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  1. I'm sure my driver was glad for the chance to make some real money instead of the usual $8-$20 fare that's typical of most Uber rides in SF (based on personal experience with the service).
  2. I don't drive nor do I have a driver's license so this tip isn't terribly helpful to me, plus it doesn't get me to my residence directly I prefer Uber as much as I loathe them. I would take a yellow cab from the SV office if I could but I don't think those are nearly as convenient.
  3. I'm sure you can use the usual Uber/Lyft I once took an Uber from my firm's office in Silicon Valley back to our apartment in SF. It cost about $50 and took roughly a little over an hour. Shouldn't be too difficult to get to/from Napa.
  4. It helps if you had some exposure to it as a child. Prior to emigrating to the U.S., I knew Tagalog, Mandarin, Fuijianese and English. Then when I came over, I forgot the first three; they withered away from disuse. I learned Latin in HS, then Spanish and now in my mid-40s, have started to teach myself Italian. Learning a new language isn't difficult. Watching soap operas on TV helps tremendously, since you learn how people speak in real life which is even better than absorbing the lessons from a book.
  5. - 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck - 48% of older Americans have no retirement savings - 42% of Americans make less than $15/hr - 40% of Americans hold a second job - 45 million Americans hold $1.65 trillion in student debt and I personally have doubts as to whether we'll exist as a country in the next decade or so so while I think a meat tax would do wonders for the well being of the planet, there are other considerations in the queue I copied those stats from the Twitter feed of https://www.citizen.org/ - so it's a good bet they're not made up.
  6. 1/2 kg cranberry beans, shelled 2 crushed garlic cloves Italian parsley sprigs water salt black pepper olive oil Beans were simmered for 40 minutes, then combined with 30 g diced prosciutto di San Daniele and seasoned with more olive oil.
  7. For breakfast on Sunday, I made a batch of caponata: 3 eggplants, cubed olive oil 4 celery stalks, diced 1 red onion, sliced into wedges 20 g capers 5-6 tomatoes, diced 4 garlic cloves, minced 100 ml red wine vinegar 30 g sugar salt black pepper This was a hit with hubby and we served it with toasted pita and some soft-boiled eggs. I think I'll make it again next weekend...and double the recipe. Adapted from Polpo, page 246.
  8. We had meatballs on Saturday. This time there was no bread or milk in the meatball mix - which consisted of 150 g ground pork and 75 g ground chuck along with the usual herbs (parsley/mint), cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Sunday was minestrone (sorry, no pic) which had no tomatoes and featured the following ingredient list: onion carrot celery Italian parsley olive oil zucchini butternut squash green beans Swiss chard escarole cranberry beans prosciutto water salt black pepper elbow macaroni This was garnished with generous spoonfuls of garlic-herb breadcrumbs (250 g stale bread, diced, combined with olive oil, salt and black pepper, then baked to a crisp and whizzed in a food processor along with some minced garlic and a few sprigs of Italian parsley).
  9. Privacy depends on people keeping things off limits - if you never say X about Y, how is Z going to know? As of today, 99% of my content on Facebook is gone. Disappeared, eliminated, obliterated, etc. They really make it hard for you to leave but I managed and it's been extremely liberating.
  10. Had dinner here on Sunday, celebrating my partner's birthday (which technically occurred in June): Octopus with lemon-oregano vinaigrette Fried smelts with garlic-potato skordalia Bacon chop with pork chicarron, potatoes and lemon Grilled lamb chops, lemon-oregano vinaigrette, roasted potatoes Bread pudding with berries and whipped cream Greek yogurt with nuts and honey We concluded that the things to eat at Kokkari are lamb and fish which makes sense since those are the dishes that Greek restaurants usually do well. The chop was not as successful as the server had made it sound (too rich, not flavorful enough). With a couple of glasses of rose wine, coffee and tea, this dinner came out to $255 with 20% tip.
  11. Crostini di prosciutto e fichi, served with melon 4 slices toasted bread 1 garlic clove, crushed 60 g ricotta cheese 100 g prosciutto di San Daniele 200 g figs extra-virgin olive oil salt black pepper
  12. Insalata di zucchine 200 g stale bread olive oil 1 garlic clove, minced pinch of peperoncino flakes salt black pepper 3 zucchini, sliced into ribbons 150 g mesclun Meyer lemon juice
  13. This was dinner last weekend - Green beans braised in tomato sauce Braised chicken with wine, olives and tomato My partner had to spend most of July moving his parents from their assisted living spaces in Texas to a new assisted living space/nursing home in New Jersey, then he had to go back to Texas along with his sister to help sell the house. While he was away, I basically spent the intervening time living on takeout since I lost all motivation to cook. Not sure how I survived when I was single...
