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  1. You can always try Campono. We offer discounted parking in our garage and we are literally right across the street from the KC. We are fast casual and make most things in-house, including all of our own doughs, breads and pastries. We feature authentic Italian wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza, both hot and cold sandwiches and a nice variety of salads. Who doesn't like like pizza after a race:) www.camponodc.com --- Campono (beachgirl54)
  2. I am still running Campono. In fact I have been making some menu changes lately. We are busy gearing up for Hamilton, which will bring 8 sold-out shows a week to the KC for 3 months. While I am still in close contact with Tracy🙂, she has left Campono and is the new Executive Chef at 1789 in Georgetown. She has been there a few months now and is doing wonderful things with the menu. We will update the website soon, but I am reluctant to take down a picture of such a pretty lady:) Cheers! Brian
  3. Thanks for the interest. You get drinks at the same time you order, and take them to your table. Bottles of wine are available. In fact, Tracy & Dante just re-did the list...more choices and some great juice. Things are fairly slow between lunch and the first show. How busy we get depends on the show schedules, sometimes there are more than 6 shows a day and other times just two. That said, if you come most nights you can take time and enjoy yourself before the show. Of course, I suggest you get there well in advance of the show (at least an hour) so you are not cau
  4. Michael Glad you enjoyed yourself, thanks for stopping by. I also appreciate the feedback. I understand the current website is a bit vague. We are working on updating it with more specific information. Cheers! Brian --- Kingbird (SRJ)
  5. Thanks for visiting, and glad you enjoyed yourself. The kitchen slowed down a bit, but considering we feed like 150 people in an hour, it's understandable. The place was ROCKIN! Good thing we added some seats and have a big patio:)
  6. The changes are starting:) Try one of our new "Quick Meal Salads" This one is the Chicken Sharwma, but we will be rotating a wide variety, avaliable on a daily basis. They are composed of grains, legumes, greens and proteins. We will have some vegetarian options available from time to time. Things like: Mexican Roast Pork, Corn and Black Bean /Wood Roasted Mushroom and Onions with Toasted Farro/Asian Chicken with Roasted Cauliflower, Shiitake "Bacon" and Basmati Rice Available for $11, or as a half with bowl of soup for $12 www.camponodc.com
  7. Don Thanks for posting this up! Tracy and I are both VERY excited to be in these new digs. Its not often you get to take over for two pros like Bob and JG! While we're just getting started, we've got lots of good stuff planned for the near future. I'll keep everyone posted as things develop. Great to be part of this community! Cheers
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