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  1. To add to the list of missing items: broccoli, basil. There were also small onions in the garlic pile. It was a nightmare. I second on the hatred.
  2. i'm so sad to hear that buntyn closed! i hadn't been there in ages, but it's not surprising. i am usually visiting family when i go back, so i hardly get to eat out. the one on southern was definitely better than the one in east memphis. i'm not at all surprised about the canned veggies. you could at least tell that the okra and green beans were canned. i typically forgave them by the time i ate the fish, though.
  3. try to make it to Buntyn (2 locations; one in east memphis, the other in midtown) if you want some really good food. be prepared to take some out with you and definitely have the lemonade. huey's also has awesome burgers of all kinds. also a.schwab (general store) is an awesome place to pick up blues tapes and souvenier-type stuff (in addition to a million other kinds of things. some of the stuff sold in there stopped being mass-marketed in the 50s and 60s).
  4. The trout sandwich was really tasty. I had a side of collards with my sandwich, which were really yummy. Also, the lemonade is to die for. I noticed that someone ordered the bbq chicken plate, which looked as though it could feed an army. I also want to add that there is upstairs seating, and they appear to be preparing for a sizeable evening crowd, because there are bars on both floors.
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