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  1. I went to one in Brisbane, QLD while studying abroad in Australia many years ago. My experience corresponds with yours. The piri-piri sauce was boring, and the chicken was flacid.
  2. Good Lord. I just saw this and I think my life will never be the same.
  3. Have you been recently? I was there last November and it was excellent. Maybe I'm biased because I've been going there for years, but it was just as good as ever.
  4. Grainy and boring, perhaps, but on a cupcake--where you (or just I) want the thing to taste like something that came out of Mom's kitchen--I'll take it.
  5. Parking at 2Amy's isn't so bad if you're willing to walk a bit- try over by Burka's. Even if you don't mind walking in Georgetown, it's still much more of a craps shoot on any given night.
  6. While I admire the approach, it is important to note that Lye is not in fact an acid, but a compound that forms a basic solution when disolved in water. It is caustic and will burn your skin if you're not careful.
  7. Are coal bins still available in this country?
  8. My menu multi-course (and multi-city) menu: Prosciutto with olive oil and chestnuts at Delfina in SF. Seared Scallop with cauliflower puree at Redd in Yountville. Bigoli with Maine lobster at Spiaggia in Chicago. Suckling pig at Komi (highlight of the year)! Manchego flan at Coi in SF. Good food year!
  9. Well, I've actually been to one (in Frankfurt), and it was pretty good iirc, though they did offer certain ingredient combinations that one often encounters in the German Italian restaurants and might seem odd to the American eye. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it suits the "national palate." On a broader note, take Joe H's advice and lay off German food- I've had some of the best meals of my life in Germany and Austria (which I would argue has a completely separate cuisine even if it gets lumped in with d-land a lot of time).
  10. Stay in your box. ETA: What I mean is, why the long face? Is it so bad that the chef would prepare dishes outside of a narrowly proscribed culinary bandwith?
  11. TSE


    On the non-bulk front, I've always been impressed with TJ's nut offerings, especially the pecans and pistachios. ETA: the Georgetown (Wisc. Ave) Safeway has bulk nuts.
  12. Although I'm not a parent (far from it ), I have seen numerous instances where Peanut products have been banned by schools.
  13. A piece of bleu d'auvergne and baguette de campagne. That is super-sucky, btw.
  14. Went by Solly's last night on the way back from the 930 club. Anyone been and have comments- beer/atmosphere/food?
  15. One thing to note about this method: it makes the crust a much deeper brown, so don't be concerned if they seem overdone when you take them out of the oven.
  16. In this vein, there was a WSJ page one feature back in 2000 with the following title: "Cash Cows: Burger Joints Call Them 'Heavy Users' -- but Not to Their Faces." I can't link to it because it has to be purchased indivdually, but the title speaks volumes, even if the content of the article is a touch dated.
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