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  1. I would say his arguments are far from rational. Because of the byzantine and archaic structure of US wine distribution, a significant portion of wine distributors in the US are small businesses. And let's just assume that only 20% of all of these small business mix of sales is European wine. Once those wines get hit by a tariff of close to 100% those sales are gone. Even worse, many of these distributors have already paid for wines, or will pay for them prior to shipment. The value of their investment is now halved. Distribution is a clusterfuck of regulations from city/county/state to
  2. This is potentially devastating to so many small businesses, importers, distributors, wine retailers, and restauranteurs - not to mention terrible for consumers. Absolutely unnecessary. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/06/dining/drinks/**Censored**-wine-tariff-eu.html Contact info here: https://account.votility.com/enterprise/NAWR/ec/698 and here: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=USTR-2019-0003-2518
  3. Congratulations to Jonathan and Jessica! Seylou took Best Overall and Best Whole Wheat in the Tiptree World Bread USA competition last evening. If you have not gone yet, go. Extraordinary bread and well deserved accolades. BEST IN THE COUNTRY!!!! http://www.worldbreadawardsusa.com/competition/winners/
  4. I am guessing it changed owners. I have not been in a year (or maybe two?) and the gentleman who was always behind the counter, and another who was almost always behind counter, were not there. The staff is all wearing t-shirts with a graphic blue ocean logo, also new. The dining room is quite literally plastered with copy paper color pictures and advertisements of dishes, and specials, and sake, and just an ocular onslaught of detritus. It strongly resembled Carrie's dining room wall in season two of "Homeland". Seriously. We ordered Octopus sushi, Horse Mackerel sushi, Fatty Tuna and Sc
  5. I'm not that smart! If I am being honest, the reason I have not been to Thai by Thai in years is because my last few meals sucked....like just shitty strip mall Thai. I was only planning on getting a lunch Pad Thai because I didn't want to spend more than $10 and had a craving. Since I have become a stay-at-home Dad, my days of Omakase at Sushi Taro and leisurely lunches at Fiola Mare are OVER! I read through the entire menu because no one was at the counter to order, and just decided to take a flyer on these two dishes and spend a little more than anticipated. I am still thinking ab
  6. I have not had a more enjoyable meal since the old "secret" Lao menu at Bangkok Golden when Seng Luangrath was at the helm. Two dishes, both sublime. Running errands through Fairfax and had a craving for something other than Bun Cha from Viet House or the Bibimbap Hot Pot at Super H. Remembered that Thai by Thai started advertising their "secret" menu a few years ago so popped in. Parking and access to the little shopping center continues to be a shit show. I walked ina little after 1 and only one 3-top was in the small, sterile dining room. From the Street Food menu: Kao Tod Nam S
  7. WTF was amazing. WT was "meh". I actually like CCF, and the loss between WT and CCF isnt nearly as great as the loss of WTF
  8. Seylou is one of the most important food service operations in the DC area. I've been on this board since its inception, and before that eGullet, and before that Chowhound, and almost everything that has been discussed in those 18+ years about what may be "lacking" in DC, or whether or not DC is truly a world-class food city, is represented in Seylou. It's success and future depends on DR.com and other like minded and passionate people to support it, either monetarily or on social media. Seylou literally checks all the boxes: local, organic, sustainable, free-standing, independent,
  9. "I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man he brings math into a discussion of wine lists!" You can take that math shit to the math thread, which existed 9+ yers ago between @DonRocks and was solved by @jparrott and I cannot find because I am barely computer literate.
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