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  1. I took a walk today and saw a sign on the window of the store next to Mom's Organic Market in Rockville (Nebel St. and Randolph Rd.) that said Shouk is opening a location there. Also on their website https://shouk.com/pages/location This is a nice development for me- when I worked downtown, I would go to the location on K St. Now that I'll likely be teleworking most days till I retire, I will be able to walk less than a mile for their tasty food. Besides Mom's, there's a good Mediterranean store (Asadur's Market) in that shopping ctr., a hot pot place, and across the street, Dana Bazaar (Indian and Sri Lankan groceries- they may still have moringa seedlings, the miracle tree http://www.fao.org/traditional-crops/moringa/en/). Cheers
  2. Kenji Lopez-Alt did an article/recipe on cacio e pepe . I made it and thought it was very good.
  3. Thank you for reporting that Wang Manor was open. The décor is amazing. I believe they are trying to recreate the look of a siheyuan. I ordered the fried pig feet (listed as “Stir-fried Pig Poor w. Spicy Chili”) and Stir-fried Green Beans. Both were excellent. I also ordered “Braised Pork w. Preserved Vegetables”. I thought I was ordering red-cooked pork (hong shao rou- Chairman Mao’s favorite dish!) but from comparing the Chinese characters, I believe that appears as “Braised Pork Belly” in another part of the menu. Anyway, the waitress or I made an error and I got “Steamed Pork w. Lotus Leaf” (those two pork dishes appear next to each other). It is served with these interesting crispy, sweet rolls. I didn’t care for the dish because I learned that I don’t like lotus leaf. I did like the rolls. One of the waitresses told me there are some new dishes. The one that seemed new was the intriguing “Braised Old Chicken”. Next time, I'll get the hot pot. BTW, "Beef Tender" on the hot pot menu is probably still beef tendon. It took me a few bites to convince myself that I wasn't eating filet mignon when I had ordered it last year. I couldn't upload the menu because the file is too big but there are pictures of it on yelp as well as pictures of the new decor.
  4. "food is wildly superior". Why do you think that is? Do franchisees in S. Louisiana have leeway on the recipes or what they offer? thanks
  5. Don, It took 2 years but we finally made it to Bombay Bistro (on a whim so I could not contact you in advance). I appreciate your recommending the Chicken Chettinad. It was absolutely delicious. Perfect seasoning and heat. It's not often that I replay meals I've eaten but this is one of them. Thank you.
  6. I came of drinking age at a time when you could smoke in bars, so the sight of tobacco stains and the scent of cigarettes take me back to the fun times of my early years. I live near Dietle's and went there every now and then. It was seedy but the people were friendly (esp. Friday afternoons when it was like "Cheers"), and the beer was cold and cheap. Rockville could support a Chaps. Taking one of their sandwiches to eat at one of the local breweries or even, possibly, a resurrected Dietle's (https://bethesdamagazine.com/bethesda-beat/business/new-movement-to-revive-hank-dietles-arises-from-ashes/ ) would be a great weekend afternoon.
  7. If you're willing to go rather far outside the Beltway, I would recommend Dale's Smokehouse in Indian Head, MD. The ribs are excellent. They are smoky, tender, seasoned only with S&P. The chicken is good too. The sauce is ordinary and unnecessary. On the way back, stop off at Hovermale's for a malted milkshake. Delicious. If you go to Hovermale's, you will be intrigued by the sight of smoke coming from a barbeque restaurant nearby. I went once. I thought the ribs were underseasoned and tough.
  8. The process at the Maryland MVA was convenient and efficient. I made an appointment online a few weeks ago and the system allowed me to print out a customized list of the documents I needed to bring. When I arrived for my appointment, I went to a separate line and was immediately directed to one of the attendants who processed the paperwork. Total time spent was about 20 minutes. I got the new license about a week later. I've always been happy with the service I've gotten from the MVA locations in MoCo.
  9. You'll find that parking near there is a hassle since MoCo is putting up a building that has eaten most of the public lot. Metered street parking is a possibility or the parking garage next to Wheaton Plaza. I'm going further off topic but I can't resist putting in a plug for the nearby Fillippo's (fka Marchone's), an excellent Italian deli.
  10. Kantutas (Bolivian) restaurant at 2462 Ennalls Ave. in Wheaton, MD serves them. Very nice staff and the food is good. I ate the silpancho once and it was like dropping an anchor in my belly- a tasty anchor.
  11. Kenji Lopez-Alt is a fan of a baking steel. It appears to do a credible job at a tenth of the cost of the Breville.
  12. The Amish doughnuts at Burkholders in Sharpsburg are outstanding (I think the family is Mennonite). Best I've ever had. They also have excellent breads, pies, and pepperoni rolls. Out-of-the-way, though, unless you're going to Shepherdstown, Harper's Ferry, Antietam or some of the orchard markets on 64 or 66.
  13. Yes! I used to meet friends at Landinis every few months for several years. One time, Tom Selleck was sitting at the table near the bar and close to the wall. I was sitting at a table nearby and facing him. It took a few minutes to clear my alcoholic haze to realize it was really him. He stood to greet one of the Landinis- he's gigantic. I almost choked when the bartender told me my 2 oz of rye cost $25. However, I thought the entrees were reasonably priced given the service and atmosphere. I also thought the quality was good- certainly the steaks were always cooked how I wanted. Landinis's members-only cigar bar upstairs is really nice.
  14. Distillery Lane Ciderworks (Jefferson, MD), besides making very good cider, also grows and sells unusual apples. "All Apple Varieties" on distillerylaneciderworks.com The owners are very nice and it's a pretty drive up there.
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