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  1. I've spent many a night in a kitchen, particularly this one. I would say that it was an off night based on my experiences. Not sure what happened, but somewhere along the lines, a dish was able to slip through the cracks. I know he recently lost his sous whom had been with him for years. He was one of those "lifers" who follows the chef to any restaurant he goes to.
  2. I would definitely recommend you take advantage of the gift card and return. Chef Jonathan is putting out some of the best food in the area, IMO.
  3. Thank you so much for coming in! You are correct about the pimento cheese. Some people get geeked out about softies, so I added the cheese to familiarize guests. Whenever I have them in please feel free to ask about a sandwich the way you would like it. I’ve got no problem making that happen. Eric
  4. Thanks for the kind words, Jim. We are in fact reopened. I am changing the menu every week, be it one or two or three items. The dishes are meant for sharing. I recommend 2 per person. Never been a fan of doggy bags or food comas. Look for the pineapple, see it, come in. See y'all soon! Eric ps. reopened August 23 1.17.pdf
  5. Hope to see y'all on Thursday. "Alexandria Restaurants Rally around Al's Steak House after Opening Day Fire" by Rebecca Cooper on bizjournals.com
  6. This Sunday at Port City, my good friend Chad (Mason Social) and I (Reserve) are having a chili cook off. Portion of the proceeds are going to Feed It Forward. The two of us will be serving different chili as well as bbq offerings and other sides. Logan Sausages is donating 1/2 smokes. We have a large tow behind smoker grill coming with us. Tickets are on sale here for $20. And more info about the event can be found at this one. We've received some excellent media pickups from DC101, Washingtonian and DCBeer, amongst others. Weather is calling for sunny and 57. The brawl is inside the brewery and the tasting room will also be open. Hope to see y'all out there!
  7. In order to keep up with the outstanding support the Del Ray community has shown us, The Reserve will be closing its current door at 2216 Mt. Vernon Avenue for a brief hiatus while we relocate. Come see us for a final meal in our first home before October 24th. After that, look for the skillet along The Avenue, or follow us on twitter to find out when & where our new home will open up to Del Ray!
  8. RT's is my special place, my number 1 in Alexandria. The service at the bar is always on point. The food is always fantastic. I always have a tough time deciding what to order because you can not go wrong. Tend to always order the Shrimp Norman and She Crab Soup. RT's was always my parents "date night" "special occasion" restaurant. I love recommending RT's when people ask where to eat in Alexandria. *if I didn't say it enough, ALWAYS
  9. Actually headed there next week for a wedding, staying in Portland Wednesday night. Any recs there?
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