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  1. For NY Eve we will be doing a 3 and 5 course prixe fixe menu.3 course with amuse and glass of sparkling wine for $55 or 5 courses for $75
  2. The thing that we still have to look forward to is the fact that there are a few local, small and independent restaurants that are determined to stay so. Take Crane and Turtle, Toki Underground/Maketto et al.as examples of restaurants that do what they do well. There are more examples than I can think of. What saddens me most is this endless need to capitalize and expand on a "moment". We see examples in our own city of a restaurant groups established as much if not more through the Chefs tv celebrity as their cooking. Today is all about establishing and expanding a brand as fast as possible. I remember that it took Jeff Buben almost 15 years to open Bis, many years after he won a James Beard Award. Now you don't need those kind of credibility.
  3. The reason, I suspect that Chefs are driven to larger restaurant groups, specifically NRG and Thinkfoodgroup is because there is a certain level of autonomy and creativity while retaining the security of having large corporate group behind them. Opening and operating your own business, while the dream of most Chefs, rarely returns to you anything near what you put into it, either monetarily or emotionally. Rather it is almost always an emotional and finacial drain that ends when you have to close. Dream ended. Why not take the security blanket and the money that comes with it? I still dream of my own place. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. I wouldn't be suprised if I'm more in the minority now than ever.
  4. I've had both versions, with the bitter sauce and the spicy version. I prefered the spicy version by far. It's a great rendition of tartare, very refreshing. Just with big pieces of tripe chopped in. The tripe is well cleaned and has no off putting flavors.
  5. I totally agree. It is my favorite restaurant of late. I order mostly from the jungle menu for take out and have never been disappointed. The fried intestines are ridiculous :-)
  6. We have been trying to update the site. I think as of friday it is updated. We just changed the menu to the end of summer menu which should give ya even more of a reason to come in if you haven't yet.
  7. I will have finished changing over the menu tomorrow. I'm taking a day off tonight to gear up for the weekend but almost 80% of the menu will have changed. I will be changing the brunch menu in the coming weeks. Also...there will be fried chicken, a spiced version with dill potato salad and zaatar honey
  8. The original Chefs have left...thoughtfully taking most of the kitchen staff with them. But I have it on a good authority that the kitchen has been placed in more than capable hands. Psst...it's me
  9. my wife and I stopped quite abit on our way from NC at his place in Fredericksburg. I recognize the chilis, cilantro and scallion
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