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  1. Too bad. It was the best in Springfield for Pho. But what a genteel note. "Unfortunately, our landlord has decided on a new vision for this unit - one that no longer supports having our business here." I can hardly wait for the new vision.
  2. You can pay $12 for a mediocre bowl at Occidental Grill like I did last night. But don’t. I think the Capital Grille on PA Ave does it well and I should have taken the walk.
  3. We’ve been several times as well. Father’s Day specials included watermelon and warm feta appetizer arranged like a 3D chess board. Get it if they have it and if you have a taste for such things. Haven’t had anything yet that wasn’t a Greek treat.
  4. Yep. Huge lima beans baked with tomato, oregano, and olive oil until they are tender and creamy. As good as they get ….
  5. We usually end up at the Falls Church location but have been to both ….. try the gigantes. Top notch eating.
  6. Stopped through for a late dinner last night and were seated at 9:00 as promised. Everything was a big step above good and nicely priced for the quality and quantity. We started with the house spreads: bacon jam, chicken liver pate', a nice hard cheese and some (I think) ricotta with currant jam, some pickles and pickled Asian pears. I could have made a meal. The panko breaded and fried broccoli with reconstituted raisins and yogurt served as a reminder that healthy eating is not always better. The pork confit was rich and wonderful - the first time we have had anything other than duck treated this well. There were a lot of teasers on the plate: Little fingerling potatoes, tomato and eggplant caponata, sweet potato mash and, oddly I thought, chimi churri sauce which we asked for on the side. It was good as a bread dip but I'm glad it wasn't added to the pork. We asked that it all be brought at once as it was late. The Stone IPA was icy cold. Everything was delivered as requested and enjoyed. It is a limited menu but there was something for us both. We'll go back. I'd be happy with the same meal all over again.
  7. Piling on to this burger post seems appropriate. Melt is top notch. I'm lucky to have a son living in Sterling so it is never a problem getting a burger buddy. Reasons to go back or to make the trip? Burger of the month - this month with scrapple! The shakes are among the best. Great onion rings with a balsamic reduction plus other great sides. A huge beer collection. Wonderful owners and an obviously happy staff. You should check out the accolades on the website. The website says it all except it modestly leaves out that the "tips" they get go to the local SPCA. Go and enjoy. It is tiny so take your patience as well as your appetite....
  8. We unwittingly dodged the tortilla issue by ordering the Torta Bamba. It has many of their offerings 'sandwiched' in a very serviceable roll that hits the griddle before being loaded with all the good things. My first thought expensive but it did feed both of us. An order of excellent rice and black beans topped it off. We took it all home and deconstructed the tower. Neither of us had ever had beef or chicken Milanese with a Latino touch and liked it a lot. The only element that seemed out of place was the beef frank. It was just a beef frank and didn't bring much to the sandwich. We'll go again. The quality we found was superb.
  9. Thanks to the original poster for a well presented plan of attack. God speed. Good crispy wings and mumbo sauce are the best way to judge Americanized Chinese restaurants.
  10. Here's a refresh .... Father's Day choice usually takes us out of the usual flight pattern. This year it landed us at Cosmopolitan Grill after a few years neglecting it as an option. It is on what we refer to as the veracious vein that is U.S. Route 1 south of Alexandria. To paint the picture, there are windows looking into the Gold's Gym next door. It is a family place with decor being a distant 3rd after food and service. I'm happy to report it hasn't changed. Someone in the kitchen still cares about quality and consistency. Two of the lads went for the wiener schnitzel with a nice fresh salad served on the plate while the other had the Cevapcici with ajvar and onion. The bride had the lamb chops perched on a mountain of flavorful rice cooked with peppers and squash. I went for the bowl of goulash and an appetizer portion of Cevapcici and - as usual, I maintained visitation rights to every plate on the table to round out my meal. Plenty of fresh made bread with sour cream and garlic dipping sauce plus all the draft German beer anyone cared for topped if off. It was busy on a Saturday night with a couple of family tables of 10 and 8 but the service was friendly and efficient from the young imported lass with a heavy accent. It was all very reminiscent of a hotel courtyard in Split, Yugoslavia many years before Father's Day would have been even a thought. Give it a try. I hope your experience is the same.
  11. I couldn’t find a thread on Lebanese Bistro in BurkeCenterVillage – only its predecessor Aladdin. We wouldn’t have found it now except for the new H Mart there. We have always frequented Lebanese Taverna at Pentagon Row; it is really good and fills the Lebanese craving. This little place does the same thing and is much closer to home with no parking issues. The menu is less involved but all of the requirements are there. The tabouli was super fresh and the hummus was finished with a great olive oil. The bread was perfect for the cleaning the bowls. One of us ordered perfectly seasoned and cooked lamb chops while another had the mixed grill. I ordered my kafta burger with a cup of lentil soup instead of fries and I will do it that way next time. Both were great. It is a strip shopping center with outdoor seating overlooking the parking lot and the prices reflect the location and the fluorescent lighting. Friendly service with the owner there to make sure everyone is happy. We will do it again.
  12. I couldn't find a thread on this deserving shop. On the way home from a successful dentist visit to Arlington - I couldn't resist the simple singage. "Livin' the Pie Life". Took home a small chilled chocolate cream and an apple/cherry right out of the oven. The chocolate had a chocolate crumb crust and the fruit pie had an excellent traditional pie crust. Being of a savory orientation, I also got a bacon and cheese scone. There were also mini quiches that I'll try next time. All were great and worth the price ($$) - and being about 4" in diameter, they were lighter in the calories than getting a whole pie. The chocolate pie scored some serious husband points.
  13. Oh NO! Went for my fried chicken and okra fix last night at Flavors and found them closed. The web site says the lease isn't being renewed and to look for a new location in 2017. I've been going all of their 20 years in that worn out and defrocked Highs Dairy Store. Hope they find a place with similar character......
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