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  1. Taking my first trip to NOLA next month and this thread has been a wealth of information. Herbsaint, Peche, Brennan's, Marjie's Grill, Saint Germain are definitely on the to-eat list. I haven't seen much talk about Toups Meatery - how is it these days?
  2. I love izakaya fare! It looks like they have okonomiyaki. Definitely on my "to try" list.
  3. I have had at least three very memorable meals at WK, so some of the elements looked familiar. Some of the dishes threw me off a bit, especially the carpaccio, but I looked up their menu to confirm my suspicions.
  4. The veal schnitzel tacos at Abe Fisher are crave-worthy (trust me).
  5. Check out Please FYI, Ryan cooked at Riverstead with John Shields.
  6. They now have a chef's choice for $65 per person, which was a large amount of food for a solo diner. I suppose they're shooting for the Little Serow restaurant model - 6 savory dishes and 1 small dessert. Very good, but I am not sure that I would return unless I was local and lived in the neighborhood.
  7. Lunch was delicious and Uchino-san is a very talented, personable chef. Any Trump-related anxiety was assuaged by the magnificent food and service. It compares favorably to places I've dined at in Ginza - Tokami, Ryusuke, Arai. Most importantly, the shari is served warm and a healthy vinegar kick.
  8. Lovely progression of (mostly) fish. Thanks for the report! I'm dining here for lunch later this month...they advised they do not accept solo diners at the bar for dinner, which is very odd. I hope there is no difference in quality between lunch and dinner.
  9. Blurb from Washington City Paper: Chef Victor Albisu is launching a taco omakase menu on Dec. 4. Borrowing the word from the Japanese, which translates to, “I’ll leave it up to you,” the modern Mexican restaurant will serve a 12-course taco tasting menu on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for $90 per person. It will include up to seven tacos, along with other masa-based dishes like sopes and tlayudas. Drink pairings include beer, tequila, and mezcal. Albisu’s goal is to show guests the variety of ways Poca Madre uses corn, and the flavor they’re able to coax out by grinding and cooking the masa in house.
  10. Scrapple with real maple syrup is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  11. Good to know! I've been salivating over that lobster french toast since its inception. Maybe I can finally cross it off the list!
  12. On second thought, I might try to sneak into Little Serow around 9PM. Kinship seems like an odd choice for a solo diner.
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