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  1. Noooo. This was our old reliable dim sum place. It wasn't particularly good in the last few years (I actually wrote a bad review on yelp after one really bad experience with cold food etc.) but somehow we found ourselves going back every so often for a couple specific dishes. We live in Mclean- where do you recommend for dim sum physically close to Fortune?
  2. We've eaten at Assaggi Osteria in Mclean innumerable times since it opened. We've been there through all the ups and downs- and there have been a lot of downs- but now I'm wondering how much longer it's going to last. It was always on the expensive end of things but these days the drinks are watery and the prices are comparable high end DC, not neighborhood McLean. The most recent crew, as well as Francesco, the long standing manager, has departed. The wall of wine has not been replenished and there are a lot of holes up there. Some of the wines by the glass are unavailable. On Friday ni
  3. Thanks- eM is only open for dinner on Saturday. Rats. NIK looks fine but we eat a lot of pizza/subs/Italian. We don't need fancy but would just like something other than fast food! Dare I use the dreaded word locavore?
  4. Any suggestions for a Saturday lunch in Winchester VA? Last time we were there we ate at One Block West but it's not open for Saturday lunch, only Sunday Brunch. TIA
  5. chocolate, with marshmallow--- and yellow jackets flying around
  6. don't blame the real estate prices- especially those of your responsible for over priced, one note fried food menus and lousy service. and attitude on the part of the chef.
  7. Our first visit to Gypsy Soul was for brunch several months ago; we were frankly. disappointed by the food. We decided to stop in for lunch yesterday. Found the food greatly improved -the sauces for the oysters were good, loved the grilled radicchio salad and we both enjoyed burgers (although I could taste the flour on the fries). No lunch special was offered and when I asked, the waiter seemed to ignore my question. We had a huge ironic laugh when I read the Arlington Magazine review later in the afternoon because like the reviewer, we also encountered "no." When I ordered iced tea, the wai
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