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  1. The downtown Sfoglina is on the green line and very walkable from Seylou Bakery (check hours) and Buttercream Bakeshop.
  2. The bread thing is getting a little out of hand for us. I thought my daughter was just going through a growth spurt and was extra hungry but now I'm wondering. Last night she ate a decent dinner (chicken and pasta) around 7pm, then she asked for "a bread" before bed around 9pm, then she woke up at 6am and asked for "a bread" again. That sounds stressful! I'm thankful that my daughter has always been relatively easy to feed. I hope the OT helps!
  3. We husband made corned beef and we had Reubens last night. My daughter had no interest in the Reubens, but she went to town on the corned beef, which she'd never had before. She woke up at 3am and asked for it.
  4. So we missed the return window on the Riunite. I hate wasting, but I won't drink it in its unadulterated form, nor would I wish it on anyone else. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do with it? I was thinking maybe sangria. Does anyone have a recipe or any other ideas?
  5. I love this ^! My husband made "fancy burritos" last night. They weren't really fancy, but that's what he called them for whatever reason. He mashed some black beans with cumin, garlic, and lime, and wrapped them in a flour tortilla with some smoked chicken and sauteed green bell pepper and onion, then grilled them in a cast iron skillet (or that's more or less what he did -- he was improvising and I wasn't watching). I was 100% sure my almost 5-year-old wouldn't eat these even though she likes (most of) the ingredients and has been obsessed with (admittedly quite different) burritos from Costco for awhile now. But she liked them, she really liked them! Color me corrected. She also had some strawberries. Then before bed she told me she was hungry for "a bread."
  6. I'm not sure. I thought they said 1984, but I could be wrong about that.
  7. At a dinner party tonight the hosts opened a double magnum of Quintessa [something red]. Apparently this is a $1000 bottle of wine? I was excited to try it, and it tasted terrible. The hosts weren't drinking, so I guess they didn't realize. The guests were all too polite to say anything. I actually wondered if I could get away with pouring the wine in my glass down a sink when no one was looking. I don't know if it was corked -- from what I've read about what corked red wine tastes like I don't think so -- but it tasted vinegary, which I assume is not how it's supposed to taste. The hosts are wealthy and seem to like buying expensive things, but they're not wine people, so I wonder if the bottle wasn't stored correctly. What a waste. When I got home I had a glass of Menage a Trois red blend -- $9 at Costco -- that tasted much better!
  8. That is very reassuring! Tonight for 5-year-old was a toasted cheese sandwich, some strawberry yogurt, some peach pork picante (bite-sized pieces of pork loin coated in taco seasoning and cooked in salsa with peach preserves, served with brown rice -- I don't think she's ever deigned to eat this before), some sherbet, and then a plain piece of bread. I'm thinking she must be going through a growth spurt, because she's been waking up in the middle of the night asking for snacks. ETA: And more yogurt.
  9. Blueberries and chicken smoked for several hours by my husband.
  10. I've never worked in the restaurant industry, but I always thought it was standard to limit perfumes. If I'd liked the scent of our server's perfume I might not have minded as much, but it wasn't my cup of tea. I like when the staff folds your napkin while you're away from the table (which no one did here), but this was like, "I'm about to do a load of laundry, so can I have your dirty napkins?" She didn't say this or give any explanation as to why she wanted our napkins, but this is what it reminded me of.
