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  1. This place is now a third outpost of St. Arnold's. I ended up there Wednesday night with my husband and 5-year-old. They have great happy hour specials available until 7pm throughout the restaurant (not just at the bar) -- probably the same as other St. Arnold's locations. I enjoyed my St. Arnold's Mussels, which were at a greatly reduced price for happy hour (maybe half price -- I can't remember). My husband enjoyed the beef carbonnade and his happy hour beer (I forget what it was but some kind of lighter beer -- possibly German if they still have some German beers on the menu). I'm not a beer drinker, so I drank a meh happy hour chardonnay (at least it wasn't oaky!). The service was great. It was a beautiful night, so the patio was full, but no one was inside. We ordered my daughter a grilled cheese from the kid's menu, but she kept stealing my mussels.
  2. It's not a best new restaurants list. It's a dining guide. He says he focused on 30 newcomers and ranked his ten favorites.
  3. Indeed. And a lovely patio. I don't know why I didn't spend more time there as a cash-strapped student. Didn't they used to serve their gin and tonics (for example) as a glass of gin with a small bottle of tonic on the side?
  4. It's even on OpenTable. I lived above Trio/Fox and Hound's for 2 years when I was in law school, but I seldom patronized either place.
  5. I saw fresh durian in the H-Mart on Georgia Avenue in Wheaton today.
  6. My 5-year-old ate a banana and some strawberries for dinner last night instead of the tacos (with either smoked chicken or brisket, both of which she loves) my husband and I ate. Then right before bed less than 2 hours later she ate several slices of ham (lunch meat) and a piece of wheat bread, because she was still hungry. I was glad we ate least got her to eat the ham and bread rather than the Goldfish she asked for. I'm so tired of those infernal crackers!!
  7. Meh. I'll echo @DIShGo above: not bad but not in a hurry to go back. It may be that slabs of meat on a plate just aren't that exciting to me. I went Saturday night. We were seated in a booth in the area to the right of the host stand -- I think this is the quieter part of the restaurant. I certainly didn't find the atmosphere too noisy as some mentioned above. Three of us shared the buttermilk biscuits, the beef tartare, the cucumber salad, the monster prawn, the flat iron steak, the lamb sirloin, the crispy beef fat potatoes, the cauliflower, and the creamy spinach. Standouts for me were the buttermilk biscuits (I'm a biscuit freak but these were amazing) and the creamy spinach. The flat iron steak was tough. Even though the crispy beef fat potatoes sounded amazing, they were meh, especially the pieces that didn't have any Parmesan on them. The cauliflower was certainly interesting and also tasty but not that exciting in the end. Our waiter was nice enough, but he tried a little too hard to move our meal along. We were early for our reservation and they seated us, so I would have thought we'd be able to have a leisurely meal (unless there's something I don't understand about how restaurants work). Not the case.
  8. I studied in China for 6 months in 1993 and went once to the one McDonald's in China at that time. It was in central Beijing, across from Tiananmen Square. I wasn't particularly interested in eating McDonald's food, but my fellow American students and I more or less viewed the excursion as a cultural experience. I don't remember too much aside from the place was packed and had two levels of seating. Apparently this McDonald's is now closed.
  9. We had a similar experience at Oxford Town Park when we made a detour on the way home from Ocean City and found the Scottish Highland Creamery closed (it was a weekday after Labor Day). We were desperate for ice cream after being denied at the creamery, but Oxford Market's freezers were malfunctioning, so they didn't have any ice cream, either. 😭 But we enjoyed the park, which also has a small playground for the little ones.
  10. My (brief) trip is next week if anyone has any last-minute tips! Thanks for the responses I've received so far!!
  11. So weird to see the post here and then hear the reference on the podcast a couple days later having never heard of this before!
  12. Did you hear reference to this on the Slate Political Gabfest by any chance? I'd never heard of it before, but John Dickerson mentioned it on last week's episode.
  13. My response to Jessica's tweet was (Ray's) The Classics. Such a loss for Silver Spring (and the area)!
  14. I run hot and cold with the Coen Brothers, and I had to force myself to watch "Barton Fink" on video many years after it originally came out, but I really enjoyed it. That was several years ago now and I don't remember much besides enjoying it -- I should watch it again.
  15. Hot dogs and cantaloupe. This morning she asked for steak and mashed potatoes (last night's dinner) for breakfast. Her preschool also serves breakfast.
  16. My daughter blew through a bunch of yogurt recently, so when yogurt was on sale at Costco I stocked up. Now she doesn't want yogurt. 😭 Last night we went to a dinner party where my friend made Malawian food (or probably more accurately Southern African food). It was DELICIOUS. My 5-year-old ate a fair amount of "chicken and rice" (a chicken stew with mushrooms, tomatoes, and coconut milk alongside saffron rice).
  17. I have a friend who has a pair of friends who are a married couple. The wife's maiden name was Blob, and the husband's name was Boner. The wife decided to hyphenate her name when she married, so her married name was [First Name] Blob-Boner.
  18. No need to apologize! I vaguely thought that might be what you meant, especially when you mentioned Taco Bell and lard in the next paragraph. 🙂
  19. Wait, it's not vegan if it has sour cream and cheddar in it. Am I missing something?
  20. I'm going to be in San Antonio for the first time at the end of April for a short work trip (otherwise known as two dinners, two breakfasts, and one or two lunches). I read through the posts in this thread and came up with the following list of contenders for my dining slots: Boudro's Rosario's Los Barrios Liberty Bar Acenar The Esquire Tavern sounds interesting, too, so I may try to get a cocktail there. Any thoughts or any additional places to recommend? I'll be speaking at a conference at the Westin Riverwalk so will be staying either there or in that general vicinity, and I won't have a car (though I'm happy to take a cab for someplace delicious). I'd definitely like to concentrate on Tex Mex and/or Mexican food. I'm less interested in barbecue. I'd definitely like to try puffy tacos -- thinking Los Barrios for that -- and I have little to no experience with breakfast tacos so am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for those near the Westin. Thanks in advance!
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