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  1. The building was sold but the article doesn't make any mention of the future of the restaurant. Given their lease probably transfers to the new owners, the restaurant may have been in the equation for what made the purchase make sense.
  2. Hill Country Barbecue Market in Penn Quarter has a cool mix of the traditional and stuff off the beaten path. Awesome packages available for pick-up and also open for All You Can Eat all day with TVs to boot.
  3. Not a Beard award per se but recognition of a guy who knows his stuff. "Chef Magazine Special Report: Chefs Nationwide Reflect on 2009, and Offer Their Predictions for Next Year" on chefmagazine.blogspot.com
  4. Weather permitting, we'll be out there tomorrow. It's a work in progress but outside, fun, green, adult beverages and good food..
  5. Is everyone going to understand he was "targeted" or get his humor? I have the utmost respect for his food and his restaurant. In this forum, just questioning what the ROI on a neighborhood argument is? Don's comment about hits on donrockwell today may indicate "all news is good news" and could very well be right. Simply offering a different perspective.
  6. The restaurant clearly has neighbors who see the restaurant as one. I've operated in Glover Park, Barracks Row and 14th Street. The people around you might not be your biggest customers but if you don't treat them as you would someone who lives next door to you, right or wrong, you're in for trouble. As the kids say, "Boom!". The folks coming to the convention center are in and out of town. They don't show up at ANC hearings and they don't call the Health Department. Your neighbors do.
  7. Whatever reasons you have for being confident he is correct, it doesn't make his response right. Especially (but not just because) when you have a neighborhood place (and regardless of what he thinks, this story illustrates he clearly does), doing right is more important than being right.
  8. Miles is really talented and Cliff is back in their fam too (Penn Commons). Miles might not be able to make lumpia as easily as Cliff but he's not on an island. Hope they find a way to work in the smoked lobster with crispy flash fried spinach...
  9. Hiring people without experience isn't a problem. If management is any good at all, they can train anybody how to carry a tray or take orders or learn about product; it is far harder to train people to smile, give a shit or finish a shift as strong as they started. I've worked with/hired/employed more than a handful of brilliant folks from there who were and are real pros - including Greg Engert (NRG) and Nahem Simon (Jack Rose). I also interacted with plenty of others who couldn't have been any less interested. IMHO, it is always the person, not the experience that matters and hiring for
  10. This promotion had a line out the door and down the block in Chinatown last Tuesday. Oct 3, 2016 - "How To Get Free ShopHouse Every Tuesday in October" by Rachel Sadon on dcist.com
  11. Great American has existed for 40 years and has 14 restaurants. You can take shots at their culinary aspirations or creativity but to say they are looking for easy cash grabs is unfair. They shoot for consistency and have brought anything and everything in hospitality that is reduce-able to a science to a science. In this regard they have an undeniable track record of success. Celebrity Chefs "strike while the iron is hot" and members here don't flinch. #doublestandard
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