a separate grinder, which I prefer to built-in grinders for when I grind coffee. Any suggestions/recommendations?
  2. If one is going to Komi with a diner who is not an adventurous eater (not big on seafood, gamey, or exotic dishes), any recommendations on how to handle when making a reservation? The diner is fine skipping some courses, but I don't want her to just sit there. (I know, go somewhere else, right? Any other advice?)
  3. Does anyone know why they do not carry the sablefish as frequently? I've been there in winter/summer, and they said it was out of season and should be available in the opposite season.
  4. I'm at a loss as to why you find the question odd or why you're entitled to a thoughtful question. If it happens again though, just tell the customer how you feel? See if that works for you.
  5. The story is disturbing and one violation related to the handling of toast shouldn't lessen its importance. I agree that DC should post its findings to incentive restaurants to comply. I also think that a restaurant should have to display at the entrance any bad ratings received.
  6. I concur on the jeep rental. You should take it out to Coral Bay (hit Skinny Legs) and then go up Ram's Head trail and Salt Pond Bay. Another option is to pack a lunch and rent a small dinghy at Caneel Bay and take it to several beaches -- Hawksnest (you may already have access from Caneel), Trunk, Cinnamon, and Maho. If you don't like boats, you can also access all of the aforementioned beaches (except for Hawksnest) via jeep. There's a decent grocery store near Cruz Bay where you can pick up lunch supplies. Caneel Bay also would pack you lunch.
  7. Looking for 2-5 tickets. It's sold out. Please let me know if you're interested in selling any.
  8. Grab a burger at Skinny Legs near Coral Bay. Woody's is a bit of a pit, but you gotta check it out -- $1 beers. Also, it has been a couple of years, but I liked Morgan's Mango. Woody's and Morgan's Mango are both in the Cruz Bay area.
  9. It's not inexpensive -- probably along the lines of Bobby Van's and Craftsteak -- but you may want to check out Dylan Prime. Different kind of steakhouse. Also, you could cross the bridge and hit Peter Luger's.
  10. Looks like the auction is postponed. http://rasmus.com/auction_detail.php?ID=401910 "****** This event postponed as of Wednesday October 28th due to Landlord renegotiating lease. ****** "
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