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  1. We tried this place because of this review and we definitely agree. Had 2 empanadas, a Cuban sandwich and the arepa with beef and cheese. I did not know this place has been open for 2 years and we only live about five minutes away. We will be back.
  2. Received an email from Pane e Vino last night. It is closing this week as it was "unable to reach a new lease agreement."
  3. Tonight: caponata; burrata with preserved tomatoes; tallegio cheese; pasta with cauliflower; sausages with peppers, potatoes,and onions
  4. Not flimsy at all, had mine for about 5 years and it's holding up well. I also have the side firebox. The grill area easily holds 4 pork shoulders
  5. Saw it Sunday at Wegman's in Woodbridge/Dale City too. $11.99/set
  6. It was indeed a great meal and night. Joanne and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. Can't add anything about the food that wasn't already said, but I can say I didn't try the shrimp and grits -- I was too full to eat by then. Edited to add: Thanks to goodeats for setting this up and to Eric Reid and everyone at the restaurant for putting this on.
  7. Brunswick Stew Sauteed okra (with garlic & green peppers) Salad of fennel, endive and parsley
  8. http://www.elpasomex...s.com/main.html This website shows 4 El Paso reataurants, one in Alexandria (Cooper Rd); one in Springfield (Commerce St); one in Woodbridge (Golansky Blvd) and one in Fredericksburg. The one in Arlington seems to be separate.
  9. According to Channel 4 News last night, this was a "preliminary passage" of the legislation. Still needs more legislative action. The anticpated effective date is late summer.
  10. As of last Sunday, at least, the Fairfax store was holding the same drawing(s).
  11. The price is $1,100 PLUS ths cost of the food. Hmmm - I wonder if you can get it to go?
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