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  1. Any Shad and Roe in shops this year? Whole foods no longer stocks it (at leat not in Clarendon)
  2. unfortunately my wife and I dined there in what now appears to be their last weekend. As a result my credit card has had to be cancelled due to fraudulent double billing (once as "Osteria" and again the next day for the same exact amount as "Elisir") If anyone has been there recently I would advise them to check their credit card charges.
  3. Apparently this has now closed. Not a great loss, but this was the original one that at one time had siblings in Ballston (where Willow now is) and Reston Town Center. http://www.arlnow.co...ngton/#comments
  4. RAREBIT!!! I grew up in the North of England and never ever heard a single person ever call it "welsh rabbit". Don't take my word for it: A search on BBC.CO.UK Welsh Rarebit returns approximately 30 recipes, 5 food blogs and a dozen or so food related articles. Welsh Rabbit, however, returns a couple of articles about animal cruetly and theft from a zoo.
  5. The usual answer is Chevy Chase http://www.chevychasewine.com/
  6. Still I think he has a point...
  7. Then is forced to retract when he realizes he offended his customer base Ooops!
  8. A couple of others: Cava and Lyon Hall. Both of these we have only eaten in the restaurant but I believe they do carry out .
  9. Delhi Club does and another we like is Kabob Bazaar
  10. As it appears that you are in the same neighbourhood as us, I would agree re Liberty Tavern (also Lyon Hall) being good candidates that are currently over-run. I am finding myself drawn more and more to the upstairs bar at Northside Social (although I'll admit it is part neighbourhood bar / part college hall at times). Food is limited but the Carcuterie and cheese is excellent.
  11. Possibly This place ? by the Messner museum - although your original picture would be taken from the hilside above the main building the deck and the little glass building looks the same.
  12. Wow! that was quick. Thanks! Yet another example of the awesomeness of this online community.
  13. I was reading this article in the Guardian yesterday and wondered if anyone may know where this place is? It is apparently still open as a restaurant with a different name: "My father's diner, the Jefferson Coffee Shop, was a simple, 27-seat affair in Washington DC, open for breakfast and lunch – coffee and eggs in the morning, cold cuts and burgers in the afternoon. It was the size of a small train car, with 13 stools covered in orange vinyl, four booths along one wall, a cigarette machine, an open kitchen and a counter illuminated by overhead lamps that my father and I had hung one Saturday. My dad bought the place in 1965, after various jobs in carry-outs and soda fountains, and a stint working for my grandfather at Frank's Carryout, a soul-food eatery and beer garden. The Jefferson, on 19th Street, was my father's pride".... "....Every so often I take the metro down to Dupont Circle, walk into the old diner and have a seat on one of the orange stools. The current owner has switched the menu to gourmet fare and changed the name, but the space is unchanged."
  14. I believe it would be shagger in relation to lamb / shepherds. "SheepShagger" is a common insult - generally to rural folk in the UK / Eire (and shepherds).
  15. Roganic- not to be missed Roganic: Simon Rogans new `pop up` in Marylebone with chef Ben Spalding (ex Enclume, PerSe, Fat Duck, Le Manior, Ramsay etc.). This restaurant got lots of attention on egullet since it opened a little over a month ago so we decided to give it a whirl as we were staying nearby. It was fantastic, well worthy of the hype. Some of the most creative cooking I have sampled anywhere, served up by a charming and passionate front of house staff. It’s 80 quid for a 10 course set menu. While we were there the other 2 adjoining tables were parties of chefs checking it out and this seems to be the norm at the moment. Standouts were turnip baked in salt, smoked yolk, sea vegetables and wild mustard; Seawater cured Kentish Mackerel, orache, broccoli, and warm elderflower honey; Vintage potatoes in onion ashes, lovage and wood sorrel; Oxtongue with pickles and sour dough “paper”. the main meat dish was a Cumbrian Hogget (too old to be lamb, yet too young to be mutton). Dessert was Warm spiced bread, salted almonds, buckthorn curd, smoked clotted cream, a strange combination that somehow worked wonderfully well. The food is very creative and flavorful but quite light and fresh, There is a well chosen selection of wines available by the bottle and by the glass. The sommelier’s recommendation was perfect for us This place should be on the “must do” list for anyone headed to London.
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