  11. I went to Officina Friday night with three friends. I enjoyed myself well enough, but I'm not sure I'd schlep to the Wharf for it again, especially with all the other Italian restaurants in the city. (I know nothing about amaro and had completely forgotten about the amaro bar mentioned above -- I can see how that might be a draw for some.) We split a bunch of salumi, cheese, and appetizers, plus three pastas. Highlights were the prosciutto San Daniele (so velvety), the robiola (smooth and tangy), the buffalo mozzarella, the duck liver crostini, and the bone marrow (which I wouldn't say was anything too exciting, but I always like bone marrow). I agree with Ericandblueboy that the calamari had too much going on and muddled flavors -- my friend had read that it was a must order and I didn't see what the fuss was about. The arancini (arancino? there was one) was meh. When it first came out it was better, but once it cooled down it was kind of bland and greasy. The three pastas were all tasty, but I liked two more than one. I only see one that we ordered on the online menu -- Cavatelli. Ricota. Goat Ragu. Pecorino -- except I think ours had lamb ragu. The others were maccheroni with some kind of interesting mushroom (chanterelle?) and a non-tomato, non-alfredo sauce and paccheri with frutti di mare in a light tomato-based sauce. The one I thought was meh was the paccheri. It just didn't have the same depth of flavor as the others. I thought it would be good to get something lighter with the other two, but I found it bland. What really put us all off, though, was the service. My only complaint about our main server was that she was wearing pretty strong perfume. Every time she came near me I caught a whiff that I didn't enjoy. My friend asked for more grilled bread to go with our bone marrow, and she happily obliged. (I didn't see the bill, so I don't know if we were charged or not -- if we were I would understand.) Otherwise there were a bunch of strange service hiccups. First, one of my friends had a menu that was different than what the rest of us got. We realized it because she was excited about duck confit and none of the rest of us had it on our menu. She flagged someone (possibly the sommelier) down and asked about it, explaining that she was excited for duck confit, and he said it was the Valentine's Day menu and they didn't have duck confit. I understand mistakes happen, but there was no apology or sympathy about my friend's disappointment. We ordered a bottle of wine and they only brought glasses for three of us. One of my friends still had part of her cocktail from the bar at that point, but why would they assume she wouldn't be having wine with us? They should have at least asked. We had to flag someone down for another glass. The service issue that happened over and over again throughout the meal was that bussers kept trying to take our plates before we were finished. We had plenty of room on our table, so we couldn't understand why this kept happening over and over again. It was quite annoying. Oh, and one other strange thing about our server was that she asked us for our napkins while we were still sitting at the table. Granted, we'd been at the table for quite a while at that point and we may have just paid the bill (I can't remember), but why not wait until we left to take our napkins?
  12. Last night my 4-year-old had more cantaloupe and picked at the Thai peanut chicken ramen my husband made. Tonight they're going to Costco while I go out, so I'm sure she'll have a hot dog.
  13. Aww, I never saw this! I had a few meetings with Victoria Lai when she worked for my agency (before her foray into ice cream). I think that means I'm only one degree separated from Bryce Harper!!
  14. Like @seanvtaylor my first fine dining memory involved dining high above a city as a child. We took the train (Amtrak, I think -- this was before the T commuter rail extended to Providence) with my grandparents from Rhode Island to Boston for lunch at the Top of the Hub, which is still open. The view is amazing. I'm not sure about the food, but I'm guessing not so much. A few years later we ate at the Sun Dial while visiting my uncle in Atlanta. I guess my family liked eating on the top floors of skyscrapers.
  15. Ooh, you can get cocktails at Plume Quill. Congrats on number 25!
  16. I love Yoder's! For the last 4 years we've visited a farm a few minutes north of Yoder's and we've popped into Yoder's on every visit. The baked goods and sandwiches are delicious, and they have a great playground (with many Adirondack chairs nearby for parents to sit and watch kids) as well as a cute petting zoo. They're closed Sundays.
  17. Same issue in many languages (at least Romance languages). In Spanish "embarazada" means "pregnant," not "embarrassed." The nice thing for English speakers about learning Chinese is that there are few false friends (or false cognates) because there are few cognates period.
  18. Does the Chase Sapphire Reserve consider gas purchase as travel (so eligible for 3 points per dollar in rewards)? I just noticed a couple of "Shell Oil" purchases that I only got 1 point per dollar for. How would I challenge that if I am in fact supposed to get 3 points per dollar for those?
  19. I'm not convinced mine doesn't have a sweet tooth. I just think she's that resistant to trying new things. (She loves ice cream, chocolate, and icing (but generally leaves the cake).) I wouldn't mind being wrong, though!
  20. Welp, my 4-year-old (almost 5) finally got sick of the chicken burritos from Costco after quite a run. The last two nights were torture at dinner waiting for her to finish burritos that she'd gotten sick of -- I guess she didn't know how to tell us that. She's always been a very good eater in terms of quantity, even if I wish she would try more things (though I guess that's the plight of the parents of most preschoolers). Tonight she ate turkey breakfast sausages and applesauce. We have a ton of leftover desserts from our Super Bowl party (many kinds of cookies, a cookie pie thing, Rice Krispies treats), but she refuses to try any of those options. Tonight she ate a banana for dessert. Fruit for dessert?! I don't think she's in fact related to me.
  21. We had a Super Bowl party last night. My husband smoked two massive briskets (packer cuts) and also made beer can chicken. For these items he used the pellet grill he received for Christmas from my parents and me. We served the brisket with sliced white bread and bread and butter pickles. I also made coleslaw. My husband also made chili, which we served with shredded cheddar, sour cream, and Fritos. For kids we had hot dogs. For appetizers I made a buffalo chicken dip in my slow cooker. I also put out several kinds of cheese and crackers and one of those fruit bowls from Costco. Our guests supplied some other appetizers, loads of desserts, beer, and wine. We have a lot of leftovers, but luckily my husband is happy to eat smoked meats for days on end. The brisket came out really well. I didn't bother with the chicken. :-)
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