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  1. Lately my go-to (cheat) meal consists of a pint of either mascarpone and berries or tramontana along with a Alfajor cookie (or two). It's been an unbelievable journey to witness the growth of this family owned company.
  2. Hi JonS, I`m a big fan of Tetsuya-san too, and yes, he is an important part of our team. He is currently leading the way for us at our Sushi Capitol location. He is the most senior student of Ogawa-san in our current team of chefs and we are lucky to have him with us. Tetsuya-san and I look forward to hosting you in the near future. Kindest Regards
  3. Both are great places with their own energy and feel. As far as food and drinks, I believe Izakaya Seki features sashimi and a counter seating where you can watch Seki-san wonderfully prepare orders. As far as setting, for me Izakaya Seki is more tranquil and Daikaya is more stimulating.
  4. The media is effective. Yesterday it convinced me to do something that I have never done before: wait in a long line to be placed on a waiting list to eat dinner later on. And as luck would have it, we were 6 people too late so the best offer for our hour or so wait was to be placed on a call list in case some else earlier on the list cancelled. At that moment a new decision faced me, travel about a mile or so to the east or travel about a mile or so to the west. Spot to the west was a familiar one, place where I`ve been to more in the last few years than my parents' house and spot to the east
  5. After two years moving to the United States, few months removed from my last ESL class I stumbled upon a TV series called “Bill Walton’s Long, Strange Trip”. I was immediately drawn to its title since I felt like I was at the beginning of my own long, strange trip. Also, the word strange was interesting to me since I didn’t use it all that often as I was learning English. Bill Walton once said “Life is about growth. People are not perfect when they’re 21 years old.” I don’t believe people are ever perfect but at least for me, life is certainly about growth. The first part of that quote has bee
  6. Thank you for coming in and giving us a try. I hoped you enjoyed your experience in February, we just opened on February 1st, so thank you for coming in so early on. There are two differences between the counter and the dining room. First difference is the experience. In the dining room, it's quieter and you can focus more on your dining companion. At the sushi counter, since you are inches away from the chefs, most guests end up watching them and may not necessarily focus on their dining counterpart. Second difference is the number of pieces of sushi or the chef's tailoring of the course for
  7. Yes, indeed three consecutive orders. Plus it's a way to express my eater spirit with a reference from the hip hop culture. (see: stacks on stacks on stacks )
  8. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Poste, Cork, or Garrison, great Chef and a great neighbor, Chef Weland a does an excellent job in feeding us every time we visit. And every time we visit, we end up asking ourselves why it's been this long since our last visit. I appreciate how clean and nice Garrison feels and I really appreciate how Chef Weland is there every time we visit. There is something about a team with it's captain always being present. So what's in a name? How many of us can remember what was in this space before Garrison opened wi
  9. I haven't been back to Istanbul in over a decade. Life takes it's toll and something gets in they way of something else, and before too long you feel trapped in between something and something. One of the things I feel worst about missing out on is the food culture of Istanbul. The heart of that culture is friends and families at a table together to share. They share stories, experiences, complaints, news, opinions, and most importantly they share their time over great food. I remember visiting grand restaurants with no soul, and I also remember tables with nothing more than bread, feta, and t
  10. Don, you are spot on. After 6:30 pm, there are spots right on Connecticut Ave.. I had few guests who were able to park right outside of the building across from us. Also, as Don wrote, the nearby side streets will have some spots. Most houses behind are Embassy houses and not many other visitors come into the area. In addition, I heard from some guests that there is a garage near the Hilton DC, which is approximately 5-10 minute walk and they mentioned it to be very reasonable. Also, from few guests who live in the Woodley Park side, they say there is parking available there and it's about a 1
  11. 3 out of the last 4 orders I placed using Postmates was for WiseGuy NY Pizza. Recently, I completed a move to Navy Yard area, and too tired to cook WiseGuy came to my rescue with great pizza, meatballs, and garlic knots. Also, I noticed they updated their website and it looks beautiful with great pictures of the menu items.
  12. Few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Erol through a mutual friend. At the time I was trying to open my own eatery and I wanted his advice. As far as independent restaurant owners goes, Tony Erol is one of my role models. And even though I`m not even close to being a pizza or NY pizza connoisseur, I judge my experiences by delicious-o-meter, and everything I had the pleasure of tasting from Wiseguy's scores high for me.
  13. This week I learned that Chef Liam and I have a good mutual friend, so I am very excited to head over there and experience Bar Civita. Plus it's right down the road from Ogawa, so I see a lot of visits in between or after service (at Ogawa). And of course a chef owned establishment should have plenty of soul so I`m on board.
  14. Everyday for the last two years, my life is centered around Japanese food. (mostly sushi but there are a lot of tangent conversations about other aspects of the Japanese cuisine) So when I learned about Nikkei cuisine, I was very intrigued. And with Ocopa opening less than a mile from my house, I had a destination to quench my curiosity. Upon learning that Jose Andres, once a chef- now a great restaurateur, was opening what I perceive to be a Nikkei restaurant on steroids, I was happy to have another opportunity to experience this unique combination. With my birthday approaching, my fiance w
  15. March 15, 2015 was a glorious day for me. It started with my football club (in Turkey) taking over the standings with a convincing victory and the day continued with my first visit to the Red Hen. It turns out, I live really close to the Red Hen. I showed up around 04:45 pm, because I read that they save room for walk-ins and they have a bar with the full menu available, but also because I know restaurants with good reputation and great food tends to fill up fast. I sat at the end of the bar, with a perfect view of their open kitchen. First thing I noticed is how excellent their set up and lay
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