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  1. dracisk

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    Yes! I bought mine during my holiday season eggnog obsession.
  2. dracisk

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    I bought some at Giant (in Wheaton) in December. They were the McCormick Gourmet Organic brand.
  3. dracisk

    Dry Lambrusco

    The dry lambrusco for sale at the MoCo liquor store near-ish me was Venturini Baldini Quaranta Lambrusco Grasparossa. I enjoyed it!
  4. dracisk

    Dry Lambrusco

    Thanks! My husband picked some up for me at the Fallsgrove Montgomery County liquor store, and I greatly enjoyed it. He also grabbed some Riunite since it was such a good price. 😂 (We're returning the Riunite.) Since we were going to be in Columbia today I called a bunch of liquor stores there, and no one had dry lambrusco. And you're right -- Total Wine in Laurel didn't have it, either. So, to answer my own question a couple of posts up, dry lambrusco isn't any easier to find 11 years later.
  5. dracisk

    Vacation Ideas

    Yes. Bland food. But I love Central America, especially Guatemala!
  6. dracisk

    Vacation Ideas

    That was not my experience there. Granted, this was 10+ years ago. The food in Central America was the only thing I didn’t like. What did you eat?
  7. You're right -- it does appear to be closed, though it's still listed on the Fractured Prune website. It must not have been there very long. I lived in Crofton from 2012-14, and I'm pretty sure I would have known if there was a Fractured Prune in my midst.
  8. I'm not sure what @ktmoomau is planning to get exactly, but a lot of the Cheesemonster boards already include fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, pickled vegetables, nuts, and preserves.
  9. So true. Also, when I'm in Ocean City I'm on vacation, and even though I'm spending a lot of time in a bathing suit, I'm more willing to wolf down a couple of hot, fresh donuts than when I'm slogging along in my regular life.
  10. dracisk

    Dry Lambrusco

    Eleven years after the last post in this thread, is dry lambrusco any easier to find? I'd like to pair some this weekend with some cheese I received from my gift subscription to Murray's (per Murray's suggestion). I see references above to the Italian Store and Trader Joe's, neither of which is an option for me since I live in Maryland and am not looking to drive all over creation. Would any old liquor store likely have it? What about a Montgomery County liquor store? There's a Total Wine in Laurel that appears to have it from looking at the Total Wine website, but even that would be pretty far out of my way. Thanks in advance for any tips! (I'm just remembering that the first time I ever had lambrusco was at 2 Amy's 9 years ago. Until that day I'd never heard of red wine WITH BUBBLES.)
  11. dracisk

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    That's a big win for sure! We had chicken cacciatore and pasta last night and tonight. Last night the 4-(almost 5-)year-old gave us a big fight but ultimately ate quite a bit. There's nothing about this she doesn't like (OK, maybe the green peppers -- she always picks those out) -- chicken, tomato sauce, mushrooms (which she likes), pasta, and all the Parmesan her little heart could desire. Now that she's on a major burrito kick she demands a burrito every night, even if we're having something else she likes. My husband and I have to stick to our guns to get her to eat anything other than a burrito. Tonight when she got home from preschool instead of shrieking "I WANT A BURRITO!" when we told her what we were having, she said, "I like chicken and pasta!" (not that I think we won't be having any more fights about burritos).
  12. I was thinking of having something at my house for some friends (I'm only in the vague thoughts stage right now), so I'm sure we'll be operating on different scales, but I'll definitely be watching this topic with great interest nonetheless.
  13. Oh my goodness! I've been thinking about doing this! I'm VERY interested to know about your planning and how your gathering goes. (Can I come? Just kidding.)
  14. Fractured Prune isn't completely dead, though they no longer have any DC locations. It looks like the closest may be in Crofton, Frederick, and Leesburg. They still have a bunch of locations in Ocean City.
  15. The rou jia mo and the Shaanxi Style Homemade Noodle are my go-to orders here. I just ate in on December 30th and everything was delicious.
  16. Since I don't know a ton about wine, my purchases are usually shots in the dark at the lower end of the price range. I quite enjoyed the Kirkland New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc last summer, especially at $7 a bottle. Having now been on booze runs to the DC Costco a bunch of times (I also live in Maryland 😭), my only words of wisdom are that the stock seems to rotate quite a bit, at least for the cheaper stuff. (I don't usually even look at the more expensive stuff. 😂) I got obsessed with eggnog in the holiday season, but I wasn't going to make it to the DC Costco soon enough to indulge my obsession, so I bought a 750 ml bottle of Captain Morgan spiced rum at a random liquor store in Howard County for $18. Then I made it to Costco just before New Year's and bought a 1.75 liter bottle of Kirkland spiced rum for like $16. A Costco employee overheard my husband say it's probably Captain Morgan, and he said it's Cruzan. I have no idea which one is supposed to be "better," but I figure for mixing and at that price the Kirkland one will be fine. (I ended up eggnogging myself out with the Captain Morgan so haven't tried the Kirkland stuff yet.)
  17. We've been to the College Park Aviation Museum a couple of times. My daughter's pre-school does field trips there as well. It's cheap and great! Like @NolaCaine said, theres a kids' play area. Kids can also climb into a couple of old planes. The College Park Airport, which per Wikipedia is the world's oldest continuously operated airport, is right outside the huge back windows, and you can sometimes see small planes taking off and landing. We've combined trips to the museum with lunch at Yia Yia's Kitchen in nearby Beltsville.
  18. dracisk

    What Are You Baking?

    I made these brown sugar cinnamon scones today. I don't bake much and had never made scones before and they turned out pretty well! I made two batches and for the second batch I didn't have enough white flour, so I substituted wheat flour (I read that I should use 3/4 of the amount of white flour the recipe calls for). Those scones are more crumbly but still tasty. Friends are hosting us for breakfast in the morning, I wanted to bring something, and I had heavy cream to use up, so...
  19. dracisk

    Vacation Ideas

    I went to Lisbon over MLK weekend 10 (!) years ago and it was lovely. Not too crowded or hot. We also took a short train ride to Sintra. Not sure about direct flights, though (we connected at CDG).
  20. dracisk

    The Bahamas

    We leave 2 weeks from tomorrow, so if anyone has any updated information I'd love to know it!
  21. dracisk

    Happy New Year, My Friends!

    My elderly father-in-law visits us often and likes to drink with a straw, so when our box of plastic straws ran out I bought a set of metal straws on Amazon. They've worked out quite well!
  22. dracisk

    Tomatillos (Mexican Husk Tomatoes)

    I've bought them at Wegmans before. I bought them in Anne Arundel County, not in Arlington, but may be worth a call! (Actually, I just realized there may not be a Wegmans very close to you, so not sure how useful this is.)
  23. dracisk

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    A banana and an apple last night for the 4-year-old. Sigh. She's all over the place with dinner. Sometimes she'll eat what we're eating and sometimes not. There are a few dinners she's almost guaranteed to eat, but most of our dinners are crap shoots. She'd eaten last night's dinner (Ground Turkey with Potatoes and Peas) in the past without resistance. Not so much last night.
  24. dracisk

    What Are Your Favorite Movies, And Why?

    I used to consider myself a cinephile before having a kid (now I rarely get to the theater and can't often stay awake to watch an entire film at home), but I'm the same way.
  25. Well, that certainly simplifies matters. The tones will probably be your biggest challenge. I didn't really get them down until I'd been in China for a bit hearing Chinese all around me. But I don't think that's necessary! You could get to point of being able to communicate without going to China. Getting back to your original question, I'm not sure of the best way to learn Chinese. Maybe Rosetta Stone?