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  1. I've been a couple of times recently since the chef left, and I gotta say the pizza seems as good as ever to me.
  2. Thanks to those who suggested ordering the pizza well done - it was awesome. I had only been once before and had not known to order it well done - it clearly made a real difference.
  3. Great food. Excellent ambience. Pleasant service. In terms of the food, we started with the chef's board which included meat/cheese and other items from the snacks part of the menu: gigante beans, spiced almonds, marinated olives, and roasted vegetables (eggplant). Along with the blistered shishito peppers and roasted cauliflower, this was a very nice start to the meal. Simple foods, but everything quite tasty. Next, our table enjoyed the chicken thigh, pork shoulder with patata bravas, pan seared cod, and house-made pappardelle. I was most impressed by the succulent chicken thigh, but my tablemates swooned over the cod-romesco-rapini dish. Everyone enjoyed all the dishes. Despite being pretty full at this point, we rounded out the meal with two excellent desserts: the prosecco-sorbet dessert and the pistachio pot de creme. The table next to us also had what looked like a delicious blueberry upside down cake. Will have to try the next time. On top of the great food, the restaurant is simply a fantastic space - fresh, welcoming, and charming. Music was spot on. I didn't have a cocktail, but from watching the bar, it seems like the team knows what they're doing and that the cocktails will be a strong point. Go, go, go!
  4. Based on reviews elsewhere, it sounds like much of the menu is now lacking but that the suckling pig is still a strong point. Has anybody had the suckling pig at Tio Pepe recently?
  5. Just visited this weekend - I'm impressed that after three years they appear to be clicking on all cylinders both in terms of their food and service. My only quibble is that the Mekong Whiskey Ribs is their mainstay dish on the menu. I've always enjoyed it but definitely don't rank it among the kitchen's best or most interesting dishes. But that's just one man's opinion.
  6. I haven't been too impressed by Sichuan Pavilion. I do have it in the regular delivery rotation only for their sesame chicken, which I definitely recommend. Their roasted pork appetizer is solid, but t haven't been too impressed by the other dishes I've tried. But it's decent, it's downtown, and it delivers.
  7. I stopped by for the first time this weekend and had a fantastic sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. Probably the largest, most filling breakfast sandwich I've had - thoroughly enjoyed it. Eager to return.
  8. I've been a couple of times to try to their Baan Thai menu. Really strong, though not quite up to Thip Khao's level. Mango salad, khao soi, and sakoo yadsai were all excellent.
  9. I had a very good dinner at Joe's. Great space. Definitely pricey. Really good seafood salad to start. Enjoyed the stone crabs, though not so floored by them that I'd be compelled to order them every time. What I would definitely order again is their ribeye - one of the best steaks I've had. I was impressed that, when I requested a ribeye from the chuck end (the cuts of which have the larger ribeye caps, the most delicious part of the steak in my opinion), they informed me that all their ribeyes are from the chuck end. Since they don't butcher the steaks in house, they order only chuck-end ribeyes. And definitely would like to come back to try to their supposedly great fried chicken.
  10. I have to say, after several more visits, these ribs are consistently excellent and probably now my favorite in the DC area. Their chicken is really good too. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself near Indian Head!
  11. We went to Nostos for the first time last night. As we walked into the restauarant, an exiting patron volunteered "you'll be happy you came here tonight." And we were! We had the taramasalata, biftekakia, and branzino - all excellent. The taramasalata was among the dips we've had. Absolutely recommend the branzino prepared whole and deboned and beheaded tableside, served with delicious roasted vegetables. We ended the meal with baklava - good though a step down from the quality of the rest of the meal. As alluded to above, the noise level is a little loud. The service was good though perhaps a bit rushed towards the end as the waiting crowd grew. Kudos for the decor - unexpected for its location in an office park. We will definitely be back for the food!
  12. I've been probably half a dozen times and really think this place is great. The ribs are really good, the chicken is fantastic, as are the kale greens and smoked chicken salad (expensive but excellent). The pulled pork sandwich was disappointing though, just go for their ribs and chicken. This place is increasingly popular - plan on a 20+ minute wait. Latest prices: Full slab of ribs - $25 Half slab of ribs - $15 Whole chicken - $20 Half chicken - $10 Smoked chicken salad - $10 Kale greens - $3
  13. I'm a big fan so far. The scone and English muffin are top notch. I'll take their bagel (even today when it was a bit too well done) over any other I've had in the city. And the croissant was quite good too. They're still experiencing some early growing pains in terms of managing the crowds, but there's no reason to think they won't get through that with time.
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