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  1. I really hope he spends a little more time on the food options at ChurchKey. I know they have limited options since it's a shared kitchen, but in my experience over the years, the food at ChurchKey has always been overpriced and underwhelming, and just not a good complement to the best beer program in the city. I used to get the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, which I believe they no longer offer; nowadays I typically don't order food.
  2. I liked Doner Bistro. I'm glad the space will be filled by such a worthy successor. I hope they stay open as late on weekends as Doner Bistro did!
  3. Kingfisher has been open since the summer. I went in shortly after opening, and the guy behind the bar told me that they wanted to build a neighborhood bar on 14th Street, and that they hoped to tune the TVs behind the bar to nerdier things (like Godzilla movies) than muted sporting events. After half a year of it open, I like just about everything but their happy hour: the free popcorn is great, the beer list (cans only, no drafts, like Red Derby) is pretty well-curated, and it's a really nice place to meet people for a drink, but the happy hour offerings (particularly in the way of beer) are pretty meager. Otherwise, it's a really nice place and a very welcome low-key addition to a perhaps overly buzzy neighborhood.
  4. I'm not sure whether this thread is still active, but The Commodore (1100 P Street) has half-price burgers on Tuesday nights. It's a nice neighborhood bar (the old Veranda space) though it's a little cold these days for the beautiful outdoor patio. But a nice place.
  5. The meat sausages are all in a pork casing and garner much of the attention, but their veggie sausage is awfully good. I just had one last night with sauerkraut, ketchup, and mustard, and that's a heck of a meal for $6.50.
  6. I went last night, and it was no problem to find seats in the large bar area. One nice thing is that the servings on the cheese plate were actually quite ample. They have three cheeses (Manchego, Idiazabal, and Valdeon), each $6, and so you can get a full plate of all three for $18. In addition to the typical jam and crackers, it really comes with quite a lot of cheese.
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