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  1. We had dinner at Elle this past Saturday and really enjoyed the whole experience. We ordered the country loaf with nori butter, gem salad with curry green goddess and crispy lentils, tuna crudo, kimchi toast, and hot duck and biscuit. The kimchi toast really stood out to me, but the whole meal was great. If I had to pick a weak point, it's probably the tuna crudo. I'm really looking forward to eating here again soon.
  2. We had a nice evening and a great meal at A Rake's Progress over President's Day weekend. We got the reservation a couple weeks in advance, but they were very flexible when we called the night of to see if we could eat a bit earlier. I'm a huge fan of Woodberry Kitchen, so I've been excited for Spike's DC restaurant to open. A Rake's Progress is more formal than Woodberry, but maintains much of the family feel. The staff seems to buy in to what Spike is doing, which is a big part of what I've always enjoyed about my visits to Woodberry Kitchen. We started with 1/2 dozen Chesapeake Oy
  3. Overall I think it's a solid list. For what it's worth, I asked Jessica Sidman today if they purposefully did not include more than one restaurant per group and she said no. With that said, I totally agree with you and don't know how else the restaurants you mentioned weren't in the top 25
  4. You can line up early and request to be in the second (or third) seating. They'll provide an approximate time and text you about 10-15 minutes before your table is ready. We were there this past Saturday and a few people in front of us did this. The hostess was telling guests that 2nd seating would likely be around 6:30-7p and third seating around 8p. I don't think you can ask for a specific time to be seated, however, so your party will still need to be semi-flexible and ready to move somewhat quickly once you get that text. Also, for the record, 2 of us arrived at about 4:55pm on
  5. Having recently relocated to the DC area, I finally made a stop at Union Market last week and was pretty pleased with the place. We picked up a couple DC Empanadas and some fresh juice and wandered around, overwhelmed at what to try next. A cocktail with fresh herbs and strawberries at Buffalo & Bergen capped off the trip. Overall, Union Market lives up to the hype, but I'm not anticipating finding any really good deals there. It seems to serve its purpose as a place to sample whatever is trendy in DC at the moment. Also wandered around the block to check out Angelika's Pop-up, which is
  6. Agreed, and I think it will get even more interesting if this "death of the office park" continues as many around the area (country) presume it will. Right off 270, it could be an attractive location for a developer, but with Park Place so close, the distance from metro, and the mass that is Rockville Pike on the other side, I don't know that developers would be fighting over that land any time soon. I would guess that vacancy rates in the office buildings will determine whether or not more restaurants see it as a viable location as is.
  7. Agreed. Anthony's is an Ocean City staple. The sandwiches are on the pricier side, but they are quite large. Another great stop before the beach if you're staying down that way.
  8. I managed to pick up a 6 pack at Quench at the corner of New Hampshire Avenue & Randolph Rd this weekend. Tastes just like root beer to me.. I probably wouldn't have known there was alcohol in it had it just been handed to me.
  9. Yet another summer with some OC trips for me this year. I tried Hooked for the first time and have to agree with the consensus that it is the best restaurant I've been to in Ocean City. I got to sample a few items on their menu including the PEI mussels, crab dip, jerk wings, crab cakes, shrimp taco, fish & chips. Mussels and fish & chips were standouts for me. Everything was very good. I probably wouldn't order the crab cake again, not because it was bad, but because I've had it done better elsewhere around OC. Also, fresh squeezed OJ available at Hooked.. always a way to win me over.
  10. The Cat Cafe appears to be undergoing some changes. Raising prices, reducing crowds, and switching to what sounds like some like snacks, coffee, and tea from Patisserie Poupon. More here: "D.C.'s Cat Cafe Raises Prices, Offers Free Drinks and Snacks" by Jessica Sidman on washingtoncitypaper.com
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