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  1. Hmm. Del Merei Grille is an option, but I'm not sure I'd call it cozy. Perhaps Trattoria da Franco on S. Washington. It has been a while since I've been (so I'm reluctant to opine), but Kliman has spoken highly of it recently.
  2. Spotted this weekend at Balducci's in Alexandria: a sign advertising truffles (Alba White, I'm pretty sure) for $1,250 per pound.
  3. Twenty-Dollar Tuesday? Nope. More like Twelve-Dollar Wednesday. A quick rundown: Cod: $4.00 - $6.99 Chips: $2.50 - $3.50 Chicken: $2.50 Full panel of sauces: gratis Beverage-of-choice: $1.50 - $5.00 Fried Milky Way: $2.50 7 Rockwellians squeezed on one table at Eamonn's: Priceless
  4. Wednesday evening works for me. I can probably get there by 7:00.
  5. For anyone who has seen Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Bilbo Baggins will look familiar. What should be a cozy place serving simple, yet flavorful, food is instead an unmitigated disaster offering overwrought and poorly prepared slop. How this "Global Wine Cafe & Restaurant" (a huge warning sign, I know) has managed to operate for 25 years is beyond me. My only hope is that with dining options in Old Town getting better every year, this space will one day be turned over to restaurateurs who aren't stuck in some early-1990s fusion cuisine mindset. It can't come soon enough. I had t
  6. OK. But pointing to a wildly successful product does little, in my opinion, to advance your apparent belief that if restaurateurs adopted Apple's strategy they would find an untapped well of vegetarians demanding what Mr. Lalasz seeks. Perhaps if it were 5 or 6 years ago and you were speaking of the sound risk posture of Apple before the iPod took off, then your example would have some merit. But finding a product after it has become successful as evidence that a wholly different risk will be rewarded (see "If you cook it, they will come") seems a bit of a stretch. If taking risks is all th
  7. I like it. It reminds of the the restaurant - no gimmicks; just simple and elegant (if that can every really describe a web site). And it will make my task of persuading reluctant family/friends to give Corduroy a try a lot easier. On several occasions, I have warmly recommended Chef Power's place, but was met with blank faces. Now, I can point them to the menu, which should make it an easier sell.
  8. The former. Coming south on the Parkway, take the first right-hand exit ramp after the airport (maybe 1 mile past National). Then take a right at the light and you are on Slater's Lane.
  9. I fear you misread what I wrote (perhaps I wasn't clear enough). My point is that asking is not what will bring about more options. Demonstrating through the conduct of customers that offering such options will be a profitable endeavor is what will alter menus. One person (or 100 for that matter) may not be sufficient, but if it can be established through conduct that what you seek is desired by a sufficient number of customers, then that, I believe, is what will change the market. I think that this type of sentiment of portraying vegetarians as "victims" may be what has engendered some
  10. I too read your article and appreciate you engaging in this discussion. That being said, I came away from reading your article and posts here that you believe that restaurateurs have an obligation to serve vegetarian dishes (in either quality or quantity) that the market does not demand. With this, I disagree. I think the point that Joe and others have made is that restaurateurs operate businesses. As such, if they see a trend in their area of business that: (a) fits within the theme that the restaurant focuses on and ( will (hopefully) be profitable, then they will embrace said trend. Th
  11. Marco Island; Naples Mrs. M and I will be traveling to Marco Island, Florida soon and are planning to enjoy one special meal. In past visits, my experience with dining in the Marco Island/Naples area has not been great. Indeed, the only exception to this is when we stumble upon real dives -- these have been, thus far, the culinary high (and this is certainly relative) points of our trips. So, I thought I'd throw it out to this esteemed bunch: does anyone have any dining recommendations in the Marco Island/Naples area? Say $75 to $125 a head? Thus far, I've come up with one contender that s
  12. Agreed. Picked up a half-dozen Rhode Island Red eggs (3 for $1.00). Fried them up this morning and they were outstanding -- the yolk really does stay nice and tight. I can't imagine paying these prices on a regular basis, but for applications where a fresh egg really does matter, that's a different story. Oh, and I asked the cashier how many of the emu eggs they sell -- she said she sees a couple per week come through her isle.
  13. My wife and I enjoyed a fine meal at Vermilion last night. It was just what we needed after a long day of housework. We've been about three times in the past couple months, and this was by far the best trip. Mrs. M began with a Pomolitan (Vodka, Cointreau, Lime and Pomegranate Juices) -- a drink that is beginning to rival the Daize cocktail at Eve. I started with a glass of Pinot-Noir; served in nice stemware but a bit warm. I began with a very good Caesar salad -- lots of anchovy flavor. She opted to skip a first-course in order to justify dessert (not me, I'll take an appetizer over de
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