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  1. Bistro Bethem has been my customer since i first began selling to restaurants...sad to hear the Bethems are selling the place but wish them the best. They have a 5 year old and a 9 year old to keep them busy in addition to their other restaurant. Last serving will be 8/27. New ownership is Jacqueline Hartman, executive chef at the Kenmore Inn. New name and concept still under wraps.
  2. Ingredient sourcing is WAY down the list of reasons it is expensive to eat in DC. I would wager "high rent" and "what the market will bear" to be much more likely.
  3. I tend to lose my rhubarb every 5 years or so- we are so much on the fringe of its preferred climate that it no longer surprises me. I actually had decent luck growing it as an annual from seed a couple years ago- you just wind up with rhubarb out of "season". Bunnies= hasenpfeffer!
  4. Careful with the rhubarb in the moist areas. A warm wet winter is definitely its enemy in my experience. It will perform in shade- just very subject to rot if warm and wet when it would prefer to be frozen.
  5. Lonzo has court vision like very few- the comparisons to Jason Kidd on the offensive end of the court are apt in my opinion. He's no worse as a shooter then Kidd was coming out of college. Where he may suffer most is on the defensive end of the court as he does not seem particularly fleet of foot despite having good anticipation on passing lanes- see De'Aaron Fox taking his lunch money in the NCAA tournament last season. Personally I think Fox would have been the best of the 3 point guard prospects if he hadn't fallen into dysfunctional basketball Hell in Sacramento- now he'll be looked to to
  6. It will be Cleveland/GS (barring Lebron injury or injury to 2 of Golden State's big 4) until Lebron packs up and moves to LA to play for the Clippers where he and Chris Paul try to figure out how to each have a basketball when there is only one available. (Jerry West to the Clippers and Steve Ballmer's commitment to building his own digs instead of staying in Staples Center had me thinking about this earlier today on deliveries.) Lebron will be retired by the time the Freak is ready to compete for a championship.
  7. Pretty likely we see it again next year with the exact same results. I question whether anyone can beat the Warriors in their current makeup playing as much isolation on offense as the Cavs do, despite the fact that Lebron and Kyrie are probably the 2 most effective players in the league at it. It's too much work. Cleveland looks a lot like Miami was beginning to look when Lebron left- all the role players are getting old and not particularly athletic. They could use some young long springy guys but Lebron has shown repeatedly he trusts older guys.
  8. Best team ever under today's rules. If only Durant hadn't fallen apart last year at the end of Game 6 Thunder/Warriors the NBA would be a more interesting place. Hopefully Klay will leave when his contract is up. Tristan Thompson should have to pay back some of his ridiculous salary.
  9. My grandmother used to make both dandelion and blackberry wine. We used to sneak in and drink it when we were kids. I remember the blackberry as being Kool-Aid like and the dandelion tasting strongly of something i did not like (alcohol) at the age of 10.
  10. ...and Lebron should've won it each time one of the Warriors players did. Westbrook and Harden this year are the first 2 players to be even close to as deserving of the MVP award as Lebron in eons.
  11. They make some excellent spice blends as well. Dizzy Dust is a fantastic all purpose seasoning.
  12. Slipping to the 4 seed may actually help now that it looks like Boston may be the 1. I think the Wiz match up better with the Celtics than they do with either the Cavs or the Raptors. (I am still of the opinion that the East goes through Cleveland and also of the opinion that with their full compliment of players on the court the Raptors are the second best team in the East.) Plus the Wiz and the Celtics genuinely cannot stand one another which will make for good viewing. (Of course I am assuming the Wiz can take care of business against either the Hawks or the Bucks.) The Cavs have manag
  13. ...and likely worth every penny. My policy on my once a week foray into the belly of the beast is this: the higher the toll, the more likely I am to pay it.
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