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  1. You could consider checking out the bulk-container aisle at local food co-ops and natural foods stores to verify quality and gauge turnover. I love Penzeys, but obviously there are circumstances where you can't or don't want to wait for things to be shipped. If you don't want to have to deal with the little plastic bags at home or bother coming up with your own containers (recycled or otherwise), it might not be worth it to you.I thought the spices at my Takoma co-op were usually fresh and a bargain, especially because I could buy only what I needed for one recipe, the next ___ months, etc., and if something smelled off I'd know before having to purchase it. Prices were the same for members and non-members. In contrast, I've avoided the bulk aisle at the Silver Spring Whole Foods because I never saw people stopping to get anything; they just seemed to hurry through with their carts.
  2. I'll be picking up at the Grill around 1:00.
  3. Anyone up for happy hour at Corduroy tonight?
  4. Right now it looks like I won't, since I was planning on meeting my +1 at a metro downtown and catching a ride from there. Hmmm... maybe I could convince him to come get me AND the grill!Thanks for asking, though! I will post if/when new developments occur...
  5. Now it's Erin +1. It would be helpful if someone could bring a cooler that I can stash the wine and some ice in onsite (I forgot and sold mine last weekend in my yard sale ). The grill is still a maybe unless someone is willing to pick it up in College Park, since there is a good chance I will have sold my car by then and won't have a way to transport the grill.
  6. I will be so ready for a drink tonight, but unfortunately I have to go home and prepare for my Everything. Must. Go. yard sale tomorrow. Have fun!
  7. Have you tried TenPenh's tuna burger? Mmm-mmm good (and available daily!).
  8. C.F. Folks does a lightly-battered deep-fried softshell crab sandwich (in-season only) that I've enjoyed.
  9. For basic tomato sauce I really like Furmano's canned tomatoes, which I stock up on when they're on sale at Giant (and would be happy to bring). Thanks for doing this, mdt and hillvalley!
  10. The Penn Quarter FRESHFARM Market Opening Day! Thursday, May 5th 3:00 – 7:00pm on 8th Street, NW between D and E The market will be open every Thursday through November 17th
  11. Re: Ethiopian--I'm with mdt and Barbara. Re: El Chalan--I've been and it's definitely worth a trip! Re: Sabang--I'd love to try it, but I'll be out of town next Tuesday.
  12. Just had a wonderful goat roti yesterday at the DC outpost of Rita's West Indian Carryout on Georgia Avenue (I hear the original is in Tortola, BVI). Roti, curried potato, pepper sauce and goat curry.... aaaah! I also tried a drink called mauby (described to me as Trinidadian iced tea), which tasted somewhat like I imagine a cinnamon RedHot would if it was made into a cold drink; stimulating yet refreshing. According to my Trinidadian friend, mauby is a plant native to the West Indies that is said to be beneficial to the circulation. The 'Carryout' in the name is somewhat misleading; there is a seating area in a room up a few steps from where you order and pay. Quite plain (upon entering I had a flashback to Zorba's upstairs room from many years ago), but very serviceable and immaculate. (Since we drove by the Islander on the way to Rita's, I asked my friend how the two compare. She said that the Islander serves Americanized versions of Caribbean food, but Rita's is the real thing.)
  13. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to sample either the potato chips or the fish since they were gone before I could get to them but I can wholeheartedly vouch for the fries, with their yummy mayonnaise, and the tartare. Tied for my favorite were the aforementioned sweetbreads and the oysters. I LOVE oysters and these have just edged out Firefly's as my favorites, which I didn't think was possible. I loves me some crunch with my oyster! Chef, thanks for taking the time to chat with us during the Friday evening rush! (P.S. The complimentary valet parking didn't suck.)
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