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  1. My husband and I went to the Breizh Cafe last year. It's a bit pricey, especially for just a standard crepe, but the location is great for lunch. I had the andouillette galette, and it was very good if you're okay eating food that has a slight whiff of feces. My husband had a more traditional crepe with ham, and it was probably overpriced for such standard fare, but you're partly paying for the location (just a block from the Musee Picasso). Another good choice nearby is Glou, which is a bistro that serves a traditional three course lunch. We also had a great lunch at Aux Deux Amis on 11th on Rue Oberkampf.
  2. Can anyone recommend another supermarket that is on par with Balducci's or better (in DC or the Maryland suburbs)? I've been going to Balducci's for years, but am looking for some alternatives, ideally a market with a good butcher.
  3. Went here a couple months ago and had one of the cold soups. The noodles were chewy and good, and the vegetables fresh, but it was almost too salty to eat. Definitely not a place for people trying to limit their sodium intake.
  4. I usually pick up whatever looks good at District Fishwife every time I'm at Union Market, and that's usually the salmon or tuna. It's always very fresh, and probably one of the more reliable sources of fish in the DC area.
  5. Rasika West End is a solid choice for a business lunch, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way for it. They also offer smaller dishes, such as a single grilled filet of salmon without a lot of embellishments (but perfectly cooked). So if you're someone who doesn't want a big lunch, this may be a good choice.
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