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  1. Tacqueria Los Primos in north Laurel is legit, and I second the vote for Mango's. I believe the chef at Amber Spice is the former chef from Curry Leaf as well? That was my go-to back in the day. I still dream about the pound cake at the Dutch Market...
  2. Although very rare, there were nights when I saw another chef manning the kitchen or helping out. I would guess that the restaurant passed over to them when the Lis retired, although recent Yelp reviews indicate that the menu has indeed changed "somewhat."
  3. With the lottery odds flattening out starting this year, rebuilding by trading away your best players and tanking for high draft picks is even more of a crapshoot than it has been in the past. The Wizards actually stand to benefit from this change, as even with a mediocre team and the 6th worst record overall, they have a 38% chance for a top 4 pick this year. Their best bet is to draft a good player this year, hold Wall out next year and remain mediocre enough to get another good pick, and build around the still young core of Beal, Troy Brown Jr, Thomas Bryant, and 2 high draft picks. If Wall
  4. "Chef Tim Ma Is Closing Kyirisan in Shaw" by Anna Spiegel, Washingtonian. Closing April 18th. Tim Ma will be focusing on his other restaurants, American Son and Wild Days at the Eaton Workshop hotel.
  5. Left or right U-turn? I was against the window in the bar area to the left, although I might have sat at the opposite end to you because I don't recall the tree or gold pattern as vividly.
  6. I was able to get a same day reservation on a Thursday evening a few weeks ago. I think their system is either a bit buggy and/or demand is very high on certain days. When I first clicked the link at 9:00 am, it gave me an incorrect message about their original same day reservation system (reservations open at 5:30 etc.), then when I hit refresh, it allowed me to make the reservation. I checked the reservation page in advance to see how popular it was; on a Monday, there were seats available as late as 9:50am, while on a Tuesday, all of the seats were taken almost immediately.
  7. Thought people might be interested to hear about Chef Guo, a new restaurant featuring Chef Guo Wenjun's take on Chinese banquets. This is probably the closest the DC area has had to Chinese fine dining, and I'm interested to see how it fares. The chef serves a selection of two tasting menus, the Banquet of Eternal Bliss Hot Pot ($68 lunch, $98 dinner), and the Banquet of Peace and Prosperity ($158 dinner only), both of which feature 10+ courses in the style of imperial cuisine. Scroll through the website to see the full menus, pictures of the dishes, and a press release detailing the overall c
  8. Spoons, Blue Moon Too, and SoBo Cafe would all be good options for brunch within walking distance (SoBo for dinner as well), although they'll all be packed. I'll second the recommendations for Rye Street Tavern, Hersch's, and Ida B's, and add Shoyou Sushi and Abbey Burger Bistro as reliable neighborhood restaurants.
  9. Grano Emporio closed on June 30, 2018. Grano Pasta Bar in Hampden remains open. I haven't been to the original Grano Pasta Bar, but for a time there was a second location in Federal Hill, which was pretty good if not spectacular. You chose a sauce and pasta shape, and the chefs heated the pre-made sauce and tossed with pasta in front of you. Good flavors, but the portions sizes were somewhat small for the price, and the tiny space made it unappealing for anything but the occasional takeout order. Glad that the original location still seems to be going strong.
  10. Nick's Inner Harbor Seafood to Close at Cross Street Market by Kevin Lynch on southbmore.com After ongoing disputes with Caves Valley Partners, the firm redeveloping Cross Street Market, during which time Nick's has mostly remained open, it looks like they will finally be closing on January 7, 2019, after a judge ruled that their current lease is invalid. The owners are considering whether to relocate the restaurant. At this point, nearly all of the original tenants of Cross Street Market will have permanently relocated or closed by the time renovations are complete. Increased lease
  11. "Highlandtown's Gnocco tweaks its name after copyright dispute" by Carley Milligan, Baltimore Business Journal. Gnocco recently changed its name to Gnocchetto to avoid confusion with a New York restaurant of the same name. The restaurant was also listed as for sale in September, but remains open.
  12. "Ludlow Market Closes in Locust Point" by Kevin Lynch on southbmore.com After a brief re-branding as Ludlow Market, the dining room, bar, and Bottle Shop have all closed as of November 19, 2018.
  13. "Four Seasons' Wit & Wisdom to close; Atlas Restaurant Group taking over space" by Joanna Sullivan, Baltimore Business Journal Closing on January 1, 2019. Atlas Restaurant Group operates 8 restaurants in Harbor East, including Azumi, Ouzo Bay, and Tagliata.
  14. Hersh's and Thames St Oyster House are sure things. I've heard good things about the pastas at Tagliata. Ekiben, Kippo Ramen, and Tortilleria Sinaloa for cheap eats around Fells, Pop Tacos in Fed Hill. Chez Hugo and Puerto 511 are good bets downtown.
  15. Chef Monnier comes from the late Arômes, and his latest venture brings his take on seasonal French bistro fare to the heart of Baltimore. I'm mostly a skeptic of Restaurant Week, but the dinner I had here last week was a tantalizing taste of what Chez Hugo offers. I started with a refreshing tomato gazpacho which was the right balance of sweet and tart, and paired nicely with a very good order of gougères. Next was a lamb murguez sausage, which was fantastic - tender, juicy, and spicy, with that unmistakable lamb flavor. This came on a bed of couscous with parsley, golden raisins, and a h
  16. Parts & Labor is now closed, but the bar will be open Wed-Sun for the next 60 days. The bar will serve drinks and a changing food menu, which will be posted daily on their Instagram. Specials could include a fish fry or whole pig roast(!)
  17. Salt Tavern is closing on August 13th (Joanna Sullivan, Baltimore Business Journal). It will become a special events venue.
  18. Definitely a place that deserves more love when it's on. The lobster purses are excellent, but I thought the showstealer was an eggplant puree served with a few dishes, rich, smoky, and sweet, and according to our waiter prepared fresh by Chef Yannick over several hours each day. Most entrees combined a perfect classically cooked protein with an interesting and visually stunning accompaniment, such as lamb saddle with a mini mushroom and zucchini cake, or seared scallions and turbot with pea coulis and morels. Wonderful elevated French bistro fare in a quaint Bethesda townhome; the second stor
  19. The Fed Hill location in Baltimore is very solid, mostly known for their build-your-own-burger menu and rotating exotic meats (wild boar, alligator, kangaroo, etc.). I'm usually happy with their regular beef patty on a pretzel bun. One quibble is they upcharge to substitute any side for the default chips, which is a bit galling when you paid $3.50 extra for a "house salad" consisting of nothing more than chopped up burger toppings.
  20. Not sure what I'm bringing yet, but I'll definitely be there! The tomato tasting sounds fantastic.
  21. Reaching into the past here, but there's a Maiwand Grill with locations in Baltimore and Burtonsville, which seems to be unaffiliated with Maiwand Kabob (5 area locations) as far as I can tell. That said, the Maiwand Grill in Baltimore City is a fantastic restaurant. The hummus and pumpkin with ground beef were on point, and the kabob entrees are amazing deals for the amount and quality of food (~$10 with bread, rice, salad, and spicy green chutney). The kofta kabob and chicken malai (marinated in sour cream and butter with ginger, garlic and fresh coriander leaves) kabobs I tried are inc
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