  14. I do like her writing style and a couple of her spotlights are on our list. Still disagree with her on the stars though.
  15. I haven't been posting lately so look for an update later tonight when I bring you all up to speed on what's been happening in the past couple of months.
  16. A favorite recipe is lesso o allesso 1 1/2 kg beef brisket carrots onions celery 7-10 black peppercorns 2 bay leaves Italian parsley salt water The broth in which the beef and vegetables simmer is served as a first course. The beef and vegetables are a second course, served with either salsa verde or salsa rossa. Leftovers are perfect in sandwiches.
  17. Roast chicken stuffed with garlic and herbs Fagiolini e patate al pesto
  18. Eggs fried in olive oil, served over heirloom tomato salad and garlic toast.
  19. Israeli salad Pan con tomate Spiced lamb fillet braised with onion
  20. Nectarine galette with brown butter and garam masala.
  21. You know it's true love when you and your husband spend Monday morning peeling 2 kg fava beans pods which magically became 260 g peeled beans. Fava beans with zucchini, tomato and soft-boiled eggs.
  22. Vegetable stew with sausage and chickpeas 30 ml olive oil 115 g diced pancetta 1/2 kg heritage pork sausage 30 g minced oregano 30 g minced Italian parsley 1 onion, peeled and diced 3 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced 4 celery stalks, diced 3 carrots, peeled and thinly sliced 2 potatoes, peeled and diced 1 medium zucchini, diced 1 yellow squash, diced 1/2 kg Swiss chard 800 ml crushed tomatoes or passata 175 g cooked chickpeas (canned is fine) 500 ml chickpea broth (or as needed); if you used canned chickpeas, substitute water instead 10 g basil leaves
  23. Kumiai oyster, crème fraîche, pink peppercorn, rosé gelée. Very good and a great beginning. Kampachi (amberjack) sashimi, apricot purée, almond, Valencia orange and radish. This was served with brioche and unsalted butter. It won over B and he doesn't really like fruit with savory. Manila clams, fava beans, fermented celtuce, wild borage. The broth was a clam dashi (clam juice, kombu, bonito flakes, then strained) and a chive oil drizzled over. Exceptionally clean-tasting and a purity of flavor. This was probably our favorite dish tonight. Buckwheat crêpe, purple snow peas, lavender mint, burn morels, black summer truffles. Burn morels are apparently morel mushrooms that grow after a forest fire. The crêpe was overcooked (B remarked that his was "burnt"), the peas a tad undercooked and someone didn't clean the morels properly (IOW if you can taste grit, it's poor prep work). Looked good though. In terms of flavor, this was "average". Sorry if that sounds harsh but at the prices that we're paying for a restaurant of this caliber, then I expect perfection. This was not it. Trout, asparagus, tarragon pistou, baby gold potatoes, trout roe, mustard seeds. They omitted the pistou for B since he's not a fan of tarragon. Was a nice, relatively average 5-6 bites of food, and that's about it. This being a high-end restaurant, you're supposed to overlook the fact that the amount of food on the plate is disproporionate to the plate size. Strawberry sorbet, lemon verbena sugar, tarragon ice. This combination worked but I can see how some folks might find that off putting. B had the sorbet only - thanks must be extended to the kitchen for omitting the ice from his plate. Pairing herb and vegetable components is a trend in fine dining. For instance, parsnip crisp made an appearance at NYC's Villanelle and corn husk meringue at Enrique Olivera's restaurant Cosme a couple of years ago. Nice transition from savory to sweet. German black forest chocolate cake with cherry jam, roasted cherries, kirsch, chocolate ganache and chocolate crumble. Very good. This was our second dinner at Petit Crenn and if anything, whoever is their pastry chef does an excellent job. A perfectly sized portion that book-ended our meal. Mignardises - blood orange gelée; black sesame financiers.
  24. The onions and garlic are first sauteed in olive oil along with salt and five-spice powder, then cooled. Combine this mixture with breadcrumbs, egg, salt, black pepper and pistachios and the ground lamb. Form into meatballs, then bake for 15 minutes at 335 F/170 C. Then braise in the tomato sauce for 30 minutes.
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